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  March 16, 2004

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Mars Stinks: Sulfur Deposits May Make Red Planet Putrid  - Space.com  If you’ve got a nose for news, here’s a bulletin: Mars may smell to high heaven. For example, at the Meridiani Planum site in which the wheeled Opportunity now roves, the robotic field geologist found a very high concentration of sulfur. Sulfur, acids, magnesium, iron -- all put together under the carbon dioxide-rich skies of Mars -- could just reek. "Out of that comes hydrogen sulphide as a byproduct in some reactions…and you start to stink."
The Rising Prospect Of Japan Remilitarization - SpaceDaily  Left:  The LDP - Japan's "permanent" party of government is more than happy to exploit the opportunity afforded by Iraq to junk the US-imposed constitutional controls against foreign military adventures - which that have kept Japan firmly out of any foreign battlefields since August 1945. In the changing global situation, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is facing growing demand for Japan to step out of the shadow of the United States and develop its own national security policy in order to promote its international role, commensurate with its economic capabilities. Japan's Iraq troops constitute Japan's first dispatch of its Self-Defense Forces to a country where fighting is taking place since The SDF were inaugurated in 1954, following World War II.

Air Force Leader Discusses U.S. Space Program - SpaceDaily  Undersecretary of the Air Force Peter B. Teets, who is also the director of the National Reconnaissance Office, told committee members that he had five priorities for the national space effort in 2004.  
* Achieving mission success in operations and acquisition.
* Developing and maintaining a team of space professionals.
* Integrating space capabilities for national intelligence and warfighting.
* Producing solutions for challenging national security problems.
* Ensuring freedom of action in space.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/16/2004: Hawaii researcher fertilizes rabbit eggs - New Scientist
3/16/2004: Key Gene Identified For Development Of Inner-ear Structure Required For Balance
 - Science Daily
3/16/2004: Stem Cells May Lead to Baldness Cure - ABC

Climate, Environment:
3/16/2004: Water war: Could conflict break out over access to River Nile waters?  - BBC
3/16/2004: Dam Building Threatens China's 'Grand Canyon'  - NY Times
3/16/2004: Slide Show: Nu River Dam Plan  - NY Times
3/16/2004: Graphic: Hydroelectric Project  - NY Times
3/16/2004: Duke Study Gives First Worldwide Measure Of Sea Turtle Casualties By Longline Fishing - Science Daily
3/16/2004: Ontario's 'Cottage Country' Lakes See Increase In Taste And Odour-causing Algae - Science Daily
3/16/2004: Viruses May Be Environmentally Friendly Decontaminants - SpaceDaily
3/16/2004: Third Earth Observation Summit To Be Held In Europe In 2005 - SpaceDaily
3/16/2004: Swimming Sentinels  - Technology Review 
3/16/2004: Chilling end to global warming forecast... - FirstScience
3/16/2004: Russia's Call on Global Warming... - FirstScience
3/16/2004: EU Ministers meet to examine environmentally friendly fishing - Ahern... - FirstScience
3/16/2004: Scientists Blast Bush Plan to Import More Endangered Species... - FirstScience
3/16/2004: Greenpeace put Attorney General on the spot... - FirstScience
3/16/2004: Metro area near top in pollution from autos... - FirstScience
3/16/2004: Power giants agree to report climate emissions to shareholders... - FirstScience
3/16/2004: Snowmobile Standoff - ABC
3/16/2004: Some Frozen Lobsters Return to Life - ABC

3/16/2004: Digital TVs and cameras are hot, but game machines are not - Silicon Strategies

3/16/2004: News on the move: How to get BBC headlines on your mobile phone or PDA  - BBC
3/16/2004: Log your life via your phone  - BBC
3/16/2004: For Rural Pennsylvania, Wireless Is The Ticket To The 21St Century - SpaceDaily

3/16/2004: ST to lead European polymer electronics research project - Silicon Strategies

3/16/2004: Virgin May Show Apple a Thing or Two - Business Week
3/16/2004: Germany plugs into national grid - Business Week
3/16/2004: Hitachi to unveil 400GB drive  - C/Net
3/16/2004: X3D Technologies to Showcase X3D Display Technology  - El. Engr. Times

3/16/2004: Dodging the firewall: How Chinese surfers are getting around censorship of the net  - BBC
3/16/2004: Pay-as-you-go tempts surfers  - BBC
3/16/2004: Ebay payments 'not rock-solid'  - BBC
3/16/2004: China's search engines take on Google  - C/Net
3/16/2004: EU vows action against 'spam' explosion - SpaceDaily
3/16/2004: In-Flight Net Set to Take Off  - Wired News

3/16/2004: Army to Gates: Halt the free software - Business Week
3/16/2004: MSN Messenger flaw allows hard-drive access  - C/Net
3/16/2004: Wal-Mart Fiddles With Music  - Wired News


3/16/2004: Clip may end need for heart ops  - BBC
3/16/2004: Study Shows 'Gaming' In Heart Transplant System - Science Daily
3/16/2004: Study Links Pulmonary Fibrosis And Heart Disease - Science Daily
3/16/2004: Juggling Statins

3/16/2004: Vaccine Against Melanoma Proves Successful For Patients With Disease Spread To Two Lymph Node Areas
3/16/2004: Cancer Vaccine May Help Patients With Melanoma Spread To The Lungs
3/16/2004: Drug 'boosts breast cancer fight'  - BBC
3/16/2004: Diets High In Fat And Animal Protein Linked To Increased Risk Of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Science Daily

3/16/2004: Jefferson Scientists Create Tobacco Plant To Produce Antibodies Against Rabies
3/16/2004: Common Virus May Contribute To Uncommon Bone Disease In Children - Science Daily

3/16/2004: How one pill could help people to quit smoking and lose weight  - BBC
3/16/2004: Researchers Identify Clues About Marijuana Effects - Science Daily

3/16/2004: Obesity 'becoming top US killer'  - BBC
3/16/2004: Beer health claim rapped  - BBC
3/16/2004: Virtual womb could help premature births  - Nature
3/16/2004: New method cleans up radioactive lab coats  - Nature
3/16/2004: Obesity to surpass tobacco as top US killer - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:
3/16/2004: New Evidence Suggests Early Oceans Bereft Of Oxygen For Eons - SpaceDaily

3/16/2004: The Rising Prospect Of Japan Remilitarization - SpaceDaily
3/16/2004: Air Force Leader Discusses U.S. Space Program - SpaceDaily
3/16/2004: Ear prints help nab criminals  - CNN
3/16/2004: U.S. starts fingerprint program  - CNN
3/16/2004: Top-secret data network tracks beer  - CNN
3/16/2004: Consumer Reports names best cars  - CNN
3/16/2004: Small businesses lead hi-tech boom  - CNN
3/16/2004: No MTV for 9 million DISH viewers  - CNN
3/16/2004: Toyota, Ford reach hybrid deal  - CNN
3/16/2004: Capturing the Net's Comeback - Business Week
3/16/2004: Matsushita to offer Blu-ray Disk recorders by July  - El. Engr. Times
3/16/2004: Orange County: More e-ballots cast than voters - New Scientist
3/16/2004: French scientists begin wave of protests by taking to streets - New Scientist
3/16/2004: French researchers put pressure on the government - PhysicsWeb
3/16/2004: Device Detects, Traps And Deactivates Airborne Viruses And Bacteria - Science Daily
3/16/2004: Campuses see pickup in company recruiters for entry-level workers - Seattle Times
3/16/2004: Halliburton says audit could hurt its liquidity - Seattle Times
3/16/2004: Avoiding A “Crash Course” In Planetary Defense - Space.com
3/16/2004: Pakistan Wants To Keep its Nukes - SpaceDaily
3/16/2004: Pakistan May Have Let China Examine US F-104s During War - SpaceDaily
3/16/2004: Liberte, Egalite, Royalty  - Wired News
3/16/2004: With This Rig, I Do Thee Wed  - Wired News
3/16/2004: Fla. Tribe Could Still Survive in Cuba - ABC

3/16/2004: Brain size matters for primates - MSNBC
3/16/2004: New Study Finds Babies Born To Mothers Who Drink Alcohol Heavily May Suffer Permanent Nerve Damage - Science Daily
3/16/2004: Biology Behind Homosexuality In Sheep, Study Confirms - Science Daily
3/16/2004: Evidence Suggests That The Brain Can Switch To 'Automatic Pilot' During Learning - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/16/2004: Deep core: Hubble looks to the edge of the cosmos  - BBC
3/16/2004: Hubble image kicks off astronomy race
  - Nature
3/16/2004: Images Reveal Deepest Glance Into Universe
  - NY Times
3/16/2004: X-rays From Saturn Pose Puzzles
 - Science Daily
3/16/2004: Hubble's Deep View Of The Universe Unveils Earliest Galaxies
 - Science Daily
3/16/2004: Hubble takes virtual shot of universe after Big Bang...
 - FirstScience
3/16/2004: Hubble Spies Universe's Early Light...
 - Discover
3/16/2004: Astronomers to Detail Aspects of Sedna
 - ABC

3/16/2004: B.C. lifespan expectancy almost top in world:- environmental group... - FirstScienc

3/16/2004: Invasion of the robots  - C/Net
3/16/2004: luggage cart  - C/Net
3/16/2004: Pyxis  - C/Net
3/16/2004: iRobot  - C/Net
3/16/2004: RedZone Robotics  - C/Net
3/16/2004: PackBot  - C/Net
3/16/2004: Wow Wee
  - C/Net
3/16/2004: Robot desert race faces spluttering start
 - New Scientist
3/16/2004: Robot builder could 'print' houses
 - New Scientist
3/16/2004: Robot Vehicle Successfully Navigates Test Course
  - NY Times
3/16/2004: Hubble Offers Glimpse of Creation
  - Wired News

3/16/2004: Mars Stinks: Sulfur Deposits May Make Red Planet Putrid  - Space.com 
3/16/2004: 'Back Room' Decision to Cancel Hubble Servicing Criticized
 - Space.com
3/16/2004: TSC Conducts Successful Laser Propulsion Demonstration For Air Force - SpaceDaily

3/16/2004: Kodak sues Sony over digital cameras  - C/Net
3/16/2004: Nanotech momentum grows as planners define goals  - El. Engr. Times
3/16/2004: Award-winning Video Captures Water, Oil, Mixing - Science Daily
3/16/2004: Productivity's Technology Iceberg  - Technology Review 
3/16/2004: Channel Shapes Split Microdrops  - Technology Review 
3/16/2004: Little Things Could Mean a Lot  - Wired News


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