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  March 14, 2005

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Huge Space Clouds May Have Caused Mass Extinctions -  Giant space clouds of gas may have changed the climate or atmosphere on Earth and fueled mass extinctions millions of years ago, scientists said Thursday  In one scenario, the solar system passed through a dense cloud of interstellar material, causing Earth to ice over. In the other, the solar system passed through less dense clouds that destroyed the planet's protective ozone layer, raising levels of harmful ultraviolet radiation.     
Temperature Inside Collapsing Bubble Four Times That Of Sun - SpaceDaily  "Nobody has been able to measure the temperature inside a single collapsing bubble before. The temperature we measured - about 20,000 degrees Kelvin - is four times hotter than the surface of our sun."  What is surprising, however, is the extremely high temperature the scientists measured. "At 20,000 degrees Kelvin, this emission originates from the plasma formed by collisions of atoms and molecules with high-energy particles," Suslick said. "And, just as you can't see inside a star, we're only seeing emission from the surface of the optically opaque plasma." Plasmas are the ionized gases formed only at truly high energies. The core of the collapsing bubble must be even hotter than the surface. In fact, the extreme conditions present during single-bubble compression have been predicted by others to produce neutrons from inertial confinement fusion.  

Quantum Computers May Be Easier To Build Than Predicted - SpaceDaily Left:  The new NIST architecture for quantum computing relies on several levels of error checking to ensure the accuracy of quantum bits (qubits). The image above illustrates how qubits are grouped in blocks to form the levels. To implement the architecture with three levels, a series of operations is performed on 36 qubits (bottom row)each one representing either a 1, a 0, or both at once. The operations on the nine sets of qubits produce two reliably accurate qubits (top row). The purple spheres represent qubits that are either used in error detection or in actual computationsA full-scale quantum computer could produce reliable results even if its components performed no better than today's best first-generation prototypes,.      
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/14/2005: U.N. Divided: Human Clone Ban  - Wired News
3/14/2005: Whale stranding cases 'increase'
  - BBC
3/14/2005: UN abandons legal ban on human cloning - New Scientist
3/14/2005: The Rain Forest, in All Its Endangered Variety  - NY Times
3/14/2005: Urban Green Space Linked To Walking, Cycling Levels - Science Daily
3/14/2005: The Circadian Clock- Understanding Nature's Timepiece - SpaceDaily
3/14/2005: Stem Cells Goose Xenotransplants  - Wired News
3/14/2005: U.N. Divided: Human Clone Ban  - Wired News
3/14/2005: Clone on the range: What animal biotech is bringing to the table ...  - Nature
3/14/2005: Careful catch: Can we fish without damaging marine life and birds?  - BBC
3/14/2005: Sperm protein fertility aid hope  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
3/14/2005: Protected Areas Network Proposed for England's Degraded Seas ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Huge 2004 Stratospheric Ozone Loss Tied to Solar Storms, Arctic Winds ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: More NYC School Buses Get Equipment to Cut Diesel Emissions ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: New Maps Detail Pacific Island Coral Reef Ecosystems ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Greenpeace swimmers disrupt dolphin-killing trawlers ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: St. Helens spews ash - MSNBC
3/14/2005: Earth's lightning zaps space, too - MSNBC
3/14/2005: Super volcanoes will chill the world - MSNBC
3/14/2005: Widespread Arctic Warming Crosses Critical Ecological Thresholds, Scientists Warn - Science Daily
3/14/2005: A Climate Of Hysteria - SpaceDaily
3/14/2005: New IDB environment policy needs more teeth, say NGOs ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Pollution lingers on though autorickshaws are gone ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Expansion for Recycling Scheme ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Four charged over killing of nun in rainforest feud ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Political climate change ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: U.K. Officials to 'Pay for Clean Air' ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Toyota, Daihatsu Create New Low-Emissions Car Paint ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Hazardous waste - the implications for business ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Experts weigh super-volcano risks
  - BBC
3/14/2005: India wins patent battle
  - BBC

3/14/2005: Walkman goes flash  - C/Net
3/14/2005: Game makers see workplace changes  - C/Net
3/14/2005: Wireless Gaming Held Hostage  - Wired News
3/14/2005: Star honours for video game icons  - BBC

3/14/2005: Hybrid Phones Hold Promise of Cellular, VOIP
  - Wired News
3/14/2005: Motorola in $1bn set-top box deal
  - BBC
3/14/2005: Fiber market set for real growth, says Corning scientist
  - El. Engr. Times
Broadband set to revolutionise TV   - BBC
3/14/2005: Chip maker backs net phone calls
  - BBC
3/14/2005: Q&A: IPTV Why people are getting excited about TV over broadband
  - BBC
3/14/2005: Virgin Radio starts daily podcast
  - BBC

3/14/2005: Quantum Computers May Be Easier To Build Than Predicted - SpaceDaily


3/14/2005: Wiki Becomes a Way of Life  - Wired News
3/14/2005: Student Nailed for Sharing  - Wired News
3/14/2005: Google Desktop Plug-In Enables PDF Search  - Wired News
3/14/2005: Cellular Field  - Wired News
3/14/2005: eBay launches classified ad sites  - BBC
3/14/2005: Go Digital China special: The great firewall of China - fact or fiction?  - BBC
3/14/2005: Intel's plans for big iron
  - C/Net
3/14/2005: Google window-shops for VoIP
  - C/Net
3/14/2005: Google practices dividing to conquer
  - C/Net

3/14/2005: SXSW's Torrent of Free Tunes  - Wired News
3/14/2005: SLAPP Fight Over Mac Rumors  - Wired News
3/14/2005: Workers' presence known with software - Seattle Times

3/14/2005: Temperature Inside Collapsing Bubble Four Times That Of Sun - SpaceDaily
3/14/2005: Government acts to unlock Scottish green power ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Japan rejects Europe's nuclear fusion deadline - New Scientist
3/14/2005: $1.1m green power campaign launched ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Japan stands by bid for nuclear project after EU's June deadline ... - FirstScience

3/14/2005: Aspirin Does Not Prevent Heart Attacks in Women, Study Finds - Science Daily
3/14/2005: UPMC Implants Area's First Medical Device To Manage Heart Failure With Lung Fluid Monitoring - Science Daily
3/14/2005: Viagra Used In Stroke Recovery Study - Science Daily


3/14/2005: Pigs Hold Clues to Man-Made Flu  - Wired News
3/14/2005: SARS Surveillance Via Mass Spectometry - Science Daily

3/14/2005: Transplant cures man of diabetes  - BBC
3/14/2005: Girls match boys in teen drinking  - BBC
3/14/2005: Cockroach more of an asthma risk than pets, scientists say  - BBC
3/14/2005: Smoking damages foetal cell DNA  - BBC

3/14/2005: Voice-Technology Startup Aims To Get Doctors Using E-Records  - Wired News
3/14/2005: US nuclear medicine funds slashed ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Quack medicine History's unorthodox cures for common medical ailments  - BBC
3/14/2005: Healthy junk food Scientists say they can make sinful foods good for us  - BBC
3/14/2005: The dark side Of wired hospitals  - C/Net

History, Anthropology:
3/14/2005: Huge Space Clouds May Have Caused Mass Extinctions -
3/14/2005: Fossil find - MSNBC

3/14/2005: Lets Go Dutch  - Technology Review 
3/14/2005: The Sham Economy  - Wired News
3/14/2005: Top Corporate Hate Websites  - Wired News
3/14/2005: Harvard Rejects 119 Accused of Hacking  - Wired News
3/14/2005: Companies Resist Nuclear Cyber Security Rule  - Wired News
3/14/2005: Yahoo launches Small Business Resource Center  - C/Net
3/14/2005: Chewing Gum - A Sticky Problem - Science Daily
3/14/2005: Drive on to lengthen workday of truckers - Seattle Times
3/14/2005: Russia Wants To Build A New Extra-Heavy Launcher - SpaceDaily
3/14/2005: Bhutto Got Missile Blueprints For Pakistan - SpaceDaily
3/14/2005: Bhutto Missile Story Raises Hill Hackles - SpaceDaily
3/14/2005: New Solar-Powered Vehicle Barriers Give Anti-Terrorist Protection To Dam - SpaceDaily
3/14/2005: SAIC Demos Live-Fire Capability From Vigilante UAV - SpaceDaily
3/14/2005: Japan Watchdog Rules Against Intel For Unfair Trade Practices - SpaceDaily
3/14/2005: We Need Spy Blogs  - Wired News
3/14/2005: Singapore tops tech table  - BBC

3/14/2005: Blame the parents: Can parenting courses prevent vulnerable children going off the rails?  - BBC
3/14/2005: Those Who Perform Last Finish First, Carnegie Mellon Researcher Says - Science Daily
3/14/2005: Mood Elevating Hormone May Trigger Depression And Heart Problems - Science Daily
3/14/2005: Experimental Electrode Implant Treatment Shows Promise For Helping Severely Depressed - Science Daily
3/14/2005: Are You a Woman Who Thinks Like a Man?  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
3/14/2005: Super-Sharp Radio 'Vision' Measures Galaxy's Motion In Space - Science Daily
3/14/2005: Jupiter: A Cloudy Mirror For The Sun?
 - SpaceDaily
3/14/2005: Superglue of planet formation- Sticky ice ...
 - FirstScience


3/14/2005: Human Out-Muscles Robots  - Wired News

3/14/2005: NASA Inventions Benefiting Our Daily Lives ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: NASA sets out details for its new spacecraft ...
 - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Search For A Second Genesis On Mars
3/14/2005: Malaysia dreams of batik cosmonaut, munching roti canai in space
 - SpaceDaily
3/14/2005: Lightning cuts safe zone between Earth radiation belts: NASA
 - SpaceDaily
3/14/2005: New Technologies Critical To Next Shenzhou Mission
 - SpaceDaily
3/14/2005: Cosmic Log: Fuel for the space race ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: NASA finds lightning clears safe zone in radiation belt ...
 - FirstScience
With layoffs looming, NASA/Ames offers buyouts ... - FirstScience
3/14/2005: They also serve: Why Astronauts who never fly aren't disappointed ...
 - Seattle Times
3/14/2005: Spirit Gets A Dust Devil Once-Over
3/14/2005: NASA Downsizing, Thousands of Personnel Cuts ...
 - FirstScience
3/14/2005: Fireball sighted over Pacific Northwest ...
3/14/2005: Space dreams boost tiny Texas town ...

3/14/2005: SnailMail 2.0  - Technology Review 
3/14/2005: Microsoft plans RFID software in 2006  - C/Net
3/14/2005: UIC Chemist Develops Tools For Nanotechnology - Science Daily
3/14/2005: Small Is Different: Computer Sims Vital Tools In Exploring Nanoworld - Science Daily
3/14/2005: Machines Not Lost in Translation  - Wired News


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