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  March 10, 2006

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Mars To Earth: Sample Mission A Must - Space.com   A robotic mission to haul samples back from Mars to Earth should be on NASA’s "most wanted" list, but a risk adverse space agency has left the project in limbo. Bringing back the goods from Mars by robotic means—designated as MSR—is still downstream in NASA thinking, Hinners said. While a high science priority for almost three decades, the U.S. has yet to commit to MSR, he said, with the project always a decade or more away in plans and "safely down far enough."     
health (stock image) Drug 'blocks Alzheimer's course'  - BBC  A drug that appears to block the progression of Alzheimer's disease has been identified by scientists. In tests on mice, the drug, AF267B, reversed the symptoms of memory loss and problems with learning associated with Alzheimer's. Further analysis showed it also reduced levels of protein clumps and tangles often found in Alzheimer's patients. The study, by the University of California, Irvine, is published in the journal Neuron. The drug also cut levels of both protein plaques - found outside brain cells - and tangles - found inside the cells - in the cortex and hippocampus.   

Image: Steamboat Geyser

Volcano is on the rise at Yellowstone park - MSNBC  Left:  Steam rises from Steamboat Geyser at Yellowstone National Park during an eruption on May 2, 2000. Activity at Steamboat, the world's largest geyser, is seen as a manifestation of the Yellowstone caldera's changing geology.   Forces brewing deep beneath Yellowstone National Park could be making one of the largest volcanoes on Earth even bigger, a new study reveals. In the past decade, part of the volcano has risen nearly 5 inches (12 centimeters), most likely due to a backup of flowing molten rock miles below the planet's crust. The activity may have cracked the crust in the park's famous Norris Geyser Basin.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/10/2005: Drug 'blocks Alzheimer's course'   - BBC
3/10/2005: Scientists Close in on Alzheimer's Genes ...
 - FirstScience
3/10/2005: Researchers Identify First Compound To Block Progression Of Alzheimer's Disease
 - Science Daily

3/10/2005: Convergent evolution of molecules in electric fish ...  - Physics Org
3/10/2005: Baby's Helping Hands: First Evidence For Altruistic Behaviours In Human Infants And Chimpanzees
 - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
3/10/2005: Volcano is on the rise at Yellowstone park  - MSNBC
3/10/2005: New IMAX Film Brings Deep Sea to Life - Live Science
3/10/2005: Satellites Detect Significant Ice Loss In Antarctica - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: No Flush: Let the Yellow Mellow  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Deep Sea 3D Takes IMAX Underwater  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Slick Virgin oil to lubricate market ... - FirstScience
3/10/2005: World faces water crisis as global warming upsets balance ... - FirstScience
3/10/2005: Greenpeace Criticizes Russia's Environmental Review Process ... - FirstScience
3/10/2005: Alberta stuns environmentalists by suspending the grizzly bear hunt ... - FirstScience
3/10/2005: Ozone thinning having impact on plants ...  - Physics Org
3/10/2005: Mexico City air pollution is studied ...  - Physics Org
3/10/2005: Himalayan melting risk surveyed  - BBC
3/10/2005: BBC offers epic portrait of Earth  - BBC
3/10/2005: Global warming bubbles up from the ocean - New Scientist
3/10/2005: Putting Coal Ash Back Into Mines A Viable Option For Disposal, But Risks Must Be Addressed - Science Daily

3/10/2005: Is this a joke? - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: Minimalist iPod Dock Installed Into Desk - Digg
3/10/2005: 87 comments - Digg
3/10/2005: Utah Games-as-Porn Bill Dies  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Fio MP3 player sunglasses for $60  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Unconscious jogger identified through iPod  - C/Net
3/10/2005: 42 comments
  - C/Net
3/10/2005: iPod accessory stores go brick-and-mortar
  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Photos: Shops for iPod lovers
  - C/Net

3/10/2005: Talk is cheap on Internet telephone services
 - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: Wireless experts know best
 - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: ISPs will soon back the P2P and bittorrent revolution for Television
 - Digg
3/10/2005: 44 comments
 - Digg
3/10/2005: FCC Probes Caller-ID Fakers
  - Wired News
3/10/2005: BT 'quadruples' broadband speeds
  - BBC
3/10/2005: Hey neighbor, stop piggybacking my Wi-Fi
  - C/Net


3/10/2005: MacBook Pro has looks and brains  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Photos: MacBook Pro on parade  - C/Net

3/10/2005: Internet harassment roils S. Korea - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: The ugly side of seeking love online - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: Let Readers Decide What's Good  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Google GDrive isn't a rumor - Digg
3/10/2005: 65 comments
- Digg
3/10/2005: China to split the Internet! - Digg
3/10/2005: Hands Off Our Internet! - Digg
3/10/2005: 61 comments
 - Digg
3/10/2005: Serving Up Porn in HD Over IP
  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Waxy Fights for Right to Parody
  - Wired News
3/10/2005: MySpace to bolster security
  - CNN
3/10/2005: Senator offers Internet neutrality bill
  - CNN

3/10/2005: Microsoft asks U.S. courts to force rivals to surrender documents - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: Sensitive stuff belongs on very solitary computer - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: How I introduce Open Source Software to new people - Digg
3/10/2005: 45 comments
 - Digg
3/10/2005: 3d Render of bathroom looks too real - Digg
3/10/2005: 134 comments - Digg
3/10/2005: Looking for Pirates on the Inside  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Will Subpoenas Ruin a Good Thing?  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Sony's future may rest on software  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Processors: WinTel machines less dull in the UK?  - C/Net

3/10/2005: Practical Fuel-Cell Vehicles  - Technology Review 
3/10/2005: Photo Essay: Dirty Oil  - Technology Review 
3/10/2005: The Methanol Economy  - Technology Review 
3/10/2005: Dung Under Pressure Makes Gas  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Green Cars Make Clean Getaways  - Wired News

3/10/2005: Anti-depressant Use Associated With Increased Risk For Heart Patients - Science Daily
3/10/2005: Genes Affecting Blood Pressure Change As Children Become Adults - Science Daily

3/10/2005: Watching Cancer Cells Die  - Technology Review 


3/10/2005: Dramatic warning on khat misuse  - BBC

3/10/2005: Key genes for sight defect found  - BBC
3/10/2005: Building confidence: Has she had cosmetic surgery, or is it just a trick of the light?  - BBC
3/10/2005: Workers with diabetes lose jobs  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
3/10/2005: The Evolution Of Right And Left Handedness ...  - Physics Org
3/10/2005: Archeology And Genetics Team Up To Put A Much Earlier Date On South American Agriculture - Science Daily

3/10/2005: U.S. calculations on savings don't add up, some say - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: Not just pastries anymore- Starbucks gets serious about breakfast - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: Misadventures in mastering a new DVD recorder - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: Wade Cook, wife face January trial - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: New Low Cost Rate Plan Targets Government, Business and Private Consumers - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: Apple conquers living room. It might be a month before someone notices. - Digg
3/10/2005: Brand Doesn't Pull Its Punches  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Webmonkey Mailbox: Flickr Mashups  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Recommending Tunes for the iPope  - Wired News
3/10/2005: James Bond Is a Fake  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Brokeback Bunnies  - Wired News
3/10/2005: RFID: Sign of the (End) Times-  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Rants 'n' Raves: Space Hawks  - Wired News
3/10/2005: U.S. To Give Nuclear Arsenal a Makeover ... - FirstScience
3/10/2005: Child trafficking: Mounriatou and her baby died months after going home  - BBC
3/10/2005: AT&T bids $67 billion for BellSouth  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Tom DeLay ally finds home at Apple  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Bush defends India job outsourcing  - C/Net
3/10/2005: 76 comments  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Quote of the day: Terror and hope lead to resolution  - C/Net
3/10/2005: AT&T buys BellSouth for $67 billion
  - El. Engr. Times
3/10/2005: Analysis: AT&T-BellSouth deal dials back Ma Bell
  - El. Engr. Times

3/10/2005: Chronic fatigue brain injury link  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
3/10/2005: Part-time pulsar yields new insight into inner workings of cosmic clocks ...  - Physics Org
3/10/2005: Gigantic cosmic cataclysm in Stephan's Quintet of galaxies ...
  - Physics Org
3/10/2005: Fastest view of molecular motion
  - BBC

3/10/2005: World faces challenge as technologies lengthen life expectancies, biologist says ...  - Physics Org


3/10/2005: Mars To Earth: Sample Mission A Must - Space.com
3/10/2005: Station Partners Choose Assembly Before Research
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: Heinz Condiments Treat Astronauts At The International Space Station
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: Joint Statement By International Space Station Heads of Agency
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: SMART-1 Tracks Crater Lichtenberg And Young Lunar Basalts
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: TPS Picks 'Postcards From Venus' Winners
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: Too Early To Ban Proton-M Launches - Roscosmos
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: US Backs India's Unmanned Lunar Mission
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: 2102 Space Rock To Give Earth Its Closest Shave
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: NASA kills off troubled asteroid mission - New Scientist

3/10/2005: A Quantum Encryption Breakthrough   - Technology Review 
3/10/2005: Yes, They're Real! - Digg
3/10/2005: 90 comments - Digg
3/10/2005: link three 19" monitors for 3840x1024 display - Digg
3/10/2005: 65 comments - Digg
3/10/2005: Photo Gallery: Geneva Motor Show  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Koenigsegg CCX Is Not a Race Car
  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Garage Geniuses Go Prime Time
  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Row, Row, Row Your Bike
  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Space suit technology used for firefighter ...
  - Physics Org
3/10/2005: DVD battle heads for showdown
  - BBC


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