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  February 5, 2005

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High-Tech Spacesuits Eyed for ‘Extreme Exploration’  -  Future explorers on the Moon and Mars could be outfitted in lightweight, high-tech spacesuits that offer far more flexibility than the bulky suits that have been used for spacewalks in the 1960s. Research is under way at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on a Bio-Suit System that incorporates a suit designed to augment a person’s biological skin by providing mechanical counter-pressure.
Microbes In Colorful Yellowstone Hot Springs Fueled By Hydrogen - SpaceDaily  Microbes living in the brilliantly colored hot springs of Yellowstone National Park use primarily hydrogen for fuel, a discovery University of Colorado at Boulder researchers say bodes well for life in extreme environments on other planets and could add to understanding of bacteria inside the human body. The team's findings, based on several years of research at the park, refute the popular idea that sulfur is the main source of energy for tiny organisms living in thermal features. "Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. If there is life elsewhere, it could be that hydrogen is its fuel," Spear said.    

Lunar probe's amazing images  - BBC  The European-built Smart-1 spacecraft has sent back its first close-up images of the Moon, showing the cratered landscape in glorious detail. Smart-1 entered its initial lunar orbit on 15 November 2004 and has spent the two months since spiralling ever closer to the Moon and testing instruments. The pictures were taken in a period during 29 December 2004 and 3 January 2005, when the probe's ion engine was switched off allowing scientists to make observations. The Smart-1 team plans to build up a full map of the lunar surface. The team plans to later integrate high-resolution images observed from a lower altitude into this map. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/5/2005: Hope over early Alzheimer's test  - BBC

2/5/2005: Microbes In Colorful Yellowstone Hot Springs Fueled By Hydrogen - SpaceDaily
2/5/2005: Hydrogen fuels Yellowstone microbes
2/5/2005: Racial Groupings Match Genetic Profiles, Stanford Study Finds - Science Daily
2/5/2005: Scientists Find Common Roots For Thousands Of Plant Compounds - Science Daily
2/5/2005: Genetic Regions Influencing Male Sexual Orientation Identified - Science Daily
2/5/2005: Feathered friends no bird brains  - BBC
2/5/2005: Birdbrained? Consider it a compliment - MSNBC
2/5/2005: Male monkeys pay to see female bottoms - MSNBC
2/5/2005: Mossy spirals reveal primitive patterns  - Nature
2/5/2005: Britain clamps down on animal activists' tactics  - Nature
2/5/2005: Monkeys pay for sexy pics  - Nature

Climate, Environment:
2/5/2005: Scientists keep eye on Alaska volcanoes - MSNBC
2/5/2005: Climate change? - New Scientist
2/5/2005: Study Bolsters Greenhouse Effect Theory, Solves Ice Age Mystery - Science Daily
2/5/2005: Home PCs Predict Hotter Earth  - Wired News
2/5/2005: Beckett calls for climate action  - BBC
2/5/2005: Climate change: Contacts, information and advice to help you take action  - BBC
2/5/2005: Report: Arctic ozone layer thinning - MSNBC
2/5/2005: Smithsonian unveils ocean science program - MSNBC

2/5/2005: Take-Two bulks up on baseball  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Wal-Mart has an ear for iPod market  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Stars to voice-over 'Godfather' video game  - CNN
2/5/2005: Microsoft won't unveil new Xbox in March  - CNN

2/5/2005: Cellphone on the cutting edge of cool
 - Seattle Times
2/5/2005: Verizon Third Big Telecom to Opt for Microsoft TV Tech
  - Technology Review
2/5/2005: Moving mobile improves golf swing
  - BBC
2/5/2005: Free Distribution May Cost Networks
 - Business Week
2/5/2005: SBC-AT&T Creates Telecom Turmoil
 - Business Week
2/5/2005: Dark fiber lights up
  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Anna Nicole ready to take messages
  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Skype creeps under phone giants' radar
  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Verizon Wireless streams broadband
  - C/Net

2/5/2005: HP Prints a New Chapter in Circuitry - Business Week
2/5/2005: HP: For circuits, swap silicon for molecules  - C/Net
2/5/2005: HP: We have the next transistor  - CNN
2/5/2005: s data transfer over electrical backplanes  - El. Engr. Times
2/5/2005: Nanoscale latch could replace transistor, claims HP  - El. Engr. Times

2/5/2005: Tech guru pitches $100 PC  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Photo: AMD's $185 computer  - C/Net
2/5/2005: New PowerBooks tout faster chips, new tricks  - C/Net
2/5/2005: AMD debuts low-cost Net device  - C/Net
2/5/2005: The $100 PC: How do we get there  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Low-cost scanner is now as essential as printer - Seattle Times
2/5/2005: How to Handle a Burning PC
  - Wired News
2/5/2005: Write your own ticket to Esther Dyson's PC Forum 2005.
  - C/Net

2/5/2005: Search sites play constant catch-up  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Syrians adjust to broadband restrictions  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Yahoo to feed its own stock ticker service  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Report challenges Web stereotypes  - CNN
2/5/2005: Microsoft unveils finished version of its own search engine  - BBC
2/5/2005: Junk e-mails on relentless rise  - BBC
2/5/2005: Bill employees for personal Internet use?
  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Google eyes domain registration market
  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Jeers, Cheers Greet Google's Video Search
  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Google Launches API for Online Ads
  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Google wants 'dark fiber'
  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Microsoft kicks off search effort
  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Images: Microsoft revs its search engine
  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Photos: A Google of ways to work  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Law barring spam allows a flood instead
  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Netscape readies antiphishing browser
  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Taxpayers get unexpected return--sex chat
  - C/Net

2/5/2005: Government computer blunders common  - CNN
2/5/2005: U.S. Government Computer Blunders are Common and Expensive  - Technology Review
2/5/2005: Oops: Government IT Blunders  - Wired News
2/5/2005: Tough times for toon land  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Images: The world of anime  - C/Net
2/5/2005: PC Makers Shun Windows XP Reduced  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Microsoft to Rename XP Reduced Media Edition  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Security Company Pokes Hole in XP SP2  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Microsoft readies scaled-back Windows  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Open-source leader steps aside at industry group  - C/Net
2/5/2005: New Google perk: awards worth millions  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Sun bangs utility computing drum  - C/Net

2/5/2005: Go Nuclear, Young Man  - Wired News


2/5/2005: Women needed to test cancer jab  - BBC
2/5/2005: Thalidomide helps cancer patient  - BBC
2/5/2005: New breast cancer check tested  - BBC

2/5/2005: Association Of Herpes virus With Lung Disorder Questioned - Science Daily

2/5/2005: Study Shows That Diabetes Increases Risk Of Blood Poisoning - Science Daily

2/5/2005: Mayo Clinic Discovers A Key To 'Low Metabolism' – And Major Factor In Obesity - Science Daily
2/5/2005: Diana linked to bulimia increase  - BBC
2/5/2005: A 'gene's kiss' turns on puberty  - BBC
2/5/2005: Drug helps with menopause  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
2/5/2005: MIT Edgerton exhibit  - CNN
2/5/2005: On This Day 2003: Seven die as Columbia shuttle disintegrates  - BBC

2/5/2005: MCI may be new belle of the acquisition ball  - C/Net
2/5/2005: SBC's $16-billion deal ends AT&T's independence  - El. Engr. Time
2/5/2005: Terrorist explosive blows up without flames - New Scientist
2/5/2005: SBC to acquire AT&T for $16 billion - Seattle Times
2/5/2005: Passenger Screening, Take 10  - Wired News
2/5/2005: Area Codes Blur Boundaries  - Wired News
2/5/2005: Fossett ready for non-stop tour  - BBC
2/5/2005: BBC writer Ivan Noble dies at 37  - BBC
2/5/2005: 'My friend Ivan': 'He kept winning because he managed to conquer fear'  - BBC
2/5/2005: The Rise of "Small Multinationals" - Business Week
2/5/2005: 9.4%: The Expected growth in cable television subscribers over the next five years - Business Week
2/5/2005: Super Bowl to feature tiny camera  - CNN

2/5/2005: Harvard brain images: Cat versus rat  - C/Net
2/5/2005: When The Tongue Slips, The Eyes Have It - Science Daily
2/5/2005: Sign language reveals fast track to grammar  - Nature

Physics and Astronomy:
2/5/2005: Home computers search for gravity waves  - Nature


2/5/2005: Teaching Computers to Read  - Wired News

2/5/2005: Lunar probe's amazing images   - BBC
High-Tech Spacesuits Eyed for ‘Extreme Exploration’   -
2/5/2005: NASA warned over shuttle safety modelling - New Scientist
2/5/2005: Cosmic Log: Looking to the moon - MSNBC
2/5/2005: Spirit Productive With Peace Efforts
 - SpaceDaily
2/5/2005: Cost A Heavy Factor In Hubble Future
 - SpaceDaily
2/5/2005: Report Says Underfunded Beagle 2 Should Have Never Been Launched
 - SpaceDaily

2/5/2005: TiVo seeks new ideas from developers  - C/Net
2/5/2005: Fighting crime with smart firearm  - CNN
2/5/2005: UCLA Researchers Detail The Evolution Of Quantum Dot Imaging In The Journal Science - Science Daily
2/5/2005: PNNL's Body Scanner Garners Federal Commercialization Award - Science Daily
2/5/2005: Have Profiling Microwave Radiometer, Will Travel - Science Daily
2/5/2005: Tennis fans could text players via on-court screens  - CNN
2/5/2005: RadioScape, TI plan multiformat radio
  - El. Engr. Times


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