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  February 4, 2006

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Russia Plans Mine On The Moon By 2020 - SpaceDaily  Russia is planning to mine a rare fuel on the moon by 2020 with a permanent base and a heavy-cargo transport link, a Russian space official said Wednesday. "We are planning to build a permanent base on the moon by 2015 and by 2020 we can begin the industrial-scale delivery... of the rare isotope helium-3," Nikolai Sevastyanov, head of the Energia space corporation, was quoted by Itar-Tass news agency as saying at an academic conference. Rare on earth but plentiful on the moon, it is seen by some experts as an ideal fuel because it is powerful, non-polluting and generates almost no radioactive by-product.    
Russia's Kliper To Be Launched In 2015 - SpaceDaily  A new reusable space craft designed in Russia will start delivering crews and supplies to the world's sole civilian orbital station in 2015, the head of Russia's leading space corporation said Wednesday, reports RIA Novosti. RIA Novosti reports that the first unmanned flight of the Kliper has been set for 2012, and the first manned flight has been scheduled for 2013, according to Sevostyanov. The six-man craft will be able to double the current number of crewmembers being taken to the ISS. For example, it will be equipped with an orbital transfer vehicle and a container with a capacity of 12 metric tons, compared with the Soyuz's two-ton capacity.    

"THOR" Mars Mission To Seek Underground Water - SpaceDaily  Left: MOC image of gullies with a remnant of the snow mantle (arrow) proposed to be the source of water that eroded these gullies.  A new, low-cost mission concept to Mars would slam a projectile into the planet's surface in an attempt to look for subsurface water ice. "I'm interested in exploring mid-latitude areas of Mars that look like they're made of snow and ice," Phil Christensen, the project's principal investigator, told SpaceDaily.com. Christensen, of Arizona State University, and colleagues at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, are proposing a mission called THOR – for Tracing Habitability, Organics and Resources – as part of NASA's Mars Scout program. His idea was to attempt to land small probes in at least several locations to examine the surface, "but landing is difficult and expensive." After Deep Impact's success, however, "this light bulb went off. We could launch a projectile, dig a deep hole, and observe the ejected material." Christensen estimates that a projectile of sufficient size could blow a crater at least 30 feet deep in the Martian subsurface. Along with ground water, the impact could excavate organic compounds. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/4/2005: Smallest fish compete for honours  - BBC
2/4/2005: Concern over 'spare part' babies
  - BBC
2/4/2005: Anti-euthanasia alliance launched  - BBC
2/4/2005: Cosmic Log: Big flap over smallest fish - MSNBC
2/4/2005: DNA testing finally goes mainstream - MSNBC
2/4/2005: Next X Prizes target genes and gas mileage - MSNBC
2/4/2005: Fish fight breaks out over tiny catch  - Nature
2/4/2005: Healthy cells heal their damaged neighbours - New Scientist
2/4/2005: Flap Over Fishes: Who's The Smallest Of Them All? - Science Daily
2/4/2005: Patterns In Genome Organization May Partially Explain How Microbial Cells Work - Science Daily
2/4/2005: Stem Cells From Muscles Can Repair Cartilage - Science Daily
2/4/2005: Baboons In Mourning Seek Comfort Among Friends - Science Daily
2/4/2005: Researchers Map Of Genetic Variations Implicated In Disease - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
2/4/2005: Photos: Aircraft on weather patrol  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Photos: Volcanic view of Augustine  - C/Net
2/4/2005: EU attacks e-waste  - C/Net
2/4/2005: 2005 Was The Warmest Year In A Century - Science Daily

2/4/2005: Nikon 6-MP digital SLR for $599.99  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Music: Google denies Napster, music download service rumors  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Gadgets: Rest your noggin on a Bluetooth head rest  - C/Net

2/4/2005: Cingular offers phone that plays iTunes
  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Good Technology hit with wireless e-mail patent suit
  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Love story wins cell phone movie award
  - CNN
2/4/2005: Gates backs computer cell phone
  - CNN
2/4/2005: Bad reception awaits in-flight phones
  - CNN

2/4/2005: Kodak ends OLED joint venture with Sanyo  - El. Engr. Times
2/4/2005: Polymer electronics developer targets silicon competitors  - El. Engr. Times

2/4/2005: 'Free' is new 'cheap'for software tools  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Yearning for color on laptops  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Adobe to release Flex beta  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Red Hat joins $100 laptop project  - C/Net

2/4/2005: Deal places limits on .com fees  - BBC
2/4/2005: Warner Bros to sell movies on net  - BBC
2/4/2005: Go Digital podcast: Free wi-fi in New Orleans, safeguarding gorillas and 40 years of fibre optics  - BBC
2/4/2005: Countdown for Windows virus  - BBC
2/4/2005: Prying eyes: Questions over search data that can reveal interests and habits  - BBC
2/4/2005: Video- Google's new toolbar  - C/Net
2/4/2005: AMD forums laid low by Windows exploit
  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Microsoft releases IE 7 beta to public
  - C/Net
2/4/2005: 31 comments
  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Microsoft's new policy on blog censorship
  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Google calls upon VoIP
  - C/Net
2/4/2005: 3 February virus: Are we ready for it?
  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Microsoft weighs in on Kama Sutra worm
  - C/Net
2/4/2005: New worm relies on old trick  - CNN
2/4/2005: Ways to keep Web activity private
  - CNN

2/4/2005: Actor Baker becomes voice of text  - BBC
2/4/2005: Redmond rethinks role as censor  - C/Net
2/4/2005: No-shows at D.C.-China event  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Patent loss prompts Office upgrade  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Digital Rights Management- Media companies' next flop?  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Larry Ellison's 'runaway spending'  - C/Net
2/4/2005: New DIY hacks!  - C/Net
2/4/2005: EU still waiting for Microsoft's proposal  - C/Net

2/4/2005: Samsung develops fuel cell for media players  - El. Engr. Times
2/4/2005: Using Sound Waves To Induce Nuclear Fusion With No External Neutron Source - Science Daily


2/4/2005: Consumption Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Unlikely To Significantly Reduce Risk Of Cancer - Science Daily

2/4/2005: New bird flu scare in north Iraq  - BBC
2/4/2005: Hobby farmers pose bird flu risk  - BBC
2/4/2005: Time to take your malaria pills - New Scientist
2/4/2005: Fluoride Varnish Helps Prevent Tooth Decay In Very Young Children - Science Daily
2/4/2005: HIV Prevention Hope: Yogurt Bugs That Make Antiviral Drugs - Science Daily

2/4/2005:New reason to sweat drug tests - MSNBC
2/4/2005: Stem cell transplants offer hope against lupus - New Scientist
2/4/2005: Penn To Test New Thermal Energy Procedure To Reduce Asthmatic Symptoms - Science Daily
2/4/2005: Researchers Identify Major Source Of Muscle Repair Cells; Implications For Treating Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy - Science Daily

2/4/2005: Key dialysis target being missed  - BBC
2/4/2005: Celibacy promise Does abstinence make the heart grow stronger?  - BBC
2/4/2005: Millions born with birth defects  - BBC
2/4/2005: How a ride on a ski lift gave a deaf man back his hearing  - BBC
2/4/2005: Official: Microsoft must prove innovation - Business Week
2/4/2005: Chronic pain traced to surprising source - MSNBC
2/4/2005: Heavyweights act to tackle the 'big three' diseases  - Nature
2/4/2005: Improved Diagnostic Technology For Crohn's Disease - Science Daily
2/4/2005: Bones From Blood- Scientists Aim To Break New Ground On Fractures
 - Science Daily
2/4/2005: You Don't Say? Patient-doctor Nonverbal Communication Says A Lot
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
2/4/2005: African slaves were in Americas in 1500s - MSNBC
2/4/2005: Johns Hopkins Team Discovers Statue Of Egyptian Queen - Science Daily

2/4/2005: Sounding off: Iran's bloggers do battle with authorities over the nuclear crisis  - BBC
2/4/2005:  Ricin vaccine 'shown to be safe'  - BBC
2/4/2005: Kodak's Comeback: StillWaiting - Business Week
2/4/2005: AT&T sued over NSA spy program  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Quote of the day: Careful with 'sensitive real-world' topics  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Math teacher push looks back to Sputnik - MSNBC
2/4/2005: Belief special: Glad to be gullible - New Scientist
2/4/2005: Belief special: When delusion triumphs over truth - New Scientist
2/4/2005: Belief special: What's it all about- - New Scientist
2/4/2005: Dog Owners Hide The Truth From Shelters About Their Pets' Behavioral Problems - Science Daily
2/4/2005: Giving Déjà Vu A Second Look - Science Daily

2/4/2005: Brains of male mice boast extra nerve insulation - New Scientist
2/4/2005: Researchers Identify Gene Mutation As Major Cause Of Parkinson's In Ashkenazi Jewish Patients - Science Daily
2/4/2005: Use Your Brain, Halve Your Risk Of Dementia - Science Daily
2/4/2005: Emory Study Lights Up The Political Brain - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/4/2005: Ice-bound neutrino hunter may bolster string theory - New Scientist
2/4/2005: Augmented reality telescope brings universe closer
 - New Scientist
2/4/2005: Light and atoms get entangled
 - PhysicsWeb
2/4/2005: Star On The Run: Speeding Star Observed With VLT Hints At Massive Black Hole
 - Science Daily


2/4/2005: • Muttricide and Profits at Sony - Business Week
2/4/2005: A New Way To Help Computers Recognize Patterns - Science Daily

2/4/2005: Russia Plans Mine On The Moon By 2020 - SpaceDaily
Russia's Kliper To Be Launched In 2015 - SpaceDaily
2/4/2005: "THOR" Mars Mission To Seek Underground Water
 - SpaceDaily
2/4/2005: Rocket Racing League names its first team - New Scientist

2/4/2005: 'Artificial gills': Could a scuba diver ever dispense with the oxygen tanks?  - BBC
2/4/2005: Smoking out photo hoaxes  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Photos: Pictures that lie  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Newsmaker: Philips envisions revival in 3D TV  - C/Net
2/4/2005: Invention: Rubbery Combustion - New Scientist
2/4/2005: From 2-D Blueprint, Material Assembles Into Novel 3-D Nanostructures - Science Daily



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