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  March 19, 2004

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Hubble Finds Farthest Galaxies Strangest Yet - Space.com  The new image, called the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF), includes objects that until now have been too faint to be seen and includes ancient galaxies that emerged just 700 million years after the Big Bang from what astronomers call the "dark ages" of the universe. "We can now see tidal tails, wisps of gas, that cover large distances," Stiavelli said, adding that there are some interaction effects that defy identification, include some very red, very strange objects. 
Bioprocesses Upstage Traditional Chemical Processes - SpaceDaily      The principal focus of the research is application of biotech processes in the health sciences industry: antibiotics, vitamins and biopharmaceuticals, biopolymers, biocatalysts, and biotech pest control. Executive summaries and interviews are available to the press. Bioprocesses sometimes eliminate conventional steps in chemical synthesis while enabling cost-effective manufacturing. "The elimination of several conventional steps used to synthesize vitamins and antibiotics has significantly reduced production cost and adverse impact on the environment, and this, in turn, is encouraging the acceptance of bioprocesses," says Nagel. One of the first applications is likely to be engineered soybean varieties that are capable of superior disease resistance and reduction of saturated fat content.

Hybrids On The High Seas - SpaceDaily  The Office of Naval Research is developing innovative propulsion systems based on new fuel-cell technology for efficient generation of electrical power--and greater design flexibility--for future ships. To ensure a relatively quick transition to this promising technology, ONR is funding development of a method to extract hydrogen from diesel fuel. A diesel reforming system would take advantage of the relative low cost of the fuel and the Navy's established infrastructure for buying, storing, and transporting it. "The fuel cell system that ONR is developing will be capable of between 37 to 52 percent efficiency."

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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/19/2004:New Study Supports Use Of PET Scans In Early Diagnosis Of Alzheimer's Disease - Science Daily

3/19/2004:'Big brood' of insects to emerge soon - MSNBC
3/19/2004:Research panel warns Mexico of threat from modified corn
  - NY Times
3/19/2004:Despite Confinement, Crop Genes Can Spread Fast To Wild - Science Daily
3/19/2004:Cell Shocked: USC Researchers Present New Electric Pulse Technology - Science Daily
3/19/2004:New Eggs Continue To Develop In Adult Mice - Science Daily
3/19/2004:Newly Cloned Gene Key To Global Adaptation Of Wheat - Science Daily
3/19/2004:Cheaper GM Seeds Could Boost Adoption, Farm Benefits and Company Profits- The Case of Bt Cotton in Argentina... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
3/19/2004:U.S. bans swordfishing to help turtles - MSNBC
3/19/2004:Siberian tigers fight for freedom - New Scientist
3/19/2004:Bison have nowhere left to roam - New Scientist
3/19/2004:Scientists Find More Keys To The North Pacific Ocean's Climate - Science Daily
3/19/2004:Are Plastics Eco-Friendly?... - FirstScience
3/19/2004:Climate change could come like lightning... - FirstScience
3/19/2004:Australia's greenhouse gas output could 'easily' be cut by 50%... - FirstScience
3/19/2004:International Business Briefs- CO2 broker, oil pipeline, pollution control, fuel cells, bio-oil co-gen, greenh... - FirstScience
3/19/2004:Kyoto Protocol now legally binding in all EU Member States... - FirstScience
3/19/2004:Talks begin on heavy metal air pollution deal... - FirstScience
3/19/2004:New Microfloat Dispersed Air Floatation Technology Reduces Pollution... - FirstScience
3/19/2004:World Class Ports Mean World Class Smog... - FirstScience
3/19/2004:Zambia: Rampant Deforestation Worries Forest College... - FirstScience
3/19/2004:Santa Ana Winds Stimulate Marine Environment...

3/19/2004:CeBIT To Introduce USB Swiss Army Knife  - Wired News

3/19/2004:A Ceasefire in the Phone Wars? - Business Week
3/19/2004:McDonald's to supersize Wi-Fi    - C/Net  
3/19/2004:Peekaboo  - C/Net  
3/19/2004:AT&T begins selling Net phone service  - C/Net  
3/19/2004:Will Net phone debate draw in other IP services?  - C/Net  
3/19/2004:SkyPlex: Flexible Digital Satellite Telecommunications - SpaceDaily
3/19/2004:FCC Sets Sights on Mobile Phone Spam
  - Wired News

3/19/2004:Single molecules pass doping test - PhysicsWeb
3/19/2004:Charge Doping Of Molecules One Atom At A Time - Science Daily
3/19/2004:South Korea's Hynix develops "world's first" highspeed memory chip - SpaceDaily
3/19/2004:Tiny Pumps Drive Liquid Circuits  - Technology Review

3/19/2004:Servers: More Bells And Whistles, Please - Business Week
3/19/2004:Gateway completes eMachines buy  - C/Net  

3/19/2004:NetSky variants spark search for code  - C/Net  
3/19/2004:Briefly: Feds hand out Webcasting rules  - C/Net  
3/19/2004:Legal P2P networks gaining ground    - C/Net  
3/19/2004:Remote piano lessons, in real time  - NY Times
3/19/2004:Web name wait lists 'will hurt the little guy' - New Scientist

3/19/2004:Lindows: Trademark case could get expensive - Business Week
3/19/2004:Free Office? No thanks  - C/Net  
3/19/2004:Investment firm confirms Microsoft link to SCO  - C/Net  
3/19/2004:Lindows: Trademark case could get expensive  - C/Net  
3/19/2004:Judge rejects Microsoft's bid to relocate antitrust suit - Seattle Times
3/19/2004:The SCO Soap Opera  - Wired News

3/19/2004:Hybrids On The High Seas - SpaceDaily
3/19/2004:The Witch of Yucca Mountain  - Technology Review

3/19/2004:UT Southwestern Researchers Identify Gene As Essential For Vascular Smooth Muscle Development - Science Daily

3/19/2004:Researchers Find A Protein That Controls Cell Growth, Offers Possibility Of Finding New Cancer Therapies - Science Daily
3/19/2004:Novel Prostate Cancer Marker May Lead To Earlier Diagnosis And Fewer Repeat Bioposies - Science Daily


3/19/2004:Gene Variants May Increase Susceptibility To Type 2 Diabetes - Science Daily

3/19/2004:Why Sugar Pills Cure Some Ills  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
3/19/2004:The Birth of Cool  - Technology Review

3/19/2004:FBI pushes for broadband wiretap powers - Business Week
3/19/2004:Resume fraud gets slicker and easier  - CNN  
3/19/2004:The new paper pushers  - CNN  
3/19/2004:Web slows job search  - CNN  
3/19/2004:IBM hiring in Calcutta  - CNN  
3/19/2004:eBays' control freak  - C/Net
3/19/2004:Quiz: Are you still hot for your job?  - NY Times
3/19/2004:Plague expert given two years in prison  - Yahoo
3/19/2004:US to buy anthrax vaccine stockpile - Washington Post
3/19/2004:A magnificent obsession - New Scientist
3/19/2004:Sandia Sensor Has Potential To Help U.S. Military Eliminate 'Friendly Fire' During Combat - Science Daily
3/19/2004:Record low adjustable-rate mortgages at 3.41 percent - Seattle Times
3/19/2004:Spike in gas prices forecast for summer - Seattle Times
3/19/2004:Apple's 22 percent stock run-up follows push for new products - Seattle Times
3/19/2004:Stocks plunge on terror fears; indexes retreat to December levels - Seattle Times - SpaceDaily
3/19/2004:Globalization: A Conplex Dilemma For India
3/19/2004:Indian Cricketers Told To Win Over Pakistani Hearts - SpaceDaily
3/19/2004:India's Fence Sparks Little Debate - SpaceDaily
3/19/2004:Virtual Voices In Chinese Politics - SpaceDaily
3/19/2004:CombiMatrix Wins DoD Contract For Biowarfare Detection Technology - SpaceDaily
3/19/2004:Pakistan Coy As Spring Hunt For Bin Laden Heats Up - SpaceDaily
3/19/2004:Wisconsin, New York Unplug Matrix  - Wired News
3/19/2004:Net Cries Out for Madrid  - Wired News
3/19/2004:Bush Site Unplugs Poster Tool  - Wired News
3/19/2004:Lindows-Free Luxembourg
  - Wired News
3/19/2004:Geekery Thrives on the Farm
  - Wired News
3/19/2004:Software Glitch Reveals Stranger's Healthy History
  - Wired News
3/19/2004:The Cashless Corner Store
  - Wired News
3/19/2004:The Military Shows Off its Coolest Gadgets
  - Wired News
3/19/2004:Communism Is Not Brain-Dead
  - Wired News

3/19/2004:Nutrient during pregnancy 'super-charges' brain - New Scientist
3/19/2004:USC Study Finds Faulty Wiring In Psychopaths - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/19/2004:Hubble Finds Farthest Galaxies Strangest Yet - Space.com


3/19/2004:Toyota joins robot development race  - El. Engr. Times
3/19/2004:Cosmic Log: Robot pole position - MSNBC
3/19/2004:Desert robot race is ready to roll - New Scientist
3/19/2004:Robot Designers Get in the Swim  - Wired News

3/19/2004:Martian soil is 'same everywhere' - ABC
3/19/2004:Mars spacecraft wallows in water
 - ABC
3/19/2004:Did Nasa's rover see a UFO in the sky of the Red Planet?
  - BBC
3/19/2004:Icy water plentiful in Mars images
 - Google
3/19/2004:Spirit Rover Begins Inspecting Mars Drift
  - NY Times
3/19/2004:Mars Express finds water official
 - PhysicsWeb
3/19/2004:Earth Safe from Ultra-close Asteroid Flyby Today
 - Space.com
3/19/2004:Mystery Spheres on Mars Finally Identified
 - Space.com
3/19/2004:Mars pole hides vast reserves of ice
 - SpaceDaily

3/19/2004:Bioprocesses Upstage Traditional Chemical Processes - SpaceDaily
3/19/2004:Yarn spun from nanotubes - New Scientist
3/19/2004:100-metre nanotube thread pulled from furnace - New Scientist
3/19/2004:New Radar System May Help Airplanes Avoid In-flight Icing - Science Daily
3/19/2004:Sonic Changes May Lead To New Era - SpaceDaily
3/19/2004:A New Class of Glass - SpaceDaily


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