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  February 9, 2005

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Solar super-sail could reach Mars in a month Solar super-sail could reach Mars in a month - New Scientist  Gregory Benford of the University of California, Irvine, and his brother James, who runs aerospace research firm Microwave Sciences in Lafayette, California, envisage beaming microwave energy up from Earth to boil off volatile molecules from a specially formulated paint applied to the sail. The recoil of the molecules as they streamed off the sail would give it a significant kick that would help the craft on its way.     
Reading lessons for computers - Seattle Times  The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, or DARPA, granted a contract worth at least $400,000 last fall to two Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) professors who are trying to build a machine that can learn by reading. AI is ingrained in our lives, from programs used by banks in evaluating potential borrowers' credit ratings to software that suggests corrected spellings for unrecognized words to programs that mine databases seeking nonobvious relationships. What has proved more elusive, however, is software that can make heads or tails of the verbal thicket contained in sentences like this one.   

Commentary: Bush As King Canute - SpaceDaily  On July 16, 2002, we predicted, "The dollar has fallen well over 10 percent of its value against the euro and the yen since the start of the year. Four months ago, in mid-March, the euro was still worth a measly 86 cents. Now it is worth a dollar. We predict here in UPI Analysis that it will soon be worth very significantly more than that." Indeed it is, two and a half years later, the euro now routinely tracks at $1.30, if not more." On Monday, Chris Giles, economics editor of the respected Financial Times newspaper in London warned, "If new official flows (from Asian central banks) to the U.S. were to be curtailed the dollar would plunge." 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/9/2005: Whisker Velocity Patterns Tell Rats What They're Feeling - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Researchers Find New Genes Necessary To Make Embryo
 - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Researchers Develop 'Biological Pacemaker' - ABC
2/9/2005: No takers for Delhi's misbehaving monkeys  - BBC
2/9/2005: Teachers 'back' abortion advice  - BBC
2/9/2005: A Catfight over Allergy-Free Kitties - Business Week

Climate, Environment:
2/9/2005: Views From Space Help Oil Prospectors See Deep Underground - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Environmentalists Call For Mercury Control ... - FirstScience
2/9/2005: The Planet Introduces Ozone ACL Protection for VLAN ... - FirstScience
2/9/2005: Global Warming: Scientists Reveal Timetable ... - FirstScience
2/9/2005: Environmental groups says B.C. government failed to report Atlantic salmon escape ... - FirstScience
2/9/2005: Congress eyes HOV exemption for hybrids ... - MSNBC
2/9/2005: States See High Levels of Air Pollution ... - FirstScience
2/9/2005: Only huge emissions cuts will curb climate change ... - New Scientist
2/9/2005: Scientists' grim climate report  - BBC
2/9/2005: Guide to Climate Change  - BBC
2/9/2005: Introducing Planet Under Pressure  - BBC
2/9/2005: Life in Bangladesh's low-lying Ganges delta.  - BBC
2/9/2005: Photojournal: Facing rising tides  - BBC
2/9/2005: Quiz: Test your knowledge  - BBC
2/9/2005: Viewpoints: Climate concerns  - BBC
2/9/2005: Q&A: The Kyoto Protocol  - BBC
2/9/2005: Warming: The evidence  - BBC
2/9/2005: Beckett calls for climate action  - BBC
2/9/2005: Climate warning: Your reaction
  - BBC
2/9/2005: How can Kyoto be strengthened?
  - BBC
2/9/2005: The Exeter Conference
  - BBC
2/9/2005: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  - BBC
2/9/2005: Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research
  - BBC
2/9/2005: Scientific Alliance
  - BBC

2/9/2005: Apple Rivals Hoping to Sink iPod with New Players Full of Rented Music - Technology Review 
2/9/2005: Games Join Space Race  - Wired News
2/9/2005: Game firm holds 'cast' auditions  - BBC
2/9/2005: Sony PSP console hits US in March  - BBC
2/9/2005: Power up Mech Assault 2 heralds the war of the machines  - BBC

2/9/2005: Napster Goes Mobile
  - Wired News
2/9/2005: Chemists escape labs via mobiles
  - BBC
2/9/2005: The bell tolls for Ma Bell
  - C/Net
2/9/2005: Photos: From Bell to Telstar
  - C/Net

2/9/2005: Strained Days Indeed - Technology Review 
2/9/2005: Nano Bridge Builds Logic  - Wired News
2/9/2005: Chips That Thrive on Uncertainty - Business Week
2/9/2005: PlayStation 3 Cell chip aims high  - C/Net

2/9/2005: Write your own ticket to Esther Dyson's PC Forum 2005.  - C/Net

2/9/2005: Googling the Bottom Line  - Wired News
2/9/2005: Hunting Down E-Commerce Bandits  - Wired News
2/9/2005: More Super Bowl Fun: Dot-Com Ads  - Wired News
2/9/2005: Taxman cometh Columnist Bill Thompson says net taxes are inevitable  - BBC
2/9/2005: TV on demand: The net is changing what we watch and when we watch it  - BBC
2/9/2005: Warnings about junk mail deluge  - BBC

2/9/2005: A window into plans at Microsoft - Seattle Times
2/9/2005: The Password Is Fayleyure - Technology Review 
2/9/2005: Spam Equals Money  - Wired News
2/9/2005: Microsoft uncorks Elixir  - C/Net
2/9/2005: New stage for Office  - C/Net
2/9/2005: Study: Few bugs in MySQL database  - C/Net
2/9/2005: Sun floats open-source database idea  - C/Net
2/9/2005: Image: A Sun database?  - C/Net


2/9/2005: NYU Biologists Find New Function For Pacemaker Neurons - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Problems In The Bedroom Can Indicate Heart Problems - Science Daily
2/9/2005: VCU Research Shows Erectile Dysfunction Drug Reduces Death Of Heart Cells In Heart Attack Model - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Stroke recovery 'better at home'  - BBC

2/9/2005: 'Guidelines mean missed cancers'  - BBC

2/9/2005: Structure Of A Conserved RNA Element In The SARS Virus Genome Determined - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Mumps epidemic hits young people  - BBC
2/9/2005: Japan confirms first case of vCJD  - BBC

2/9/2005: Background 'DWI' Checks Effective: Study Shows That Pilots Who Drink And Drive Are At Higher Risk To Crash Planes - Science Daily
2/9/2005: New Research Could Help Physicians Tailor Asthma Therapy In Children - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Living donor diabetes transplant  - BBC
2/9/2005: Alcohol 'as harmful as smoking'  - BBC

2/9/2005: Calcium And Vitamin D Most Effective For Treatment Of Crohn's-related Bone Loss - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Discovery Promises Simpler Therapy For Sickle Cell Disease - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Chemists Create 'Superbowl' Molecule; May Lead To Better Health - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Screening For Osteoporosis Prevents Hip Fractures In Older Adults - Science Daily
2/9/2005: New Research Could Help Physicians Tailor Asthma Therapy In Children - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Spinal Cord Key to Sexual Dysfunction  - Wired News
2/9/2005: Baby weight gain 'over-estimated'  - BBC
2/9/2005: Boning up How medics improve orthopaedics in the developing world  - BBC
2/9/2005: Porn dentist 'must be struck off'
  - BBC
2/9/2005: Sex therapy: However you feel, you're not alone and support is available
  - BBC
2/9/2005: Sex habits of Nepalese trek guides and tourists to be studied
  - BBC
2/9/2005: Beholding beauty Why some South Koreans are using unlicensed surgeons
  - BBC
2/9/2005: Anti-depressants pregnancy risk
  - BBC
2/9/2005: 'Mermaid girl' to have legs split
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:

2/9/2005: New Language Points To Foundations Of Human Grammar - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Small companies flex their muscles on trade policy - Seattle Times
2/9/2005: Agency assumes airline's pension liability - Seattle Times
2/9/2005: A.G. Edwards accused of market-timing abuses - Seattle Times
2/9/2005: Microsoft Launches its EuroScience Initiative - Technology Review 
2/9/2005: Car Chase Tech That's Really Hot  - Wired News
2/9/2005: New Take on Winchester Mystery  - Wired News
2/9/2005: Watching TV May Soon Be Like Being There  - Wired News
2/9/2005: Los Alamos Penalized in Missing Disk Case  - Wired News
2/9/2005: Pay Radio Becomes Personal  - NY Times
2/9/2005: 'Star Trek: Enterprise' Cancelled By UPN Network -
2/9/2005: The NSS Attends the Hollywood Premier of 'Aliens of the Deep' -
2/9/2005: TV That Travels -- Slowly - Business Week

2/9/2005: More Homeless Mentally Ill Than Expected According To UCSD Study- Interventions Urged - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Dyslexia Slows Drivers' Reactions  - Wired News
2/9/2005: Liver alert on hyperactivity drug  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
2/9/2005: Scientists Find Missing Matter - Technology Review 


2/9/2005: Reading lessons for computers - Seattle Times

2/9/2005: Solar super-sail could reach Mars in a month  - New Scientist
2/9/2005: Titan: A World of Its Own
2/9/2005: Report scorns Beagle 2 decision
  - BBC
2/9/2005: US Lawmakers Mull Hubble's Fate
 - SpaceDaily
2/9/2005: IEEE-USA Supports Prolonging Life Of Hubble Space Telescope
2/9/2005: Poking Around On The Plains
 - SpaceDaily
2/9/2005: Nasa plans to bring down Hubble
  - BBC
2/9/2005: NASA 2006 Budget Presented: Hubble, Nuclear Initiative Suffer
2/9/2005: Missile Defense Takes Big Hit In 2006 Budget
2/9/2005: US Denies Life-Extension For Hubble
2/9/2005: Russia Making Satellite For Kazakhstan
2/9/2005: Green light for deployment of ESA's Mars Express radar ...
 - FirstScience
2/9/2005: Senator Mikulski Vows to Fight for Hubble ...
 - FirstScience
2/9/2005: NASA Fiscal Year 2006 Budget ...
 - FirstScience

2/9/2005: Anti-rollover system, OnStar for all GM models - Seattle Times
2/9/2005: Scientists Find Evidence Of Electrical Charging Of Nanocatalysts - Science Daily
2/9/2005: CSIRO Finds A Way To Get More Out Of Old Cars - Science Daily
2/9/2005: Brit Flying Car Earns Its Wings  - Wired News
2/9/2005: New York's Big Hopes for Nano - Business Week


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