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  March 19, 2006

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Cheap Hydrogen Fuel  - Technology Review   Researchers at GE say they've come up with a prototype version of an easy-to-manufacture apparatus that they believe could lead to a commercial machine able to produce hydrogen via electrolysis for about $3 per kilogram -- a quantity roughly comparable to a gallon of gasoline -- down from today's $8 per kilogram. That could make it economically practical for future fuel-cell vehicles that run on hydrogen. Bourgeois' research team came up with a way to make future electrolyzers largely out of plastic. They used a GE plastic called Noryl that is extremely resistant to the highly alkaline potassium hydroxide. And because the plastic is easy to form and join, manufacturing an electrolyzer is relatively cheap. The researchers borrowed a spray-coating process to coat the electrodes with a proprietary nickel-based catalyst with a large surface area.
Injection MS vaccine testing to start in US  - BBC  A US company is set to begin a trial of a vaccine which it claims halts the progress of multiple sclerosis. PharmaFrontiers is to test its tailor-made vaccine on 100 patients with MS, after a small-scale study showed promise, New Scientist reports. In one trial of 15 patients, the vaccine reduced the rate of flare-ups by 92%. David McMillan, of PharmaFrontiers, said if earlier results were replicated in this study, it might be possible to slow or even halt the progress of the condition. The company claims the vaccine would only have to be given four times a year.

Parrot picture frame

Cebit 2006: A round-up of some of the coolest gadgets at this year's fair  - BBC  The Samsung VP-X210WL camcorder has a lens that can send images wirelessly over a short distance to the main body of the gadget. The 7" Parrot digital picture frame with 32 MB of storage displays up to 100 images. Lucent's MiViewTV would access web outlets for mobile TV. FMN Communications has produced a coin-operated wi-fi hot-spot. The Ego laptop is designed to look like a woman's handbag, complete with swappable skins, and a video camera to allow it to function as a mirror. It can take voice notes, play a DVD, watch digital TV using a built-in tuner.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/19/2005: Blood pressure drugs may slash Alzheimer's risk - New Scientist
3/19/2005: Common Anti-convulsant Drug May Help Slow The Progression Of Dementia - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Study Aims To Halt Alzheimer's By Blocking Enzyme
 - Science Daily

3/19/2005: Scientists launch genetic database project - MSNBC
3/19/2005: Supercomputer builds a virus
  - Nature
3/19/2005: 'Genetic Network' Guards Against Lethal DNA Damage - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Native Bees Could Fill Pollinator Hole Left By Honeybees - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Worm Hormone Discovery May Aid Fight Against Parasitic Disease - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Three Well-Sighted Mice  - Wired News
3/19/2005: EC opposes EU-wide policy on GM crop co-existence ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005: 'Electronic' DNA sequencing- Changes in molecular charge act as signal ...  - Physics Org
3/19/2005: Singing frog's 'ultrasonic croak'  - BBC
3/19/2005: Biobank opens Major project to study the genetic causes of disease  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
3/19/2005: U.N.: Greenhouse gases at record high - MSNBC
3/19/2005: Coral crisis: ‘White desert’ in some reefs - MSNBC
3/19/2005: Glacier sheds huge wall of ice - MSNBC
3/19/2005: Temperature sensitivity of soil carbon decomposition and feedbacks to climate change  - Nature
3/19/2005: 'Wild' Nature Play Before Age 11 Fosters Adult Environmentalism - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Bering Sea Ecosystem Responding To Changes In Arctic Climate - Science Daily
3/19/2005: To Avoid Doing More Harm Than Good, Land Trusts Must Consider Market Forces When Acquiring Property - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Greenhouse Theory Smashed By Biggest Stone; Is Global-warming Down To Humanity? Or Are Other Factors At Work? - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Rare Volcanic Plumes Create Uncommonly Dangerous Ash Flows - Science Daily
3/19/2005: 2.6 Million Manmade Ponds Have ‘Dramatic Impact’ - Live Science
3/19/2005: New Type of Volcanic Hazard Discovered - Live Science
3/19/2005: Scientist Reading the Leaves to Predict Violent Weather - Live Science
3/19/2005: Tornado Season Off to Roaring Start - Live Science
3/19/2005: Bering Sea Altered by Warm Conditions - Live Science
3/19/2005: CAMEROON - Britain donates US$7.2m for environmental protection ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005: U.N.: 2004 sets record for 'greenhouse gases' ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005: 'Tipping Point': Pollution Soaring to Crisis Levels in Arctic ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005: Northern ozone pollution spurs Arctic warming: NASA ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005: Arctic global warming may be irreversible ...
  - Physics Org
3/19/2005: Science gears up for polar year
  - BBC

3/19/2005: Cebit 2006: A round-up of some of the coolest gadgets at this year's fair  - BBC
3/19/2005: Beat the clock (and terrorists) in '24'  - CNN
3/19/2005: IPoddery Is Not Destiny  - Wired News
3/19/2005: Sony delays PlayStation 3 launch  - BBC
3/19/2005: Fair game Cebit show reveals trends shaping the world of hi-tech  - BBC
3/19/2005: Experts urge new iPod ear studies  - BBC

3/19/2005: Stop your cell phone from tracking you
  - CNN
3/19/2005: Report: VoIP gains traction in home service
  - El. Engr. Times

3/19/2005: Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology claims size record with 3-nm FinFET  - El. Engr. Times
3/19/2005: Epson develops OLED-based print head  - El. Engr. Times


3/19/2005: Judge to force Google's hand  - CNN
3/19/2005: Greetings, Earthlings! -- from Google Mars  - CNN
3/19/2005: Pushing the Internet Into Space  - Wired News
3/19/2005: Google, DOJ Back in Court  - Wired News
3/19/2005: Google Gripes and Grievances  - Wired News
3/19/2005: Cyber bullies haunt young online  - BBC

3/19/2005: Smart radio barcodes could hold computer viruses warn experts  - BBC

3/19/2005: Cheap Hydrogen Fuel   - Technology Review 
3/19/2005: Ultra-clean Coal: Could The Price Now Be Right To Help Fight Climate Change- - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Euros Drive on Chateau De Petrol  - Wired News
3/19/2005: UK's first bioethanol pump opens  - BBC

3/17/2005:Seattle Heart Failure Model Is Able To Accurately Predict Survival For Patients With Heart Failure - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Plant Sterol Pills Significantly Lower LDL Cholesterol - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Stomach Stapling Surgery May Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease - Science Daily

3/19/2005: Designing Better Cancer Drugs - Technology Review 

3/19/2005: Human deaths from bird flu to pass 100 - New Scientist

3/19/2005: MS vaccine testing to start in US   - BBC

3/19/2005: Hearing experts issue earphone warning  - CNN
3/19/2005: Inner-ear mystery solved - PhysicsWeb
3/19/2005: Advice To Children With Sleep Apnea: Wear That Night-time Breathing Device! - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Yale Researchers Identify Gene Depth Protects Against Kidney Stones - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Esophageal Stenting Is A New Non-surgical Procedure That Can Cure The Life-threatening Complication - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Go Ahead, Drink Bacon Grease for Breakfast - Live Science
3/19/2005: Medical ethicist: 'Advances in medicine mean more disputes such as Baby MB'  - BBC
3/19/2005: Hearing tests for all new-borns  - BBC
3/19/2005: Two drug trial men critically ill
  - BBC
3/19/2005: Drug trial volunteer's girlfriend describes his condition
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
3/19/2005: Survival Dance: How Humans Waltzed Through the Ice Age - Live Science
3/19/2005: Roots of Running Go Way, Way Back - Live Science
3/19/2005: Enigma project cracks second code  - BBC

3/19/2005: Southwest jacks fares to offset fuel costs - Seattle Times
3/19/2005: U.S., EU battle over procedural issues in WTO plane subsidies dispute - Seattle Times
3/19/2005: Troubled Fannie Mae unearths additional accounting mistakes - Seattle Times
3/19/2005: Lay's lawyers call ex-CFO a liar - Seattle Times
3/19/2005: The new cybercrime mafia - Seattle Times
3/19/2005: How to Make Your Wife Happy - Live Science
3/19/2005: Rants 'n' Raves: Mine Shaft  - Wired News
3/19/2005: Record-breaking detector may aid nuclear inspections ...  - Physics Org
3/19/2005: The Knowledge -- Part 1 - Technology Review 
3/19/2005: The Knowledge -- Part 2 - Technology Review 
3/19/2005: British scientist wins $1m prize  - BBC
3/19/2005: Egypt Pharaoh find 'not a tomb'  - BBC
3/19/2005: Monopoly money: Big firms 'control' Africa's new under-water internet cable  - BBC

3/19/2005: Researchers Identify New Form Of Superior Memory Syndrome - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Up in Smoke: Marijuana Toasts Memory - Live Science
3/19/2005: Now That's Using Your Head  - Wired News
3/19/2005: Brain-Healing Nanotechnology - Technology Review 

Physics and Astronomy:
3/19/2005: 'Naked super-Earth' revealed by microlensing - New Scientist
3/19/2005: Ubiquitous Galaxies Discovered In The Early Universe
 - Science Daily
3/19/2005: New Technique Provides The First Full View Of The Far Side Of The Sun
 - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Ultracold Atoms Produce Long-sought Quantum Mix; Unbalanced Superfluid Could Be Akin To Exotic Matter Found In Quark Star
 - Science Daily
3/19/2005: New Source Suspected for Ancient Meteorites
 - Space.com
3/19/2005: Life, the Universe and Everything
  - Wired News
3/19/2005: Super-Sized Rocky Planet Found ...
 - Discover
3/19/2005: Dione Takes A Bite Out Of Tethys
 - SpaceDaily
3/19/2005: Solar riches survive probe crash
  - BBC

3/19/2005: The SENS Challenge: Update - Technology Review 

3/19/2005: Robot care - New Scientist
3/19/2005: Quickplacer: The Fastest Robot In The World - Science Daily

3/19/2005: Comet chasers get mineral shock  - Nature
3/19/2005: Comet Wild 2 made from 'fire and ice'
 - New Scientist
3/19/2005: Microscopic Radiator Flying On 'Skin' Of NASA Spacecraft To Launch
 - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Angry Scientists Confront NASA Officials at Conference
 - Space.com
3/19/2005: Researcher Touts Saturn’s Titan As New Exploration Goal
 - Space.com
3/19/2005: Space Scientists Battle NASA Budget Cuts
 - Space.com
3/19/2005: NASA postpones next shuttle launch until July ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005: NASA Selects Student Experiments to Fly on Sounding Rocket ...
 - FirstScience
3/19/2005: NASA's new comms policy gets thumbs up from scientists ...
 - FirstScience
3/19/2005: NASA Puts Off Next Shuttle Launch Until July
 - SpaceDaily
3/19/2005: Russian Kliper Space Plane Design Completed
 - SpaceDaily
3/19/2005: Russian PM To Sign Space Accords During India Visit
 - SpaceDaily

3/19/2005: What will the future bring in the field of technology?  - CNN
3/19/2005: Study: Nanotech job growth strong  - El. Engr. Times
3/19/2005: Invention: The 'I've been shot' gun - New Scientist
3/19/2005: Penn Researchers Create The First Reliable Method For Making Gaps For Nanotech Apps - Science Daily
3/19/2005: Future Watch: Beyond Quartz - Live Science
3/19/2005: Man vs. Machine in Newsreader War  - Wired News
3/19/2005: Building Better Bones With Ice
  - Wired News
3/19/2005: A Better Antenna for Cellular Networks
 - Technology Review 
3/19/2005: Nanotech discovers the Americas
  - BBC


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