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  February 6, 2006

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Talking With Your Mouth Full: The Feeding Calls of the Humpback Whale - Space.com  We have recorded humpbacks making sounds like the trumpeting of elephants, roars like lions, whistles like dolphins, clicks like the sperm whale, mooing like cows, chattering like monkeys, and several very human-like vocalizations—some even sounding like an unusual language, with exclamations like "whoops!" Although we are just beginning, we already expect its repertoire to exceed that of any other animal we have studied to date.      
Fruit breakfast Fruit and veg 'cut stroke risk'  - BBC  People who ate three to five portions (2.7 ounces) of fruit and vegetables a day cut the risk by 11% compared with those eating fewer than three, The Lancet reported. It was 26% lower for people who ate more than five servings, University of London researchers found in the study of data on more than 257,500 people. The Department of Health says five or more daily portions cuts risk of heart disease, cancer and other problems. More than 150,000 people have a stroke each year, and more than 67,000 die of them each year. the researchers suspect that potassium may be the most important factor in preventing stroke.  

Scientists Link Another Gene To Degenerative Blindness - Science Daily  Left:  This composite image is a highly magnified view of a fruit fly's eye overlaid with light-sensitive cells known as rhabdomeres, in green. Led by medical geneticist Nansi Jo Colley, scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have found that a mutation in a gene that usually chaperones proteins to the rhabdomere-bearing, photosensitive regions of fruit-fly cells can lead to the eventual breakdown of vision. (Photo illustration by: Joshua Harder)  The scientists have discovered that a mutation in a common gene called calnexin can derail the light-processing activity of cells. Calnexin-found in both fruit flies and humans-functions as a cellular chaperone, ensuring that proteins "fold" or orient properly and get to the parts of the cell they need to go. It also modulates calcium levels, which is critical for proper vision. When calnexin goes awry, however, calcium levels build up and the proteins that depend on it malfunction.At a time when more than 103 genes are known to be involved with AMD and RP, the UW-Madison work could one day help doctors deliver tailor-made treatments to patients who specifically carry calnexin mutations. Because the calnexin protein and other chaperones are also present in the brain, the work can help to answer broader questions about neurodegenerative disease, Colley adds.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/6/2005: Talking With Your Mouth Full: The Feeding Calls of the Humpback Whale - Space.com
2/6/2005: Scientists discover 163 important functional genes ...
 - FirstScience
2/6/2005: 'Dancing' genes discovered by Israeli researcher ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: Forgotten wrongs of cloning 'pioneer' - New Scientist
2/6/2005: Source Of Crucial Immune Cell In The Skin Discovered - Science Daily
2/6/2005: Genetic Evidence Shows Colonialists Pushed Orangutans To Brink Of Extinction - Science Daily
2/6/2005: New Gene-Hunting Tricks  - Technology Review 
2/6/2005: Coyotes Take to City Streets  - Wired News
2/6/2005: Evolution mystery: Spider venom and bacteria share same toxin ...  - Physics Org
2/6/2005: Bites spread fatal 'devil' cancer  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
2/6/2005: Greenpeace protests as Russia tries to muzzle its own experts on environmental impact of plan to bui ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: MPs unite to stop global warming ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: Australia's Coral Reefs Face Serious Bleaching Threat ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: Bush Plans to Help Climate, But No Green Conversion ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: Council flays Balochistan operation, dam project ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: Argentina-Uruguay River Pollution Dispute ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: Greenhouse gas: Too much hot air ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: France exports toxic waste in defiance of international law ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: Economist calls for green incentives  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Pigeons get backpacks for air pollution monitoring  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Editorial: We need to hear the bad news - New Scientist
2/6/2005: Increasing Plant Enzyme Efficiency May Hold Key To Global Warming - Science Daily
2/6/2005: Climate change poses 'major threat' to T&T ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: Boris Johnson: Gaia and global warming ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: Climate change has replaced our fear of hellfire ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: Pigeons Get Backpacks for Air Pollution Monitoring ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: Whitehall in greenhouse gases row  - BBC
6/2005: NASA To Set Up Cape Verde Weather Station To Study African Storms - SpaceDaily
6/2005: HS3 Unveils Sat-Based Security Surveillance System For Oil & Gas Industry - SpaceDaily
6/2005: Sediment Could Be Major Factor In Big Subduction Zone Earthquakes - SpaceDaily
6/2005: NASA Sat Catches A Hurricane Transforming Itself - SpaceDaily
6/2005: Katrina oil spill gets lawsuit status ... - MSNBC

2/6/2005: Gadgets: Earbuds that sparkle  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Happy Kitty Gets Ready to Purr  - Wired News

2/6/2005: Is Verizon a Network Hog?
 - Business Week
2/6/2005: Cell phone shipments hit record in 4Q
 - Business Week
2/6/2005: U.S. to judge: Hold off on BlackBerry shutdown
  - C/Net

2/6/2005: Engineers Develop Smallest Device To Control Light, Advance Silicon Technology - Science Daily

2/6/2005: Slip-up spills beans on Dell notebooks  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Lenovo to launch Super 3G laptops  - C/Net

2/6/2005: Internet firms 'bowed to Beijing'  - BBC
2/6/2005: Inside the Googleplex  - BBC
2/6/2005: New bid to tackle spyware  - BBC
2/6/2005: Lords defeat terror internet plan  - BBC
2/6/2005: Google's spider strikes again  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Imagining the Google of the future  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Curiosity surrounds tech giants' congressional snub
  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Google: The day after
  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Perspective: Beware of Internet trespass
  - C/Net
2/6/2005: IE 7 bugs abound
  - C/Net
2/6/2005: 53 comments  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Craigslist's laid-back approach to success
  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Google: Google as God
  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Editorial: Google whacked over Chinese censorship
 - New Scientist
2/6/2005: Swayed in China
  - Technology Review 
2/6/2005: Try New Internet Explorer 7 Beta
  - Wired News
2/6/2005: BitTorrent Client Shootout
  - Wired News

2/6/2005: Tech under fire on human rights
  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Gates: Censorship doesn't work   - C/Net
2/6/2005: Yahoo: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft urge U.S. to get involved in China censorship fight  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Members of secretive group indicted in piracy plot  - CNN

2/6/2005: Renewable energy close, Bush says  - BBC
2/6/2005: Cosmic Log: The ethanol economy - MSNBC
2/6/2005: Pumping Up Energy Research  - Technology Review 
2/6/2005: Skeptics Nip at Bush's Oil Pledge  - Wired News

2/6/2005: Fruit and veg 'cut stroke risk'   - BBC

2/6/2005: DNA Key To Predicting Prostate And Renal Cancer - Science Daily

2/6/2005: GM aid for pandemic flu vaccine  - BBC
2/6/2005: Bird Flu Poses Threat To International Security, Illinois Scholar Says - Science Daily

2/6/2005: Free vote on total pub smoke ban  - BBC
2/6/2005: Inside the brain of an alcoholic - New Scientist

2/6/2005: Scientists Link Another Gene To Degenerative Blindness  - Science Daily
2/6/2005: UK's fattest cities are revealed  - BBC
2/6/2005: Taking the myths out of the munchies - MSNBC

History, Anthropology:
2/6/2005: Archaeologists Uncover One Of Biggest Medieval Graveyards - Science Daily
2/6/2005: Duck-billed Dino Crests Not Linked To Sense Of Smell  - Science Daily

2/6/2005: Lecture Series Promotes Respect in the Workplace ... - FirstScience
2/6/2005: • Why They're Smiling at AT&T - Business Week
2/6/2005: • S&P Cuts Google Estimate - Business Week
2/6/2005: Early 2009 set for end of analog TV  - C/Net
2/6/2005: U.S. DTV transition set for 2009, set-top subsidy planned  - El. Engr. Times
2/6/2005: Corning to establish LCD glass plant in China  - El. Engr. Times
2/6/2005: Teach your brain to stretch time - New Scientist
2/6/2005: Gun-toting motorists more prone to road rage - New Scientist
2/6/2005: Bird Flu Poses Threat To International Security, Illinois Scholar Says - Science Daily
2/6/2005: Worship Not These False Idols  - Wired News
2/6/2005: The Indie Movie Mogul  - Wired News
2/6/2005: Bush Keeps Privacy Posts Vacant  - Wired News

2/6/2005: Learned Motor Programs Directly Influence The Visual Perception Of Movements - Science Daily
2/6/2005: Scientists study people living in a constant 'Groundhog Day'  - BBC
2/6/2005: How the mind senses movement - New Scientist
2/6/2005: Science: A thing of beauty - New Scientist
2/6/2005: Study Finds Nerve Damage In Previously Mysterious Chronic Pain Syndrome - Science Daily
2/6/2005: Treatment Of Down Syndrome In Mice Restores Nerve Growth In Cerebellum - Science Daily
2/6/2005: Awareness Under Anaesthesia: Psychologists Investigating Consciousness During Operations Reveal Techniques To Identify Wakefulness
 - Science Daily
2/6/2005: Shock Therapy, Version 2.0
  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
2/6/2005: Icy Trojan asteroids boost planet-forming theory - New Scientist
2/6/2005: Rogue Star Dangers Thought Slight
 - Space.com
2/6/2005: '10th Planet' Proves Bigger than Pluto ...
  - Scientific American



2/6/2005: Aerojet Qualifies High Power Electric Propulsion System - Space.com
2/6/2005: Planet X Found To Be Larger Than Pluto
 - Space.com
2/6/2005: Jupiter Trojan Asteroid Binary May Be Icy Comets From Solar Systems Infancy
 - Space.com
2/6/2005: NASCAR in the Clouds
  - Wired News
2/6/2005: Finding life on Mars and outer space begins by examining Earth's inner space ...
  - Physics Org
2/6/2005: Binary asteroid in Jupiter's orbit may be icy comet from solar system's infancy ...
  - Physics Org

2/6/2005: Air Force Plans Flight Tests Of Hypersonic Vehicle - Space.com
2/6/2005: Mapping veins as a human 'bar code'  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Photos: Scanning human veins  - C/Net
2/6/2005: Ready to Relocate Your Office?  - Wired News
2/6/2005: Air Force Finds Way to Fold Telescopes ... - FirstScience



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