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  March 12, 2006

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The dead Thames whale.  Image: ZSL/PA Green Gods: Is environmentalism becoming a new hair-shirted religion?  - BBC   Environmentalism has become a religion, writes Martin Livermore in this week's Green Room; humans should take off their hair shirts, and enjoy the lifestyles which progress has created. Our very intelligence sometimes makes us realise how little of the natural world we truly understand, and puts us in awe of the forces of Nature. This feeling of powerlessness before the forces of Nature led to early forms of religion. Although they were replaced in time by the current great world religions, in a strange way we are returning to our earlier beliefs.   
Artist's impression of space shade.  Image: Science Picture Library Shading Earth: Could sunshades in space and giant guns curb global warming?  - BBC  he US National Academy of Sciences found that 55,000 orbiting mirrors would reflect enough sunlight to counter about half the doubling of carbon dioxide. But each mirror must be 100 sq km; any larger and you would need a manufacturing plant on the Moon, says Dr MacCracken. By contrast, the "human-volcano" approach is on terra firma and less costly. Inspired by studies of the Mt Pinatubo eruption of 1991 and the cooling effect of its sulphur plume, one proposal suggests that naval guns shoot sulphur pellets into the air to increase Earth's albedo, or reflectivity. "One of the problems of putting sulphate particles in the stratosphere is that it would destroy the ozone layer; so you might solve the global warming problem, but then we'd all die of that." A few years ago, Dr Caldeira set out to disprove an idea to cool the Earth with a sheet of superfine reflective mesh. "We were originally trying to show that this is a bad idea. Much to our chagrin, it worked really well."

Image: Boat and sperm whale

How whales outsmart fishing fleets - MSNBC  Left:  A sperm whale swims near a fishing boat in Alaska. Sperm whales are likely using the sounds of fishing boat engines as underwater "dinner bells" to hone in on sablefish hooked by longlines in the Gulf of Alaska, scientists say.  View related photos  Sperm whales donít tune in to just any engine noise to track what are essentially miles of sablefish shish kebabs. The endangered whales key in on the enginesí sporadic bubbling, the continuing study said. The work has led researchers to recommend some low-cost ways for fishermen to hoodwink the highly intelligent cetaceans  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/12/2005:†How whales outsmart fishing fleets  - MSNBC
3/12/2005:†Convergent Evolution Of Molecules In Electric Fish
 - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†Mammals, fruit flies-same biological clock ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†Stopping the next extinction wave  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Under threat: Illegal logging threatens millions of butterflies in Mexico  - BBC
3/12/2005:†A scientist suggests 'Nessie the elephant' monster theory  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Frozen embryo case decision due  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Mighty mice - MSNBC
3/12/2005:†Have we got cell division all wrong? - New Scientist
3/12/2005:†Furry 'lobster' found in Pacific  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Pollination power The US is running out of bees for its key almond crop  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
3/12/2005:†Green Gods: Is environmentalism becoming a new hair-shirted religion?  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Shading Earth: Could sunshades in space and giant guns curb global warming?  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Global Warming Evidence Grows - Un Expert ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†Managing toxic waste ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†Kidnapping of journalist who condemned deforestation ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†New Orleans Rebuilders Face Pollution Exposures ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†Controversial Russia oil pipeline approved ... - MSNBC
3/12/2005:†Tsunami changes giant earthquake theory ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†Vesuvius risk planning criticised  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Carbon burial plan for North Sea  - BBC

3/12/2005:†CeBIT show to unveil new range of products - Seattle Times
3/12/2005:†Women Gamers Duke It Out  - Wired News
3/12/2005:†Fetish: The Portable Astronomer  - Wired News
3/12/2005:†Wireless iPod headphones for $45  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†Video: Trailer: Godfather, the game  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†What do women want from gaming?  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†Gadgets: Supergrip tripod turns your camera upside down
  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†Are gadgets too complex for us?
  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†Massive LCD to debut at CeBIT
  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†Cebit opens up world of hi-tech
  - BBC
3/12/2005:†CES reveals cool, clean gadgets
  - BBC
3/12/2005:†TV revolution: BBC and ITV take first steps to putting TV channels on internet
  - BBC

3/12/2005:†Calling time: What does the future hold for telephone calls over the internet-
  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Big phone merger and the little guy
  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†Wi-Fi poaching can be uncouth
  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†Intel speeds up Wimax plan
  - BBC

3/12/2005:†Researcher Works On Molecular Diode - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†'Rev F' ends single-core Opteron era for AMD  - C/Net

3/12/2005:†Little PC a big step - Seattle Times
3/12/2005:†Archive | Big ideas at work in tiny PC from Microsoft - Seattle Times
3/12/2005:†Wireless USB devices arriving by September  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†Intel CTO tips 'tera-scale' computing  - El. Engr. Times

3/12/2005:†Web site builds powerful storehouse of research - Seattle Times
3/12/2005:†Stay tuned for MSN search news - Seattle Times
3/12/2005:†Identity 2.0  - Technology Review 
3/12/2005:†You've Got PayMail  - Technology Review 
3/12/2005:†Building a Narrated Slide Show on the Web  - Technology Review 
3/12/2005:†Are Spam Blockers Too Strict?  - Wired News
3/12/2005:†Chinese Set Up Lawmaker Blogs
  - Wired News
3/12/2005:†E-mail delivery 'tax' criticised
  - BBC
3/12/2005:†'Internet evangelist' Vint Cerf on the future of the web
  - BBC
3/12/2005:†E-commerce soap opera
  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†Microsoft: Microsoft lets people drive in online map
  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†Politics: Justice Department v. Google court date postponed again
  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†MySpace: It's up there with MSN, Google & Yahoo! But have you heard of it-
  - BBC
3/12/2005:†New standards for website access
  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Selling the search: Google's Internet Evangelist on the future of the internet
  - BBC
3/12/2005:†World web: How China could change the global nature of the internet
  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Move over couch potatoes, the super surfers are taking over
  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Thousands fall for Hotmail prank
  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Blogging book prize hots up
  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Online publisher's European move
  - BBC

3/12/2005:†Cisco, Microsoft to collaborate on tools - Seattle Times
3/12/2005:†Apple puts home network where it makes sense - Seattle Times
3/12/2005:†Backup battery gives you time to save data - Seattle Times
3/12/2005:†What Jobs Didn't Say  - Wired News
3/12/2005:†Media- Studios want teens to just say 'no' to file sharing  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†Microsoft to make Vista easily upgradeable  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†LAMP lights the way in open-source security  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†New debate for French piracy law  - BBC

3/12/2005:†Think Solar Not Nuclear For The Energy Of The Future, Say Scientists - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†New Nukes in Europe  - Technology Review 
3/12/2005:†Battery Promises Portable Power  - Wired News
3/12/2005:†Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†Clean energy market to clean up  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†Power politics Why the EU wants a common energy policy and its key points  - BBC

3/12/2005:†New Route To Stroke Therapy Could Protect Vulnerable Neurons - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†Secrets Of Success In The Rapid Treatment Of Heart Attacks - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†Early sign of artery damage found  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Thin couch potatoes risk heart disease too, a study suggests  - BBC

3/12/2005:†Inflammatory Biomarker Helps Identify Progressive Precancerous Lesions In The Lung - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†Breast cancer and the hype over Herceptin - New Scientist
3/12/2005:†Taking the blame: Non-smokers with lung cancer say people look down on them  - BBC

3/12/2005:†Flu 'hits tropics just as hard'  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Editorial: Use vaccines against bird flu - New Scientist
3/12/2005:†'Hedges not cull' for cattle TB  - BBC

3/12/2005:†Antibody Therapy Reduces Asthma In Mice - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†Kick the habitSupport available to help you give up smoking for good  - BBC

3/12/2005:†Rare Liver Disease More Prevalent Around Toxic Waste Sites In New York City - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†Reducing Teens' Intake Of Sugary Drinks - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†New Genetic Discovery Explains 74 Percent Cases Of Age-related Macular Degeneration - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†Mum's exercise boosts baby's brain  - Nature

History, Anthropology:
3/12/2005:†Archaeologists To Establish True Value Of Roman Silver Coins - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†Vesuvius Could Destroy Naples, History Suggests - Live Science
3/12/2005:†Study Finds Evolution Doesn't Always Favor Bigger Animals ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†4,000-year-old shipyard found in Egypt - MSNBC
3/12/2005:†Statues found at ancient Egyptian temple - MSNBC
3/12/2005:†Many human genes evolved recently - New Scientist
3/12/2005:†On This Day 1950: Rover unveils gas turbine car for Silverstone test
  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Family may provide evolution clue
  - BBC

3/12/2005:†Government to go deeper into debt - Seattle Times
3/12/2005:†Looking for a home? Start at your computer - Seattle Times
3/12/2005:†Itsy bitsy Bell - Seattle Times
3/12/2005:†Senator Opposes Pentagon Plan To Downgrade Space Command - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005:†They Enjoyed Their Oscar  - Wired News
3/12/2005:†Scientists Developing a 'Nuclear Car Wash' to Protect Our Ports ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†Google's Cerf on talent hunt in U.K.  - C/Net
3/12/2005:†Europe to invest $3 billion in embedded research  - El. Engr. Times
3/12/2005:†Did Pentagon create orbital space plane? - MSNBC
3/12/2005:†Pacemaker for Sir Patrick Moore  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Science book longlist announced  - BBC

3/12/2005:†High Percentages Of Depression Have Been Greatly Exaggerated - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†Researcher Identifies Brain Activity That 'Sets The Stage' For Retaining Memories - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†Do active mums produce brainier babies? - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
3/12/2005:†Software To Bring Order To Information Chaos - Science Daily
3/12/2005:†Spitzer Spies Intergalactic 'Sonic Boom'
 - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005:†Asteroid theorist wins top research prize ...
 - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†Cosmic collisions, past and future, shown ...
 - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†Next decade of solar storms could be much stronger
  - C/Net


3/12/2005:†Lower Cost, Portable Surgical Robots Could Be Smooth Operators - Science Daily

3/12/2005:†Space Walk, Docking Planned - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005:†To Pluto And Beyond
 - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005:†Spirit Measures Highest Columbia Hill
 - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005:†Rants 'n Raves: Prospace Responds
  - Wired News
3/12/2005:†Fourth orbiter to arrive at Mars on Friday ...
 - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†Japanese entrepreneur next space tourist to head into orbit ...
  - Physics Org
3/12/2005:†Ukraine, Russia working on joint space program ...
 - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†Scientists On Capitol Hill Decry NASA''s Science Budget Request ...
 - FirstScience
3/12/2005:†SpaceX building reusable crew capsule

3/12/2005:†HP inventor infects others with desire to ask "Why?" - Seattle Times
3/12/2005:†Spacesuit Technology Reaching Earthly Applications - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005:†Working Toward Computer Roll-ups  - Wired News
3/12/2005:†Format wars: As Blu-ray and HD DVD come to market, which will win?  - BBC
3/12/2005:†Cosmic Log: Revving up the Miles-Per-Gallon Prize - MSNBC


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