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  March 15, 2006

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Emiew robots Gadgets: Humanoid bots at hotel guests' service  - C/Net  Hitachi's humanoid "Emiew" robots got some on-the-job training this week that could prove helpful should the bots settle on a career in hospitality. The little guys showed off their mobility, voice recognition and speech skills by greeting guests at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay hotel as part of a weeklong publicity campaign by the Sheraton and Hitachi. The 4.2-foot sensor-loaded bot uses wheels instead of feet to move at a spritely 3.7 mph. It chats with human counterparts using a vocabulary of about 100 words.     
Photos: Mini-Tablets Intel shows Origami-like device  - C/Net As earlier reported, the first devices have a 7-inch touch screen, standard x86 processors, and can run full versions of desktop operating systems including the Windows XP variant being used for Origami. In later generations, probably next year or later, the devices could have the pocket size, all-day battery life, and $500 price that Microsoft and Intel are aiming for, Graff said in an interview. The first generation of devices are likely to get about three hours of battery life, he said.     

Entangled photons

Towards entangled-photon LEDs - PhysicsWeb  Scientists in the UK have been able to generate pairs of entangled photons from a nanoscale crystal of semiconductor known as a "quantum dot" far more efficiently than was possible before. The breakthrough was made by Andrew Shields at Toshiba and colleagues at the University of Cambridge, who produced entangled photons with an efficiency of 70% -- compared to a previous best figure of 49%. The improved performance approaches that required for useful applications, which means that devices emitting entangled light could one day be as common as lasers and LEDs.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/15/2005: New rodent is 'living fossil'  - BBC
3/15/2005: Science moves on from dog clone
  - BBC
3/15/2005: Genome's knowledge "avalanche"  - BBC
3/15/2005: Back from the dead: Living fossil identified - MSNBC
3/15/2005: Rodent rises from the dead  - Nature
3/15/2005: Hopkins Researchers Discover Unsuspected Genetic Switch That Turns Off An Oxygen-poor Cell’s Combustion Engine And Turns On Its Electric One - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Scientist Warns Of Threat To Last Stronghold Of Endangered Turtle - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Biologists Develop Genome-Wide Map of miRNA-mRNA Interactions - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Study Explores Which Carnivores Are Most Likely To Kill Other Carnivores - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Oxford Biologists Explore Ability For Some Females To Conceive During Pregnancy - Science Daily
3/15/2005: DNA From The Deep - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
3/15/2005: Water policy 'fails world's poor'  - BBC
3/15/2005: Map: The world's water hotspots  - BBC
3/15/2005: Millennium Goals: Down the pan?  - BBC
3/15/2005: NASA Survey Confirms Climate Warming Impact On Polar Ice Sheets - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Management Of Delta And Wetlands Contributed To Problems After Hurricanes - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Reining In Carbon Dioxide Levels Imperative But Possible - Science Daily

3/15/2005: Former Half-Life & Halo developers form new game studio - Digg 
3/15/2005: 49 comments - Digg 
3/15/2005: • Gamers Trained on Nintendo's Brain - Business Week
3/15/2005: Photos: Electronics extravaganza at CeBit  - C/Net
3/15/2005: USB coffee warmers for $9  - C/Net

3/15/2005: Q&A: Wi-fi zones How blanket wi-fi coverage will roll out across the UK
  - BBC
3/15/2005: Wi-fi promises internet shake-up
  - BBC
3/15/2005: New standards for website access
  - BBC
3/15/2005: Intel speeds up Wimax plan
  - BBC
3/15/2005: Volkswagen 'gets Polo web name'
  - BBC
3/15/2005: Skype Dials for Business Dollars
 - Business Week
3/15/2005: Everything Except Phone Calls
 - Business Week
3/15/2005: • Note to Telecoms: Rebrand or Die
 - Business Week
3/15/2005: • Deutsche Telekom Turns on the TV
 - Business Week
3/15/2005: • A Global FON for All?
 - Business Week
3/15/2005: Samsung unveils 10-megapixel phone
  - El. Engr. Times
3/15/2005: Samsung eyes 20% share of mobile TV phone market
  - El. Engr. Times

3/15/2005: Intel invents 5GHz stock cooler - Digg 
3/15/2005: Intel's stacked with chipmaking options  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Photos: Spring 2006 Intel Developers Forum  - C/Net

3/15/2005: Intel shows Origami-like device   - C/Net
3/15/2005: Video: Intel's Version of the Origami (very cool!) - Digg 
3/15/2005: "Apple could grab 9% Marketshare" - Digg 
3/15/2005: 139 comments - Digg 
3/15/2005: New language features in C# 3.0 - Digg 
3/15/2005: Handheld PC dominates Cebit start  - BBC
Origami folds under expectation  - BBC
3/15/2005: See the mini PC
  - BBC
3/15/2005: Microsoft unveils ultracompact computer
 - Business Week
3/15/2005: Toshiba unveils laptop with high-def DVD
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Manufacturers unwrap first ultramobile PCs
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Photos: Origami handheld devices debut at CeBit
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Reality check for the much-hyped Origami PC
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Power plays for laptops
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Not all CPUs are created equal
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: IBM supercomputer pumps oodles of data
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Origami unveiled
  - CNN
3/15/2005: Microsoft's new Ultra-Mobile PC
  - CNN

3/15/2005: Real Google Calendar (aka CL2) Screenshots + Info. - Digg 
3/15/2005: How wireless web users will change social rules  - BBC
3/15/2005: TV revolution BBC and ITV take first steps to putting TV channels on internet  - BBC
3/15/2005: Denial-of-service hacking soars  - BBC
3/15/2005: French MPs debate file-share law  - BBC
3/15/2005: Federal shield for bloggers?  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Don't talk to invisible strangers
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Intel's Barrett: U.K. needs more 'silver surfers'
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Cuban on hunger strike for Internet access
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: S. Korea aims to cool Internet rage attacks
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Mom:- Missing girl sending text messages
  - C/Net

3/15/2005: Microsoft Live.com - Gets a Makeover - Digg 
3/15/2005: Finding the Root of the Problem - Business Week
3/15/2005: EU: Microsoft complaints handled fairly - Business Week
3/15/2005: Microsoft to patch Office, Windows flaws  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Novell hopes its next desktop will leapfrog Windows  - C/Net
3/15/2005: IBM plans Workplace on Linux  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Microsoft to patch Office, Windows flaws  - C/Net
3/15/2005: CNET slide show: Windows Live beta  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Microsoft fixes can cause Windows Media Player trouble  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Microsoft to update Office 2007 beta  - C/Net

3/15/2005: Power trip Fancy: a little windmill on your roof? You're in fashionable company  - BBC
3/15/2005: Photo: The 14-hour fuel cell  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Photos: The many faces of solar power  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Solar industry chases a cheaper kilowatt  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Fusion power gets slammed  - Nature

3/15/2005: Cholesterol-lowering Foods Most Effective When Combined - Science Daily

3/15/2005: Common Properties In Genes Implicated In Development Of Cancer - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Blood Levels Of Suspected Carcinogen Vary By Race, Ethnicity - Science Daily

3/15/2005: Lessons learned Turkish bird flu region remains wary and apprehensive  - BBC
3/15/2005: Africa must fight bird flu itself  - BBC
3/15/2005: Researchers Take New Approach To Defeating Gram-negative Bugs - Science Daily
3/15/2005: New Study Shows Benefit Of Early Therapy In HIV-infected Infants - Science Daily


3/15/2005: Breast milk 'won't halt obesity'  - BBC
3/15/2005: Caring father: How one man deals with looking after his psychotic son  - BBC
3/15/2005: Ancient therapy: Can acupuncture help supermodel Kate Moss beat her problems?  - BBC
3/15/2005: Colour-coded food labelling urged  - BBC
3/15/2005: Hospital drops fast food 'reward'  - BBC
3/15/2005: Scientists Provide New Evidence For Cellular Cause Of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Think Twice Before Exercising When Getting That PET Scan - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Formula Feeding, Early Introduction Of Infant Food May Not Contribute To Childhood Obesity - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Corrective Cosmetics May Not Boost Quality Of Life For Women With Severe Facial Blemishes
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:

3/15/2005: Star Wars TV Update - Digg 
3/15/2005: The Internet's Largest Image Online - 86400 x 43200 pixels! - Digg 
3/15/2005: 33 ways to use your MAC in your HOME THEATER - Digg 
3/15/2005: Atlantic storm? French islands in bid for a large section of oil-rich ocean floor  - BBC
3/15/2005: • AT&T-BellSouth: Bad for Competitiveness? - Business Week
3/15/2005: Google to pay $90M in 'click fraud' case - Business Week
3/15/2005: How the cubicle was born  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Social atlas for friends and burritos  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Apple plans India call center  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Prisoners training in digital print  - C/Net
3/15/2005: U.S. to file fraud charges against wireless investor  - C/Net
3/15/2005: IBM builds consulting center in India  - C/Net
3/15/2005: 'Synthetic Validity': Selection Tool Could Revolutionize Hiring, Online Dating - Science Daily

3/15/2005: An Algorithm to Solve All Sudoku Puzzles - Digg 
3/15/2005: 67 comments - Digg 
3/15/2005: People in their 40s 'most likely to feel lonely', a study says  - BBC
3/15/2005: Being Targeted By Stereotypes And Prejudice Affects Self-control And Academic Performance - Science Daily
3/15/2005: MIT Research Holds Promise For Huntington's Treatment; Could Also Have Impact On Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/15/2005: Scientists Piece Together The Most Distant Cosmic Explosion - Science Daily


3/15/2005: Gadgets: Humanoid bots at hotel guests' service   - C/Net

3/15/2005: Images: Mars or bust  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Enceladus gets active
  - Nature
3/15/2005: High-tech Testing Of The Space Shuttle's Foam
 - Science Daily

3/15/2005: Pacman LED rims for Bicycles - Digg 
3/15/2005: Photo-Realistic Images
3/15/2005: 46 comments - Digg 
3/15/2005: Dry Your Hands in Six Seconds With the Jet Towel - Digg 
3/15/2005: Towards entangled-photon LEDs - PhysicsWeb
3/15/2005: Light fingers: Print recognition used to pay in shops  - BBC
3/15/2005: Colour-coded food labelling urged
  - BBC
3/15/2005: Details emerge on western U.S. nanotech effort
  - El. Engr. Times


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