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  March 13, 2005

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Woman using wireless laptop in a station Ultra fast wi-fi nears completion  - BBC   The technology has the potential to transmit hundreds of megabits of data per second. The technology works over a range up to 10 metres and uses billions of short radio pulses every second to carry data. One of the more likely uses of UWB is to make it possible to send DVD quality video images wirelessly to TV screens or to let people beam music to media players around their home. The first products using UWB technology from Intel are due to hit the market later this year. Initially they will be products using wireless USB 2.0 connections. A rival UWB standard is being developed by Motorola and chip firm Freescale. 
Critics silenced by scans of hobbit skull  - BBC  Left:  Virtual skull of the 'hobbit', with its brain cavity highlighted.  A computer-generated model of the skull of Homo floresiensis, our diminutive human relative, confirms that the controversial specimens from Indonesia do indeed represent a new species. "Together with all the other evidence, this paper makes it very clear that H. floresiensis is not an aberrant individual with a pathological condition," says Michael Morwood, an archaeologist from the University of New England, Armidale, who was co-leader of the team. Morwood was also excited that the Falk cast seems to indicate advanced development of the front lobes of the brain, where reasoning occurs. Such brain development could be evidence for his theory that the species was able to make or refine stone tools, such as those found with the bones.

OGLE-TR-122B size comparison

Star 'gnome' is nuclear surprise  - BBC  A shining star has been located that is not much bigger than Jupiter, the biggest planet in our Solar System. The discovery is fascinating, say scientists, because it shows how small an object can be and still trigger the nuclear reactions for sunshine. What is interesting is that although OGLE-TR-122B is a mere 16% larger than Jupiter, it is actually 96 times more massive. Indeed, the density of OGLE-TR-122B is more than 50 times greater than that of our own Sun. Indeed, the density of OGLE-TR-122B is more than 50 times greater than that of our own Sun.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/13/2005: Giant killer crocodile snared in Uganda - MSNBC
3/13/2005: Monkeys see competitors' point of view
 - New Scientist
3/13/2005: 'Safer' stem cells bring therapies closer - New Scientist
3/13/2005: Side Effects: A World Without Males? Not Just Science Fiction for Insects
3/13/2005: Observatory: The Heart of a Snake (and That's Good)  - NY Times
3/13/2005: In a Vast Hungry Wave, Owls Are Moving South  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Graphic  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Invasive Tree Species Infestation Spotted  - NY Times
3/13/2005: At - Home Genetic Testing Raises Questions  - NY Times
3/13/2005: NHGRI Targets 12 More Organisms For Genome Sequencing: Strategic Mix Includes Marmoset, Skate And The Vector Of Chagas' Disease - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Newly-discovered Class Of Genes Determines – And Restricts – Stem Cell Fate - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Selection On Sex Cells Favors A Recombination Gender Gap - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Hydrogen And Methane Sustain Unusual Life At Sea Floor's 'Lost City' - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Promising new Cell Therapeutics drug falls short in testing - Seattle Times

Climate, Environment:
3/13/2005: Fish count drops after Grand Canyon flood - MSNBC
3/13/2005: Undersea quakes excite scientists - MSNBC
3/13/2005: The earth moves most for humans  - Nature
3/13/2005: New York air to have its genes sequenced - New Scientist
3/13/2005: Scientist at Work | Erin Pettit: Young Women Get Serious in a Laboratory of Ice  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Swarm of Undersea Quakes Draws Scientists  - NY Times
3/13/2005: For Iraq's Great Marshes, a Hesitant Comeback
3/13/2005: Slide Show
3/13/2005: Graphic: Progress in the Marshes  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Graphic: The Struggle  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Duke, Woods Hole Geologists Discover 'Clockwork' Motion By Ocean Floor Microplates - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Satellites Guide World's Top Yachts Through Southern Ocean 'Iceberg Alley' - SpaceDaily

3/13/2005: Cheaper music players  - CNN

Ultra fast wi-fi nears completion   - BBC
3/13/2005: New virus found in phone messaging
  - CNN
3/13/2005: 3G may bring Web to African poor
  - CNN
3/13/2005: New cellphone virus rifles through phonebook
 - New Scientist



3/13/2005: Text messaging gets a translator  - CNN
3/13/2005: Poll- More Americans get political news on Web  - CNN
3/13/2005: New Cyber Security Protocol For Online Banking, And More - Science Daily


3/13/2005: EU Gives Japan Until June To Reach Deal On Nuclear Project - SpaceDaily

3/13/2005: Laughter boosts blood-vessel health  - Nature
3/13/2005: Laughing helps arteries and boosts blood flow - New Scientist
3/13/2005: Vital Signs: Reactions: Go On, Laugh Your Heart Out  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Columbia Study Finds Hemophilia Therapy Dramatically Improves Outcomes For Bleeding Stroke - Science Daily

3/13/2005: Cancer Drug Called Success; Another Is Short of Objective  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Study Finds New Designer Drug Is Potent Treatment For Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Resistance To Chemotherapy: How Tumors Acquire Resistance To Kinase Inhibitors - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Common Virus Becomes A New Target For Cancer Treatment - Science Daily
3/13/2005: NCI Creates Gene Expression Database Of Normal Human Organ Tissue - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Fox Chase Cancer Center Scientists Identify Immune-system Mutation - Science Daily
3/13/2005: OHSU Scientists Develop MRI Approach To Improve Breast Cancer
 - Science Daily Detection

3/13/2005: Vietnam faces worrying increase in bird flu  - Nature
3/13/2005: Elusive HIV Shape Change Revealed; Key Clue To How Virus Infects Cells - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Measles Deaths Worldwide Drop By Nearly 40% Over Five Years - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Rabies Spread Speeds Up - Science Daily

3/13/2005: Columbia Scientists Identify Potential Therapy For Kidney Failure - Science Daily

3/13/2005: Mama's boys get better breast milk - MSNBC
3/13/2005: Pervasive vitamin fortification could alter genes  - Nature
3/13/2005: Vital Signs: Patterns: Checking Mirrors in Ivied Halls  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Vital Signs: Testing: Gel for Safer Sex Shows Promise  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Slithery Medical Symbolism: Worm or Snake? One or Two?  - NY Times
3/13/2005: A Fight for Full Disclosure of the Possible Pain  - NY Times
3/13/2005: New Knees at a Price  - NY Times
3/13/2005: An Insurrection on the Mighty Ship of Health Care  - NY Times
3/13/2005: May Cause Laughter
  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Colicky Baby- Read This Before Calling an Exorcist
  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Forum: Share Your Tips
  - NY Times
3/13/2005: A Darwinian Perspective
  - NY Times
3/13/2005: New Radio-frequency Technique For Knee Injuries
 - Science Daily
3/13/2005: UT Southwestern Researchers See Hope For Treating Blindness In Preemies
 - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Acrylamide Levels In Food Should Be Reduced Because Of Public Health Concern Says UN Expert Committee
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/13/2005: Critics silenced by scans of hobbit skull   - BBC
3/13/2005: Scans resolve mystery over King Tut’s death - MSNBC
3/13/2005: New Human Ancestor Fossil Discovery In Afar Region Of Ethiopia - Science Daily

3/13/2005: Harvard- Biz applicants who hacked out  - CNN
3/13/2005: Blogger admitted to White House news briefing  - CNN
3/13/2005: Toshiba acquires embedded software firm in Bangalore  - El. Engr. Times
3/13/2005: The earth moves most for humans  - Nature
3/13/2005: Letters  - NY Times
3/13/2005: K-State Professor To Discuss Feeding The World's Population Without Poison - Science Daily
3/13/2005: The board took eight days to decide CEO had to go - Seattle Times
3/13/2005: With Stonecipher ouster, Boeing faces CEO dilemma - Seattle Times
3/13/2005: $681,000 annual pension not affected by departure - Seattle Times
3/13/2005: Timeline: Tough times for Boeing - Seattle Times
3/13/2005: Bell steps into breach but won't stay there - Seattle Times
3/13/2005: Personal lives of executives under scrutiny - Seattle Times
3/13/2005: Tough day for CEO's friend and supporter - Seattle Times
3/13/2005: Stonecipher ouster doesn't faze investors - Seattle Times
3/13/2005: Beijing Cabs To Have GPS Protection Against Hijacks - SpaceDaily

3/13/2005: Behavior: What Else His Ring Finger Says  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Sweet and Sour Tones for the Record Books  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Psychiatric Disorders Greatly Underdiagnosed In Hospital Emergency Departments - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/13/2005: Star 'gnome' is nuclear surprise   - BBC
3/13/2005: Biggest particle collider is a step closer
3/13/2005: Cosmic Log: Bad news about black holes
3/13/2005: Hans Bethe
  - Nature
3/13/2005: Hans Bethe, Prober of Sunlight and Atomic Energy, Dies at 98
  - NY Times
3/13/2005: New look for the kilogram
 - PhysicsWeb
3/13/2005: Moonbeams Shine On Einstein, Galileo And Newton
 - Science Daily
3/13/2005: The Neutrino Underground- Experiment Will Fire Trillions Of The Ghostly Particles Through The Earth
 - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Planet Puzzle: Theorists Wrestle with How They're Built
3/13/2005: Jupiter Acts as Giant Mirror to Sun's Back-Side Activity
3/13/2005: Scientists Work To Detect Neutrinos
 - SpaceDaily
3/13/2005: In The Stars- Starmaking's Helping Hand
 - SpaceDaily

3/13/2005: Q & A: Long Life, Short Spine  - NY Times
3/13/2005: NCI Study Demonstrates That Cellular Defects In Premature Aging Disease Are Reversible
 - Science Daily

3/13/2005: MusicStrands Uses Artificial Intelligence For Music Recommendations - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Artificial Muscles Get A Grip On Human Hand - Science Daily

3/13/2005: Do you believe in life on Mars?  - Nature
3/13/2005: Launch pad secured for space tourists
 - New Scientist
3/13/2005: Jupiter mirrors flares on far side of Sun
 - New Scientist
3/13/2005: 'Strange Angel' and 'Astro Turf': Rocket Men
  - NY Times
3/13/2005: Scientists Release Audio Sent By Huygens During Titan Descent
 - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Spelunking on Mars: Caves are Hot
3/13/2005: Spots in Search for Life
3/13/2005: Debris is Shuttle's Biggest Threat
3/13/2005: Space exploration fan nominated for NASA boss
 - New Scientist
3/13/2005: Bush Nominates Physicist to Lead Space Agency
  - NY Times

3/13/2005: Technology reveals its softer side  - CNN
3/13/2005: Tiny Particles Could Solve Billion-dollar Problem - Science Daily
3/13/2005: Nano World- Nano To Speed Drug Discovery - SpaceDaily
3/13/2005: Fujitsu Develops 40Gbps Optical Switch Using Quantum Nanotechnology - SpaceDaily


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