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  March 18, 2005

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Outside View: Nuke Proliferators Can't Be Stopped - SpaceDaily  The Natural Resource Defense Council of the United States reveals in its report that: "A specific number of nuclear warheads, under U.S. and NATO war plans, will be transferred to America's non-nuclear allies to be delivered to targets by their warplanes. Preparations for delivering 180 nuclear bombs are taking place in peacetime, and equipping non-nuclear countries with the means to conduct nuclear warfare, (which) is inconsistent with today's international efforts to dissuade other countries from obtaining nuclear weapons. The arsenal is being kept at eight Air Force bases in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and Britain. The strike plans' potential targets are Russia and countries in the Middle East - most likely Iran and Syria. For quite a while, North Korea has been complaining about nuclear warheads placed in South Korea by the United States."  
World's First Intergalactic Communication System Now Transmitting - SpaceDaily  Left:'s 10.5-ft. parabolic dish transmitting antenna. Photo courtesy:   TalkToAliens., the world's first "Intergalactic Communication System" has announced that it is fully operational, and is transmitting phone calls from the public into deep space. The system is online 24 hours a day. To use the system's "Intergalactic Transmitter", a person simply dials a phone number (1-900-226-0300) and talks. The phone call is routed into a transmitter and the person's voice is beamed live into space via a 10.5-foot parabolic dish antenna. The call costs $3.99 per minute. 

EU Pushes To Recruit Tech Talent - SpaceDaily  The United States has been wrestling with a decline in the number of home-grown scientific and technical graduates for years but has been able to sustain its creative advantage - and its innovation-based economy - by welcoming brilliant immigrants from all over the world. Despite some recent improvements in visa processing, large numbers of otherwise desirable visitors, particularly science and engineering graduate students, have permanently left the U.S. queue for more welcoming shores, and the European Union is positioning itself to be their destination.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/18/2005:Alzheimer's plaques imaged in living brains - New Scientist

3/18/2005:Richness Of Ocean Life Reflected In A Test Tube, Scientists Say - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Emory Study Finds Monarch Health Tied To Migration
 - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Yeast Network Prevents Damage By Oxygen Radicals - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Tiny Flies Could Lead To Understanding Potential For Non-embryonic Stem Cells - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
3/18/2005:A tale of two El Ninos ... - FirstScience
3/18/2005:Cost of Excessive Emissions- $500 Mil ... - FirstScience
3/18/2005:Evangelical Crusade on Global Warming ... - FirstScience
3/18/2005:Dynegy to pay $500 mln to cut Southern Illinois pollution ... - FirstScience
3/18/2005:Co2 Emissions In Japan's Midsize Cities Set To Rise Sharply ... - FirstScience
3/18/2005:Emissions ruling expected soon ... - FirstScience
3/18/2005:Seismologists Study Mining-Induced Earthquakes ... - FirstScience
3/18/2005:Himalayan glaciers 'melting fast'  - BBC
3/18/2005:Scientists Search For Seafloor Eruption - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Cambridge, MIT Win EPA Grant To Cut Diesel Emissions - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Europe Under Snow - SpaceDaily
3/18/2005:A Tale Of Two El Ninos - SpaceDaily
3/18/2005:Researchers Pioneer New Technique For Imaging Earth's Interior - SpaceDaily

3/18/2005:Camcorders getting smaller, cheaper  - C/Net
3/18/2005:Photos: Pocket-size camcorders  - C/Net
3/18/2005:Game Creators Going (for) Broke  - Wired News
3/18/2005:Nintendo DS makes its Euro debut  - BBC
3/18/2005:Revolution vs. PlayStation - Business Week
3/18/2005:CeBIT shows no limits in gadgets, price - Business Week

3/18/2005:Indecent Proposal
3/18/2005:Court upholds most number-switching rules
 - Business Week
3/18/2005:AT&T to begin pre-WiMax trial
  - C/Net
3/18/2005:Cellular companies ready ring tones, radio and more
  - C/Net
3/18/2005:Europe, U.S. separated by telephone cultures
  - C/Net

3/18/2005:Almost Only Counts In Horseshoes And Computer Chips - Science Daily


3/18/2005:What to expect of 'Spamalot'? A lot of spam  - BBC

3/18/2005:Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger to arrive in April  - C/Net
3/18/2005:Apple 1, Indie Journalists 0  - Wired News
3/18/2005:Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger to arrive in April  - C/Net


3/18/2005:Mystery Blood Vessel Disorder Implicated In 'Mini' Strokes - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Tracking the Uncertain Science of Growing Heart Cells  - NY Times

3/18/2005:Cancer In Patients With Hepatitis C - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Disease-fighting Chemicals In Apples Could Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer, Cornell Study In Rats Suggests - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Protein That Promotes Survival Of Stem Cells Might Be Key To Poor Leukemia Prognosis - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Curious Female Rats Survive Tumors Longer - Science Daily

3/18/2005:Stomach bug's secrets uncovered  - BBC
3/18/2005:Youth With HIV Take More Risks After New Meds Introduced - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Risk Of Herpes Infection Rises With Oral Sex - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Basis For DNA Ejection From Single Phage Particles - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Scientist attacks bird flu plans  - BBC
3/18/2005:Cigarette Smoke Worsens Respiratory Infections In Infants - Science Daily

3/18/2005:Drug 'boost' for Parkinson's  - BBC
3/18/2005:Potential Drug Target For Treating Cocaine Abuse Found - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Exercise Therapy Builds Strength, Mobility In MS Patients - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Current Daily Smoking May Be Associated With Increased Risk For Suicidal Thoughts And Attempts - Science Daily
3/18/2005:CT Research Widens Applications Of Imaging For Diabetic Foot - Science Daily

3/18/2005:Life saver: 'The technique used on my daughter will help children in Egypt'  - BBC
3/18/2005:Folic Acid And Vitamin B12 Decrease Risk Of Hip Fracture In Stroke Patients - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Key to severe skin disease found  - BBC
3/18/2005:Why women need to take action over snoring partners  - BBC
3/18/2005:Outdoor Week: Motivational tips to kick start your walking programme  - BBC
3/18/2005:Rest Easy: MIT Study Confirms Melatonin's Value As Sleep Aid - Science Daily
3/18/2005:New Imaging Technologies Can Enhance Orthopaedic Outcomes - Science Daily
3/18/2005:History Of Broken Bones Overlooked When Treating Osteoporosis - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Medication Awareness Key To Catching Error: Study
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/18/2005:Museum Stirs Atomic Age Memories  - Wired News
3/18/2005:Archaeologists claim ancient knife proof longer Chinese astronomical history ... - FirstScience
3/18/2005:US, German scientists sequence oldest fossil human protein ever ... - FirstScience
3/18/2005:Fleming's fame: The legacy of the man behind penicillin, half a century on  - BBC
3/18/2005:Neanderthal Reconstructed - SpaceDaily

3/18/2005:EU Pushes To Recruit Tech Talent - SpaceDaily
3/18/2005:Outside View: Nuke Proliferators Can't Be Stopped - SpaceDaily
3/18/2005:Time is not on our side - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:The Deductions - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:The pitfalls - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:On the web - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:Investors hit with merger tax bill - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:Don't fall for the `Dirty Dozen' tax scams - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:Card companies touting taxes by credit card - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:Taxing Decisions 2005 - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:Venerable NYSE confronts critical issues - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:Simple way to shrink debt: Pay down principal - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:More letdowns for fund investors - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:Saving for retirees problem in other nations, too
3/18/2005:AARP launches seniors job site online
3/18/2005:Interview process often ignores quick learners
3/18/2005:To wage war against gossip, you must try to rise above it
3/18/2005:Sometimes it can be OK to be friends with the boss
3/18/2005:Survey- Workers' dissatisfaction increasing - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:Rejected job seeker hires herself
 - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:Demand growing for public health jobs
 - Seattle Times
3/18/2005:Intel about to decide locating fab in India
 - Silicon Strategies
3/18/2005:Robots a Bit Too Mechanical
  - Wired News
3/18/2005:Eurisy Competition - From Earth to Planet X- Win a Digital Camera in a story writing competition ...
 - FirstScience
3/18/2005:County Abuzz As Bezos Plans Spaceport ...
 - FirstScience
3/18/2005:DiscoveryThe most significant ideas in science and technology
  - BBC
3/18/2005:Samsung is now what Sony once was
  - C/Net
3/18/2005:3D animation gives evidence more bite
 - New Scientist
3/18/2005:No Green Light To Israel For Strikes On Alleged Iran Nuke Sites: Rice
 - SpaceDaily
3/18/2005:Capitol Hill Commission Rejects Russia Syrian Missile Deal
 - SpaceDaily
3/18/2005:Chinese Company Joins Galileo Project
 - SpaceDaily

3/18/2005:Head start: What are the most common causes of severe brain injury?  - BBC
3/18/2005:Researchers Make Surprise Discovery That Brain Cells Can Transmit Three Signals At Once - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Animal Study Shows Memories Of Familiar Environments Can Survive After Brain Damage That Results In Severe Amnesia - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Brain Stimulation Treats Resistant Depression - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Linking Brain To Mind In A Common Genetic Disease - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Rhesus Monkeys Can Assess The Visual Perspective Of Others When Competing For Food - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Researchers Uncover Scaffolds In The Brain's Wiring Diagram
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/18/2005:NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope Exposes Dusty Galactic Hideouts - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Scientists Discover The Origin Of A Mysterious Physical Force
 - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Black Holes Influence Knowledge Of The Universe
 - SpaceDaily
3/18/2005:Massive Old Galaxies Starve To Death In The Infant Universe
 - SpaceDaily
3/18/2005:Hassled Galaxy "Thriving On Chaos"
 - SpaceDaily


3/18/2005:Robots Serve Humans On Land, In Sea And Air - Science Daily
3/18/2005:UCLA Trials RP-6 Robot For Neurosurgery Intensive Care - SpaceDaily

3/18/2005:World's First Intergalactic Communication System Now Transmitting - SpaceDaily
3/18/2005:In two years, GSLV may carry astronauts ...
 - FirstScience
3/18/2005:Mars rover's spectrometer shut down
 - New Scientist

3/18/2005:Open Microfluidic And Nanofluidic Systems - Science Daily
3/18/2005:Can a virus hitch a ride in your car?  - C/Net
3/18/2005:Microwires: Replacement For The CD-ROM?


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