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  March 10, 2005

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Widespread Arctic Warming Crosses Critical Ecological Thresholds - New Scientist  Unprecedented and maybe irreversible effects of Arctic warming, linked to human intervention, have been discovered by a team of international researchers. The researchers have found dramatic new evidence of changes in the community composition of freshwater algae, water fleas and insect larvae (the base of most aquatic food webs) in a large new study that covers five circumpolar countries extending halfway around the world and 30 degrees of latitude spanning boreal forest to high arctic tundra ecosystems. "Human interference is affecting ecosystems on a profound scale."    
First Dark Matter Galaxy Comes Into View - New Scientist  Left:  The ellipse shown on the left was where a signal was picked up by Jodrell telescope showing the peak at the 21 cm Hydrogen-Line emitted by the Hydrogen gas in the dark galaxy. However, we would normally expect to see a visible mass the size of the galaxy on the right. Credit: University of Manchester. The ellipse shown on the left was where a signal was picked up by Jodrell telescope showing the peak at the 21 cm Hydrogen-Line emitted by the Hydrogen gas in the dark galaxy. However, we would normally expect to see a visible mass the size of the galaxy on the right. Credit: University of Manchester. VIRGOHI21 appears to be the first dark galaxy ever detected.    

Newly Seen Force May Help Gravity In Star Formation - New Scientist  Left: This stunning image comes from the R Corona Australis star-forming region, about 500 light years from Earth. This image was created with the University of Hawaii 88-inch telescope in the "near" infrared waveband, which is slightly lower in energy than what is visible to our eyes. Many protostars (reddish) and young stars (bright white) are seen here. [credit: UH88 / Nedachi et al.]  Scientists have pierced through a dusty stellar nursery to capture the earliest and most detailed view of a collapsing gas cloud turning into a star. The observation  suggests that some unrealized, energetic process - likely related to magnetic fields - is superheating the surface of the cloud core, nudging the cloud ever closer to becoming a star.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/10/2005: Marijuana Ingredient May Stall Decline From Alzheimer's - Science Daily

3/10/2005: Right to name monkey species nets $650,000 - MSNBC
3/10/2005: Foiling Fugitive Fish
 - Science Daily
3/10/2005: Natural Selection As We Speak - Science Daily
3/10/2005: FDA Halts Gene Therapy Experiments - Washington Post
3/10/2005: Seducing Scientists  - Wired News
3/10/2005: A Window Into the Minds of Plants  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Biologists Fret as Mexico Butterfly Numbers Dive ... - FirstScience
3/10/2005: Smart collective How does an army of little dumb animals do clever things?  - BBC
3/10/2005: Baffling beetles - MSNBC
3/10/2005: Mass stranding leaves dolphins dying in Florida - New Scientist
3/10/2005: Enzyme Shown To Help Protect Genomic Stability - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
3/10/2005: Widespread Arctic Warming Crosses Critical Ecological Thresholds  - New Scientist
3/10/2005: Bush nominates acting head to run EPA - MSNBC
3/10/2005: Airlines Face Cuts In Ozone Gases - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: Greenpeace Calls Brazil's Biosecurity Bill Unconstitutional ... - FirstScience
3/10/2005: Energy Commission launches Web portal on climate change ... - FirstScience
3/10/2005: NOAA- Mild El Nino Weakens in Pacific ... - FirstScience
3/10/2005: Tsunami's waves spread toxic waste in Somalia ... - FirstScience
3/10/2005: E.P.A. Scientist Is Bush's Pick as New Chief  - NY Times
3/10/2005: Restoring The Marshes Of Eden - Science Daily
3/10/2005: We're Here, We're Warming, Can We Get Used To It? - Science Daily

3/10/2005: Imperious action: The force is strong in Star Wars game Republic Commando  - BBC
3/10/2005: More states target violent games  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Easy to spiff up those smart iPods - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: Loads of headphone options - Seattle Times

3/10/2005: Indecent Proposal
  - Technology Review 
3/10/2005: Online radio's new tune
- C/Net
3/10/2005: Camera phones recognise their owner
 - New Scientist
3/10/2005: All Wired Up
  - Wired News
3/10/2005: 'Mobile generation' going back to the tube
  - El. Engr. Times

3/10/2005: Nano-imprint makes progress as disruptive lithography - Silicon Strategies
3/10/2005: Mr. Chips takes final bow - C/Net
3/10/2005: Immersion steals show at SPIE but challenges remain - Silicon Strategies
3/10/2005: Intel technologist sketches long-range processor vision - Silicon Strategies
3/10/2005: Intel's crystal ball sees 'humanized' computing by 2015 - Silicon Strategies
3/10/2005: Intel puts cash behind its platforms push - Silicon Strategies
3/10/2005: MagnaChip introduces CMOS image sensor for pill camera
 - Silicon Strategies
3/10/2005: Week in review: Intel doubles-down
  - C/Net
3/10/2005:NIST Unveils Atom-based Standards For Measuring Chip Features Under 50 Nanometers
 - Science Daily

3/10/2005: Is Apple the new Microsoft?  - C/Net

3/10/2005: 'Unit needed' to tackle net porn  - BBC
3/10/2005: Apple 1, bloggers 0 - C/Net
3/10/2005: Domain Owners Lose Privacy  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Google's Secret of Success? Dealing With Failure  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Getting the net off the ground  - BBC
3/10/2005: 'Blogger fear' in Apple leak case  - BBC
3/10/2005: eBay scrambles to fix phishing bug
  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Click fraud roils search advertisers
  - C/Net
3/10/2005: The blogosphere's Matt Lauer
  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Don't take bait from no-account "phishers"
 - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: Learn to expect cracks in the best of firewalls
 - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: 3 programs expand options for Web logs
 - Seattle Times

3/10/2005: Tentative ruling favors Apple in blog case - C/Net
3/10/2005: Microsoft takes a patch breather - C/Net
3/10/2005: Paying for flaws becomes big business - C/Net
3/10/2005: Bill proposes new tax breaks for PC recycling - C/Net
3/10/2005: Record Industry Moves to Freeze Assets of Kazaa Directors  - Technology Review 
3/10/2005: Kazaa Assets Frozen in Australia  - Wired News
3/10/2005: A Place for Race in Medicine?  - Wired News
3/10/2005: ChoicePoint faces inquiry, will curtail data sales  - C/Net

3/10/2005: Bike maker heads for electric avenue - C/Net
3/10/2005: Photos: Electric rides - C/Net

3/10/2005: Push to cut heart deaths in young  - BBC

3/10/2005: CK2 Protein Sustains Colon Cancer Cells By Sabotaging Ability To Commit Suicide - Science Daily
3/10/2005: Declaring Biowar on Cancer  - Wired News

3/10/2005: Global measles deaths fall by 40%  - BBC
3/10/2005: Measles death toll plummets  - Nature
3/10/2005: Learning To Fight An Adversary That Won’t Stay Down - Science Daily
3/10/2005: Immediate Access To Antibiotics Stems Spread Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Science Daily
3/10/2005: 'Bird flu threat' from feathers  - BBC
3/10/2005: AIDS Public Awareness Campaign Expands Following Report Of Rapidly Progressive HIV - Science Daily
3/10/2005: Rapid, New Test Develped For Inherited Immune Deficiency
 - Science Daily

3/10/2005: Testing For Joint Substance In Blood Might Improve Diagnosis Of Osteoarthritis - Science Daily
3/10/2005: Medication Helps Alcoholics Control Drinking - Science Daily

3/10/2005: 'Tissue trade': The new body bank to help doctors find cures for deadly diseases  - BBC
3/10/2005: Brittle bones Eight-year-old has pioneering treatment for genetic  - BBC condition
3/10/2005: Patient Knows Best When It Comes To Ulcerative Colitis, U-M Study Finds - Science Daily
3/10/2005: Spit, And Call Me In The Morning: What Saliva Says About Disease, Cavities And Drug Use - Science Daily
3/10/2005: A Cut Above  - Wired News
3/10/2005: New Technologies Open World of Deaf-Blind  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Career change: The GP who swapped the suburbs for the Shetland islands  - BBC
3/10/2005: F.D.A. Seizes Millions of Pills From Pharmaceutical Plants  - NY Times
3/10/2005: Adverse Drug Events In Nursing Homes Are Far More Common Than Previously Identified
 - Science Daily
3/10/2005: Folic Acid Recommendations Have Had Little Impact On Birth Defects
 - Science Daily
3/10/2005: Mechanical Tension Helps Shape Lung Development
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/10/2005: Historian claims Nazis did nuclear tests - MSNBC
3/10/2005: New Device Will Help Stroke Victims' Recovery - Science Daily
3/10/2005: 'Hobbit' Fossil Likely Represents New Branch On Human Family Tree - Science Daily

3/10/2005: Women Said Worse Off Now Than 10 Years Ago  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Discovery: The most significant ideas in science and technology  - BBC
3/10/2005: Room for more: Information overload? Not for tech columnist Bill Thompson  - BBC
3/10/2005: Pupil tormented by video bullies  - BBC
3/10/2005: Carly's way:-like working in Cold War Hungary - C/Net
3/10/2005: Big Ego, Big Ears, Big Zilch - C/Net
3/10/2005: High-tech hunters push ethical envelope  - CNN
3/10/2005: Khan Network Can Regroup: Report - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: Censor Services Push Forward  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Comfortably Numb Relations  - Wired News
3/10/2005: PC Tax Could Replace TV License  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Calif. patient triggers nuclear-material detector ... - USA Today
3/10/2005: Too little too late? The belated battle to save Andaman tribes from extinction  - BBC
3/10/2005: Drug hope for child brain disease  - BBC
3/10/2005: Whose patent is it, anyway?  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Microsoft to pull out of MSNBC?  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Mitnick: Security depends on workers' habits  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Gartner: Outsourcing costs more than in-house  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Homeland Security picks up missing-kid tech  - C/Net
3/10/2005: The 25 top jobs for 2005
  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Why do good companies fail?
  - C/Net
3/10/2005: Computer sleuths dig deep to solve crimes
  - CNN
3/10/2005: 'Sperm clock' could pinpoint time of a rape
 - New Scientist
3/10/2005: Protecting Drinking Water Supplies Within Buildings
 - Science Daily
3/10/2005: Major Review Of Subway Systems Suggests Potential For Significant Health And Safety Hazzards
 - Science Daily
3/10/2005: House sales, prices keep up frantic pace
 - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: 262,000 jobs added, but jobless rate is up
 - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: SEC examines selling of stock at ChoicePoint
 - Seattle Times
3/10/2005: Salad-bar vendor now makes armor
 - Seattle Times

3/10/2005: Schepens Scientists Regenerate Optic Nerve For The First Time - Science Daily
3/10/2005: Rainbow Coalition of the Brain  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Researcher Explores Ways To Make Hypnosis A More Effective Therapeutic Technique - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/10/2005: Newly Seen Force May Help Gravity In Star Formation  - New Scientist
First Dark Matter Galaxy Comes Into View  - New Scientist
3/10/2005: Planet search reveals smallest star ever
 - New Scientist
3/10/2005: Researchers Find Saturn's Radio Emissions, Bright Auroras Linked
 - Science Daily
3/10/2005: Black Holes In A Radar Trap
 - Science Daily
3/10/2005: Giant Planet Birth Linked To That Of Primitive Meteorites
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: Undercover Stars Among Exoplanet Candidates
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: Super-Sharp Radio "Vision" Measures Galaxy's Motion In Space
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: Astronomers Detect Powerful Bursting Radio Source
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: Undercover Stars Among Exoplanet Candidates
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: Backing A Bad Hubble Decision
 - SpaceDaily


3/10/2005: Teams Build Robots That Walk Like Humans - Science Daily

3/10/2005: Chandra Probes High-Voltage Auroras On Jupiter - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: NASA Technology Supports Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer ...
  - FirstScience
3/10/2005: China training five pairs of astronauts for next manned flight ...
 - FirstScience
3/10/2005: NASA Scientists to Discuss Benefits of Space Medical Research at American Chemical Society's National Meeting ...
 - FirstScience
3/10/2005: Another Look At An Enigmatic New World - Science Daily
3/10/2005: ESA's Comet Chaser To Fly By Earth
 - Science Daily
3/10/2005: America's St Helens Volcano Erupts
 - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: Opportunity Continues South With New Mobility Software
 - SpaceDaily

3/10/2005: Nokia helps Volkswagen make phone-friendly car - C/Net
3/10/2005: Ames Laboratory Research May Lead To Hotter-Running Engines - SpaceDaily
3/10/2005: Scra-Scra-Scratching Thin Air  - Wired News
3/10/2005: Dick Tracy Goes to the Front  - Wired News


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