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  March 13, 2004

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Messages From Mars: New Findings Change Focus of Future Exploration - Space.com  Already on the books is a potent flotilla of NASA Mars craft, such as the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter for 2005, the Phoenix Mars lander in 2007, and a Mars Science Laboratory rover for 2009. Gauging the toxicity of martian soil has to be done, Weiler said. Also, how best to use the minerals on Mars for conversion to oxygen, or to power rockets is high on his action item list. 
Rare 'Tumbleweed' Survives Antarctica - SpaceDaily  A balloon-shaped robot explorer that one day could search for water on other planets has survived some of the most trying conditions on planet Earth during a 70-kilometer (40-mile), wind-driven trek across Antarctica. The Tumbleweed Rover, which is being developed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., left the National Science Foundation's Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station on Jan. 24, completing its roll across Antarctica's polar plateau roughly eight days later. The ultra-durable ball reached speeds of 30 kilometers per hour (10 miles per hour) over the Antarctic ice cap.


A Step Up for Toy Robots - ABC  Left:  The $99 RoboSapien can run, dance, and even perform karate moves using a design philosophy that espouses mechanical control systems should be based on those found in human bodies. (WowWee Toys) The secret of RoboSapiens is a philosophy called BEAM, or Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics. Essentially the robots are designed with simple control circuits instead of complex computer chips and vast arrays of transistors. The simple controls are connected to sensors and the mechanics of the robot itself, in essence creating a machine that mimics a biological counterpart. RoboSapiens should hit U.S. shores later this year and is expected to cost less than $100.   

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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/13/2004: Wolf attack map predicts danger areas  - Nature
3/13/2004: Baker's Yeast Rises From Genome Duplication
 - Science Daily
3/13/2004: Researchers Describe Method Of Protecting Chromosomes During Cell Division - Science Daily
3/13/2004: Biochip Makes Droplet Test Tubes  - Technology Review 

Climate, Environment:
3/13/2004: One in eight of world's birds facing extinction - New Scientist
3/13/2004: Butterflies in Danger After Calif. Fires  - NY Times
3/13/2004: NASA Embarks On A Sweeping Airborne Expedition - Science Daily
3/13/2004: Global Warming Could Be Affecting Wolf-Moose Balance - Science Daily
3/13/2004: Ecotourism Stressing Out Animals - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Climate Change Could Release Old Carbon Locked In Arctic Soils - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Power Station Operators Could Trade Carbon Outputs With Farmers - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Warming Oceans Could Mean More Rainy Days in Paradise - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Short-Lived PCs Have Hidden Costs  - Wired News

3/13/2004: Pitfall Swings and Misses  - Wired News

3/13/2004: Chip sets extend fiber with copper in last mile  - El. Engr. Times
3/13/2004: Envivio Demonstrates Live Full-Res H.264 MPEG-4 Main Profile Over Direcway - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: DoD Buys net.com's SHOUTIP Secure Voice Over IP For Satellite Medium - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: One Person, One Phone  - Technology Review 
3/13/2004: A Mobile Media Mogul  - Wired News

3/13/2004: Intel prepares for optical-interconnect future  - El. Engr. Times
3/13/2004: Chip design knights ride to slay power dragon  - El. Engr. Times
3/13/2004: Silicon saga has most intriguing plot in memory - Seattle Times
3/13/2004: Nanowires vie with carbon tubes for next-gen transistors - Silicon Strategies

3/13/2004: UN study: Think upgrade before buying a new PC - New Scientist
3/13/2004: Pocket PCs Masquerade as IPods  - Wired News

3/13/2004: Web sites still struggle with pricing strategy - Seattle Times
3/13/2004: Use of World Wide Web is widening, says study - Seattle Times
3/13/2004: One File Swapper, One Lawsuit  - Wired News
3/13/2004: How to Speed-Read the Internet  - Wired News

3/13/2004: Yesterday's battle?  - C/Net
3/13/2004: Thwarting Oracle  - C/Net
3/13/2004: Security vendors go on offense  - C/Net
3/13/2004: Letting Jini out of the bottle--again  - C/Net
3/13/2004: EU, Microsoft in conflict over clause  - C/Net
3/13/2004: Adobe adds bar codes to PDF forms  - C/Net
3/13/2004: When Necessity Meets Ingenuity: Art of Restoring What's Missing  - NY Times

3/13/2004: Miniature fuel cells may oust batteries - New Scientist
3/13/2004: Hydrogen Initiative Report - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Ethanol Yields Hydrogen  - Technology Review 

3/13/2004: Folic Acid Fortification May Have Lowered Stroke Deaths - Science Daily

3/13/2004: Rb Protein's Role In Retina Development Is Key To Understanding Devastating Eye Cancer - Science Daily
3/13/2004: New Breast Pap Smear Detects Early Cellular Changes; May Prevent Onset Of Breast Cancer - Science Daily
3/13/2004: Cancer's Penchant For Developing Drug Resistance Is A Result Of Chromosome Reassortment, UC Berkeley Scientist Proposes - Science Daily
3/13/2004: UC Berkeley Biologist Disputes Current Dogma That Genetic Mutation Is The Cause Of Cancer - Science Daily
3/13/2004: Harvard Medical School Researchers Identify Four Human Genes Essential To Cell Division; Discovery Yields New Target For Cancer Therapies

3/13/2004: New Approach To Controlling E. Coli In Pigs - Science Daily


3/13/2004: Painkiller linked to rise in overdose deaths - New Scientist
3/13/2004: Hope raised for diarrhoea vaccine - New Scientist
3/13/2004: Will An Apple A Day Keep The Doctor Away? There Are Better Food Choices, Research Notes - Science Daily
3/13/2004: Baboon Behavior Offers Clues In The All-too-human Battle Of The Bulge; Don't Be Too Quick To Blame Your Diet, New Research Suggests - Science Daily
3/13/2004: Understanding Obesity- New Research Examines How Hunger Signals Work In The Brain - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/13/2004: Historic Bank Houses History of Chemistry  - NY Times
3/13/2004: New Evidence Suggests Early Oceans Bereft Of Oxygen For Eons; Early Life May Have Lived Very Differently Than Life Today - Science Daily
3/13/2004: New Ethiopian Fossils Are From 6-million-year-old Hominid Living Just After Split From Chimpanzees - Science Daily
3/13/2004: A World Ruled By Fungi - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: A New Branch Of Primitive Humans Reported Found In Ethiopia - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Saharan Groundwater At Least A Million Years Old - SpaceDaily

3/13/2004: Campaign '04 - Business Week
3/13/2004: Industry Outlook - Business Week
3/13/2004: Where to Invest - Business Week
3/13/2004: Berkeley Researchers Developing Robotic Exoskeleton That Can Enhance Human Strength And Endurance - Science Daily
3/13/2004: Pentagon Plans Major Weapons Trade-Offs - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Taiwan Urged To Build-Up Arms - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Russia Helped Iraq Missile Program - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: US Unveils High-Tech War Gadgets - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: China Plans Jam-Proof Comsat - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Arctic Researchers Rescued Off Ice - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Pakistani Nuclear Scientist Acted Without Government Support- US Official - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: UN Nuclear Watchdog To Review Iran And Libya - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: As Losses Mount, US Military Unveils New High-Tech Gadgets - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Should Publicly Funded Research Be Free And Available To The Public? - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Army Orders 11 New Shadow Tactical UAVs From United Industrial - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: ILS, Alcatel Sign Contract to Launch WORLDSAT 3 Satellite - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Jobs Data No Boon for Tech  - Wired News
3/13/2004: Battening Cargo Against Terrorism  - Wired News
3/13/2004: Nielsen Recognizes New Ad Reality  - Wired News
3/13/2004: U.S. Urged To Take Lead In issuing Biometric Passports  - Wired News
3/13/2004: Lurking 'Spyware' May Be a Security Weak Spot  - Wired News
3/13/2004: Apple's New Chapter in the Classroom  - Wired News


Physics and Astronomy:
3/13/2004: Space Phenomenon Imitates Art In Universe's Version Of Van Gogh Painting - Science Daily
3/13/2004: Particle Physicists Look to the Future
 - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: NASA's O'Keefe Stands Firm on Hubble Decision, But Agrees to New Study
 - Space.com
3/13/2004: Senators want second opinion on Hubble death...
 - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Senators Ask NASA for Hubble Alternative...
 - SpaceDaily


3/13/2004: Rare 'Tumbleweed' Survives Antarctica - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: A Step Up for Toy Robots  - ABC
3/13/2004: Robots rev up for Grand Challenge contest  - Nature
3/13/2004: Globalstar To Provide Real-Time Tracking For DARPA Grand Challenge - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: The Power of Artificial Muscles  - Wired News
3/13/2004: Japan Seeks Robotic Help in Caring for the Aged  - Wired News

3/13/2004: Messages From Mars: New Findings Change Focus of Future Exploration - Space.com
3/13/2004: NASA Faces Rush of Retirees
 - Space.com
3/13/2004: Martian Moon Captured Crossing the Sun by Opportunity Rover - Space.com
3/13/2004: Littering Mars But Who's There To Complain - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: China To Train Female Taikonauts - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Japan To Launch Again By Nov - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Neil Armstrong Endorses Bush's Space Plan
 - ABC
3/13/2004: Senators Ask NASA for Hubble Alternative
 - ABC
3/13/2004: Rocks picked for Rosetta meeting
  - BBC
3/13/2004: Hubble may get robot repair
  - BBC
3/13/2004: China admits Great Wall cannot be seen from space
  - BBC
3/13/2004: Nasa rover looks into the abyss
  - BBC
3/13/2004: Mars rover finds crater a little depressing
 - New Scientist
3/13/2004: Detailed Viewer's Guide: Five Planets Soon Visible
 - Space.com
3/13/2004: Mars Rovers to Last Longer Than Expected
 - Space.com
3/13/2004: Mars Rovers See Earth, Moons and Stars
 - Space.com
3/13/2004: Big Plans For Mars Beyond The Horizon
 - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Mars Desks 1800x1200 - 1280x1024 - 1024x768 - 800x600
 - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Spirit Looks Down Into Crater After Reaching Rim
 - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Two Asteroid Fly-Bys For Rosetta
 - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Mars Rover Maneuvers For Rim Shot...
 - FirstScience
3/13/2004: Spirit at the Edge of Bonneville Crater...
 - FirstScience
3/13/2004: Cassini Sees Clumps in Saturn's Rings...
 - FirstScience
3/13/2004: Spirit Sees the Earth...
 - FirstScience

3/13/2004: Liquid lens promises cheap gadget optics - New Scientist
3/13/2004: Lab- High - Tech Brake System Helps Drivers  - NY Times
3/13/2004: Carbon nanotubes go magnetic - PhysicsWeb
3/13/2004: Researchers Create Terahertz Magnetism From Non-magnetic Materials - Science Daily
3/13/2004: New Nanotube-Laced Gel, Create New Means Of Aligning Nanotubes - SpaceDaily
3/13/2004: Nanotech’s First Blockbusters?  - Technology Review 


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