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  March 20, 2004

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Amazon rainforest Amazon carbon sink effect 'slows'  - BBC  Scientists have sounded the alarm after spotting changes in the environment in Brazil's tropical rain forests. They say they have found worrying signs that the forests may become less able to absorb the carbon dioxide emissions blamed for global warming. Their long-term study in supposedly pristine areas reveals trees have been growing and dying faster than before. The trends could have consequences for other plant and animal species, the authors warn in the journal Nature. The Amazon accounts for more than half of the world's remaining rainforests.
Bionic legs give soldiers a boost  - BBC  Left:  US researchers have developed strap-on robotic legs to allow people to carry heavy loads over long distances. The Berkeley Lower Extremity Exoskeleton, or Bleex, is part of a US defence project designed to be used mainly by infantry soldiers. The device consists of a pair of mechanical metal leg braces including a power unit and a backpack-like frame. The Bleex exoskeleton has a small, purpose-built combustion engine built into it. On a full tank the system should be able to run for up to two hours. The device's leg braces are attached to a modified pair of army boots and connected to the user's legs.

Higgs decay, Cern

'God' particle possibly 'sighted'  - BBC  Left:  Once produced, the Higgs boson would decay very quickly.  A scientist says one of the most sought after particles in physics - the Higgs boson - may have been found, but the evidence is still relatively weak. Peter Renton, of the University of Oxford, says the particle may have been detected by researchers at an atom-smashing facility in Switzerland. The Higgs boson explains why all other particles have mass and is fundamental to a complete understanding of matter. If correct, Dr Renton's assessment would place the elusive particle's mass at about 115 gigaelectronvolts. Physicists have observed 16 particles that make up all matter under the Standard Model of fundamental particles and interactions.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/20/2004: Chip takes over lab routine  - Nature
3/20/2004: Stem cell tricks hint at baldness cures
 - New Scientist
3/20/2004: Shelf Life: The Meaning of 'Human' in Embryonic Research  - NY Times
3/20/2004: DNA detection made easy - PhysicsWeb

Climate, Environment:
3/20/2004: Amazon carbon sink effect 'slows'   - BBC
3/20/2004: Right Whales May Be Making Comeback - ABC
3/20/2004: Windows 'fatal trap for UK birds'  - BBC
3/20/2004: Climate risk to UK apple orchards  - BBC
3/20/2004: Pirate fishing menaces albatross  - BBC
3/20/2004: Seals 'mutilated for the trade in aphrodisiacs' - New Scientist
3/20/2004: Oceanic Acidity Influenced Early Carbon Dioxide Estimates - SpaceDaily
3/20/2004: Water crisis in drought-hit Beijing; plans to cut back consumption  - SpaceDaily

3/20/2004: 'You don't know Jack' knows fun  - CNN

3/20/2004: China's Wi-Fi Wrangle - Business Week
3/20/2004: McDonald's Wi-Fi recipe could define industry - Business Week
3/20/2004: Turbo-powered wireless Internet service aims to blow past competitors  - SpaceDaily

3/20/2004: Tech Group Readies Another Wireless System - ABC
3/20/2004: AMD renovates Athlon 64 - Business Week
3/20/2004: Stretchy wires form bendy circuits  - Nature
3/20/2004: Samsung moves UTRAM up to 128-Mbit size - Silicon Strategies


3/20/2004: Successful Push Forward - ABC
3/20/2004: Online scam: Criminals use fake jobs ads on the web to launder stolen goods  - BBC
3/20/2004: Boost for TV-style internet ads  - BBC
3/20/2004: Welcome to the 'new' Web, same as the 'old' Web  - CNN
3/20/2004: Toughing Out The Junk-Mail Virus - Business Week
3/20/2004: Software start-up mines Explorer niche - Business Week
3/20/2004: New computer worms use password trick - New Scientist

3/20/2004: Crisis for films: How the pirates have found a way to copy protected DVDs  - BBC
3/20/2004: Panel backs EU Microsoft ruling  - BBC
3/20/2004: Apple falters on iTunes tally
3/20/2004: Hurry up and wait - Business Week
3/20/2004: Microsoft fails to satisfy EU; strong sanctions due next week - SpaceDaily
3/20/2004: Buy one, get none free: market heating up for (legal) music downloads - SpaceDaily

3/20/2004: Eastern Gas Emissions Pact Said Failing - ABC
3/20/2004: Lockheed Martin To Evaluate Uni-Solar Cells For Airship Program - SpaceDaily

3/20/2004: Blood clot link to bowel disease  - BBC

3/20/2004: Catching Colon Cancer - ABC
3/20/2004: Video: Colon Cancer Screening - ABC
3/20/2004: Colon Cancer: A Survivor's Tale - ABC
3/20/2004: Focus on Colon Cancer - ABC
3/20/2004: Gene fault linked to many cancers  - BBC
3/20/2004: 'Cancer risk' brazil nuts seized  - BBC
3/20/2004: New pill helps breast cancer care
  - BBC
3/20/2004: Obesity drug 'may fight cancer'
  - BBC
3/20/2004: A New Weapon Against Breast Cancer
 - Business Week

3/20/2004: Gates Gives $47 Million for AIDS in India - ABC
3/20/2004: HIV treatment cuts drug cocktail  - BBC
3/20/2004: Mystery Disease Fells Hundreds of Wyoming Elk  - NY Times

3/20/2004: Battling the Binge - ABC
3/20/2004: Video: Are You Becoming an Alcoholic- - ABC
3/20/2004: What Prompts College Kids to Drink? - ABC
3/20/2004: Major Study of Diabetes in Kids Planned - ABC
3/20/2004: Britain is in smoking 'timewarp'  - BBC
3/20/2004: Demon drink: Just why are so many people hooked on alcohol?  - BBC
3/20/2004: Why hair follicles may hold the key to reversing baldness
  - BBC
3/20/2004: 'Pay addicts not to have children'
  - BBC

3/20/2004: Survey Shows Blacks Unaware of Kidney Risk - ABC
3/20/2004: Doctors Start Dieting and Working Out - ABC
3/20/2004: Does Andro Make for Foul Ball? - ABC
3/20/2004: Vote: Penalize Andro-Using Home Run Hitters? - ABC
3/20/2004: U.S. Seeks Changes in Food Labeling - ABC
3/20/2004: Acupuncture 'beats headache pain'  - BBC
3/20/2004: Medical procedures: What a full blood count means and what the test involves  - BBC
3/20/2004: 'Put fat children on Atkins diet'  - BBC
3/20/2004: NZ euthanasia advocate on trial  - BBC
3/20/2004: Teen pregnancy plan 'a disaster'  - BBC
3/20/2004: Grid projects hunt for new cures - Business Week
3/20/2004: New artificial blood shows promise - New Scientist
3/20/2004: Healthier milk straight from the cow
  - Nature
3/20/2004: Seedy secret of healthier milk revealed
 - New Scientist
3/20/2004: Acupuncture helps chronic headache sufferers
 - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:
3/20/2004: Teeth tell the tale: Brits repelled Saxons - SpaceDaily

3/20/2004: Bionic legs give soldiers a boost   - BBC
3/20/2004: American Brain Drain? - ABC
3/20/2004: Iraq: Where Things Stand - ABC
3/20/2004: Power Supply Reversal - ABC
3/20/2004: Stirring the Waters - ABC
3/20/2004: Full Coverage - ABC
3/20/2004: Indiana University Gets Cold War Leftover - ABC
3/20/2004: Goodbye, Rat Race - ABC
3/20/2004: Parent Tips - ABC
3/20/2004: Digital divide: How poorer countries are transformed by discarded computers  - BBC
3/20/2004: Future thrills: New technology lets you watch satellite TV or DVDs in your car  - BBC
3/20/2004: Starbucks 'to offer music to go'  - BBC
3/20/2004: New rules sought for Internet wiretaps  - CNN
3/20/2004: My Son, It's Time to Talk of Outsourcing... - Business Week
3/20/2004: At This Startup, "Outsource" Is a Dirty Word - Business Week
3/20/2004: Wal-Mart makes room for thin TVs - Business Week
3/20/2004: Privacy fears erode support for anticrime network - Business Week
3/20/2004: IEEE-USA calls for limits on offshoring jobs  - El. Engr. Times
3/20/2004: Ricin vaccine protects mice from poisoning  - Nature
3/20/2004: Bite-mark evidence can leave false impression - New Scientist
3/20/2004: Shell devalues more oil reserves - Seattle Times
3/20/2004: Ex-CEO of Enron spent big on lawyers before assets frozen - Seattle Times
3/20/2004: U.S. files complaint with WTO, accusing China of unfairness on computer chips - Seattle Times
3/20/2004: President and vice president of Taiwan survive shooting - Silicon Strategies
3/20/2004: Asteroid Soars Past Earth Oh So Closely
 - Space.com
3/20/2004: Rock Ahoy Near 'GEO'
 - SpaceDaily
3/20/2004: Pakistani Plot To Overthrow President Musharraf Exposed
 - SpaceDaily
3/20/2004: U.N. awaits word on Iraq role, if any
 - SpaceDaily
3/20/2004: Israel signs up to Euro GPS network
 - SpaceDaily
3/20/2004: US To Designate Pakistan A Major Non-NATO Ally
 - SpaceDaily


Physics and Astronomy:
3/20/2004: 'God' particle possibly 'sighted'   - BBC
3/20/2004: Distant object could be 'tenth planet'
 - New Scientist
3/20/2004: Astronomers to Detail Aspects of Sedna
  - NY Times
3/20/2004: Viewer's Guide: Spot a Comet from Your Backyard
 - Space.com
3/20/2004: Crazy Comet: 'Wild' Surface Seen Up Close
3/20/2004: Mystery Solved At Galaxy's Heart
 - SpaceDaily


3/20/2004: Dozens Ready Robots for Race to Vegas - ABC
3/20/2004: Robot cars find desert race too much of a challenge  - BBC
3/20/2004: Now, a robot that toots its own horn  - NY Times
3/20/2004: A Soapbox Derby for the War-Games Set  - NY Times

3/20/2004: Astronomers discover 'new planet'  - BBC
3/20/2004: Desert challenge too tough for robot racers
 - New Scientist
3/20/2004: Anxiety at NASA over Russia's new military space chief  - NY Times
3/20/2004: A Red Planet Forever in the Orbit of Science and Dreams  - NY Times
3/20/2004: Hubble-fixing astronaut calls NASA decision a 'huge, huge mistake' - Space.com
3/20/2004: Private Space Plane Flies Again - Space.com
3/20/2004: Rovers to Speed Across Mars as Support Staff Shrinks - Space.com
3/20/2004: Mineral In Mars 'Berries' Adds To Water Story - SpaceDaily
3/20/2004: Will Space Junk Bring Down The Space Initiative? - SpaceDaily
3/20/2004: Mars pole hides vast reserves of ice - SpaceDaily

3/20/2004: Tiny science is lost on UK public  - BBC
3/20/2004: Nanotechnology: Tiny hope or big hype?  - CNN
3/20/2004:Shocking Research Points To Ways To Protect Electronics - Space.com
3/20/2004: Get In The Fast Lane For Space Technology Innovation - Space.com 


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