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  February 8, 2006

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NASA Could Get To Pluto In Weeks By Going Nuclear: Experts - SpaceDaily  SD: You've said that a mission to Neptune could be accomplished in 15-and-a-half days?  PC: Yes, at 1G acceleration all the way. You're accelerating at 1G all the time, and then when you get halfway, you turn the engine around and you decelerate at 1G.  SD: Can you describe the powerplant that produces this?  PC: The Russians have said that by 2050 they will have a highly efficient system that uses an extremely small amount of propellant. PC: No. It's a fusion device that produces extremely high-velocity particles, as much as a tenth of the speed of light. 
Stark warning over climate change  - BBC  Rising concentrations of greenhouse gases may have more serious impacts than previously believed, a major scientific report has said. The report, published by the UK government, says there is only a small chance of greenhouse gas emissions being kept below "dangerous" levels. It fears the Greenland ice sheet is likely to melt, leading sea levels to rise by 7m (23ft) over 1,000 years. The poorest countries will be most vulnerable to these effects, it adds. In the report's foreword, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair writes that "it is now plain that the emission of greenhouse gases... is causing global warming at a rate that is unsustainable." The European Union (EU) has adopted a target of preventing a rise in global average temperature of more than two degrees Celsius. But that, according to the report, might be too high, with two degrees perhaps enough to trigger melting of the Greenland ice sheet. To have a good chance of achieving the EU's two-degree target, levels should be stabilised at 450ppm or below, the report concludes. But, speaking on Today, the UK government's chief scientific adviser, Sir David King, said that was unlikely to happen.

Washington Post: Warming debate shifts to ‘tipping point’  Now that most scientists agree human activity is causing Earth to warm, the central debate has shifted to whether climate change is progressing so rapidly that humans may be helpless to slow or reverse the trend. This "tipping point" scenario has begun to consume many prominent researchers in the United States and abroad, because the answer could determine how drastically countries need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years. Many say it is urgent that policymakers cut global carbon dioxide emissions in half over the next 50 years or risk the triggering of changes that would be irreversible.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/8/2005: Green turtle demise greatly exaggerated - New Scientist
2/8/2005: Battle of the tiddler vertebrates
 - New Scientist
2/8/2005: Safe pickings needed for India's vultures - New Scientist
2/8/2005: Preterm Birth Risk Quickly And Accurately Detected With Proteomic Profiling - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Study Finds Anthrax Toxins Also Harmful To Fruit Flies - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Evolution Mystery: Spider Venom And Bacteria Share Same Toxin - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Learning More About Beneficial Soil Fungi - Science Daily
2/8/2005: A Granddad's Advice May Help Thwart Mosquitoes - Science Daily
2/8/2005: From Lions To Honey Badgers: Report Lists Top 20 Most-vulnerable African Carnivores - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Idaho Researcher Finds Rare Giant Palouse Earthworm - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Researchers Find That Sense Of Smell Is Dependent On Body Position - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Pesticide Combinations Imperil Frogs, Probably Contribute To Amphibian Decline - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Magic mushrooms given away by a glow - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
2/8/2005: Washington Post: Warming debate shifts to ‘tipping point’
Stark warning over climate change   - BBC
2/8/2005: Q&A: Climate change  - BBC
2/8/2005: Warming: The evidence  - BBC
2/8/2005: Ice caps footage  - BBC
2/8/2005: Blog follows probe of submerged volcano - MSNBC
2/8/2005: Return of La Nina confirmed - MSNBC
2/8/2005: Microbes In Manure Can Minimize Potential Pharmaceutical Pollution - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Mandate aims to make new electronics less toxic  - CNN

2/8/2005: Tainted classics: Sega fails to inspire nostalgia for the golden age of gaming  - BBC
2/8/2005: Games that stick it to 'The Man'  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Images: Ad-busting game  - C/Net
2/8/2005: GPS receiver for $499.99  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Torvalds says DRM isn't necessarily bad  - C/Net

2/8/2005: Hackers tap Greek government cell phones
  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Software-defined radio could unify wireless world
 - New Scientist

2/8/2005: Centrino Duo: Buy or wait?  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Apple ads make things awkward for Intel
2/8/2005: Novel single-electron device formed, claims NIST  - El. Engr. Times

2/8/2005: Sign language Making software secure is tricky, says analyst Bill Thompson  - BBC
2/8/2005: Apple: Macs win the Mission hip wars  - C/Net

2/8/2005: Worm causes no major damage in Hong Kong - Seattle Times
2/8/2005: Kama Sutra worm hype may bite back  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Google: Job seeker creates Google Earth music video  - C/Net
2/8/2005: This week in search  - C/Net
2/8/2005: FAQ: When Google is not your friend  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Police: Teens may have met assailants on MySpace.com  - CNN
2/8/2005: Computer virus fells Russian stock exchange
 - New Scientist

2/8/2005: Microsoft says EU withholding files it needs for defense - Seattle Times
2/8/2005: The open-source programmer who means business  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Spyware tunnels in on Winamp flaw  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Bloggers rally around librarians over DRM  - C/Net
2/8/2005: This week in patent news  - C/Net

2/8/2005: Reducing Prices At Gas Pump Goal Of University Of Houston Engineers - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Consolidation to hit solar cell market  - El. Engr. Times

2/8/2005: Strokes ignorance 'costing lives'  - BBC
2/8/2005: New Plant Compounds Could Aid Blood Flow - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Engineered Heart Tissue Offers Insights Into Irregular Heartbeats, Defibrillator Failure - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Gap Widens Between Optimal Versus Actual Cholesterol Levels - Science Daily

2/8/2005: Molecular Force Field Helps Cancer Cells Defend Against Attack - Science Daily
2/8/2005: New Mouthwash Helps With Pain Linked To Head And Neck Cancer - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Post-pregnancy Events Promote Breast Tumor Metastasis - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Partner Proteins May Help Estrogen Foster Breast Cancer - Science Daily

2/8/2005: New child jab for lethal disease  - BBC
2/8/2005: New Teams Join Network To Model Pandemic Flu, Other Infectious Outbreaks - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Human Antibodies To Protect Against Smallpox - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Study Demonstrates Rapid Diagnosis Of Urinary Tract Infections With Biosensor Technology - Science Daily
2/8/2005: HOOF-Prints Help Find Where Outbreaks Begin - Science Daily

2/8/2005: Black, White Teens Show Differences In Nicotine Metabolism - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Weight Loss Improves Bladder Control In Women With Prediabetes - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Researchers Studying Diabetes Find A Possible Cause Of Infertility - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Women Pregnant With Girls Experience More Severe Asthma Symptoms - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Obesity May Be Factor In Accelerated Type I Diabetes In Some Patients - Science Daily

2/8/2005: Cosmic Log: The science of hibernation - MSNBC
2/8/2005: 'Lost cells' offer obesity clue  - BBC
2/8/2005: Eating fads: What can you do if your child refuses healthy food?  - BBC
2/8/2005: Nature Suggests A Promising Strategy For Artificial Bone
2/8/2005: Weight Gain Myth - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Profiling Amniotic Fluid Yields Faster Test For Infection And Preterm Birth Risk, Researchers Find - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Kama Sutra worm hits home  - CNN

History, Anthropology:
2/8/2005: Robot spots ancient shipwreck - MSNBC
2/8/2005: Roman-era tomb unearthed on Crete - MSNBC
2/8/2005: Scientists force evolution in the lab - MSNBC
2/8/2005: Archaeologists Find Evidence Of Earliest African Slaves Brought To New World - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Scientists See And Analyze 650-Million-Year-Old Fossils Inside Rocks In Three Dimensions - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Was ancient ‘Iceman’ a childless outcast? - MSNBC
2/8/2005: Early Earth's oxygen boost linked to clay
 - New Scientist

2/8/2005: Ex-Gen Re, AIG officials face fraud indictments - Seattle Times
2/8/2005: Boeing ultra-long-range jet certified - Seattle Times
2/8/2005: Thinking outside the tube  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Holograms to protect game  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Images: Satellite Super Bowl  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Photo: Livermore Labs gets guns  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Ciao, Olympic venues  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Reporter roundtable: Google earnings dissected  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Week in pictures: Super views, tricky pics  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Texas town a haven for patent pirates  - Technology Review 
2/8/2005: Exam measures students' 'information literacy'  - CNN
2/8/2005: Plane poised for record-breaking flight  - Nature
2/8/2005: Is it best to expect the worst?  - Nature

2/8/2005: Father's feelings: 'My baby died, but they did not acknowledge me'  - BBC
2/8/2005: Yale Findings Hold Promise For Stopping Progression Of Bipolar Disorder - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Can Snoring Ruin A Marriage? - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Researchers Prove A Single Memory Is Processed In Three Separate Parts Of The Brain - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Gun-toting motorists more prone to road rage - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:



2/8/2005: NASA Could Get To Pluto In Weeks By Going Nuclear: Experts - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: NASA's Stardust Spacecraft Placed Into Hibernation Mode
 - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Mars Rovers Advance Understanding Of The Red Planet
 - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Path To Finding Life On Mars And In Outer Space Begins By Looking At Earth's Inner Space
 - Science Daily
2/8/2005: SuitSat1: no empty suit  - El. Engr. Times
2/8/2005: Andromeda's new satellite galaxy is faintest yet
 - New Scientist
2/8/2005: Opportunity Takes Microscopic Images, Collaborates With Mars Express ...
 - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Spirit Completes Fourth Mile On Mars
 - SpaceDaily

2/8/2005: Telegrams. Stop: How the age of e-mail has ended the era of the US telegram  - BBC
2/8/2005: The Little Beam That Could- Laser-driven Ion Beams Offer Multiple Uses - Science Daily
2/8/2005: New Technologies Enhance Quantum Cryptography - Science Daily
2/8/2005: High-tech Sieve Sifts For Hydrogen - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Will Google help navigate your Jetta?  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Holograms help protect Super Bowl  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Solid-state lighting competition launched
  - El. Engr. Times



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