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  March 13, 2006

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Will Home Robots Ever Clean Up?  - Technology Review -  Roomba -- a self-navigating vacuum cleaner with wheels for feet, infrared sensors for eyes, and a flair for picking up dog hair -- is the most successful consumer-market robot in history. Its maker, iRobot of Burlington, MA, has sold more than 1.5 million* of the Frisbee-shaped gadgets since their debut in September 2002. In truth, the idea of robots in every home seems further away today than it did four years ago. The reasons are not entirely clear. However, "bringing all the parts together in one place is a nontrivial matter."     
Two Other Mars Missions Heating Up - SpaceDaily   Left:  Illustration of MRO in orbit about Mars  Two Mars orbiter missions - one from NASA, the other from the European Space Agency (ESA) - will open new vistas in the exploration of Mars through the use of sophisticated ground-penetrating radars, providing international researchers with the first direct clues about the Red Planet's subsurface structure. The combination of the radars on the two missions will provide important and unique data sets that will directly map the structure of the upper portions of the interior of Mars. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (above) is poised to go into orbit around Mars in March. 

Mile-Wide Asteroid Passes Close On Monday - SpaceDaily  An asteroid named 2000 PN9 will fly past Earth at a distance of about 2 million miles on March 6. There is no danger of a collision with the mile-wide space rock, but its nearest approach distance of eight lunar distances - on average, the Moon is 384,401 kilometers, or 246,017 miles away. Potentially Hazardous Asteroids are space rocks larger than about 100 meters (300 feet) wide that can approach Earth at distances closer than 0.05 astronomical units (the distance from Earth to the Sun), or about 4.6 million miles. At present, none of the 776 known PHAs is on a collision course with the planet for the foreseeable future.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/13/2005:Woman loses embryos battle  - BBC
3/13/2005:Baby's dad says 'don't play God'
  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
3/13/2005:Styrofoam meets its match - C/Net
3/13/2005:Consumers don't recycle enough, say manufacturers - C/Net
3/13/2005:Dell set to recycle printer ink cartridges - C/Net
3/13/2005:California residents must recycle dead gadgets - C/Net
3/13/2005:Photos: Antarctic is shrinking  - C/Net

3/13/2005: Online Games Boom: Who Benefits? - Business Week
3/13/2005:Samsung laser printer for $50 - C/Net
3/13/2005:Tower Records turns to podcasts with ads - Washington Post
3/13/2005:Future tech: Speed reading with a game station  - C/Net
3/13/2005:IDF demo gods frown on 'Family Guy'  - C/Net
3/13/2005:IDF: complete coverage  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Photos- Electronics extravaganza at CeBit
  - C/Net

3/13/2005:Lucent, Nokia plan faster mobile service
 - Business Week
3/13/2005:Now playing: Cable TV price war?
- C/Net
3/13/2005:New bill in Congress targets phone record fraud
- C/Net
Some telecommuters work in the nude - C/Net
3/13/2005:Telecommuters Not Exempt From New York Tax
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Telecommuting Climate Getting Chilly
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Nokia updates mobile blogging app
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Opera Enables Mobile Blogging
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Nokia Edges Toward Phone Blogging
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Will bigger AT&T spur a broadband TV price war?
- C/Net
3/13/2005:AT&T-BellSouth Deal Begs Question Of 'Who's Next-'
- C/Net
3/13/2005:AT&T Could Trigger Cable Buys
- C/Net
3/13/2005:AT&T-BellSouth Deal May Affect Services (AP)
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Samsung unveils 8GB hard-drive phone
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Yahoo, Siemens enter VoIP partnership
- C/Net
3/13/2005:NY, eSmokes settle over online cigarette sales taxes
- C/Net
3/13/2005:BenQ to sell phones equipped with Google software
3/13/2005:Photos: BenQ cell phones
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Photos: BenQ phones
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Intel lines up Santa Rosa, WiMax for notebooks
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Philadelphia's wireless war
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Video: Riding the wave of mobile WiMax
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:EU executive urges quick decision on mobile TV
  - C/Net

3/13/2005:Fancy footwork for Intel - C/Net
3/13/2005:Big Itanium change coming with 'Poulson' - C/Net
3/13/2005:Why there's no memory control on Intel chips - C/Net
3/13/2005:Power-saving pitches for notebooks at IDF - C/Net
3/13/2005:Processors: Why Intel doesn't include a memory controller on its chips - FirstScience
3/13/2005:Intel peels back the layers of Core  - C/Net
3/13/2005:New Intel quad-core chips are really double duo-cores
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Photo: Intel four-cores equal two plus two
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Intel needs fancy footwork to market server chips
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Intel plans low-voltage 'Woodcrest' server chip
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:New chip family for Intel- Core microarchitecture
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Quad-core PC and server chips debut
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Bruised Intel focuses forward
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Intel CEO throws down gauntlet to AMD
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Talkin' about Intel's next generation
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Partnership set to run RISC software on Intel chips
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Newsmaker: Talkin' about Intel's next generation
  - C/Net

3/13/2005:Photos: Concept PCs - C/Net
3/13/2005:Video: Ultramobile PCs - C/Net
3/13/2005:Intel shows Origami-like device - C/Net
3/13/2005:Bloggers' Origami dreams crumpled  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Intel plans to beef up business desktops  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Intel shows off the newest little PCs
3/13/2005:Minicomputer sneak peek
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Photo gallery: Origami mini-tablets
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Jobs shows off the MacBook Pro
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Photos: Concept PCs at IDF 2006
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:IDF delivers Origami--and fightin' words
  - C/Net

3/13/2005:Microsoft: Searching Your Favorite Sites - Business Week
3/13/2005:'Cyberviolence' plagues South Korea - Business Week
3/13/2005:Beware of a Two-Lane Internet - Business Week
3/13/2005:Web site of the living dead - C/Net
3/13/2005:Create your favorite Web site, automatically - C/Net
3/13/2005:Google plays peek-a-boo with web page creator - C/Net
3/13/2005:Firefox whips IE in vulnerability tally
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Google's anti-phishing tech coming to Firefox
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Mozilla Confirms Firefox Taking In Millions Of Google Dollars (TechWeb)
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Firefox Community, Sickly Out of Control
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Mozilla Announces Extend Firefox Contest Winners
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Should your boss be blogging?
3/13/2005:The Fortune 500's Blogging
3/13/2005:What's Online: A Blog That Blogs Corporate Blogs
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Time for Thoughtful Blogging Policies
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Google calendar details leaked
- C/Net
3/13/2005:China's wild Web: Sex and drugs, not reform
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Google inadvertently reveals internal projections
3/13/2005:'Computer terrorist' Mitnick teaches hacker blocking
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Firefox whips IE in vulnerability tally
- C/Net
Open source: Blog: Greasemonkey on fire - FirstScience
3/13/2005:Media: Study: Internet more popular than telly
 - FirstScience
3/13/2005:Google's video store
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Photos: Hard-to-find flicks hit the Web
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Future Firefox to fight phishers
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Firefox to get phishing shield
  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Yang speaks on Yahoo's China policy
  - C/Net

3/13/2005:Micron to buy Lexar in stock swap - Business Week
3/13/2005:Microsoft buy targets Vista transition - FirstScience
3/13/2005:Microsoft readying Vista marketing blitz  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Bill Gates' view of the Digitial Future  - C/Net
3/13/2005:iTunes offers subscription deal  - C/Net

3/13/2005:Recycling nuke fuel may thwart terrorism: Bodman - C/Net
3/13/2005:UltraCell aims to lighten soldiers' load  - C/Net
3/13/2005:UPS CIO: Driving cost savings by eliminating left-hand turns  - C/Net

3/13/2005:A fifth of smokers 'plan to quit'  - BBC



3/13/2005:A fifth of smokers 'plan to quit'  - BBC

3/13/2005:What shall we eat? The Daily Politics' Jenny Scott looks at farms, shops, schools  - BBC
3/13/2005:Lack of sleep 'worrying Britons'  - BBC

History, Anthropology:

3/13/2005:U.K. government loans laptops to prisoners - C/Net
3/13/2005:Reich: U.S. headed for 'day of reckoning' - C/Net
3/13/2005:China's economy set for strong 2006: stats official - C/Net
3/13/2005:Economy on track but faces risks: Ferguson - C/Net
3/13/2005:Good calls and bad calls from our first 10 years - C/Net
3/13/2005:The Science Of Analyst Predictions - C/Net
3/13/2005:Best and Worst Punditry of 2005 - C/Net
3/13/2005:Video gaming granny goes postal - C/Net
3/13/2005:Calisthenics for aging brains - C/Net
3/13/2005:Video games for the elderly: Answer to dementia or marketing tool? - C/Net
3/13/2005:Interactive learning fails reading test - C/Net
3/13/2005:Open source in education: Winning hearts and minds - C/Net
3/13/2005:La la is a startup with a song in its heart - C/Net
3/13/2005:The China dilemma for U.S. firms: Comply, resist, or leave? - C/Net
3/13/2005:Commentary: BlackBerry deal patently absurd - C/Net
3/13/2005:The official 2006 PopSci Movie Awards - Popular Science
3/13/2005:IBM builds consulting center in India - FirstScience
3/13/2005:LCDs v CRTs  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Techies ponder how to cut through info overload  - C/Net

3/13/2005:Video games for the elderly: Answer to dementia or marketing tool? - C/Net

Physics and Astronomy:


3/13/2005:Will Home Robots Ever Clean Up?  - Technology Review -
3/13/2005:Photos: Building blocks for bots  - C/Net

3/13/2005:Two Other Mars Missions Heating Up - SpaceDaily
Mile-Wide Asteroid Passes Close On Monday - SpaceDaily
3/13/2005:Next-gen space capsules
- C/Net
3/13/2005:Photos: Space capsules under pressure
  - C/Net

3/13/2005:Styrofoam finally meets its match - C/Net
3/13/2005:Build your own PVR, then trash it - C/Net
3/13/2005:The TV of tomorrow  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Video: Want your car to do it all?  - C/Net
3/13/2005:Photos: Carmakers rally more gems in Geneva  - C/Net
3/13/2005:LG announces support for HD DVD  - C/Net


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