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  February 8, 2005

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Rebuilding The Russian Road To Space - SpaceDaily  To judge the future by recent events, one might think that by 2010 U.S. tourists will be flying to orbital U.S. hotels on U.S. spacecraft, while at the same time the Bush administration initiative to return humans to the moon will be charging forward at warp speed toward a 2015 return. Think again. The future of space in the next decade could just as easily be dominated by a resurgent Russian space industry, innovative and efficient, with the ability to provide quality service to its customers at a low cost. By last year the Russian space industry was so successful its rockets launched more than 45 percent of all spacecraft. 
Cat And Mouse Game Over Iran - SpaceDaily  The U.S. Air Force is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Iran's ayatollahs, flying American combat aircraft into Iranian airspace in an attempt to lure Tehran into turning on air defense radars, thus allowing U.S. pilots to grid the system for use in future targeting data, administration officials said. "We have to know which targets to attack and how to attack them," said one, speaking on condition of anonymity. The flights, which have been going on for weeks, are being launched from sites in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, a Pentagon spokesman told UPI he was unaware of any such actions.

Swift Images Birth Of A Black Hole - SpaceDaily  The NASA-led Swift mission has detected and imaged its first gamma-ray burst, likely the birth cry of a brand new black hole. The bright and long burst occurred on January 17. It was in the midst of exploding, as Swift autonomously turned to focus in less than 200 seconds. "Most bursts are gone in about 10 seconds, and few last upwards of a minute. The satellite was fast enough to capture an image of the event with its X-Ray Telescope (XRT), while gamma rays were still being detected with the Burst Alert Telescope (BAT). Previous X-ray images have captured the burst afterglow, not the burst itself." "This is the one that didn't get away," said Prof.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/8/2005: Alzheimer's: Old Drug, New Hope - Business Week
2/8/2005: Progress Toward A More Targeted Treatment Of Alzheimer's Disease
 - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Nanoscale Diagnostic Sets Sights On Alzheimer's
 - Science Daily

2/8/2005: Software Taming Gene Data Pool  - Wired News
2/8/2005: How Noise Protects Entire Marine Ecosystems
 - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Moss Project Shows How Some Plants Grow Without Gravity - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Evolution Of Sex Chromosomes: The Case Of The White Campion - Science Daily
2/8/2005: A Gene's Fist 'Kiss' Sets Off That Affair Known As Puberty - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
2/8/2005: Alberta Liberals join environmentalists in condemning spring grizzly hunt ...  - Wired News
2/8/2005: Coastal zones key to ecosystem defence ... - FirstScience
2/8/2005: Global warming could hit Africans hardest ...- FirstScience
2/8/2005: Project protects river ecosystems ...- FirstScience
2/8/2005: Oil firms may seal off greenhouse gas in tax deal ... - FirstScience
2/8/2005: US Senate Panel May Deadlock on Utility Emissions ...- FirstSciences
2/8/2005: Environmental protection fund necessary and worthy ...- FirstScience
2/8/2005: Wax: A Perfect Model Of Earth's Crust - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: China Says Construction Of Xiluodu Dam Now Stopped - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Italians Make Earthquake Detecting Space Probe - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Japanese Ship Probes Focus Of Massive Quake That Caused Killer Tsunamis - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Yellow River Delta Being Eroded Away - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Africa, South Asia head climate change's hit-list - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Refugees, disease, water and food shortages to result from global warming - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Economic recovery make Kyoto targets difficult for Japanese industry - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Triggers to climate catastrophe still poorly understood - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Crichton best-seller stokes fire over global warming - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Carbon burial 'is climate option'  - BBC
2/8/2005: Climate threat to moorland birds  - BBC
2/8/2005: Warning over tsunami aid website
  - BBC
2/8/2005: WHO Warns Of Increased Risk Of Vector-borne Diseases In Tsunami-affected Areas
 - Science Daily
2/8/2005: New NASA Imagery Sheds Additional Perspectives On Tsunami
 - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Wax Works: Wax Proves Excellent Model Of The Earth's Crust
 - Science Daily
2/8/2005: New Methane Chambers To Help Reduce Global Warming
 - Science Daily

2/8/2005: Building the Fun Bomb  - Wired News

2/8/2005: Rand McNally Drives Traffic Data to Phones
  - Wired News
2/8/2005: Skype gets the message
  - C/Net
2/8/2005: AT&T buy shows how far voice calling has fallen
  - C/Net

2/8/2005: Nanotech takes aim at transistors  - BBC
2/8/2005: IBM Discovers the Power of One - Business Week
2/8/2005: HP Prints a New Chapter in Circuitry - Business Week
2/8/2005: Sun burnishes next-gen Sparc chips  - C/Net

2/8/2005: Dell Touts Smart-Card Disk Crypto for Laptops  - Wired News
2/8/2005: USB Drives Go Beyond Storage  - Wired News 

2/8/2005: Do Bloggers Deserve Press Protections?  - Wired News
2/8/2005: Yahoo launches 'contextual' search  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Images: Yahoo's search on the fly  - C/Net
2/8/2005: RSS feeds attract venture dollars  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Clueless about cookies or spyware?  - C/Net

2/8/2005: Open source leaders slam patents  - BBC
2/8/2005: Reboot ordered for EU patent law  - BBC
2/8/2005: Windows vs. Windows  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Napster's 'rental' music service takes on iTunes  - C/Net

2/8/2005: Backroom Tussling Over Biodiesel  - Wired News

2/8/2005: Patients With Previous Heart Attacks May Not Benefit From Pacemaker Implant - Science Daily

2/8/2005: Cancer alternative therapy trend  - BBC
2/8/2005: List Of Cancer-Causing Agents Grows - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Compound From Rare Plant Shows Promise In Treating Breast Cancer - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Viral DNA Sequence A Possible Trigger For Breast Cancer - Science Daily

2/8/2005: Vaccine helps to banish tuberculosis  - Nature

2/8/2005: Heated debate over heroin report  - BBC
2/8/2005: Have Your Say: Is it possible to live a normal life while taking drugs?  - BBC

2/8/2005: Liver alert on hyperactivity drug  - BBC
2/8/2005: Going into hospital: What you can expect from the daily ward routine  - BBC
2/8/2005: New Way To Diagnose Sciatica May Point To A Different Cause - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Progesterone Therapy Could Prevent Thousands Of Preterm Births - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
2/8/2005: Tar Pit Fossils Lie Under the Radar  - Wired News
2/8/2005: On This Day 1966: Soviet probe makes first controlled Moon landing  - BBC

2/8/2005: Cat And Mouse Game Over Iran - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Database Fights Diploma Mills  - Wired News
2/8/2005: Google Hits New High  - Wired News
2/8/2005: New Tricks for Finding Terrorists  - Wired News
2/8/2005: Global VC Funds Sharpen Focus On India - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Comsat International Wins Brazil Lottery Network For 9000 Locations - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Congress Was Told Of DoD Intel Plan - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Star Trek's fourth spin-off TV series Enterprise axed  - BBC
2/8/2005: Celebrity supermums put pressure on new mothers to look good  - BBC
2/8/2005: Qwest in talks to buy MCI  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Amazon unveils flat-fee shipping  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Beacons of Hope for the Adventurer in a Bind  - NY Times
2/8/2005: Graphic: A Digital Life Preserver  - NY Times
2/8/2005: New Measure Helps Determine How Much Risk Investors Can Tolerate - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Privacy Rule Cuts Research Recruitment By More Than Half - Science Daily

2/8/2005: Dyslexic drivers slower to react  - BBC
2/8/2005: Controversial Atkins Diet May Be Beneficial For People With Epilepsy - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Feeling Gloomy? Find Out Why ... - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Northern Women: Tough Enough - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/8/2005: Swift Images Birth Of A Black Hole - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Astronomers Find Part of Universe's Missing Matter ...
- FirstScience
2/8/2005: Astronomy as an even playing field ...
 - Astronomy
2/8/2005: Astronomers put forward new theory of galaxy formation ...
 - FirstScience
2/8/2005: NASA observatory finds key cosmic element ...
 - FirstSciences
2/8/2005: Lost and found: Chandra locates missing matter ...
- FirstScience
2/8/2005: House Science Committee Explores Options for Hubble ...
- FirstScience
2/8/2005: Swift Sees Pinwheel Galaxy
 - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Origin of the Universe’s Most Powerful Magnets
2/8/2005: Welcome To Rhea: Impact Central
 - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Physicist And Stunt Rider Create World's First 'Einstein Flip'
 - Science Daily
2/8/2005: NYU Physicist Isolates First Source Of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
 - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Magnetic Mystery Solved
 - Science Daily



2/8/2005: Rebuilding The Russian Road To Space - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Congress Balks at Hubble Repairs
  - Wired News
2/8/2005: Space Agency gives storage the test flight treatment ...
- FirstScience
2/8/2005: NASA Plans Unique Space Station partnership With Seven Universities ...
- FirstScience
2/8/2005: Space Rescue Technology in Fact and Fiction
2/8/2005: Orbital Overload: Space Debris Crowds the Not-So-Friendly Skies
2/8/2005: M3 Chosen To Fly With Chandraayan-1
 - SpaceDaily
2/8/2005: Opportunity Rover Finds An Iron Meteorite On Mars
 - Science Daily
2/8/2005: Mars Express 'divining rod' to deploy
 - New Scientist

2/8/2005: Piero gives rugby new perspective  - BBC
2/8/2005: A new breed of cameras  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Photo: Who's in focus?  - C/Net
2/8/2005: Photo: Glare, be gone  - C/Net


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