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  March 11, 2006

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Cooled by an electric pulse  - Nature  A material has been made that turns cold at the push of a button, a feature that could be harnessed by novel cooling systems for computers. This principle, called the electrocaloric effect, has been known since the 1960s, but it had seemed too weak an effect to be of much use. The Cambridge team has now found a ceramic material that shows what they call a giant electrocaloric effect; it's more than 100 times larger that seen previously. The material is actually a variant of a well-known one, called lead zirconate titanate, or PZT. This hard, crystalline solid is piezoelectric: squeezing it creates an electric field inside it. This makes PZT useful for inter-converting sound and electrical energy, as is done in some microphone and ultrasound technologies.
An exhibit Living traditions: An exhibition shows how western medicine is not the only choice  - BBC  Ever wondered what an African medicine man might carry in his bag in the 19th Century? For the record, it is thirty animal vertebrae, two pebbles, one hoof, two pieces of carved bone and one nut-shell. Or has the appearance of a Sri Lankan syringe in the 16th Century caused a few moments of contemplation? 'Western' medicine' is not the only widely used medical tradition. The exhibition discusses the traditions and explores the fact that they are still very much alive and continuing to grow.  

Image: Iceberg

New satellite data show Antarctic ice loss - MSNBC  Joining the growing list of places on this planet that are melting, Antarctica is losing about 36 cubic miles (150 cubic kilometers) of ice every year, scientists reported Thursday. The south polar region holds 90 percent of Earth’s ice and 70 percent of the total fresh water on the planet, so any significant pace of melting there is important and could contribute to an already rising sea. "This is the first study to indicate the total mass balance of the Antarctic ice sheet is in significant decline," said Isabella Velicogna of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Other studies have documented rapid melting, unprecedented in modern times.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/11/2005: 'Hippie chimps' fast disappearing in Congo ... - FirstScience
3/11/2005: Hummingbirds have superb memories
3/11/2005: Microbes survived the Columbia shuttle disaster - New Scientist
3/11/2005: Discussion- Beyond the selfish gene - New Scientist
3/11/2005: Floral eavesdroppers get defensive - New Scientist
3/11/2005: Baby Triceratops Skull Suggest Reasons for Horns - Live Science
3/11/2005: How to Grow a Bigger Brain - Physics Org

Climate, Environment:
3/11/2005: New satellite data show Antarctic ice loss  - MSNBC
3/11/2005: Envisat Detects La Nina Beginning - SpaceDaily
3/11/2005: Business and community volunteers boost Salvation Army recycling efforts ... - FirstScience
3/11/2005: Campbell backs calls for tougher green taxes ... - FirstScience
3/11/2005: Scotland should not be bullied into becoming a dump for toxic waste ... - FirstScience
3/11/2005: Sir Menzies wants pollution tax levied on cheap flights ... - FirstScience
3/11/2005: States take lead when it comes to global warming ... - FirstScience
3/11/2005: Maldives to get Indian help for setting up Marine National Park ... - FirstScience
3/11/2005: Deep-sea secrets - MSNBC
3/11/2005: Risky race to pollution-free Antarctic lake - MSNBC
3/11/2005: Geologist Alvarez wins top research prize - MSNBC

3/11/2005: Deal of the day: Sony DVD Camcorder for $409  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Reverse engineering'The Godfather'  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Images: Meet the Corleones  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Video: 'Godfather,' the game  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Palm outlook not as rosy after BlackBerry pact  - C/Net
3/11/2005: iPod accessory stores go brick-and-mortar  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Commentary: RIM has only won the battle
  - C/Net
3/11/2005: • BlackBerry Won't Get Squashed
 - Business Week
3/11/2005: 'The Force' lives on in 'Star Wars: Empire at War'
  - CNN
3/11/2005: PlayStation 3 delay confirmed
 - Digg
3/11/2005: » Xbox 360: Roundup and Review , Mar 02
- Physics Org
3/11/2005: Hurricanes, other vortices seize energy via 'hostile takeovers'
  - Physics Org

3/11/2005: Phone-record scam bills cleared for final votes
  - C/Net
3/11/2005: New paint blocks cell phone signals
  - C/Net
3/11/2005: OmniVision tips 'instant focusing' for camera phones
  - El. Engr. Times
3/11/2005: Samsung adds hard drive to mobile phone
  - El. Engr. Times
3/11/2005: Toronto to become wireless hotspot
 - Digg
3/11/2005: 36 comments
 - Digg
3/11/2005: » Text messaging remains top service for mobile phone users- IDC , Mar 03
- Physics Org

3/11/2005: Making sense of the Intel-AMD moshpit  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Who wants or needs 64 bits?  - C/Net
3/11/2005: AMD boosts Opteron speed, plans 'Rev F' models  - C/Net
3/11/2005: • AMD Chips Away at Intel - Business Week
3/11/2005: Intel aims to get back on track  - CNN
3/11/2005: Putting multicore processing in context: Part One  - El. Engr. Times
3/11/2005: Putting Multicore Processing in Context- Part 2
  - El. Engr. Times
3/11/2005: Intel outlines processor plans at IDF
  - El. Engr. Times
3/11/2005: Software blocks phone MEMS, says researcher
  - El. Engr. Times


3/11/2005: Google's goal: 'Biggest footprint'  - C/Net  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Does Google spawn bad writing?
3/11/2005: Maps to the starsgo online  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Images: Celebrity mashups  - C/Net
3/11/2005: AOL to let others customize its AIM software  - C/Net
3/11/2005: AOL opens up IM  - C/Net
3/11/2005: • Making MySpace Safe for Kids
 - Business Week
3/11/2005: Gadget lets authors sign books from afar
 - Business Week
3/11/2005: Chinese gov't sets up blogs for lawmakers
 - Business Week
3/11/2005: Senator offers Internet neutrality bill
  - CNN
3/11/2005: Risky websites get a billion visits a month
 - New Scientist
3/11/2005: New AJAX-powered blogging system.
 - Digg
3/11/2005: 76 comments
 - Digg
3/11/2005: Mozilla made $72 million from Firefox
 - Digg
3/11/2005: 122 comments
 - Digg
3/11/2005: » Networking: E-mail as slow as snail mail? , 2 hours ago
- Physics Org
3/11/2005: Hotmail banks on speed for better service
- Physics Org
3/11/2005: » System may transform hiring, online dating , 57 minutes ago
- Physics Org

3/11/2005: Microsoft whispers Origami details  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Congress raises broadcast flag for audio  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Microsofties love freebies, a lot  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Start-up launches pre-built wikis  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Getting a taste of computer roll-ups
3/11/2005: » Japan unveils fastest supercomputer , Mar 01 - Physics Org
3/11/2005: China's bloggers grapple with profit motive  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Europe's most powerful computer unveiled in Germany - Physics Org

3/11/2005: Wind energy playing significant role in renewable energy sector ... - FirstScience
3/11/2005: Top UK advisers say 'No' to nuclear power - New Scientist
3/11/2005: » Spanish test out olives as energy source , Mar 06 - Physics Org
3/11/2005: » Towards hydrogen as fuel for cars and electronic devices , 1 hour ago - Physics Org
3/11/2005: » Carbon fiber cars could put US on highway to efficiency , 3 hours ago - Physics Org
3/11/2005: » Motor industry displays several shades of green at Geneva show , Mar 06 - Physics Org

3/11/2005: Heart, Heal Thyself? - Business Week
3/11/2005: Picking Up the Pace - Business Week
3/11/2005: Slide Show: The Computer in Your Chest - Business Week
3/11/2005: • The Pulse of Heart-Drug Research - Business Week
3/11/2005: • How to Choose a Hospital Online - Business Week
3/11/2005: • Spotting Heart Disease Early - Business Week
3/11/2005: More research urged on antidepressant heart risk
 - New Scientist

3/11/2005: Cancer patients 'pay stealth tax'  - BBC

3/11/2005: UK travellers get bird flu advice  - BBC


3/11/2005: Treatment pains: China's healthcare capitalism leaves rich and poor suffering  - BBC
3/11/2005: Manufactured Nanoparticles Might Pose Health Threat - Live Science
3/11/2005: The Harder You Exercise, the Quicker You Recover - Live Science

History, Anthropology:

3/11/2005: Report details influence of fallen chairman - Seattle Times
3/11/2005: Natural-gas imports rise with U.S. needs - Seattle Times
3/11/2005: Celebrity hype bad reason to buy fund - Seattle Times
3/11/2005: Insurers find new ways to rate you - Seattle Times
3/11/2005: The appeal of having a lifetime annuity - Seattle Times
3/11/2005: Quaker fund's winning streak keeps going - Seattle Times
3/11/2005: You shouldn't dress down if you want to move up - Seattle Times
3/11/2005: Perspective: The problem of thin-skinned politicos  - C/Net
3/11/2005: 300 geniuses call him boss  - C/Net
3/11/2005: AT&T's call for relevance  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Manufacturing myopia  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Six jobs that won't exist in 2016  - C/Net
3/11/2005: AT&T Rings a Familiar Bell - Business Week
3/11/2005: • Pfizer's Latest Growing Pains - Business Week
3/11/2005: Timeline of AT&T-BellSouth deal - Business Week
3/11/2005: Wine Wurlitzer - New Scientist
3/11/2005: US Black Military Space Shuttle Program Confirmed! - Digg
3/11/2005: 66 comments - Digg
3/11/2005: www.WikiTree.org - Digg
3/11/2005: AT&T's BellSouth buyout plan worries many
- Physics Org

3/11/2005: Knockout blow - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
3/11/2005: Neutrino 'mixing' may solve dark energy conundrum - New Scientist
3/11/2005: One of the largest shockwaves ever seen in the universe
 - Digg
3/11/2005: 25 comments
 - Digg
3/11/2005: » Experimental atomic clock uses ytterbium 'pancakes' , 3 hours ago
- Physics Org
3/11/2005: » Scientists issue unprecedented forecast of next sunspot cycle , 4 hours ago
- Physics Org
3/11/2005: » Nanocaps help scientists control magnetism reversal , Mar 03
- Physics Org
3/11/2005: Cosmic collisions, past and future, shown
  - Physics Org



3/11/2005: Jupiter opens a second red eye - New Scientist
3/11/2005: China delays spacewalk mission by six months
 - New Scientist
3/11/2005: NASA to Return to Moon
 - Digg 
3/11/2005: 100 comments
 - Digg 

3/11/2005: Acabion: The shape of cars to come?  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Photos: Styling in Geneva
3/11/2005: Cooled by an electric pulse  - Nature
3/11/2005: Sun pushes pervasive computing  - C/Net
3/11/2005: An RFID solution to rush hour headaches?  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Photos: RFID traffic reducer  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Authors warned of digitization threat
  - C/Net
3/11/2005: Author's invention reaches fans by remote control
  - CNN
3/11/2005: Cars and Motoring
 - New Scientist
3/11/2005: New e-paper products released in Japan
 - Digg
3/11/2005: 22 comments
 - Digg
3/11/2005: » Hitachi develops elevator cars that circulate in loop , Mar 02
- Physics Org
3/11/2005: » New nanotech process could increase computer memory , Mar 02
- Physics Org
3/11/2005: » 'Nano skins' show promise as flexible electronic devices , Mar 01
- Physics Org
3/11/2005: Nanoparticles create biocompatible capsules
- Physics Org


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