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  March 1, 2006

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Unique Exhibit Provides Glimpse Of Robotic Future - SpaceDaily  Picture a computer with no keyboard, mouse or monitor... just projected light, and a space that behaves like magic. But this is no figment of the imagination. It is Robot Ships, a unique exhibit, designed and produced by the Department of Electronics at the University of York, which will be unveiled this week at Connect, the new science and technology gallery at the Royal Museum in Edinburgh. Robot Ships, which goes live on 16 February 2006, uses the technology of Video Augmented Environments to create a tabletop ocean. Simply by touch, users can help or hinder robotic boats to work together to clean up oil spills, caused by virtual ocean tankers running aground on islands in the tabletop ocean. The autonomous seeker robots search for toxic spills which are then cleaned by cleaning ships. The exhibit illustrates how robots of the future will co-operate in a way that is based on the behaviour of living things.     
Shakespeare model Images 'show Shakespeare face'  - BBC  Forensic experts claim to have proved a bust and a death mask are the exact likeness of William Shakespeare. The systems, used by police, map out a person's face to identify whether they tally with known pictures. They matched the images with the Chandos portrait, the first picture bought by the National Portrait Gallery in 1856, which is believed to be Shakespeare. Elizabethan experts deny the claim, saying busts and portraits were not true likenesses so often look similar. "Superimposing the models revealed perfect matches between the forehead, eyes and nose."   

The Aliens Are Here! - SpaceDaily  Left: In a eukaryote, the DNA is located in the nucleus of the cell. A DNA molecule is composed of two helically spiral strands, each composed of a linear chain of sugar and phosephate molecules. Credit: MIT  Conspiracy theorists will readily tell you that the U.S. military is hiding alien corpses in a secret facility in the Nevada desert. But paleontologist and University of Washington geology professor Peter Ward thinks that scientists should be looking for a different type of alien life on earth: alien microbes. Although all known life on Earth has a similar DNA-based chemistry, life found on other worlds may not. There may, he says, be unfamiliar life forms on Earth, as well. And scientists would be wise to search for them.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/1/2005:Tool Helps Doctors Tailor Infertility Treatments For Couples - Science Daily
3/1/2005:Chromosome Rearrangements Not As Random As Believed
 - Science Daily
3/1/2005:Genes Involved In Cell Growth And Cell Division Identified - Science Daily
3/1/2005:Chimeras and Clones Roam Free - Wired News
3/1/2005:Coral reef found off Phang Nga must be protected from scuba divers ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
3/1/2005:ESA Joins Forces With Japan On New Infrared Sky Surveyor - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005:China Detains Man for Spreading Pollution Rumours ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005:Farming Provides Wildlife Habitat And Reduces Global Warming ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005:Sydney reports high levels of pollution ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005:Fossil wood gives vital clues to ancient climates ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005:China Strengthens Environmental Protection Enforcement ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005:EPA Adds New Tool to Help Air Quality Agencies Meet Fine Particle Standards ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005:Winter drought fears for wildlife  - BBC

3/1/2005:Google Bans SpaceWar.com - Science Daily
3/1/2005:iRiver Gets Its Game On - Wired News
3/1/2005:Big bang Black offers visceral, uncomplicated, tough shooting game  - BBC
3/1/2005: Game Notoriety Outscores Quality - Business Week
3/1/2005:Halo 3 and the second wave of Xbox 360 games  - C/Net
3/1/2005:Samsung 56-inch HD TV for $1,895  - C/Net

3/1/2005:Runaway success of villager's illegal DIY radio station
  - BBC
3/1/2005:RIM'sBig Day
 - Business Week
3/1/2005:Symbol's Stylish Handheld
 - Business Week
3/1/2005:Mobile Phones: The Next Generation
 - Business Week
3/1/2005:BlackBerry judge: No shutoff, for now
  - C/Net
3/1/2005:Dial A for antivirus?
  - C/Net
3/1/2005:Second final rejection issued for NTP patent
  - C/Net
3/1/2005:Disney on demand surfaces on Verizon
  - C/Net

3/1/2005:A 1,000-processor computer for $100K?  - C/Net

3/1/2005:Laptops Under $850 - Business Week
3/1/2005: Lenovo Makes a Name for Itself - Business Week
3/1/2005:Photos: Luxury laptops  - C/Net

3/1/2005:No Googling Perfect 10's Nudes - Wired News
3/1/2005:Free for all Blogs shift the boundary between the private and the public  - BBC
3/1/2005: The Future of the Blog - Business Week
3/1/2005:MPAA expands fight against piracy  - C/Net
3/1/2005:Should content providers pay for better Net infrastructure?  - C/Net
3/1/2005:Will Yahoo ban bids on trademarks?  - C/Net

3/1/2005:Businesses get to try out new version of Windows - Seattle Times
3/1/2005:UK rapped on data retention law  - BBC
3/1/2005:Microsoft Vista open for business  - BBC
3/1/2005:Salesforce.com Why Microsoft, Oracle and SAP want to crush a small rival  - BBC
3/1/2005:Piracy 'in almost every street'  - BBC
3/1/2005:Yahoo exec: Labels should sell music sans DRM  - C/Net

3/1/2005:Mutant Algae Is Hydrogen Factory - Wired News
3/1/2005:DOE Seeds Renewable Projects - Wired News
3/1/2005:Green powered Games ... - FirstScience



3/1/2005:New Study Shows Antibody-interleukin Complexes Stimulate Immune Responses - Science Daily
3/1/2005:Brilliant's Wish: Disease Alerts - Wired News
3/1/2005:UK to buy bird flu vaccine stock  - BBC
3/1/2005:France holds human bird flu drill  - BBC


3/1/2005:Use Of Statins Shows Improvement In Erectile Performance Of Some Men Who Previously Did Not Respond Well To Viagra - Science Daily
3/1/2005:Genetic Test Accurate For Salt-related High Blood Pressure - Science Daily
3/1/2005:Wal-Mart to offer improved health benefits - Seattle Times
3/1/2005:Labor unions tested by giveback demands - Seattle Times
3/1/2005:'Pharmed' goat drug not approved  - BBC
3/1/2005:Fresh theory on cause of Crohn's  - BBC
3/1/2005:Confusion over drug trial rights  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
3/1/2005:Scientists Reveal Ancient Origin Of Vertebrate Skeleton In Unlovable Lamprey - Science Daily
3/1/2005:Mammal Swam with Dinosaurs - Live Science
3/1/2005:Humans vs. Neanderthals: Game Over Earlier - Live Science
3/1/2005:Scientists Argue over Dino-Bird Fossil Worth Millions - Live Science
3/1/2005:- U.S. Agents Seize Fossilized Artifacts ... - L. A. Times
3/1/2005:New Fossil Overturns Beliefs About Jurassic Mammals ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005:Utah evolution bill revised for third time ...  - Physics Org
3/1/2005:'Fossils for sale' seized in US
  - BBC
Images 'show Shakespeare face'   - BBC
3/1/2005:Early Welsh in digital on display
  - BBC

3/1/2005:Average inflation-adjusted family income drops in 2004 - Science Daily
3/1/2005:In Days Of Old, Test Pilots Were Bold - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005:Actor Tries to Trademark 'N' Word - Wired News
3/1/2005:U.S. Ports Raise Proxy Problem - Wired News
3/1/2005:Live Thumbnails: Watch 'em Grow - Wired News
3/1/2005:Fast-Car Perks Crash and Burn - Wired News
3/1/2005:MI6 secret LSD test payouts  - BBC
3/1/2005:Police blotter: Dot-com magnate loses fraud appeal  - C/Net
3/1/2005:Intel wins Vietnam license for chip plant  - C/Net
3/1/2005:So many suckers--419ers bring in millions  - C/Net

3/1/2005:Learning And Memory Stimulated By Gut Hormone - Science Daily
3/1/2005:Autistic ability 'underestimated'  - BBC
3/1/2005:Child anxiety link to ecstasy use  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
3/1/2005:Shortlist Of Stellar Candidates For Habitable Worlds - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005:ESA Joins Forces With Japan On New Infrared Sky Surveyor
 - Science Daily
3/1/2005:Researchers Describe Discovery Of Pluto's New Moons
 - Science Daily
3/1/2005:Solar Flare Hits Earth and Mars
 - Space.com
3/1/2005:Mysterious Ball Lightning Created in the Lab
 - Live Science
3/1/2005:Hubble Confirms Pluto's New Moons
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005:JAXA Akari Space Telescope In Orbit
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005:Milky Way X-Ray Map Reveals Millions Of New Objects
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005:Researchers Solve Silicate Dust Mystery
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005:Spitzer Takes Temperature of Closest Exoplanet
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005:New Kind of Space Blast Seen Not Far from Earth ...
 - FirstScience
3/1/2005:Odd cosmic blast puzzles astronomers ...
3/1/2005:New kind of space blast seen not far from Earth
  - C/Net
3/1/2005:Images: Mysterious space explosion
  - C/Net



3/1/2005:The Aliens Are Here! - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005:X Prize Foundation Sets Draft Rules for Lunar Lander Challenge
 - Space.com
3/1/2005:Solving Settlement Problems: Dealing with Moon Dust
 - Space.com
3/1/2005:COMMENTARY: Astrobiology Budget in Peril
 - Space.com
3/1/2005:Pluto Might Have Rings
 - Space.com
3/1/2005:LockMart And Florida Pursue NASA's CEV
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005:Russian Mission Control's Operation To Widen ISS Orbit Complete
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005:Radiation 'Safe Zone' Migrates With Solar Cycle
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005:So, Is Pluto a Planet or Not? ...
 - FirstScience
3/1/2005:Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Passes Preliminary Design Review ...
  - Physics Org
3/1/2005:Go-ahead for Europe ice mission
  - BBC
3/1/2005:'All involved should be proud'
  - BBC  - BBC
3/1/2005:Q&A: Europe's ice mission
3/1/2005:Second chance: Duncan Wingham gets to re-fly his lost ice explorer mission
  - BBC




3/1/2005:Zoom! The Rocket Bike - Live Science
3/1/2005:A Solid That's Light as Air - Wired News
3/1/2005:Work More, Do Less With Tech - Wired News
3/1/2005:California bill would bar toxins in gadgets  - C/Net


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