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  March 17, 2004

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Scaled Composites Tests Around-the-World Plane - Space.com  From the folks working hard on passenger space flight comes a new single-piloted aircraft to circle the Earth on one tank of gas. Scaled Composites flew for the first time on March 5 the Virgin GlobalFlyer over the Mojave Desert in California. The maiden mission kicks-off a series of test flights that should culminate in an attempt to circumnavigate the globe with a single pilot, non-stop, and non-refueled.
13.2 Billion Light Years Away - SpaceDaily  Left:  ESO PR Photo 05a/04 shows an ISAAC image in the near-infrared of the core of the lensing cluster Abell 1835 (upper) with the location of the galaxy Abell 1835 IR1916 (white circle). The thumbnail images at the bottom show the images of the remote galaxy in the visible R-band (HST-WPC image) and in the J-, H-, and K-bands. The fact that the galaxy is not detected in the visible image but present in the others - and more so in the H-band - is an indication that this galaxy has a redshift around 10.  Named Abell 1835 IR1916, the newly discovered galaxy has a redshift of 10 and is located about 13,230 million light-years away. It is therefore seen at a time when the Universe was merely 470 million years young, that is, barely 3 percent of its current age.

Enigmatic X-Ray Sources May Point To New Class Of Black Holes - SpaceDaily  Mysterious, powerful X-ray sources found in nearby galaxies may represent a new class of objects, according to data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. These sources, which are not as hot as typical neutron-star or black-hole X-ray sources, could be a large new population of black holes with masses several hundred times that of the sun. "The challenge raised by the discovery of these sources is to understand how they produce so much X-ray power at temperatures of a few million degrees," said Rosanne Di Stefano from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/17/2004: Breakthrough Turns Fertility Wisdom On End - ABC
3/17/2004: Your View: Busting the Biological Clock
 - ABC
3/17/2004: Understanding Women's Fertility - ABC
3/17/2004: What Every Couple Should Know - ABC
3/17/2004: Infertility and Stress - ABC
3/17/2004: Scientists make a butterfly glow  - BBC
3/17/2004: Concern, not revolt: How the GM crop issue is being debated in Canada  - BBC
3/17/2004: Female fertility extension hope  - BBC
3/17/2004: Anti-abortion convert lobbies MPs  - BBC
3/17/2004: Dogma on mammals' eggs scrambled - New Scientist
3/17/2004: Study of Mice Reproduction Discovers Egg Regeneration  - NY Times

Climate, Environment:
3/17/2004: Study: Zebra Mussels Promote Algae Growth - ABC
3/17/2004: Tell science your climate fears  - BBC
3/17/2004: Survivor's tale: Rare Siberian tiger rescued from poachers' trap  - BBC
3/17/2004: Cultivating ethical flowers  - BBC
3/17/2004: Amazon trees don't grow like they used to - MSNBC
3/17/2004: Scheme to track rare dolphins hits troubled waters  - Nature
3/17/2004: 'Pristine' Amazonian rainforests are changing - New Scientist
3/17/2004: Report: Great Lakes Testing Inconsistent  - NY Times

3/17/2004: Jet Li comes to life in new video game  - CNN

3/17/2004: Log your life via your phone  - BBC
3/17/2004: Broadband lost in space?  - C/Net
3/17/2004: Microsoft mobilizes on wireless video  - C/Net
3/17/2004: BT, Yahoo mix VoIP with messaging  - C/Net
3/17/2004: FCC releases Net phone guidelines  - C/Net
3/17/2004: Empowering the Wi-Fi user to foil the snoop  - C/Net
3/17/2004: European regulators ease 3G rollout obligations  - El. Engr. Times
3/17/2004: Intel, LG to cooperate on home networking R&D
  - El. Engr. Times

3/17/2004: IBM says nanotube transistor beats silicon  - El. Engr. Times
3/17/2004: ST to lead European 'ambient intelligence' project  - El. Engr. Times
3/17/2004: Quantum computing gets a step closer  - Nature
3/17/2004: Diamonds Find a Friend in the Semiconductor Sector  - NY Times


3/17/2004: Ganging Up on Junk E-mail - ABC
3/17/2004: Pop cult: ureHas the entertainment world fully embraced the internet?  - BBC
3/17/2004: Microsoft warns of Outlook flaw  - BBC
3/17/2004: US net giants pursue spammers  - BBC
3/17/2004: Spam suits: All your questions about the anti-spam legal action answered  - BBC
3/17/2004: Malpractice site out of business  - CNN
3/17/2004: Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Malpractice 'jackpot justice'  - CNN
3/17/2004: Bush outlines medical liability reform  - CNN
3/17/2004: Upstarts storm Google's gates  - C/Net
3/17/2004: China sets up Windows, Linux labs  - C/Net
3/17/2004: Jobs draws $1 paycheck again  - C/Net
3/17/2004: A question to ask Jeeves  - C/Net
3/17/2004: Web name wait lists 'will hurt the little guy'
 - New Scientist

3/17/2004: Ignore the hype: MEPs defend new EU law designed to stop counterfeiters  - BBC
3/17/2004: Coca Cola's music site says it is Europe's biggest  - BBC
3/17/2004: SCO's Suit: A Match Made in Redmond? - Business Week
3/17/2004: Starbucks Tunes In to Digital Music - Business Week
3/17/2004: Lessons for Linux  - C/Net
3/17/2004: Opera IPO opens on high note
3/17/2004: Briefly: Net video ads get consumer nod  - C/Net
3/17/2004: Getting the most value out of open source software  - C/Net
3/17/2004: Six truths about emerging-market consumers  - C/Net

3/17/2004: Plugging into the power of sewage - New Scientist

3/17/2004: Heart risk for cold weather young  - BBC

3/17/2004: Coffee May Protect Against Colon Cancer - ABC
3/17/2004: Antioxidants and cancer (National Cancer Institute) - ABC
3/17/2004: A New Weapon Against Breast Cancer   - Business Week
3/17/2004: Drugs cut return of breast cancer - New Scientist
3/17/2004: Treatment Is Seen to Cut Breast Cancer Recurrence  - NY Times

3/17/2004: New Bird Flu Case Discovered in Thailand - ABC
3/17/2004: Patients May Have Gotten Wrong HIV Results - ABC
3/17/2004: Alternative vaccine for smallpox  - BBC

3/17/2004: Cup of Good Cheer - ABC
3/17/2004: Sick and Tired - ABC
3/17/2004: Video: Multiple Sclerosis 101 - ABC
3/17/2004: Post-mortem drug test errors increasing - New Scientist
3/17/2004: Environmental Enrichment Lessens Protein Deficits In Mouse Model Of Huntington's - Science Daily

3/17/2004: Could High Altitude Cure Obesity? - ABC
3/17/2004: FDA to Crack Down on Supplement Andro - ABC
3/17/2004: Health Advocates Rally for Sex Education - ABC
3/17/2004: EPA Studies Vapors From Microwave Popcorn - ABC
3/17/2004: House OKs Ban on Fast Food Obesity Suits - ABC
3/17/2004: Lawmakers Want Tougher Steroids Policy - ABC
3/17/2004: Atkins-like diets may increase the risk of gout, say researchers  - BBC
3/17/2004: Domestic violence: How to get help and support if you're in an abusive relationship  - BBC
3/17/2004: US approves 'Cheeseburger bill'  - BBC
3/17/2004: Microwave popcorn vapors under scrutiny  - CNN  
3/17/2004: Gays' Use of Viagra and Methamphetamine Is Linked to Diseases  - NY Times
3/17/2004: Poor Diet And Physical Inactivity May Soon Overtake Tobacco As Leading Cause Of Death In U.S. - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:

3/17/2004: Scaled Composites Tests Around-the-World Plane - Space.com
3/17/2004: Skeletal Strength - ABC
3/17/2004: Future Fest - ABC
3/17/2004: Ex-Professor Gets 2 Years in Plague Case - ABC
3/17/2004: Bionic legs give soldiers a boost  - BBC
3/17/2004: Firms turn to hi-tech 'snooping'  - BBC
3/17/2004: Robotic legs could lead to super troopers  - CNN
3/17/2004: Drive-by porn new hazard for drivers  - CNN
3/17/2004: GPS bicycles used as bait for thieves  - CNN
3/17/2004: Sun: Darkest Before the Dawn? - Business Week
3/17/2004: TiVo's Growth Picture: Still a Little Fuzzy - Business Week
3/17/2004: Union hits out over employee surveillance  - C/Net
3/17/2004: PC market recovery in 'full swing'  - El. Engr. Times
3/17/2004: Robotic legs could produce army of su - MSNBCper troopers - MSNBC
3/17/2004: DNA Vaccine Protects Against Anthrax - Science Daily

3/17/2004: Coffee May Pump Up Work Stress - ABC
3/17/2004: Antidepressant dose warning  - BBC
3/17/2004: Off-label Use Of Migraine Drug Gives Children Relief, Study Says - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/17/2004: Distant 'Planetoid' Seen in Our Solar System... - Washington Post
3/17/2004: 13.2 Billion Light Years Away - SpaceDaily
Enigmatic X-Ray Sources May Point To New Class Of Black Holes - SpaceDaily
3/17/2004: Hubble Images Show Deepest Universe View - ABC

3/17/2004: Grans 'live longer to be carers'  - BBC
3/17/2004: Scientists discover 'the point' of grannies
 - New Scientist

3/17/2004: Humanoid robot trumpets technical know-how  - BBC
3/17/2004: Desert derby to find top battlefield bot  - CNN
3/17/2004: Cosmic Log: Robo-car quartet - MSNBC
3/17/2004: Disembodied robotic arm clambers round home - New Scientist

3/17/2004: Inventor patents device for ads in space  - CNN
3/17/2004: Mars mission draws budget fire
  - El. Engr. Times
3/17/2004: Russian inventor patents space-ads device  - Yahoo
3/17/2004: Looking inside planets - PhysicsWeb
3/17/2004: Baylor Team Uses New Method To Measure Bone Loss In Astronauts Flying Long Mission - Science Daily
3/17/2004: Mars Mission Criticized by Spending Group  - NY Times
3/17/2004: NASA's Initial FY 2004 Operating Plan...
 - FirstScience
3/17/2004: NASA, Congress kick off budget fight...

3/17/2004: Who Owns 'Print-On-Demand' Tech? - ABC
3/17/2004: New tech helps diagnose car trouble  - CNN
3/17/2004: Tech vendors: End users don't trust you  - C/Net
3/17/2004: Zinc-oxide structure joins nanoscale-device push  - El. Engr. Times


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