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  March 1, 2005

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robot.jpg Robot 'learns' to walk like a toddler  - CNN  The difference between man and machine is shrinking. Scientists have developed a robot the "learns" to walk like a toddler, improving its stride and balance with every stride. The walking robot looks more like a moving Erector set than a human being, but the machine has the unmistakable gait of a person strolling along. The robot uses its curved feet and motorized ankles to spring its legs forward, its arms swinging at every step to help with balance. The passive dynamic design uses gravity, along with muscle-like springs and motors. The energy required is just a fraction of that needed by other walking robots, said Andy Ruina, a Cornell University researcher. Ruina said the walking robots move like humans, falling and catching themselves as they move forward. This essentially is the same movement people use, a motion toddlers must master to walk. "We let the machines take care of a lot of the motion."
India special: The silicon subcontinent India: The next knowledge superpower - New Scientist  There's a revolution afoot in India. Unlike any other developing nation, India is using brainpower rather than cheap physical labour or natural resources to leapfrog into the league of technologically advanced nations. Every high tech company, from Intel to Google, is coming to India to find innovators. Leading the charge is Infosys, the country's first publicly listed billion-dollar IT company. But the revolution is not confined to IT. Crop scientists are passionately pursuing GM crops to help feed India's poor. Some intrepid molecular biologists are pioneering stem-cell cures for blindness     

Image: Monkey and robotic arm

Monkeys think robotic arm into action - MSNBC  The monkey’s real arms are restrained in plastic tubes. To control the robotic arm, 96 electrodes — each thinner than a human hair — are attached to the monkey’s motor cortex, a region of the brain responsible for voluntary movement. Although there is an area of the cortex generally associated with arm motion, the exact placement of the electrodes is not crucial, Schwartz explained. "You don’t have to be exactly right because the brain is highly plastic," he said, referring to the fact that the brain will rearrange its structure to get things done. And food, it turned out, was a good motivator for the adaptable primate brain. Schwartz and his collaborators plan to move beyond the simple two-pronged gripper to a more realistic hand with fingers. "That’s where we want to go next," he said. "We will need to connect electrodes to 50 or 100 more neurons — we think."
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/1/2005: Widespread and non-random distribution of DNA palindromes in cancer cells provides a structural platform for s ...  - Nature
3/1/2005: Derivative chromosome 9 deletions are a significant feature of childhood Philadelphia chromosome positive acut ...
  - Nature
3/1/2005: Hyperventilating Grasshoppers - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Microbes survive deep permafrost  - BBC
3/1/2005: Amino Acids In Nectar Enhance Butterfly Fecundity: A Long Awaited Link - Science Daily
3/1/2005: Mapping Human Genetic Variation Across Populations - Science Daily
3/1/2005: Nano Mechanism To Control Protein May Lead To New Protein Engineering - Science Daily
3/1/2005: Bird IQ Table Gives Tool-users Something to Crow About  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
3/1/2005: Climate change increases diseases: report ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005: PG&E Pressed on Pollution Cleanup ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005: Report: Texas is among the worst states for diesel pollution ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005: Houston area a high risk for diesel soot pollution, study finds ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005: Brazilian government fights deforestation ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005: Rising emissions may make grain less nutritious-- ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005: Market Failure- Global Warming and Peak Oil By Bill Henderson ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005: Iran earthquake toll in hundreds ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005: Seismic Rocker Aims To Cut The Noise - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Will Kyoto Leave The U.S. Behind? - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Kenyan Nobel laureate urges global tree-planting campaign to support Kyoto - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Bush, Schroeder to agree to promote climate protection: draft declaration - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Resounding appeals for action at environmental conference in Kenya - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: A third of world's amphibian species threatened with extinction: UN - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Perchlorate found in breast milk across US - New Scientist
3/1/2005: 2004 Deadliest In Nearly 500 Years For Earthquakes - Science Daily
3/1/2005: Scripps Researchers Find Clear Evidence Of Human-Produced Warming In World’s Oceans - Science Daily

3/1/2005: Apple pipes in new iPods  - C/Net
3/1/2005: Photos: Small but colorful  - C/Net
3/1/2005: The camera connection  - C/Net
3/1/2005: Sony to withdraw from PDA market  - C/Net
3/1/2005: Apple unveils more iPods  - CNN
3/1/2005: Toys to Please the Inner Geek  - Wired News
3/1/2005: Apple Ships Four New IPods
  - Wired News
3/1/2005: How to Be an IPod Radio Star
  - Wired News
3/1/2005: Gory Games Get Banned
  - Wired News

3/1/2005: Wireless Networks: Open To Attacks
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Time Warner spruces up VoIP for businesses
  - C/Net

3/1/2005: Will the 'Cell' chip land in Macs?  - C/Net 

3/1/2005: Adobe versus the world  - C/Net

3/1/2005: Blogging backlash: Trophy-hunters or watchdogs- Heat is on in blogging row  - BBC
3/1/2005: Blogging Iran: Writing an online diary in Iran can prove very dangerous  - BBC
3/1/2005: How Paris Hilton got hacked  - C/Net
3/1/2005: Virus arrives in e-mail allegedly sent by FBI  - C/Net
3/1/2005: FBI e-mail warning  - CNN
3/1/2005: Quit Your Job to Blog, Blog, Blog  - Wired News
3/1/2005: Firefox Tops 25 Million-Download Mark
  - Wired News 

3/1/2005: Courts question anti-piracy rule  - BBC
3/1/2005: Finding a replacement for passwords  - C/Net
3/1/2005: Photo: In an antiphishing huddle  - C/Net
3/1/2005: Alcatel, Microsoft join in TV deal  - CNN
3/1/2005: Linux Takes Central IT Role  - Wired News


3/1/2005: Researchers Confirm Vioxx Nearly Doubled Cardiovascular Risks In Cancer Prevention Study - Science Daily

3/1/2005: Studies Examine Coffee Drinking And Risk Of Liver And Colorectal Cancers - Science Daily
3/1/2005: Study Shows Naturally Occurring Proteins Protect Against Rapid Tumor Growth - Science Daily

3/1/2005: WHO warning on bird flu - MSNBC
3/1/2005: Flu Vaccination Impact On Elderly Deaths May Be Over-estimated - Science Daily


3/1/2005: 'Cut cartoon food promotion ploy'  - BBC
3/1/2005: Illegal abortions: The dilemma faced by pregnant women in Vera Drake's time  - BBC
3/1/2005: Misleading drug ad clampdown  - BBC
3/1/2005: Synthetic enamel offers painless fillings - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:
3/1/2005: Dinosaur egg fossils discovered in E.China ... - FirstScience
3/1/2005: Cosmic rays reveal past and present secrets - MSNBC
3/1/2005: Panda skeleton found in Chinese tomb - MSNBC
3/1/2005: Christie's to Auction Computer Relics  - Wired News

3/1/2005: India: The next knowledge superpower  - New Scientist
3/1/2005: India special: The silicon subcontinent
 - New Scientist
3/1/2005: India special: Embracing GM crops - New Scientist
3/1/2005: India special: Vaccines for pennies - New Scientist
3/1/2005: India special: Sight for sore eyes - New Scientist
3/1/2005: India special: The IT pioneer - New Scientist
3/1/2005: India special: The silicon subcontinent - New Scientist
3/1/2005: India special: Space programme presses ahead - New Scientist
3/1/2005: India special: Bold plans for the nuclear future - New Scientist
3/1/2005: India special: Embracing GM crops - New Scientist
3/1/2005: India special: The returning scientist - New Scientist
3/1/2005: India special: Closing the door on generic drugs - New Scientist
3/1/2005: India special: Welcome to the global village - New Scientist
3/1/2005: India special: Making science pay - New Scientist
3/1/2005: Conflict looms over India's river plan - New Scientist
3/1/2005: The peace maker - New Scientist
3/1/2005: Culture shock - New Scientist
3/1/2005: 'Protato' to feed India's poor - New Scientist
3/1/2005: - New Scientist
3/1/2005: The River maker - New Scientist
3/1/2005: Expected Patriot Sale Panics Pakistan - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Britain Urges Global Stability Strategy
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: India Tests Medium-Range SAM
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Israel redevelops top-of-range spy satellite
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Bush says Iraq row is over, but warns of dispute over China embargo
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: European Union, US stand side by side in Iraq, Iran, Mideast: Solana
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Bush tough on Russia, smooth with rest of Europe- US press
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Bush, Schroeder step up pressure on Iran
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Ex-Israel air chief's appointment fuels speculation over Iran strike
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Blair confident of diplomatic answer to Iran stand-off
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Schroeder happy that US supports EU efforts on Iran
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Sina fights off unwelcome bidders
  - BBC
3/1/2005: EDS to move data centers to India
  - C/Net
3/1/2005: Liquidnet:-'Napster for stocks'
  - C/Net
3/1/2005: Pope addresses pilgrims via TV link
  - CNN
3/1/2005: To know science is to love it
  - Nature
3/1/2005: HP accused of secret ink cartridge switch-off, says report
 - Silicon Strategies
3/1/2005: ID Theft Victims Could Lose Twice
  - Wired News
3/1/2005: The 2005 Wired Rave Awards
  - Wired News
3/1/2005: U.S. Technology Advantage Slipping Away
  - Wired News
3/1/2005: Threat to BBC as EC Investigates Broadcasters
  - Wired News
3/1/2005: Next Major U.S. TV Network? Wal-Mart
  - Wired News
3/1/2005: TV, Tell Me What's On
  - Wired News

3/1/2005: Monkeys think robotic arm into action  - MSNBC
3/1/2005: Teaching Math Two Ways At The Same Time Boosts Learning - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/1/2005: Solar Tadpoles Wave at Astrophysicists ... - NASA
3/1/2005: Protected Areas Where Planets Can Form
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Muon Opportunists: Detecting The Unseen With Natural Probes
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Astronomers find star-less galaxy
  - BBC
3/1/2005: Quark soup may cause cosmic flashes
  - Nature
3/1/2005: Astronomers claim first 'dark galaxy' find
 - New Scientist
3/1/2005: Blast Affected Earth From Halfway Across The Milky Way
 - Science Daily


3/1/2005: Robot 'learns' to walk like a toddler  - CNN

3/1/2005: Fake astronaut scams all of India ... - NASA
3/1/2005: Can Bioregenerative Life Support Systems Make Strawberries
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: NASA Ups The Space-Ride Ante
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Life On Mars- New Data Could Reveal Places To Search
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Digging and Sniffing for Life on Mars
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Ice Packs and Methane on Mars Suggest Present Life Possible, European Team Says
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Skepticism Remains as NASA Makes Progress on Internal Culture
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Frozen sea on Mars linked to elevated methane
 - New Scientist
3/1/2005: Images Suggest 'Recent' Ice on Mars Sea
  - NY Times
3/1/2005: Japan roars back into space business - New Scientist
3/1/2005: Spaceship to ferry vital supplies to space station
 - New Scientist
3/1/2005: Around-the-world solo flight cleared for take-off
 - New Scientist
3/1/2005: Forensic Experts Restore Parts of Columbia Astronaut's Notes
  - NY Times
3/1/2005: After Failures, Space Effort in Japan Gets a Lift
  - NY Times
3/1/2005: Russia sends cargo ship to space station ...
3/1/2005: NASA Space Shuttle Processing Status 25 February 2005 ...
 - FirstScience
3/1/2005: NASA'S Great Observatory Marks Five Years of Climate Discoveries ...
 - FirstScience
3/1/2005: 02.28.05 - NASA Announces Shuttle Crew Interviews Astronaut Steve Robinson is available for interviews via sat ...
3/1/2005: Japan's H2A Rocket Returns To Flight
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Wealthy Chinese May Soon Embark On Private Space Flights
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Confidence restored, Japan aims for station on the moon in 2025
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Snails rocket up to ISS: Russia
 - SpaceDaily - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: India "a step ahead" of China in satellite technology: space chief
3/1/2005: EU to announce winner of satellite space race
 - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Japan's confidence begins to return with satellite success
 - SpaceDaily

3/1/2005: World's Smallest Synchrotron, MIRRORCLE-6X, Now Available - SpaceDaily
3/1/2005: Technology hopes to stop truck bombs  - CNN
3/1/2005: X-rays Have Become Laser-like - Science Daily


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