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  March 12, 2005

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Russia Working On 'Defense-Proof' Nuclear Missiles: Minister - SpaceDaily  Left:  File photo of a Topol-M rocket test fire.  "There is not now and will not be any defense from such missiles," the news agency quoted Ivanov as saying. He has however said in the past that Russia's future nuclear defenses will be based on the mobile, Topol-M rocket. Ivanov said also that Russia was now focusing its attention on the Baluva, a sea-based strategic missile model that can be armed with a nuclear warhead. Russia has said on repeated occasions that it was developing missiles capable of penetrating the missile defense shield being developed by the United States, whose construction Moscow had furiously opposed. Analysts have suggested that Russia is developing a missile which can "zigzag" while in flight and thereby dodge anti-missile defenses. 
Consigned To Cern The Last Component Of Cms Solenoid - SpaceDaily  It is the largest superconducting solenoid in the world and it is able to generate a magnetic field 100.000 times stronger than the Earth's one. The hugest superconducting solenoid ever built in the world is finally completed. It is formed by five huge modules connected to each other and will generate a magnetic field of 4 Tesla, equal to 100.000 times the Earth's magnetic field. This extraordinary system will be dedicated to Cms (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment at Lhc accelerator at Cern. The main aim of the experiment is identifying the Higgs boson, the most elusive particle of modern subnuclear physics.    

Analysis: Giant Rig Offers New Technology - SpaceDaily  Left:  Artist's Impression of the Thunder Horse platform.  Advances in offshore technology in the last decade have ma de it possible for oil companies to drill at depths unheard of in the past and do it in a safe and more environmentally sound way, which are exhibited on the Thunder Horse platform. The deepwater region of the gulf may contain more than 56 billion barrels of oil equivalent, according to Johnnie Burton, director of the Minerals Management Service, the federal agency that regulates drilling and collects royalties for the government. Thunder Horse will operate in a 1 billion barrel field more than 6,000 feet deep.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/12/2005: Limiting Gene Therapy for Kids  - Wired News
3/12/2005: Genome of Deadly Amoeba Shows Surprising Complexity ...
 - FirstScience
3/12/2005: Hydrogen And Methane Provide Raw Energy For Life At 'Lost City' - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: Tiger patrol: The armed rangers on the trail of the world's big cat poachers  - BBC
3/12/2005: Stem cell therapy safety boosted  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
3/12/2005: Huge 2004 Stratospheric Ozone Loss Tied To Solar Storms, Arctic Winds ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005: Green farming set for growth ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005: Dam strategy raises environmentalists' ire ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005: Climate change is caused by the rich but mostly felt by the poor ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005: Angry man knifes teen biker over noise pollution ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005: Save the planet (and GBP80,000 of your cash) ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005: NASA's 'Great Earth Observatory' Marks Five Years Of Climate Discoveries ... - SpaceDaily

3/12/2005: Sony tackles Apple's iPod shuffle  - BBC
3/12/2005: Sony to debut flash-memory audio players - Business Week
3/12/2005: With flash Walkman, Sony takes on iPod Shuffle  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Photo: The new flash Walkman  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Photos: Cell phone meets the Walkman  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Playing with iPods  - C/Net

3/12/2005: Why Your Broadband Sucks
  - Wired News
3/12/2005: Virgin Radio offers 3G broadcast
  - BBC
3/12/2005: Powell makes final VoIP call
  - C/Net
3/12/2005: AOL unveils VoIP plans
  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Super-fast broadband to trickle out in U.K.
  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Telcos: See you online
  - C/Net

3/12/2005: Group warns Intel on market competition - Business Week
3/12/2005: Intel- x86 won't encroach on Itanium  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Sources: IBM ditching Itanium altogether  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Intel confirms Itanium has a future  - C/Net
3/12/2005: HP Leaves the Chip-Making Business  - C/Net
3/12/2005: AMD adds Opteron to embedded processor lineup  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Japan antitrust watchdog bites Intel
  - C/Net

3/12/2005: The New Wearable Computers - Business Week

3/12/2005: 'Legal okay' for Russian MP3 site  - BBC
3/12/2005: Net threats on the move  - C/Net
3/12/2005: MoSoSos not so so-so  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Fired Googler gets new gig  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Ohio law would regulate eBay sellers  - C/Net
3/12/2005: VoIP Taxation  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Bush Signs Internet Tax Moratorium
  - C/Net
3/12/2005: FAQ: Blogging on the job
  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Bloggers, chill out already!
  - C/Net

3/12/2005: BBC investigates Doctor Who leak  - BBC
3/12/2005: Pirate television: The what, where and how of the Doctor Who net leak  - BBC
3/12/2005: Wind River aims for Eclipse expansion  - C/Net

3/12/2005: Analysis: Giant Rig Offers New Technology - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: Monsanto Joins Forces With Team Ethanol to Increase Public Awareness Around Corn-Based Renewable Energy ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005: Clock ticking on fusion decision  - BBC
3/12/2005: Nuclear fusion in action  - BBC

3/12/2005: Blood vessel study shows laughter really is the best medicine  - BBC

3/12/2005: Thalidomide slows cancer disease  - BBC

3/12/2005: Wrong vaccine is given to pupils  - BBC
3/12/2005: Study suggests 'type 3 diabetes'  - BBC
3/12/2005: Tests show bird flu cases missed  - BBC

3/12/2005: Prove passive smoke harm call  - BBC
3/12/2005: Tough talking: The GP who does not spare smokers' feelings  - BBC

3/12/2005: Cheap At-Home Genetic Testing Opens Deep Pandora's Box - Technology Review 
3/12/2005: Blood vessel study shows laughter really is the best medicine  - BBC
3/12/2005: Calorie count: Is beer really less fattening than wine, spirits or fruit juice?  - BBC
3/12/2005: More food withdrawn in dye scare  - BBC
3/12/2005: Sports drinks 'dissolving teeth'  - BBC
3/12/2005: Medical data made whole  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Building a Medical Data Network  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Large Doctors' Groups Rolling Out Electronic Medical Records  - C/Net

History, Anthropology:
3/12/2005: Fossils find gives clues to origin of human walking ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005: 'Hobbit' fossil likely represents new branch on human family tree ... - FirstScience
3/12/2005: NASA Study Suggests Giant Space Clouds Iced Earth ... - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: King Tut 'died from broken leg'  - BBC

3/12/2005: Russia Working On 'Defense-Proof' Nuclear Missiles: Minister - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: The Future Shock - Technology Review 
3/12/2005: World-Changing Ideas - Technology Review 
3/12/2005: England's EBay for Sex  - Wired News
3/12/2005: Israeli Army Sports Wrist Video  - Wired News
3/12/2005: Russia Developing New Space Radars - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: Northrop Grumman Demonstrates Weapons Drop From Proteus UAV - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: India Increases Science Budget By 24% - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: Science plea: Top head teacher asks ministers not to scrap popular science course  - BBC
3/12/2005: Man of mystery: Sony boss, famous for bear hugs, is keen to embrace change  - BBC
3/12/2005: Howard Stringer: Climbing the Mountain at Sony - Business Week
3/12/2005: A Memo from Sony's New Chief - Business Week
3/12/2005: Harvard rejects 119 accused of hacking  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Managing the parallel 'you-niverse'  - C/Net
3/12/2005: How Much Can People See About Me?  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Transmitting good growth signals  - C/Net
3/12/2005: The rise of innovation in Asia  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Plugging into the future  - C/Net
3/12/2005: The right passage to India  - C/Net
3/12/2005: CIO Jury: what IT bosses really think of vendors
  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Global governance: the view from the 2005 World Economic Forum
  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Whose patent is it, anyway?
  - C/Net

3/12/2005: Staying calm: How being angry all the time can be bad for your health  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
3/12/2005: Consigned To Cern The Last Component Of Cms Solenoid - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: No Formal Risk Analysis of Hubble Rescue by NASA ...
 - FirstScience
3/12/2005: Scientists focus on state-of-art telescope ...
 - FirstScience
3/12/2005: Astronomers Measure Slowest Motion Across The Sky
 - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: Cern machine gets key part
  - BBC
3/12/2005: A-bomb architect Hans Bethe dies
  - BBC


3/12/2005: Space Snakes and Scorpions  - Wired News

3/12/2005: Debris is Shuttle's Biggest Threat -
3/12/2005: ILC Dover Exploring Intelligent Materials For Inflatable Structures

3/12/2005: The Promise Of Modular Launchers
 - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: US Air Force Lifts Ban On Boeing In Satellite Launches
 - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: Power to explore: Why the US space agency is looking into nuclear propulsion
  - BBC
3/12/2005: Rosetta Captures Moonrise Above Pacific - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: Double Volcanic Eruption In Eastern Russia
 - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: Shuttle In Shipshape Condition As RTF Looms
 - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: Interstellar Pioneers Facing Termination
 - SpaceDaily

3/12/2005: TR: Running on Empty, RFID Medical Tags and the Week in Review - Technology Review 
3/12/2005: RFID Invades the Capital  - Wired News
3/12/2005: CeBIT: Gadgets on Parade  - Wired News
3/12/2005: World's Biggest Tech Fair Shakes Off Sector Blues With New Gadgets - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: Japanese Firm Develops Dome-Shaped Screen For 3D Viewing - SpaceDaily
3/12/2005: Crumbs! The tale of a biscuit-munching mannequin  - BBC
3/12/2005: Tech takes a backseat
  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Up on the big screen
  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Samsung launches huge LCD amid price slump -- Monday, Mar 7, 2005
  - C/Net
3/12/2005: Fitting the world's biggest travel guide in a pocket
  - NY Times


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