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  March 17, 2005

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Water Filter Could Save Millions Of Lives - SpaceDaily  The United Nations now estimates that five million people (mostly children) die each year from drinking contaminated water. Joseph A. D'Emidio has patented an inexpensive, throwaway water filtration kit that can treat microbial contaminated surface water for a family of five for around $6.00 US per year. The filter acts similar to a coffee filter but is impregnated with a safe disinfectant. It dissolves into the water as the water passes through the filter, rendering the water fit to drink, cook or wash with in about one hour. The invention stands to revolutionize the problem of on-the-spot clean potable drinking water.    
DayStar Technologies Unveils LightFoil Photovoltaic Product For U.S. Military - SpaceDaily  Less than the thickness of common household aluminum foil, LightFoil's design allows for high power production from sunlight without excessive weight. The Company has achieved a specific power level of 1440 W/kg (15. 2% AM0 efficiency) in the laboratory setting, which is approximately 50% more energy dense and 60% lighter than all known thin film alternatives. Manufacturing development of LightFoil based on the laboratory benchmark is currently underway with a specific power target that will exceed 1000 W/kg.     

Space Race 2: A New AERA In Aerospace - SpaceDaily  AERA's overall goal is to become the Boeing of spaceflight, building the spaceships that other firms will buy and operate. Altairis is a liquid-fueled booster that is launched vertically like the space shuttle. Its five-foot-diameter passenger capsule separates from the launcher, peaks at an altitude of about 72 miles (110 kilometers), then descends via guided parafoil to a horizontal touchdown on inflatable airbags. The spaceship can carry six passengers and one mission commander. No pilots need apply, however, because the vehicles are fully computerized. The first passenger flight lifts off before the end of 2006,
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/17/2005: MGH Study Identifies Potential Alzheimer's Risk Gene - Science Daily

3/17/2005: Partnership Hopes to Unlock Soybean Code - Washington Post
3/17/2005: Bioengineered Trees Taking Root
  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Eggs alone  - Nature
3/17/2005: W.M. Keck Foundation Funds Study Of 'Friendly' Microbes - Science Daily
3/17/2005: Penny for Your Eggs?  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Birds do it, bees do it, pandas not so much - MSNBC

Climate, Environment:
3/17/2005: Our Preferred Poison - Discover
3/17/2005: US environmental organization announces new limits on smog, soot ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: EU Ministers Want Tough Post-Kyoto Emissions Target ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: Getting Credit for a Novel Approach to Offsetting Auto Emissions ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: Utility Pollution Bill Stalls in Senate ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: Bush administration issues new standards on smog, soot ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: E.P.A. Sets Rules to Cut Pollution ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: New U.S. rule sets limits on pollution to cut cross-border soot and smog ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: Mexico's Volcano of Fire Spews Hot Lava ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: Canada's Shrinking Ice Caps - SpaceDaily
3/17/2005: FY-3 Weather Sat To Be Put Into Use - SpaceDaily
3/17/2005: UK 'climbs down' over climate
3/17/2005: Dirty energy: Is a coal-dependent future inevitable for China?  - BBC
3/17/2005: Man-made Wetland's Effectiveness Similar To Natural Marsh - Science Daily
3/17/2005: Africa Fails To Address Key Problem Of Climate Change ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: Canada Call US Alaska Oil Drilling Plan 'Big Mistake' ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: EPA Orders Smog, Soot Reductions to Benefit People Downwind from Power Plants ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: High Levels of Mercury Found in Vt. Birds ... - FirstSciences
3/17/2005: Scientists Prove Less Trees, Less Rain ...
 - FirstSciences
3/17/2005: UK to start legal challenge on EU emissions trading ...
  - FirstScience
3/17/2005: Runoff May Harm Marine Life in Mexico ...
 - Washington Post
3/17/2005: March is Earthquake Month, and Other Shaky 'Facts' ...
 - FirstScience
3/17/2005: US pollution cuts could save 17,000 lives a year  - New Scientist

3/17/2005: Motorola ITunes Plans on Hold  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Nintendo DS makes its Euro debut  - BBC
3/17/2005: Pretty as a picture: Why a game's ideas will matter more than its good looks  - BBC
3/17/2005: Full throttle GT4: the most detailed, hyper-real racing game ever?  - BBC
3/17/2005: At CeBit, bejeweled MP3 players, cuddly Webcams  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Apple faces the music from iPod rivals  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Think of a phone number...Come on, think!
  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Late Nintendo jumps on Net game wagon
 - Seattle Times
3/17/2005: Developers Game for New Consoles
  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Jump to the Beat
  - Wired News
3/17/2005: At CeBit, limitless gadgets
  - C/Net

3/17/2005: 'Digital plumbers' fix home nets
  - BBC
3/17/2005: Nokia plans next generation announcement
  - CNN

3/17/2005: Moore Says Nanoelectronics Face Challenges  - Wired News


3/17/2005: Refugee Accused of Running Web Scam From Jail  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Yahoo seeks to expand in Google territory  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Austin Is the Place for Netheads  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Lawmakers: Hands off Web logs  - CNN

3/17/2005: Showdown at the Supreme Court  - Technology Review 
3/17/2005: Three Men Admit to Biggest Ever Warez Charges  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Microsoft hops into managed PC business  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Data Brokers Face Regulation  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Apple wins secrets ruling  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Cheers, jeers for ruling  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Did judge make the right call?  - C/Net
3/17/2005: The wizardry of Ozzie  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Microsoft gets Groove  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Microsoft to kill MSN for the Mac  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Mozilla freezes Seamonkey  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Sour Apple  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Gates: Look to the past for the future of Windows
  - C/Net

3/17/2005: DayStar Technologies Unveils LightFoil Photovoltaic Product For U.S. Military - SpaceDaily
3/17/2005: OECD calls for new look at nuclear energy in changing global warming ... - FirstScience


3/17/2005: New tumor-suppressor gene discovered ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: Cancer warning over eczema creams  - BBC

3/17/2005: Did Black Death boost HIV immunity in Europe?  - Nature
3/17/2005: Boosting aircraft ventilation may cut disease - New Scientist

3/17/2005: Gene Map for Healthier Kidneys Scientists believe understanding cilia functions may lead to the development of ... - FirstScience

3/17/2005: Gene linked to age-related blindness: US scientists ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: Experts warn over 'healthy' diets  - BBC
3/17/2005: Mayo Clinic Researcher Calls For Improved Newborn Screening - Science Daily
3/17/2005: Medication Errors Common At The Time Of Hospital Admission - Science Daily
3/17/2005: Hormone Therapy Increases Risk Of Urinary Incontinence - Science Daily
3/17/2005: Vitamin D Injections May Significantly Improve Survival In Dialysis Patients - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/17/2005: History Is Going, Going, Gone  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Pigs domesticated 'many times'  - BBC
3/17/2005: New Dinosaur Raptor Found; First In Southern Hemisphere - Science Daily

3/17/2005: Water Filter Could Save Millions Of Lives - SpaceDaily
3/17/2005: Revised Spyware Bill Moves Ahead  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Data Brokers Face Regulation  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Hatred of Corporations Spreads Across the Internet  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Looking Back on the Crash  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Call For Entries:- Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge ... - FirstScience
3/17/2005: Too much commerce 'harms science'  - BBC
3/17/2005: Netting terrorism: The net has helped organise global meet-ups to tackle terrorism  - BBC
3/17/2005: Clearing up HDTV's picture  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Treasure hunt taps tech  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Photos: Hunting for treasure  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Hackers target U.S. power grid  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Lego Death Star II Coming Soon  - C/Net
3/17/2005: IT to follow electricity?  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Suits to the rescue  - C/Net
3/17/2005: McDonald's may outsource drive-thrus  - CNN
3/17/2005: Dot-Con Job: How InfoSpace took its investors for a ride - Seattle Times
3/17/2005: InfoSpace has deal with fired founder's new firm - Seattle Times
3/17/2005: Dot-Con Job: a Seattle Times investigation - Seattle Times
3/17/2005: Airlines face new cash crunch from high fuel prices
 - Seattle Times
3/17/2005: Gear Up For 'Robots'
3/17/2005: Bad Data Fouls Background Checks
  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Sci-Fi Epic Shot on a Shoestring
  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Beyond the Dating Database
  - Wired News
3/17/2005: CompUSA settles rebate complaint
  - CNN
3/17/2005: Why it is hard to share the wealth
 - New Scientist

3/17/2005: Scanners 'can treat depression'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
3/17/2005: Early universe was a zoo ... - Astronomy
3/17/2005: Black Holes May Be 'Hiding' The Ancient Universe ...
 - FirstScience
3/17/2005: 'Red and dead' galaxies surprise astronomers
 - New Scientist
3/17/2005: Evidence of dark energy missed 30 years ago
 - New Scientist
3/17/2005: RHESSI Satellite Captures Giant Gamma-ray Flare
 - Science Daily
3/17/2005: Penn Astrophysicist Outlines A Multi-Pronged Approach In The Hunt For Dark Energy
 - Science Daily
3/17/2005: Surf’s Up In The Solar Nebula: Jupiter's Formation Linked To That Of Primitive Meteorites
 - Science Daily
3/17/2005: Astronomers Measure Slowest Motion Across The Sky
 - Science Daily


3/17/2005: Roach robot feels its way around - MSNBC
3/17/2005: Japan embraces latest robots  - Washington Post

3/17/2005: Space Race 2- A New AERA In Aerospace - SpaceDaily
3/17/2005: Next Steps On Mars
 - SpaceDaily
3/17/2005: Beam a call into space--for $3.99 a minute
  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Finding Pluto: Tough Task, Even 75 Years Later -
3/17/2005: NASA Mars Program Under Scrutiny
3/17/2005: Smithsonian Honors Space Flight Advances ...
 - FirstScience
3/17/2005: Smithsonian to Get Private Space Ship ...
 - FirstScience
3/17/2005: NASA to cut work force as it shifts focus to Mars ...
 - FirstScience
3/17/2005: Cosmic Log: Dust devil caught on Mars
3/17/2005: Mars rover's spectrometer shut down
 - New Scientist
3/17/2005: Circuit Breaker Fails Again Aboard ISS
3/17/2005: Congressional Panel Studies Proposed NASA Research Cuts
3/17/2005: Mars Rover Suffers Instrument Glitch
3/17/2005: Iran Nonproliferation Act And The ISS- Issues And Options
 - SpaceDaily
3/17/2005: Examining A Little Crater Before Moving On Toward Vostok
 - SpaceDaily


3/17/2005: Shark Skin Inspires Ship Coating  - Wired News
3/17/2005: Apple Computer Goes Blu  - Wired News
3/17/2005: 'Smart second skin'  - CNN
3/17/2005: Inventor dreams of helping paralyzed walk - MSNBC
3/17/2005: Week in pictures: Intel inside dashboard  - C/Net
3/17/2005: Do you speak Tech?  - CNN


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