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  March 16, 2006

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UltraCell XX25 UltraCell aims to lighten soldiers' load  - C/Net  Over at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, UltraCell is demonstrating its XX25 micro methanol fuel cell system, a portable power source designed for the military that aims to significantly lower the total weight toted by soldiers. The Army has chosen the XX25, UltraCell says, because it boasts up to a 70 percent weight advantage over currently available military rechargeable batteries, based on a 72-hour mission at 20 watts. Delivery of the UltraCell XX25 production samples for military evaluation at the Army's Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center, or CERDEC, is slated for the second quarter of 2006, and UltraCell also anticipates beta testing of a commercial version, the UC25, later this year. Of interest to consumers here is the claim that the UC25 will be able to run a laptop in a typical duty cycle for up to two working days on a single methanol fuel cell cartridge.  
Robotic dog will follow soldiers wherever duty calls  - CNN  Developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from the U.S. military, the BigDog prototype is arguably the world's most ambitious legged robot. Its stability and awareness of its own orientation make it the first robot that can handle the unknown challenges of the battlefield. The great dane -- size robot can trot more than three miles an hour, climb inclines of up to 45 degrees, and carry up to 120 pounds -- even in rough terrain impenetrable to wheeled or tracked vehicles. But this one is just a puppy; Boston Dynamics expects the next iteration, ready this summer, to be at least twice as fast and carry more than twice as much. BigDog's body is a steel frame that houses a one-cylinder gasoline engine driving a hydraulic system, a computer, and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) that uses a fiber-optic laser gyroscope and a suite of accelerometers to track its movement and position.   

Debut of Windows Live Search

Debut of Windows Live Search  - CNN  A key goal with the new search engine will be to give people more control over how they search for information and how they put it to use once they get it  It will have: a search slider bar that offers previews of data in various forms, perhaps just the Internet address of a Web site, or maybe a snippet of text. As the slider is adjusted, more or less information appears; a "smart scroll" function that displays all search results at once rather than on separate pages; various ways to view pictures, say, as small "thumbnail" shots or full-sized images, without leaving the search page; and an ability for users to save their search parameters as macros that can be run to perform the same search in the future.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/16/2005: Pandas treated to playground - MSNBC
3/16/2005: Orphaned orca feared killed by tugboat
3/16/2005: Stowers Scientists Demonstrate Mechanism Of Vertebral Formation - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Most Human-chimp Differences Due To Gene Regulation -- Not Genes - Science Daily
3/16/2005: 'Looking' At Eyeless From Two Directions - Science Daily\

Climate, Environment:
3/16/2005: Bering Sea Altered by Warm Conditions - Live Science
3/16/2005: Rising Tide of Ocean Plagues  - Wired News
3/16/2005: EU Ministers Call For Tougher Car Pollution Plan ... - FirstScience
3/16/2005: Starmet Corp. site cleanup progress lauded by environmentalists ... - FirstScience
3/16/2005: Gov. Easely Calls for Roadless Forest Protection in NC ... - FirstScience
3/16/2005: NASA Confirms Warming Impact on Ice Sheets ... - NASA
3/16/2005: ESA Satellite Reveals Yellowstone's Deep Secret ... - FirstScience
3/16/2005: Identifying Gems and Minerals on Earth and Mars ... - FirstScience
3/16/2005: Polar ice sheets show net loss  - BBC
3/16/2005: Making a change: How would you alter your lifestyle to reduce climate change?  - BBC
3/16/2005: Orphaned orca feared killed by tugboat - MSNBC
3/16/2005: Hidden Garden of Eden wilts as Earth warms - New Scientist
3/16/2005: Africa's water crisis deepens - New Scientist
3/16/2005: Coastal carbon sinks are shrinking - New Scientist
3/16/2005: Gravity reveals shrinking Antarctic ice - New Scientist
3/16/2005: Study Of 2004 Tsunami Forces Rethinking Of Giant Earthquake Theory - Science Daily

3/16/2005: Online gaming subscriptions rise in 2005 - Seattle Times
3/16/2005: Game teaches journalism students skills - Seattle Times
3/16/2005: Behind the Shadow: Fumito Ueda  - Wired News
3/16/2005: Even Stick Figures Bleed  - Wired News
3/16/2005: Penn and Teller's S&M  - Wired News
3/16/2005: Video iPod to launch on April Fools - Digg 
3/16/2005: 10 best Alarm clocks to wake up by
s - Digg
3/16/2005: Radio tag study revealed at Cebit
  - BBC
3/16/2005: Handheld PC opens Cebit
  - BBC
3/16/2005: Cebit opens up world of hi-tech
  - BBC
3/16/2005: Cebit 2006: New gadgets and gizmos on display in Germany
  - BBC
3/16/2005: More is better serves as theme for CeBIT
 - Business Week
3/16/2005: At CeBit, gadgets are golden
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Gold-plated USB stick sparkles
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Tech companies go into battle at CeBIT
  - CNN
3/16/2005: Review: 'Fight Night Round 3' a knockout
  - CNN
3/16/2005: Nvidia, Intel bring 3D gaming to handheld devices
  - El. Engr. Times

3/16/2005: A 10 megapixel camera phone! Insane!
 - Digg 
3/16/2005: Comcast to up speeds to 16Mbit down / 1Mbit up
 - Digg 
3/16/2005: month, Costing BellSouth $1
 - Digg 
3/16/2005: Q&A: Wi-fi zones How blanket wi-fi coverage will roll out across the UK
  - BBC
3/16/2005: Wi-fi promises internet shake-up
  - BBC
3/16/2005: Pink Razr phone for $40
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: As ISO ponders spec, China restarts WLAN debate
  - El. Engr. Times


3/16/2005: Microsoft's handheld computer, Origami, debuts - Seattle Times
3/16/2005: Microsoft's Itty-Bitty Computer  - Wired News
3/16/2005: Microsoft bombshell: no Extensible Flexible Interface (Macintosh) support for Vista - Digg 
3/16/2005: MORE Origami Details- Touch Screen QWERTY Keyboard and 40GB! (pdf) - Digg 
3/16/2005: • PC Makers Face Growing Pains - Business Week
3/16/2005: Redmond revisits the tablet PC  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Nvidia revs up game notebooks  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Dell ups warranty, specs for cheap Dimensions
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Origami looks paper-thin
  - CNN

3/16/2005: Debut of Windows Live Search  - CNN
3/16/2005: Beyond Google: Collective Searching  - Technology Review 
3/16/2005: Porn Biller Says It Was Framed  - Wired News
3/16/2005: Don't Rate Him, Girl  - Wired News
3/16/2005: Think of P2P file sharing, except google is one of those people. G2P.ORG - Digg 
3/16/2005: Denial-of-service hacking soars  - BBC
3/16/2005: New standards for website access
  - BBC
3/16/2005: Gauging Google's Gaffes
 - Business Week
3/16/2005: Feds press for Google results
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Internet-arranged suicides surge in Japan
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Netflix meets used-CD store as 'La La' nears launch
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Mozilla revenue speculation erupts
  - C/Net

3/16/2005: The Steve Jobs Soundboard  - Wired News
3/16/2005: Protecting the Software Ecosystem: An Update on Microsoft's Efforts to Combat Software Piracy ... - FirstScience
3/16/2005: Vista Sucks, No It Doesn't, Yes It Does… - Digg 
3/16/2005: EU: Microsoft still not obeying ruling - Business Week
3/16/2005: Red Hat releases big-iron update  - C/Net

3/16/2005: UltraCell aims to lighten soldiers' load   - C/Net
3/16/2005: Cheap Hydrogen Fuel  - Technology Review 
3/16/2005: Make Corn, Not War  - Wired News
3/16/2005: Tax credit for energy efficiency  - CNN
3/16/2005: ‘Crystal sponge’ a hydrogen breakthrough? - MSNBC
3/16/2005: Purdue Initiates Objective Review Of 'Bubble' Fusion - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Sandia's Z Machine Exceeds Two Billion Degrees Kelvin; Temperatures Hotter Than The Interiors Of Stars
 - Science Daily

3/16/2005: Mice with glowing hearts shed light on how hearts develop - Digg 

3/16/2005: Breast cancer incidence rises in contaminated areas 10 years after explosion at Chernobyl reactor ... - FirstScience
3/16/2005: 'Shuttling' Protein Possibly Key To Resilience Of Cancer Cells - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Light-based Device Probes For Early Cancer Signs - Science Daily

3/16/2005: Global measles deaths slashed  - BBC
3/16/2005: Russia launches bird vaccinations  - BBC
3/16/2005: 'Jumping Genes': New Target For Body's Innate Immune Protection System Against Viruses - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Show Resistance To Dengue Fever Virus - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Proto-Dynamic Therapy Kills Drug-resistant Bacteria, Fungus In Lab Tests - Science Daily

3/16/2005: • Score One for MS Patients - Business Week
3/16/2005: Insulin Levels In African American Children Worsen Through Puberty - Science Daily

3/16/2005: New air travel clot risk theory  - BBC
3/16/2005: 'Miracle workers': US TV show offers hope for those with crippling conditions  - BBC
3/16/2005: Your youngsters: What foods should you avoid giving teething babies?  - BBC
3/16/2005: Doing porridge - why more Britons are getting their daily oats  - BBC
3/16/2005: 'Living will' proposals revealed  - BBC
3/16/2005: Tiny tubes could send drugs to exact spots - MSNBC
3/16/2005: Veins and planes - New Scientist
3/16/2005: Research Shows Fat Fuels Inflammation Killer - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/16/2005: View of Easter Island Disaster All Wrong, Researchers Say - Live Scienc
3/16/2005: EXCLUSIVE: Satellite Sleuth Closes in on Noah’s Ark MysteryEXCLUSIVE- Satellite Sleuth Closes in on Noah’s Ark Mystery
3/16/2005: Creationism to be in GCSE papers  - BBC
3/16/2005: Biofuels used in 4,000-year-old furnaces - MSNBC
3/16/2005: Tragic tale of Easter Island gets new twist - MSNBC
3/16/2005: Back from the dead: Living fossil identified - MSNBC
3/16/2005: Columbus mystery nearly solved
3/16/2005: Early Land Animals Could Walk And Run Like Mammals, New Study Finds
 - Science Daily
3/16/2005: MIT Tool May Reveal Architectural Past; Could Unlock Secrets Of Ancient Cathedrals, More
 - Science Daily

3/16/2005: Trade deficit hits record $68.5 billion in January - Seattle Times
3/16/2005: Congressional opposition grows to foreign control of airlines - Seattle Times
3/16/2005: Knight Ridder sale a moment of reckoning for industry - Seattle Times
3/16/2005: Enron's disgraced ex-CFO says Lay knew of problems - Seattle Times
3/16/2005: Why Data Mining Won't Stop Terror  - Wired News
3/16/2005: Rockumentary, Gondry-Style  - Wired News
3/16/2005: Rants 'n' Raves: Mellow Yellow  - Wired News
3/16/2005: Canadian University bans use of anti-plagiarism software by teachers... - Digg 
3/16/2005: High-Res Images of the Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights - Digg 
3/16/2005: Shabby truths Saying no to suits and bling - why scruffy is the new green  - BBC
3/16/2005: Citizen journalists: The new hi-tech tools that allow readers to become writers  - BBC
3/16/2005: Doctors' Guantanamo concern  - BBC
3/16/2005: • Credit Bureaus- When to Say "Freeze!" - Business Week
3/16/2005: Another tiny brick in the wall  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Mixing music and SMS to get out the vote  - C/Net
3/16/2005: NORAD orders Web deletion of transcript  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Image: Air Defense Identification Zone  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Terrorist activity on Google-owned service  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Patriot Act: New and improved  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Lego addicts chase their dream
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Photos: L'ego my Legos
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Video: Legoland competition seeks master model builders
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Industry wants girls to stick to knitting
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: The world's billionaires
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Immigration bill would add visas for tech workers
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: SAT scoring snafu puts admissions in question
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Court OKs searching computer for porn
  - CNN
3/16/2005: Washington Post: Pressure builds for research access
3/16/2005: Doctors decry force-feeding at Guantanamo Bay
 - New Scientist
3/16/2005: 'Hunch engine' sharpens up your half-baked ideas
 - New Scientist

3/16/2005: Study Explores Why Some Individuals Sacrifice To Help Others Reproduce - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Chronic Tinnitus And Its Impact On Demanding Cognitive Tasks - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Hamster Study Shows How Our Brains Recognize Other Individuals - Science Daily
3/16/2005: 'Hands Free' Isn't Mind Free: Performing Even Easy Tasks Impairs Driving - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Salk Researchers Make Fast Strides Towards Understanding How Our Body Controls Walking - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/16/2005: Flash from the Beginning of Time Reveals Strange Event - Space.com
3/16/2005: Arecibo Detector Is Discovering Thousands Of Galaxies

3/16/2005: Astronomers Find Origin Of Extreme-Helium Stars
 - SpaceDaily
3/16/2005: How SOHO Watches The Far Side Of Sun
 - SpaceDaily
3/16/2005: How to calculate hardness
 - PhysicsWeb

3/16/2005: • Selling the Promise of Youth - Business Week
3/16/2005: • Legal Tangle at the Fountain of Youth
 - Business Week
3/16/2005: • How Young Are You: Ask the H-Scan
 - Business Week
3/16/2005: • The Guru of Anti-Aging
 - Business Week
3/16/2005: • Diet in a Bottle
 - Business Week
3/16/2005: Elderly Have Higher Risk For Cardiovascular, Respiratory Disease
 - Science Daily

3/16/2005: Robotic dog will follow soldiers wherever duty calls  - CNN

3/16/2005: Commentary: Destroying Astrobiology Would be a ‘Disaster’ - Space.com
3/16/2005: Shuttle Fuel Tank Glitch Prompts Concern for NASA
 - Space.com
3/16/2005: Cassini Finds Signs of Liquid Water on Saturn's Moon - Space.com
3/16/2005: Earth Set For Express Meeting With Venus
 - SpaceDaily
3/16/2005: Water Geysers on Saturn Moon
  - Wired News
3/16/2005: Photo Gallery: NASA's New CEV
  - Wired News
3/16/2005: New Probe To Attempt Mars Orbit ...
 - Discover
3/16/2005: International Space Station (ISS) Crew to Triple
 - Digg 
3/16/2005: Saturn moon 'may have ocean'
  - BBC
3/16/2005: Scientists spot 'water vapour' on one of Saturn's moons
  - BBC
3/16/2005: Spacecraft makes risky final approach to Mars  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Saturn’s watery moon could harbour life
 - New Scientist
3/16/2005: Pluto's moons share a family resemblance
 - New Scientist
3/16/2005: New Mars probe safely enters orbit
 - New Scientist
3/16/2005: NASA's Cassini Discovers Potential Liquid Water On Enceladus
 - Science Daily

3/16/2005: Mini-Robots for Nano Construction  - Technology Review 
3/16/2005: Nanotech to Improve Satellites and Solar Cells ... - FirstScience
3/16/2005: Park your car in your balcony - Digg 
3/16/2005: 'Mental typewriter' controlled by thought alone  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Techies get set for Austin's South by Southwest  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Future looks rosier for RFID  - CNN
3/16/2005: Laser glider
 - New Scientist
3/16/2005: Tiny motor turns giant rods
 - PhysicsWeb
3/16/2005: Are Tougher Electronic Components On The Way?
 - Science Daily


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