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  March 15, 2005

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NASA Satellite Sees Ocean Plants Increase, Coasts Greening - SpaceDaily  Phytoplankton produce half of the oxygen generated by plants on Earth. They also can soften the impacts of climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, a heat-trapping greenhouse gas. In addition, phytoplankton serve as the base of the ocean food chain, so their abundance determines the overall health of ocean ecosystems. The researchers used NASA satellite data from 1998 to 2003 to show that phytoplankton amounts have increased globally by more than 4 percent. These increases have mainly occurred along the coasts. No significant changes were seen in phytoplankton concentrations within the global open oceans, but phytoplankton levels declined in areas near the center of the oceans, the mid-ocean gyres. Mid-ocean gyres are "ocean deserts", which can only support low amounts of phytoplankton.  
Investigating Titan's Surface-Part 1 - SpaceDaily  Left: Titan seen in different filters tuned for atmospheric depths. Click image for larger view. Image Credit: Keck.  The first radar images came from the Titan flyby in October. About 1 percent of the surface was mapped, and some very interesting features were seen that tell us something about the potential for internal activity and cryovolcanism on Titan. The radar found one feature on Titan that looks like radar data of basaltic flows on the Earth or on Venus. The other striking thing about the radar and imaging data is that they show there's between a handful and no impact craters on Titan.   

India Courts Russia, Iran For Energy - SpaceDaily  Left:  In December 2004, President Vladimir Putin accepted an Indian investment of $3 billion in the Sakhalin-3 oil field in the Russian Far East, and in the joint Russian-Kazakh Kurmangazy oil field in the Caspian Sea that has a potential of up to 1 billion tons of oil. India already holds a 20 percent stake in Russia's energy-rich Sakhalin-1 block. India is seeking to satisfy its growing ravenous thirst for energy by boosting its relations with Iran and Russia, a policy that may put severe limits on its growing strategic relationship with the United States. The Indian strategy is driven by necessity. But it also reflects the experience and vision of the nation's Petroleum Minister, Mani Shankar Aiyar.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/15/2005: China close to producing ‘safe’ genetic rice - MSNBC
3/15/2005: Genome project aims to take Manhattan
  - Nature
3/15/2005: rRNA on the Myc  - Nature
3/15/2005: Fruitfly research tools  - Nature
3/15/2005: Ras signalling, live  - Nature
3/15/2005: Embryo cells not like peas in a pod - New Scientist
3/15/2005: Editorial- Egg and sperm donating dilemma - New Scientist
3/15/2005: HIV virus in sexual selection puzzle - New Scientist
3/15/2005: Interview: Hooked on catfish - New Scientist
3/15/2005: Higher laws and the mind-boggling complexity of life
3/15/2005: New Science Sheds Light On Rebuilding Fisheries - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Seabirds threatened by fisheries ... - FirstScience
3/15/2005: Overfishing and climate change are biggest threats to UK marine life ... - FirstScience
3/15/2005: Careful catch: Can we fish without damaging marine life and birds?  - BBC
3/15/2005: Sperm protein fertility aid hope  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
3/15/2005: NASA Satellite Sees Ocean Plants Increase, Coasts Greening - SpaceDaily
3/15/2005: Melting Ice Important Indicator Of Global Warming - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Polar History Shows Melting Icecap a Natural Cycle  - Wired News
3/15/2005: Utility Pollution Bill Stalls in Senate Committee ... - FirstScience
3/15/2005: Sandwiches: hot, cold and eco-friendly ... - FirstScience
3/15/2005: Mar. 8, 2005- Dynegy agrees to slash pollution in Illinois ... - FirstScience
3/15/2005: Government to 'lead by example' on sustainability ... - FirstScience
3/15/2005: Sustainable strategy welcomed ... - FirstScience
3/15/2005: China's timber demand threatens crisis - WWF ... - FirstScience
3/15/2005: Invasive Tree Species Infestation Spotted ... - FirstScience
3/15/2005: Meteor Crater formation revisited  - BBC
3/15/2005: Asian tsunami alert agreed  - BBC

3/15/2005: Video game industry adopts tween rating  - CNN
3/15/2005: Life Is a Game  - Technology Review 
3/15/2005: Game makers get Xbox 2 sneak peek  - BBC

3/15/2005: Cell phone's new role: Live-TV broadcaster
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Samsung Flashes 7-Megapixel Camera Phone
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Aruba to make legacy wireless play
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Owner's face provides cellphone protection
 - New Scientist
3/15/2005: Avoiding a VOIP Security 'Judgment Day'
  - Wired News
3/15/2005: Warnings on woeful wi-fi security
  - BBC

3/15/2005: Simple twist untangles quantum computing - New Scientist

3/15/2005: CherryOS Mac emulator resurfaces amid allegations  - C/Net
3/15/2005: iPod Mini, Mac Mini, iBook Mini?  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Lenovo buy gets green light from Washington  - C/Net

3/15/2005: Next big step for the Web?  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Google's long division  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Torvalds switches to Apple  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Dual Booting Linux on a Mac  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Hackers break into citizen database  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Microsoft: Fowl play is for partners  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Photos: 'Going up' in San Diego
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Microsoft updates IM, Web conferencing products
  - C/Net
3/15/2005: AOL to offer Internet calling
  - CNN

3/15/2005: 'Robin Hoods of cyberspace' plead guilty  - CNN
3/15/2005: Microsoft Pushes Real-Time Collaboration  - Wired News
3/15/2005: Cebit opens to mobile music tune  - BBC
3/15/2005: Cebit 2005: Round-up  - BBC

3/15/2005: India Courts Russia, Iran For Energy - SpaceDaily
3/15/2005: Blazing core closes gap on bubble fusion - New Scientist
3/15/2005: Cost cap a boost for Scottish green power sector ... - FirstScience

3/15/2005: Unemployed Women At Higher Risk For Cardiovascular Disease - Science Daily
3/15/2005: A 'Hearty' Eater: Big Meals Condition A Snake’s Heart - Science Daily

3/15/2005: BCR-ABL has a lot to answer for  - Nature

3/15/2005: Malaria map paints stark picture  - Nature
3/15/2005: Virology: Survival tactics  - Nature
3/15/2005: 'Symptomless' bird flu cases raise concerns - New Scientist
3/15/2005: Global toll of malaria 'doubled'  - BBC
3/15/2005: Malaria  - BBC
3/15/2005: TB exposure test devices recalled  - BBC
3/15/2005: Living with HIV: Radio 1Xtra talks to teenage Britons about their experiences
  - BBC

3/15/2005: Don't puff near children  - Nature

3/15/2005: Moving to ban eyeball bling  - C/Net
3/15/2005: In Europe, patent olive branch?-or threat?  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Study: Computers can't cure all medical errors  - CNN
3/15/2005: Looking for trouble with the 'one-minute scan' - New Scientist
3/15/2005: USC Dental Researchers Develop First Test For Predicting Cavities In Children - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Women Should Be Advised Not To Drink Alcohol In Pregnancy - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Component Of Green Tea Protects Injured Livers In Mice - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Artificial Disk Mimics Nature to Relieve Back Pain - Seattle Times
3/15/2005: Prescription charge to rise 10p
  - BBC
3/15/2005: In Pictures: Exhibition celebrates 45 years of putting Paintings in Hospitals
  - BBC
3/15/2005: Prolonging life: When should doctors intervene if a baby is critically ill?
  - BBC
3/15/2005: 'Undersize me': Our guinea pig's bid to shun beer, butter and second helpings
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
3/15/2005: Retrovirus Struck Ancestors Of Chimps And Gorillas Millions Of Years Ago, But Not Ancestral Humans - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Oldest Fossil Protein Sequenced  - Wired News

3/15/2005: France puts a damper on flaw-hunting  - C/Net
3/15/2005: U.S. Infrastructure Deteriorating, Report Finds  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Singapore surpasses states as best IT user  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Tax collector employs technology to snare deadbeats  - CNN
3/15/2005: Study finds media-saturated kids  - CNN
3/15/2005: Interactive  - CNN
3/15/2005: SIA to bring U.S. technology leadership debate to Washington  - El. Engr. Times
3/15/2005: Laser co-inventor wins religion award - MSNBC
3/15/2005: 3D animation gives evidence more bite - New Scientist
3/15/2005: Why it's hard to share the wealth - New Scientist
3/15/2005: Laser pioneer scoops religion prize - PhysicsWeb
3/15/2005: SIA to bring U.S. technology leadership debate to Washington - Silicon Strategies
3/15/2005: Chavez Seeks Indian Know-How for Venezuela  - Wired News
3/15/2005: ID Stolen? Call a Privacy Gumshoe  - Wired News
3/15/2005: Why Women Leave IT  - Wired News
3/15/2005: Media Giants Join Forces to Fight Ontario Ruling  - Wired News
3/15/2005: Swap shops Imagine if the whole world operated just like eBay...  - BBC
3/15/2005: Five years on: The spike that burst the dotcom bubble still spooks investors  - BBC

3/15/2005: Getting the gist of emotional memory  - Nature
3/15/2005: Imaginary Friendships Could Boost Child Development - Science Daily
3/15/2005: How our brains are wired so catchy tunes get stuck  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
3/15/2005: Stars can only grow so big  - Nature
3/15/2005: Mysterious limit on star size revealed
 - New Scientist
3/15/2005: The bubble that ate the universe
 - New Scientist
3/15/2005: Can stars become only so big?
 - PhysicsWeb
3/15/2005: Ultra-cold Temperature Physics Opens Way To Understanding And Applications
 - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Chemistry: The memory of water ...
  - Nature



3/15/2005: NASA's funding shortfall means journey's end for Voyager probes  - Nature
3/15/2005: Lightning linked to gap in radiation belts
 - New Scientist
3/15/2005: Mars Rovers Break Driving Records, Examine Salty Soil
 - Science Daily
3/15/2005: Scientists study how to make Malaysian food taste good in space
  - BBC

3/15/2005: Big Brother in your backseat  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Photos: Watching the wheel  - C/Net
3/15/2005: Videotape reaches the end of the reel - New Scientist
3/15/2005: High-intensity Ultrasound Creates Hollow Nanospheres And Nanocrystals - Science Daily
3/15/2005: RFID Skills Qualifications Gets Thumbs-Up  - Wired News


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