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  March 16, 2005

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Protection Not In Place For Electric WMD - SpaceDaily  A nuclear bomb detonated high above the United States could unleash an electromagnetic pulse that would shut down the nation's power grid and, along with it, communications, water supplies and even food transportation. If the effect is long-lasting enough, it also could trigger a social collapse that could conceivably cause the deaths of millions of people and, temporarily, push the nation back 100 years, a congressional commission told the Senate. Despite the threat, which could come from terrorists as well as enemy states, the Department of Homeland Security has not addressed the issue fully or weighed the commission's recommendations, said Lowell Wood and Peter Pry, respectively, a member and senior staffer on the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack.    
India And Venezuela Sign MOU On Space - SpaceDaily   This MOU provides an umbrella for long term cooperation between India and Venezuela in the area of space and includes the study of cooperative programmes in satellites for space science research and remote sensing of the earth, studies related to space applications in telemedicine and tele-education, and human resource development with special emphasis on remote sensing of the earth and its applications. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Institute of Engineering Foundation (FII) will be the principal executive agencies responsible for implementing the cooperation on behalf of DOS and MCT respectively.     

Acid triggers the polymers in the artificial muscle to contract, making this robot arm rotate (Image: John MacCormick, Virginia Tech)

Arm wrestling robots beaten by a teenaged girl - New Scientist  The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Institute of Engineering Foundation (FII) will be the principal executive agencies responsible for implementing the cooperation on behalf of DOS and MCT respectively. Despite her lack of strength, training and technique, she was able to conquer the first arm, developed by Environmental Robots Inc. from Albuquerque, New Mexico, in just 24 seconds. Following this, and a pep talk from an arm wrestling expert, it took her just four seconds to beat the second arm and three seconds for her to win the last match. The actuators in the three competing robotic arms belong to a class of materials known as electroactive polymers (EAP). These are plastics that can change shape when activated either electrically or with chemicals. EAPs, in comparison are lightweight, quiet and capable of energy densities similar to biological muscles.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/16/2005: Iberian lynx in grave danger  - BBC
3/16/2005: Stem Cells, Minus the Furor
 - Business Week
3/16/2005: 'Venom Doc' Tracks Down Snake Bioweapons - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Cracking The Olfactory Code In Bees - Science Daily
3/16/2005: New Clover Could Spell Good Luck For Livestock Producers - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
3/16/2005: Mount St. Helens awakens  - C/Net
3/16/2005: EU proposes new greenhouse gas targets - SpaceDaily
3/16/2005: Britain calls for using more technology that cuts greenhouse gas emissions - SpaceDaily
3/16/2005: In the first defeat of his second term, Bush's pollution bill dies in Senate - SpaceDaily

3/16/2005: Microsoft details 'monster' game machine  - CNN
3/16/2005: Tech fever Gadget lovers keep one eye on the Cebit fair in Hanover  - BBC
3/16/2005: Veil lifted on Xbox 2 innards  - BBC
3/16/2005: 'iPod tax' for downloads? - Business Week
3/16/2005: New console has GameCube compatibility  - CNN
3/16/2005: Late Nintendo jumps on Net game wagon - Seattle Times

3/16/2005: Go time for mobile search
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Motorola says it's working on more iTunes phones
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Powell hits back at criticism over broadband penetration
  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Slow start to speedy net services
  - BBC
3/16/2005: Vonage Puts Its Money on the Line
 - Business Week
3/16/2005: Bells can hike competitors' leases as of Friday
 - Business Week
3/16/2005: FCC: New guidelines for cell phone bills
  - CNN
3/16/2005: Next generation mobiles
  - CNN

3/16/2005: Moore says nanoelectronics face tough challenges
3/16/2005: AMD makes power play with Turion  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Finnish firm announces 2D vector processing core  - El. Engr. Times
3/16/2005: AMD's mobile Turion 64 processor hits the market  - El. Engr. Times

3/16/2005: Commentary: Apple's Blueprint for GeniusVonage Puts Its Money on the Line
3/16/2005: World's Most Powerful Computer Doubles in Size - Business Week
3/16/2005: IBM adds Blue Gene to rental program - Business Week
3/16/2005: Microsoft hops into managed PC business - Business Week

3/16/2005: Google personalizes news site  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Microsoft takes Media Center to more countries  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Need new luster: Try blogging:-like Rosie  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Gates: Consumers are getting tech first  - C/Net
3/16/2005: China's tight rein on online growth  - BBC
3/16/2005: The Tech-Nimble Shall Inherit the Earth - Business Week
3/16/2005: Google Responds to Cloaking Accusations
 - Business Week
3/16/2005: Browser wars: Will Firefox burn Explorer?
 - Business Week

3/16/2005: Gates' new software bet  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Media Center's world tour  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Photos: Knight vision  - C/Net
3/16/2005: What's wrong with Java  - C/Net
3/16/2005: A Gates reality check - Business Week


3/16/2005: Youth drinking may hasten heart trouble  - Nature

3/16/2005: MSU Discovery Offers Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment Hopes - Science Daily

3/16/2005: Genes aid immunity disease boy  - BBC
3/16/2005: Heterosexual HIV cases rising  - BBC
3/16/2005: What are your chances of picking up a bug during your flight?  - BBC
3/16/2005: Routine HIV Screening Should Be Expanded, Study Finds - Science Daily

3/16/2005: Police urge speedy action to clean up home drug factories  - Nature
3/16/2005: Drugs Aid Weight Loss Among Type 2 Diabetes Patients - Science Daily

3/16/2005: Outdoor Week: Motivational tips to kick start your walking programme  - BBC
3/16/2005: Geneticists find key to age-related blindness  - Nature
3/16/2005: 3 Studies Link Variant Gene to Risk of Severe Vision Loss - New Scientist
3/16/2005: Preventing Burns In Young Children - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Potential Treatment For Fragile X Syndrome Demonstrated In Fruit Fly Model - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Computerized Physician-Order Entry Systems Often Facilitate Medication Errors - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/16/2005: The end of historical papers as we know them  - BBC
3/16/2005: Experts build Neanderthal skeleton - MSNBC
3/16/2005: Prehistoric farmers felled forests after all - New Scientist

3/16/2005: US Air Force Lifts Ban On Boeing In Satellite Launches
3/16/2005: India And Venezuela Sign MOU On Space - SpaceDaily
3/16/2005: Sony's Sudden Samurai - Business Week
3/16/2005: The Wild, Wild East - Business Week
3/16/2005: Uneasy as Pie at the Ebbers Trial - Business Week
3/16/2005: Clinton seeks ratings on kids' media  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Amazon details Indian operations  - C/Net
3/16/2005: San Francisco Symphony: Innovation despite the odds  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Beware the product death cycle  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Fred Durst sues over sex video  - CNN
3/16/2005: Study finds media-saturated kids  - CNN
3/16/2005: Interactive  - CNN
3/16/2005: Too much commerce 'harms science'  - BBC
3/16/2005: Outsourcing Innovation - Business Week
3/16/2005: U.K. workers obliged to lie? - Business Week
3/16/2005: Surprise--Gates is still world's richest person - Business Week
3/16/2005: H-1Bs now open to the less-educated? - Business Week
3/16/2005: CIO Jury: Are IT departments the new 'corporate police force'? - Business Week
3/16/2005: Former dot-commers bring yoga to the masses - Business Week
3/16/2005: Japanese companies benefiting from dose of Western capitalism
 - Business Week
3/16/2005: Agency chief: Missile defense ready for operation
  - CNN
3/16/2005: Study: U.S. slips in tech rankings
  - CNN
3/16/2005: Group: U.S. losing edge
  - CNN
3/16/2005: Intel's Moore echoes competitiveness concerns
  - El. Engr. Times
3/16/2005: 'Sniffer spray' may cut airport delays
  - Nature
3/16/2005: Courtrooms could host virtual crime scenes
 - New Scientist
3/16/2005: Pakistan Admits Scientist Sold Centrifuges to Iran's Atom Program
 - New Scientist
3/16/2005: NIST Rhode Island Nightclub Fire Investigation Team Calls For Improvements
 - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Gates keeps top spot on list of billionaires
 - Seattle Times
3/16/2005: Report: $11 billion in tech grants going to fight terrorism
 - Silicon Strategies
Protection Not In Place For Electric WMD - SpaceDaily
3/16/2005: Pakistan admission of centrifuges to Iran proves Tehran 'lies': opposition
 - SpaceDaily
3/16/2005: Iran-EU nuclear talks continuing, but deadlocked
 - SpaceDaily
3/16/2005: Russian producer ready to ship nuclear fuel to Iran
 - SpaceDaily
3/16/2005: US, Europe agree on carrot-and-stick approach with Iran: reports
 - SpaceDaily

3/16/2005: The place where music sticks to your brain - MSNBC
3/16/2005: New Study Provides Insights Into The Brain's Remembrance Of Emotional Events - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Finger Length Predicts Physically Aggressive Personalities, Study Shows - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Linguistic Research Moving In New Direction - Science Daily
3/16/2005: When The Brain, Not The Ears, Goes Hard Of Hearing - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/16/2005: Evidence of dark energy missed 30 years ago - New Scientist
3/16/2005: Chromium condensate makes its mark
 - PhysicsWeb
3/16/2005: NYU's Dvali Says Change In Laws Of Gravity, Not 'Dark Energy,' Source Of Cosmic Acceleration
 - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Astronomers Eclipse Record For Most Distant Massive Object
 - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Muon Opportunists: Detecting The Unseen With Natural Probes
 - Science Daily


3/16/2005: Arm wrestling robots beaten by a teenaged girl - New Scientist
3/16/2005: Wrestling robots - video - MSNBC
3/16/2005: Cosmic Log: Triumph of the cute robots - MSNBC

3/16/2005: Voyager probes in funding crisis  - BBC
3/16/2005: NASA Finds Lightning Clears Safe Zone In Earth's Radiation Belt
 - Science Daily
3/16/2005: Stars cannot get larger than 150 times the mass of the sun: NASA
 - SpaceDaily
3/16/2005: Spirit Gets Animated With Power Boost
 - SpaceDaily
3/16/2005: High Winds Make Spirit Full of Energy
 - SpaceDaily
3/16/2005: ISS Crew To Restore Use Of The Airlock For March 28 Spacewalk
 - SpaceDaily

3/16/2005: SAP, Intel to cooperate on RFID  - C/Net
3/16/2005: Video gear gives Israeli army birds eye view  - CNN
3/16/2005: Apple sides with Blu-ray Disc in format war - Business Week


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