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  March 2, 2005

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Elevator Man: Bradley Edwards Reaches for the Heights -  The biggest challenge to the space elevator has been developing a cable tough enough to extend 62,000 miles without breaking. This, Edwards explained will be solved with carbon nanotube composites - tiny bundles of carbon weaved together to form a ribbon that will be stronger than steel. His startup company, Carbon Designs, Inc., is currently focused on developing this technology.  With the fuel cost almost eliminated, only everyday operations and the mechanical climber expenses remain. Edwards estimates that the cost of launching into the lower earth orbit will be reduced from $10,000 per pound on Shuttle missions to $100 per pound on the space elevator.      
Researchers Find Clear Evidence Of Human-Produced Warming In Oceans - SpaceDaily  Left:  "The new ocean study, taken together with the numerous validations of the same models in the atmosphere, portends far broader changes," said Barnett.  Scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, and their colleagues have produced the first clear evidence of human-produced warming in the world's oceans, a finding they say removes much of the uncertainty associated with debates about global warming. Barnett says he was "stunned" by the results because the computer models reproduced the penetration of the warming signal in all the oceans.   

Scientists Find Rapid Changes In Southern Ocean, Fear Climate Link - SpaceDaily  Scientists have discovered a rapid change in the temperature and salinity of deep waters in the Southern Ocean that could have a major impact on global climate, the team's leader said Thursday. Australian Steve Rintoul said the multinational group of researchers had found that waters at the bottom of the Southern Ocean were cooler and less salty than they were 10 years ago. The size and speed of the change surprised the scientists and could indicate a slowdown in the flow of deep water currents, he said. "It is critical that we understand why this is happening and why it is happening so quickly," 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/2/2005: Marijuana-Like Ingredient Could Slow Alzheimer's  - Wired News

3/2/2005: Ancient life thrives in the deep  - BBC
3/2/2005: How the 'Shrek effect' could be putting donkeys in peril
  - BBC
3/2/2005: Bacteria thrive at stunning depths  - Nature
3/2/2005: 'Terminator' technology keeps GM crops in check - New Scientist
3/2/2005: UN fudges decision on human embryo cloning ban - New Scientist
3/2/2005: Sterile GM fish reduce risk to wild stocks - New Scientist
3/2/2005: Why Do Insects Stop 'Breathing'- To Avoid Damage From Too Much Oxygen, Say Researchers, Challenging Previous Theories - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Biggest Spider In The World - NOT! - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Bird IQ Test Takes Flight - Science Daily
3/2/2005: New Species From Old Data - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Novel Sulfide-Binding Mechanism Found In Deep-Sea Tubeworms - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Lawsuits Filed to Invalidate California's $3 Billion Stem Cell Institute - Technology Review 
3/2/2005: Listening to Wood Helps Termites Choose Food  - Scientific American
3/2/2005: Genome of deadly amoeba shows surprising complexity, evidence of lateral gene transfer ... - FirstScience
3/2/2005: Newly-discovered class of genes determines - and restricts - stem cell fate ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
3/2/2005: Researchers Find Clear Evidence Of Human-Produced Warming In Oceans - SpaceDaily
3/2/2005: Scientists Find Rapid Changes In Southern Ocean, Fear Climate Link - SpaceDaily
3/2/2005: Tsunami devastates turtle conservation  - BBC
3/2/2005: Stirring waters: Ethiopia and Egypt dispute the waters of the Nile  - BBC
3/2/2005: Dwindling catch: Tamil Nadu's prawn farmers count the cost of the tsunami  - BBC
3/2/2005: Kenya urged to ban plastic bags  - BBC
3/2/2005: Glacier meltdowns  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Recovered digital photos show tsunami wave  - CNN
3/2/2005: Dr Attard Montalto discusses EU proposal on marine pollution ... - FirstScience
3/2/2005: Car eco-labels set for impact - survey ... - FirstScience
3/2/2005: Carbon tax trial balloon gets deflated ... - FirstScience
3/2/2005: Hong Kongers don't believe government on pollution ... - FirstScience
3/2/2005: Retreat of Antarctic Ice Shelves Is Not New, Report Says ... - FirstScience
3/2/2005: Study Proposes Plastic Bag Ban in Kenya to Manage Growing Waste Problem ... - FirstScience
3/2/2005: The EU Emissions Trading Scheme ... - FirstScience
3/2/2005: Retreat of Antarctic ice shelves not new - MSNBC
3/2/2005: Surf's Up: Professor Using Models To Predict Huge Waves - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Sea Salt Inhibits Global Warming - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Perchlorate Found In Dairy And Breast Milk Samples From Across The Country
 - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Made in Taiwan. Buried in China.
 - Technology Review 
3/2/2005: Rocket Fuel Fed to Newborns
  - Wired News
3/2/2005: Science Advances Detection And Attribution Of Climate Change
 - SpaceDaily
3/2/2005: Indian Kashmir Mountain-Dwellers Told To Flee As Avalanche Toll Hits 175
 - SpaceDaily

3/2/2005: R.I.P. gold iPods: And then there were four - what happened to the gold iPod mini?  - BBC
3/2/2005: Aiming high: UK gamers prepare for $1m, world-spanning tournament  - BBC
3/2/2005: Bars hold iPod nights for iDrunk DJs  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Back-To-School Now Includes Electronics (AP)  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Software maker creates virtual girlfriend  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Apple cuts iPod price, shows off new models - Seattle Times

3/2/2005: Macromedia Looks Flash in Cell Phones
 - Business Week
3/2/2005: Nokia: China poised to be biggest market
 - Business Week
3/2/2005: FCC: AT&T should have paid fees on prepaid cards
  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Paris Hilton 'can't believe' her cell was hacked
  - CNN
3/2/2005: The touchy-feely side of telecoms
 - New Scientist
3/2/2005: Train Travel Via Mobile in Japan
  - Wired News

3/2/2005: Cell Chip Implications Unclear
3/2/2005: Philips claims plastic nonvolatile memory breakthrough  - El. Engr. Times
3/2/2005: Toppan, Cambridge Display advance roll print process  - El. Engr. Times
3/2/2005: Plastic pimples make better hard discs - New Scientist
3/2/2005: A Supercomputer for the Home?  - Wired News

3/2/2005: Apple retreats from FireWire  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Consumer electronics driving storage growth  - El. Engr. Times
3/2/2005: Mirror trick leads electronic-paper chase - New Scientist
3/2/2005: PC sales will grow steadily, Dell CEO predicts - Seattle Times

3/2/2005: UK gets official virus alert site  - BBC
3/2/2005: Iran jails blogger for 14 years  - BBC
3/2/2005: Who's the coolest blogger of them all?  - C/Net
3/2/2005: U.K. to issue public virus alerts  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Hotmail outage peeves some e-mail users  - C/Net
3/2/2005: AOL goes public with local search  - C/Net
Payroll site closes on security worries   - C/Net
3/2/2005: Bloggers add moving images to their musings
  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Internet Dating Much More Successful Than Thought
 - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Web giants to offer movie-ticket sales
 - Seattle Times
3/2/2005: How Spyware Works
 - Technology Review 
3/2/2005: Virus Arrives in E-Mail Allegedly Sent by FBI
  - Wired News

3/2/2005: IBM jumps to 'hypervisor'  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Man finds $1,000 prize in EULA  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Precious photos disappear  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Microsoft move may spark database price war  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Sirius, XM playing playing sky-high chess match  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Microsoft: Getting from "R" to "D" - Technology Review 

3/2/2005: Millennium Cell to show hydrogen-powered laptop at Intel forum  - El. Engr. Times
3/2/2005: Hydroelectric power's dirty secret revealed - New Scientist
3/2/2005: Solar Tower of Power Finds Home  - Wired News
3/2/2005: China To Accept Tenders For Four Nuclear Reactors Next Week

3/2/2005: 25 years of life Heart op patient Derrick Morris marks anniverary of surgery  - BBC
3/2/2005: 'Ruined life' How I suffered two strokes after taking arthritis 'wonder drug'  - BBC
3/2/2005: Familiar Blood Pressure Drug May Prevent Osteoporosis - Science Daily

3/2/2005: Zinc Deficiency Linked To Increased Risk Of Less–Common Form Of Esophageal Cancer - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Green Tea Extract Shows Potential As An Anti-cancer Agent - Science Daily

3/2/2005: Bird flu How doctors in Vietnam are trying to combat the menace  - BBC
3/2/2005: NHS superbug death rate doubles  - BBC
3/2/2005: DR Congo plague spreads  - BBC
3/2/2005: Bird flu protection for workers  - BBC
3/2/2005: Tests in Tokyo reveal flaws in Vietnam's bird flu surveillance  - Nature

3/2/2005: Study finds asthma 'stabilising'  - BBC
3/2/2005: Smokers 'misjudge health risks'  - BBC
3/2/2005: Jefferson Scientists Uncover Potential Trigger Of Diabetic Kidney Disease - Science Daily

3/2/2005: Teen pregnancy 'hotspots' tackled  - BBC
3/2/2005: Food dye deadline passes  - BBC
3/2/2005: Paste could silence dental drill  - BBC
3/2/2005: Crushed optic nerve made to regrow - New Scientist
3/2/2005: Grow-your-own breast implants - New Scientist
3/2/2005: UCLA Study Shows One-Third Of Drug Ads In Medical Journals Do Not Contain References Supporting Medical Claims - Science Daily
3/2/2005: New Study Tests Amitriptyline For Painful Bladder Syndrome - Science Daily
3/2/2005: A New Method For Early Detection Of Disease Outbreaks - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Scientific Evidence For Diets- Don't Believe Everything You Read
 - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Use Of Cell Phone Images Appears Feasible For Visualizing Leg Wounds
 - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Signaling Protein Builds Bigger, Better Bones In Mice
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/2/2005: Net history buffs find bargains at Christie's  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Photos: Images from computing's history  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Creatures frozen for 32,000 years still alive - MSNBC
3/2/2005: Fossil opens new dinosaur frontier - MSNBC
3/2/2005: Prehistoric 'bear-dog' fossil unearthed - MSNBC
3/2/2005: 'Raptor' dinosaurs roamed far and wide - New Scientist

3/2/2005: Forensic team ends 9/11 efforts  - BBC
3/2/2005: US woman sues over ink cartridges  - BBC
3/2/2005: The voices of The Simpsons in Mexico go on strike  - BBC
3/2/2005: Takeover talk boosts TiVo  - BBC
3/2/2005: Extension in US right-to-die case  - BBC
3/2/2005: On the Net, unseen eyes access private Webcams  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Photos: Watched in the Windy City  - C/Net
3/2/2005: The future of the future  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Software maker creates virtual girlfriend  - NY Times
3/2/2005: State looks into possible ID thievery  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Canada debates missile shield stance  - CNN
3/2/2005: Ikanos ponders IPO as it doubles size of India center  - El. Engr. Times
3/2/2005: Russia emerges as tech investment target despite obstacles  - El. Engr. Times
3/2/2005: Interview: Breaking the barriers - New Scientist
3/2/2005: Editorial: Which scientists can we trust? - New Scientist
3/2/2005: Tests Confirm The Explosive Destruction System's (EDS) Ability To Destroy Biological Agents - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Amana Funds invests according to Islamic principles - Seattle Times
3/2/2005: Fannie Mae's troubles expand - Seattle Times
3/2/2005: Ex-HealthSouth exec details fraud - Seattle Times
3/2/2005: Sullivan testimony key for conviction in WorldCom trial
 - Seattle Times
3/2/2005: Salmon sausage "a tough sell"
 - Seattle Times
3/2/2005: No Encryption for E-Passports
  - Wired News
3/2/2005: Whither The Wall Street Journal?
  - Wired News
3/2/2005: Stern and the Satellite Wars
  - Wired News
3/2/2005: DHS Fills Out Privacy Panel
  - Wired News
3/2/2005: New plans for massive science park ...
 - FirstScience
3/2/2005: Israel Redevelops Top-Of-Range Spy Satellite
 - SpaceDaily
3/2/2005: Lifting China Arms Embargo Would Accelerate Asian Arms Race
 - SpaceDaily
3/2/2005: Bush presses the flesh in "New Europe"
 - SpaceDaily
3/2/2005: Bush and Putin to meet amid strains over Moscow reforms, Iran
 - SpaceDaily

3/2/2005: Footballers risk nerve disorder  - BBC
3/2/2005: Girls' teenage years 'a misery'  - BBC
3/2/2005: Soccer link to motor neuron disease - New Scientist
3/2/2005: Stem Cell Therapy For Spinal Injury - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Physical Activity Linked To Protection From Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/2/2005: Astronomers spot invisible galaxy  - Nature
3/2/2005: Gyro sacrifice may extend Hubble's life
 - New Scientist
3/2/2005: New look for chemical bonds
  - NY Times
3/2/2005: Have we seen the first "dark galaxy"?
  - NY Times
3/2/2005: Hubble debate doesn't worry healthy MDA ...
 - FirstScience
3/2/2005: Orphan Planets: It's a Hard Knock Life
3/2/2005: First Invisible Galaxy Discovered in Cosmology Breakthrough


3/2/2005: For simpler robots, a step forward  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Photos: R2-D2 in your price range?  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Photos: Run, Asimo, run  - C/Net

3/2/2005: Elevator Man: Bradley Edwards Reaches for the Heights -
3/2/2005: Images Suggest 'Recent' Ice on Mars Sea
  - NY Times
3/2/2005: Life On Mars- New Data Reveal Places To Search
 - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Titan's Atmosphere Comes From Ammonia, Huygens Data Say
 - Science Daily
3/2/2005: Village vouches for teen's NASA award claim:- ...
 - FirstScience
3/2/2005: ESA's comet chaser to fly by Earth ...
 - FirstScience
3/2/2005: Frozen bacterium has implications for Mars - NASA ...
 - FirstScience
3/2/2005: Blue Skies On Saturn
 - SpaceDaily
3/2/2005: Space station supply ship launches successfully
 - New Scientist
3/2/2005: Russian spacecraft carries snails, photo eqt, food to ISS ...
 - FirstScience
3/2/2005: Scientists discover evidence of asteroid ...
 - FirstScience
3/2/2005: Space Entrepreneur Walt Anderson Charged With Tax Evasion
3/2/2005: Scrutinizing Saturn- Astronomers Get Best Views Ever
3/2/2005: Sea Launch Rocket Orbits Radio Satellite
3/2/2005: Spirit's Intelligence Increasing
 - SpaceDaily
3/2/2005: Rainbows On Titan
 - SpaceDaily

3/2/2005: Experts fret over nanotech health hazards  - C/Net
3/2/2005: Sematech, Xidex use carbon nanotubes for microscopy
3/2/2005: Cosmic rays hunt buried secrets - MSNBC
3/2/2005: Report: MIT's Doomed Media Lab Europe Suffered from 'Inmates Running Asylum' - Technology Review 
3/2/2005: Software Gives Descriptive Directions  - Scientific American
3/2/2005: High-Intensity Ultrasound Creates Hollow Nanospheres And Nanocrystals - SpaceDaily


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