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  March 19, 2005

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Transplant cures man of diabetes  - BBC  A 61-year-old man has become the first person in the UK to be cured of type 1 diabetes. After receiving insulin-making cells from the pancreases of dead donors, Richard Lane of Bromley, Kent, no longer needs insulin injections. But the technique is not perfect. Many patients still require top-up insulin. He now has to take drugs to stop his body rejecting the transplanted cells. Two other UK patients who have been treated with the procedure still need small doses of insulin. Scientists have also been looking at ways to make more of the cells required using stem cells.
Researcher Describes New Type Of Strong, Lightweight Metallic Material - SpaceDaily  Left:  The laminate performed spectacularly in depth-of-penetration ballistics tests, but its greatest potential may derive from its ability to be tailored to meet specific engineering requirements.  "The new material we developed is environmentally safe, and while its stiffness equals that of steel, it's only half as dense," said Kenneth S. Vecchio, author of the paper and a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering in UCSD's Jacobs School of Engineering. The new material is made primarily of two lightweight metals. Vecchio alternated layers of aluminum and titanium alloy foils, and compressed and heated them   

Image: Drilling on Mars

Hunt for Mars life will go deep ... - MSNBC  Left:  An artist's conception shows a drilling operation designed to probe Mars' deep subsurface. Astrobiologists say microbes could find a suitable environment in caves or even rock fractures, protected from ultraviolet radiation.  The hunt for some form of life elsewhere in our universe may spur a veritable fleet of robot orbiters, landers and rovers to study the surface of Mars in the coming years. But they might look in the wrong place. Instead of probing for signs of alien life on Marsí harsh surface, some researchers have suggested looking inside the planet, where there is mounting evidence of water ice near the equator and the potential for underground aquifers that could support basic, microbial organisms. Spirit and Opportunity, the two robots currently exploring the Red Planet under NASAís Mars Exploration Rover mission, have proved that water shaped the development of rocks on the planetís surface. Meanwhile, Europeís Mars Express spacecraft, now orbiting the planet, is preparing to unfurl a radar instrument that researchers say might find pockets of liquid water in subsurface caves or voids. Recent reports by U.S. and European researchers have hinted at connections between the presence of methane and other gases in Marsí atmosphere and the possibility of water-harboring subsurface caves capable of sustaining life. The theory is similar to actual conditions found in deep caverns on Earth.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/19/2005:†Blood Pressure Drugs May Slow Deterioration Of Alzheimer's - Science Daily

3/19/2005:†Sudan is 'centre of ivory trade'  - BBC
3/19/2005:†Chinese more aware of dangers of genetically modified food: Greenpeace ...
 - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Whither the Ideal RNA Amplification Kit? ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Survey will track alien invader - BBC

Climate, Environment:
3/19/2005:†Photos Show Climate Change; Ministers Meet in UK ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Mercury Rises Over EPA Pollution Rules ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Truck Emissions Tested in Pilot Study ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Officials Sounding the Alarm on Southeast Asian Droughts ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Breaking the Oil Addiction -- An ENN Commentary ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Onondagas Claim 4,000 Square Miles of New York State, Want Environmental Cleanup ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Water Crisis Looms as Himalayan Glaciers Shrink, Environmental Group Warns ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†New Zealand shaken by earthquake ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Blair's international brainstorming to combat climate change - SpaceDaily
3/19/2005:†CeBIT- World's Largest High-Tech Fair Opens With Asia Out In Force - SpaceDaily

3/19/2005:†'Republic Commando'  - CNN
3/19/2005:†The Blind Fragging the Blind  - Wired News
3/19/2005:†Nintendo Plans Double Whammy in Game Wars  - Wired News
3/19/2005:†This Shuffle doesn't fall far from Apple tree  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Students Develop Head Tilt Mouse  - C/Net

3/19/2005:†Flicking future: Why Microsoft thinks TV's future is down the phone line
  - BBC
3/19/2005:†Cheap talk: How the internet is changing the way we make calls
  - BBC
The phone: has grown   - C/Net
3/19/2005:†AT&T to begin pre-WiMax trial
  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Rush to VOIP raises security fears
 - New Scientist
3/19/2005:†Tech's patron steps down
 - Seattle Time
3/19/2005:†Where to Eavesdrop on Wireless Networks
  - Wired News
3/19/2005:†Camera phones not clicking?
  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Photos: Bevy of cell phones
  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†FCC: 'Desperate Housewives' promo not indecent after all
  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Phone porn prevention
  - C/Net

3/19/2005:†IBM lets Millipede storage out for a stroll  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Photos: Millipede packs a punch  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Atoms never forget  - Nature

3/19/2005:†Anti-tremor mouse takes wobble out of computing for millions  - BBC
3/19/2005:†Apple makes blogs reveal sources  - BBC
3/19/2005:†USB hub can ease computer growing pains - Seattle Time
3/19/2005:†Paying Tribute to Mac's Daddy  - Wired News
3/19/2005:†Now Open: Blue Gene on Demand  - Wired News

3/19/2005:†Net gains: Analyst Bill Thompson is glad politicians know more about the net  - BBC
3/19/2005:†Net taxes: No you don't  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†E-conomy: New game of tagging may be "it" - Seattle Time
3/19/2005:†Pharming Out-Scams Phishing  - Wired News
3/19/2005:†'Blair Witch' creator takes new project   - C/Netto Web  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†AOL clarifies IM privacy guarantee  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†A phishing wolf in sheep's clothing
  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Zombie PCs being sent to steal IDs
  - C/Net

3/19/2005:†Click here... read the small print of software agreements  - BBC
3/19/2005:†Developers slam Microsoft's Visual Basic plan  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Chem student tames Microsoft's legal eagles  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Showdown at the Supreme Court - Technology Review
3/19/2005:†Microsoft Security Practice Raises Concerns - Technology Review
3/19/2005:†Open-source overhaul  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Outfoxing IE  - C/Net

3/19/2005:†Biodiesel Boosters Plan Co-Ops  - Wired News

3/19/2005:†Mountain living 'good for heart' - BBC

3/19/2005:†Tiny robot to help cancer diagnosis  - CNN
3/19/2005:†A More Accurate Screening Test For Prostate Cancer? - Science Daily
3/19/2005:†Closing In On A Vaccine For Breast Cancer - Science Daily
3/19/2005:†DNA weak links may provide clues to cancer biology ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Cancer hope for green tea extract - BBC

3/19/2005:†Are Nanobacteria Making Us Ill?  - Wired News
3/19/2005:†Multiple toeholds for HIV in UK - BBC

3/19/2005:†Transplant cures man of diabetes   - BBC
3/19/2005:†No smoking: 'How long until tobacco goes the way of absinthe?'  - BBC
3/19/2005:†RNA interference as promising therapy for ALS ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Boffins' gene therapy breakthrough ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Hopes of simple blood test for MS - BBC

3/19/2005:†Bionic wrist cures bowling injury  - BBC
3/19/2005:†Drug side-effect complaints at new high - Business Week
3/19/2005:†Kinder, Gentler Tonsillectomy Now Offered At Mayo Clinic - Science Daily
3/19/2005:†Naltrexone Tested As Weight Gain Deterrent In Quitting Smoking - Science Daily
3/19/2005:†A Parkinson Disease Gene Discovered, an Oncogene Remembered ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†MotionBased Locates A New Dimension In Heart Rate Training - SpaceDaily

History, Anthropology:
3/19/2005:†UCSB Scientists Probe Sea Floor Venting To Gain Understanding Of Early Life On Earth - Science Daily

3/19/2005:†Public 'must engage with science'  - BBC
3/19/2005:†Science project: Author Bill Bryson explains his transition from travel to science  - BBC
3/19/2005:†Gene test data use is restricted  - BBC
3/19/2005:†Amazon stirs privacy fears  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Liberal bloggers reaching out to major media  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Can papers end the free ride online?  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Samsung is now what Sony once was  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Sci-fi film bolts into box office lead  - CNN
3/19/2005:†Do You Need a Digital ID?  - Wired News
3/19/2005:†MDA Schedules Busy Year of Testing in 2005 -
3/19/2005:†No Green Light To Israel For Strikes On Alleged Iran Nuke Sites" Rice - SpaceDaily
3/19/2005:†Researchers: Metcalfe's Law overshoots the mark  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†New methods eyed for buying movies  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Online poker beats the college grind  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†RFID's growing presence in the marketplace  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Online poker is campus draw at Princeton  - NY Times
3/19/2005:†Microsoft challenges Aussie IT industry to IQ test  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†The nimble shall inherit the earth - Business Week
3/19/2005:†Differentiating your workforce strategy  - C/Net

3/19/2005:†Chemists in California  - Nature
3/19/2005:†Charity begins at Homo sapiens - New Scientist
3/19/2005:†Olfactory Receptor Cells May Provide Clues To Psychiatric Disease - Science Daily
3/19/2005:†Acting Techniques May Help Doctors Empathize With Their Patients - Science Daily
3/19/2005:†A Rewarding Discovery Shows How Dopamine Activates Brain Circuitry - Science Daily
3/19/2005:†Primitive Brain Is 'Smarter' Than We Think, MIT Study Shows - Science Daily
3/19/2005:†Ever Been Killed With a Song?
  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
3/19/2005:†Simulations Reveal Surprising News About Black Holes - Science Daily
3/19/2005:†Evidence of Dark Energy Missed 30 Years Ago
 - New Scientist
3/19/2005:†Surprising New View of Early Universe


3/19/2005:†Duke University Engineers Join 'Red Team' Robotic Vehicle Team - Science Daily 

3/19/2005:†Hunt for Mars life will go deep ...  - MSNBC
3/19/2005:†Europe tells US: 'Come to Europa'
  - BBC
3/19/2005:†No Plan B for Outer Space
 - Economist
3/19/2005:†'Star Wars' vet appointed NASA head ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Cadet research is helping NASA shuttles return to space ...
 - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Exploration advocate named to run NASA ...
 - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†China's 4th spaceflight center expected to be completed in Hainan before 2010 ...
 - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†India Moon Probe May Tote Water-Scouting Radar
3/19/2005:†Bright Light over Pacific Northwest Likely a Meteor
3/19/2005:†Atlas 5 Lifts Massive Satellite For Inmarsat
 - SpaceDaily
3/19/2005:†Europe and US take on ice moon
  - C/Net
3/19/2005:†Space station suffers second broken gyro
 - New Scientist
3/19/2005:†Shuttle changes also improving space station
 - New Scientist
3/19/2005:†NASA Says Shuttle Flights to Station Should Proceed
  - NY Times
3/19/2005:†Spring Starts Sunday, But Why Has the Date Changed?
3/19/2005:†ISS Expedition 10 Crew Prepares for Second Spacewalk
3/19/2005:†No Quick Fix Spacewalk for Disabled ISS Gyroscope
3/19/2005:†Wiring Work Delays Roll Over Milestone for Shuttle Discovery
3/19/2005:†NASA- Space Station Troubles Will Not Halt Shuttle Launch
  - Wired News
3/19/2005:†A space station fix is put off ...
 - FirstScience

3/19/2005:†Researcher Describes New Type Of Strong, Lightweight Metallic Material - SpaceDaily
3/19/2005:†Colour profile exposes faked or stolen gems - New Scientist
3/19/2005:†TR: Week in Review  - Technology Review 
3/19/2005:†2001: Bush Warned of Tech Dangers  - Wired News
3/19/2005:†'Nanotechnology: small science, big deal' ... - FirstScience
3/19/2005:†Intel Unveils Latest Concept Mobile PCs - SpaceDaily
3/19/2005:†African leaders back tech tax to help poor nations
  - C/Net


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