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  March 18, 2004

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X-ray Image of Saturn Puzzles Scientists - Space.com  Astronomers have gotten a good look at X-rays from the ringed planet Saturn, and they're puzzled by the results that defy current theory. In results released today, Chandra observed Saturn for about 20 hours last April. The spectrum, or distribution with energy of the X-rays, was found to be very similar to that of X-rays from the Sun. "This indicates that Saturn's X-ray emission is due to the scattering of solar X-rays by Saturn's atmosphere."
Statin Call for higher heart drug doses  - BBC  The risk of heart disease could be cut more sharply by prescribing higher doses of cholesterol-lowering drugs than currently used, research shows. A US study of more than 4,000 patients found those on higher doses of statins had 16% fewer serious heart problems, and a 28% cut in total death rate. For the study, patients who took a double dose (80mg) of the drug atorvastatin or a standard dose (40mg) of another drug called pravastatin. The atorvastatin patients had an average LDL (bad) cholesterol level of 62mg per decilitre of blood as compared to 95mg per decilitre on average in the pravastatin patients.

Research Links Long US Droughts To Ocean Temperature Variations - SpaceDaily  Large-scale, long-lasting droughts in the United States such as the present one in the West -- tend to be linked to warmer than normal sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic Ocean, and not just cooling in the tropical Pacific, according to a USGS study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Although droughts remain largely unpredictable, McCabe suggests that "this research, as well as that of others, "increases concern that the current drought in the West could persist due to continuing above normal North Atlantic sea surface temperatures." 

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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/18/2004:Reprogrammable Cells From Fat Are True Adult Stem Cells - Science Daily
3/18/2004:Embryo Obtained After Breast Cancer Patient's Ovarian Tissue Is Frozen, Stored For Six Years, And Then Reimplanted
 - Science Daily
3/18/2004:Councils discuss GM crops... - FirstScience
3/18/2004:Periodical Cicadas to Emerge in May - ABC

Climate, Environment:
3/18/2004:Research Links Long US Droughts To Ocean Temperature Variations - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Research Links Long Droughts In U.S. To Ocean Temperature Variations - Science Daily
3/18/2004:Household Activities Release A Cloud Of Dust, Increasing Exposure To Particulate Pollution - Science Daily
3/18/2004:Undisturbed Amazonian Forests Are Changing, Say Scientists - Science Daily
3/18/2004:University Of California Study Sheds New Light On Climate-change Processes - Science Daily
3/18/2004:Black Soot And Snow- A Warmer Combination - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:EU takes lead on pollution limits... - FirstScience
3/18/2004:China outlines environmental protection plan for 2004... - FirstScience
3/18/2004:EPA studies chemicals emitted from microwave popcorn linked to lung disease... - FirstScience
3/18/2004:New research highlights opportunity for increased CO2 emissions savings... - FirstScience
3/18/2004:Early UK springs become 'normal'  - BBC

3/18/2004:Zombie game: Forbidden Siren offers an unsettling and creepy experience  - BBC

3/18/2004:Camera phones in steep growth curve, says study - Silicon Strategies
3/18/2004:Moving On Up to Broadband  - Wired News
3/18/2004:Wi-Fi Links With Cell Networks Leading to Telephonic Unity  - Technology Review 
3/18/2004:BroadbandVideos, news, music, interviews, archives and more  - BBC

3/18/2004:Applied, Soitec form alliance for germanium-on-insulator - Silicon Strategies
3/18/2004:European polymer electronics to receive $14 million support - Silicon Strategies
3/18/2004:MEMS audio to take-off in 2004, says researcher - Silicon Strategies

3/18/2004:Will Your PC Kill the Video Store?  - Technology Review 
3/18/2004:High-Tech How-To's and Digital Reviews - ABC
3/18/2004:Notebooks of Note - Tech TV
3/18/2004:IBM's Lovable Lightweight - Tech TV
3/18/2004:A Luggable With a Unique View - Tech TV
3/18/2004:Unfolding the Future of Flexible Screens - ABC
3/18/2004:Friends online: How the internet offers new ways of creating social networks  - BBC

3/18/2004:Six lawsuits target 'biggest, baddest, most notorious' spammers - Seattle Times
3/18/2004:EU plans safer net for children

3/18/2004:Microsoft gaining in software sales - Seattle Times
3/18/2004:Outlook Grim, Says Microsoft  - Wired News
3/18/2004:China's Chip Designs Concern U.S.  - Technology Review 

3/18/2004:Wind power leaps forward - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:UPI Energy Watch - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Ray of Light in Lone Star State  - Wired News

3/18/2004:Call for higher heart drug doses   - BBC
3/18/2004:Stress Hormones And Heart Failure: Receptors Could Lead To New Treatments - Science Daily


3/18/2004:Experimental Smallpox Vaccine Protects Against Monkeypox In Nonhuman Primates - Science Daily

3/18/2004:Hope for alcohol treatment  - BBC

3/18/2004:Poor Diet And Physical Inactivity May Soon Overtake Tobacco As Leading Cause Of Death In U.S. - Science Daily
3/18/2004:Are There Drugs in My Cornflakes?  - Wired News
3/18/2004:Sudden death disorder targeted  - BBC
3/18/2004:Bad teeth blamed on fizzy drinks  - BBC
3/18/2004:Teen sex puzzle: Why so many teens are still having sex and getting pregnant  - BBC
3/18/2004:UN Women's Day: Everything you need to know about your health and wellbeing  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
3/18/2004:Roman treasure found in pond dig  - BBC

3/18/2004:DNA Vaccine Protects Against Anthrax - Science Daily
3/18/2004:Regulators review change that disadvantages 401(k)s - Seattle Times
3/18/2004:Prosecutors withheld evidence, says fired CEO of HealthSouth - Seattle Times
3/18/2004:U.S. trade gap hits record in January - Seattle Times
3/18/2004:Old Soviet bioweapons under threat - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:NKorea threatens new nuke posture - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Iran threatens to stop nuke co op - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Iran not yet boosting missiles range - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Navigation bug caused missile failure - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:US asks Pakistan for fewer tests - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Pitching For Peace In Pakistan - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Beefing Up Highway Security A Growing Concern - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Smart Catalysts Detects, Traps And Deactivates Airborne Bugs - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Calls to Burn the Broadcast Flag  - Wired News
3/18/2004:Legislators Urge E-Voting Halt  - Wired News
3/18/2004:Salon's Got a Will to Survive  - Wired News
3/18/2004:Darpa Takes Battle to the Streets  - Wired News
3/18/2004:What the BLEEX Is That?  - Wired News
3/18/2004:Questionable Results at Revamped Yahoo - Washington Post
3/18/2004:Enter the Technosexual  - Wired News
3/18/2004:Seeking a PC Pastor - ABC
3/18/2004:E-survey: What do you think the world will be like in 2015?  - BBC
3/18/2004:OPEN e-survey  - BBC
3/18/2004:OPEN Quiz  - BBC
3/18/2004:Testing begins for global plane
  - BBC
3/18/2004:Science in AmericaSeattle hosts the world's largest general science conference
  - BBC
3/18/2004:Watch at workHi-tech ways the boss may be keeping an eye on you
  - BBC
3/18/2004:Why your desk could be dirtier than the toilet
  - BBC

3/18/2004:Zapping the Blues - Technology Review 
3/18/2004:Chip Controls Neural Connection - Technology Review 
3/18/2004:Experts attack baby blues 'myth'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
3/18/2004:NASA Creates Portrait Of Life And Death In The Universe - Science Daily
3/18/2004:The Race To Decode Hubble's Ultra Deep Image
 - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Hubble's Demise End Not Yet Foregone - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Enigma Of Uranus Solved At Last - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Space Station Research Yields New Information About Bone Loss - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Hubble Looks Ultra Deep And Finds 10,000 Galaxies! - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:News and Views: Condensed-matter physics: Supramolecular twelve-a-side...  - Nature
3/18/2004:Fight for Hubble... - FirstScience
3/18/2004:Ministers 'ignoring' space threat  - BBC
3/18/2004:Hubble may get robot repair  - BBC


3/18/2004:The Rosy Future for Robots - ABC
3/18/2004:Click here to see PC Magazine's slideshow of the conference
 - ABC
3/18/2004:Robot racers almost ready to roll  - BBC

3/18/2004:X-ray Image of Saturn Puzzles Scientists - Space.com
3/18/2004:Adios Arecibo: Project Phoenix Moves On
 - Space.com
3/18/2004:Private Detectives Investigate Mars - Space.com
3/18/2004:U.S. Senators Demand Reviews of NASA Hubble Decision - Space.com
3/18/2004:Foreign Media Has Eyes For China - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Red Planet in Sensaround - SpaceDaily
3/18/2004:Boffin sees similarities between Earth, Mars... - FirstScience
3/18/2004:Announcing the Fourth Space Internet Workshop... - FirstScience
3/18/2004:NASA Mars Global Surveyor TES Dust And Temperature Maps 8 Mar 2004...
3/18/2004:NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 11 Mar 2004... - FirstScience
3/18/2004:NASA Mars Picture of the Day: Layered Rock in West Candor... - FirstScience
3/18/2004:NASA Mars Odyssey THEMIS Image: Korolev Crater in Infrared... - FirstScience
3/18/2004:Germans to Bush: keep off our moon rock... - FirstScience
3/18/2004:Yellowstone Could Help Find Life on Mars - ABC
3/18/2004:'Blueberries' are answer to key Mars puzzle
 - New Scientist
3/18/2004:Spirit Rover Begins Inspecting Mars Drift...
 - FirstScience
3/18/2004:School's live link with astronaut...
  - BBC
3/18/2004:US space pioneer William Pickering dead at 93...
 - FirstScience
3/18/2004:NASA Mars Odyssey THEMIS Image- Craters in Meridiani...
 - FirstScience
3/18/2004:Long distance call Island school prepares for fly-over chat with space station...
  - BBC

3/18/2004:Philanthropist funds space and nanotechnology labs...  - Nature
3/18/2004:Calm mind creates complex tunes  - BBC


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