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  February 3, 2005

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Titanic Rainmaker - SpaceDaily  Left:  Drainage and erosion on Titan  "We're already pretty sure that at least in this part of the moon the bright stuff is ice bedrock and at a somewhat higher elevation. And we're pretty sure that the dark stuff is lower and is the place where stuff collects after flowing down the drainage channels. And the channels themselves, at least some of them, say that it rains there. The jury's still out on whether there's currently liquid on the surface, or whether it's mostly organic residue from previous flow events. Marty Tomasko, the DISR PI, described imaging the dark areas on Titan's surface as being something like taking a picture of a blacktop driveway at dusk. The images we've gotten to date suggest the possibility of cracks, striations on the surface that might indicate tectonic activity on Titan. And that in turn would suggest an active interior. 
 Do You Want to Live Forever? - Technology Review  "Aubrey David Nicholas Jasper de Grey is convinced that he has formulated the theoretical means by which human beings might live thousands of years—indefinitely, in fact. De Grey has mapped out his proposed course in such detail that he believes it may be possible for his objective to be achieved within as short a period as 25 years, in time for many readers of Technology Review to avail themselves of its formulations—and, not incidentally, in time for his 41-year-old self as well. Is it likely that the photograph of a long-lived mouse on the front page of every newspaper in the world would be greeted with the unalloyed enthusiasm of a unanimous public? I doubt it. More probably, acclaim would be balanced by horror. ...he has issued the ultimate challenge, I believe, to our entire concept of the meaning of humanness."

Iraq's Votes Define U.S. Future - Technology Review   Left:  The price of democracy. Last week, the U.S. trade deficit for December was announced, a record-breaking $60 billion, or $2 billion a day. That is an annual rate of over $700 billion. This year's U.S. federal budget deficit is going to come very close to $500 billion (once we include the inevitable supplemental budget for Iraq). That is an unprecedented double deficit of $1.2 trillion, more than 10 percent of GDP.   This week may see the decisive battle of America's future. Six days from now, Iraqis go to the polls to elect what may or may not be seen as a legitimate new government. The odds probably favor the insurgents. They appear to be well buried inside the Sunni community. They are ruthless. They know how to terrify, and they have been reminding their fellow Sunni that the Americas will leave someday but the insurgents will stay and never forget those Sunni "traitors".
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/3/2005: Chemical may cause whale hearing loss - MSNBC
2/3/2005: Hydrogen fuels Yellowstone microbes
2/3/2005: Bacteria scan with sonar-like probe - MSNBC
2/3/2005: Flight of the fly caught in X-ray image - MSNBC
2/3/2005: Clinic offers embryonic stem cells to public - MSNBC
2/3/2005: ‘Aliens of the Deep’ explores ocean frontier - MSNBC
2/3/2005: Cells see the light with melanopsin  - Nature
2/3/2005: First Birth Using Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis To Save Baby From Rhesus Blood Disease - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Snaring Secrets Of The Venus Flytrap: Researchers Detail Plant Kingdom's Fastest Move - Science Daily
2/3/2005: U.N. Food Agency Recommends Guidelines on Environmental Impact of Biotech Foods  - Technology Review 
2/3/2005: Handheld DNA Scanners to ID Species Instantly? - Nat'l. Geo. News
2/3/2005: Species loss- Biodiversity conference calls for top global panel - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Biodiversity forum wraps up, expert panel seen on species loss - SpaceDaily

Climate, Environment:
2/3/2005: Nations ranked in order of greenness  - Nature
2/3/2005: Fire shapes global vegetation  - Nature
2/3/2005: Unusual Arctic cold raises fears for ozone hole - New Scientist
2/3/2005: Desertification Alters Regional Ecosystem Climate Interactions - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Solving The Mystery Of Centuries-old Caribbean Ant Plagues - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Bleak First Results From The World's Largest Climate Change Experiment - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Karnataka -: Pollution from ore-carrying lorries causes concern ... - FirstScience
2/3/2005: 'Partial drainage system helps curb pollution' ... - FirstScience
2/3/2005: Environmentalist and Political Prisoner - Tre Arrow ... - FirstScience
2/3/2005: Book on Environmentalist Creates a Storm ... - FirstScience
2/3/2005: The Wilderness Society Beefs Up Campaign to Protect Eastern Forests ... - FirstScience
2/3/2005: Dartmouth, NS Firm Develops Timely Technology to Predict Weather Patterns ... - FirstScience
2/3/2005: Ice Age Dating Confirms Global Warming Science ... - FirstScience
2/3/2005: The Big Lie: Tsumani and Global Warming - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Presumed Death Toll In Asian Tsunamis Passes 283,000 - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Lloyd's of London sees limited impact from tsunami - SpaceDaily

2/3/2005: ATI moves to head of class in graphics  - C/Net
2/3/2005: Photos: ATI plays with the extreme gamer  - C/Net
2/3/2005: Nintendo steps up to the plate  - C/Net
2/3/2005: Gaming IPO set for FTSE 100?  - C/Net
2/3/2005: 'Evil' a creepy sequel  - CNN
2/3/2005: Portable Gaming, Sony-Style  - Wired News
2/3/2005: My IPod, My Self
  - Wired News

2/3/2005: PUC Shelves Phone Rules
  - Wired News

2/3/2005: Cypress samples seven customers with magnetic RAM  - El. Engr. Times
2/3/2005: SOI embedded DRAM running on Freescale 90-nm process - Silicon Strategies
2/3/2005: Cypress samples seven with MRAM - Silicon Strategies

2/3/2005: Cray to deliver supercomputer to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  - El. Engr. Times

2/3/2005: Search and destroy?  - C/Net
2/3/2005: Google's AdWords gets API beta  - C/Net
2/3/2005: Design guidance hot off the Web  - C/Net
2/3/2005: Germany: Spammers may face hefty fines  - CNN

2/3/2005: Punishing the technology  - C/Net
2/3/2005: Week in review: Patches and pirates  - C/Net
2/3/2005: Video Game, Computer Server Software Help Microsoft Profit Beat Expectations  - Technology Review 

2/3/2005: EPA, Ford Test Promising Clean Diesel Technology on Passenger Vehicles ... - FirstScience
2/3/2005: Algonquin Power Income Fund Expands Alternative Fuels and Infrastructure Divisions and Reports Oil Spill ... - FirstScience
2/3/2005: DOE unveils plan for aboveground nuclear waste storage ... - FirstScience

2/3/2005: Gas-emitting plastic stops blood clots  - Nature
2/3/2005: Study Of CPR Quality Reveals Frequent Deviation From Guidelines - Science Daily

2/3/2005: Therapeutic teamwork for pancreatic cancer  - Nature
2/3/2005: Cancer Vaccines: A Two-pronged Attack?  - NY Times
2/3/2005: Research Sheds Light On How Cancer Cells Become Resistant To Treatment - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Deficient DNA Repair Capacity Associated With Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Mayo Clinic Recommends Broadening Treatment To Battle Recurrence Of Endometrial Cancer - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Jump-starting T Cells In Skin Cancer - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Blood Test Shows Promise As Monitor For Antiangiogenic Cancer Therapy
 - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Adding Radiation Therapy To Chemotherapy Improves Survival In Patients With High-risk Breast Cancer
 - Science Daily


2/3/2005: Breaking down the genetics of osteoarthritis  - Nature
2/3/2005: Novel Asthma Study Shows Multiple Genetic Input Required; Single-gene Solution Shot Down - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Safer, Self-Extinguishing Cigarettes Designed By Manufacturers Sold In NY - Science Daily
2/3/2005: COX-2 Levels Are Elevated In Smokers - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Researchers Prevent Lupus in Mice  - Wired News
2/3/2005: Baby Cooling Cap Turns Conventional Wisdom on Its Head  - Wired News

2/3/2005: Bush backs digital medical records  - CNN
2/3/2005: Couch potato clue to obesity epidemic  - Nature
2/3/2005: A Proverb A Day May Make You Healthier - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Researchers Map The Sexual Network Of An Entire High School - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Research Identifies Promising Route For Treating Age-Related Hearing Loss - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Fat Deficiency Gene Also Spurs Obesity - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Telemedicine Is Healthcare's New Frontier - SpaceDaily

History, Anthropology:
2/3/2005: George Washington's teeth not wooden - MSNBC
2/3/2005: Microbial history lessons  - Nature
2/3/2005: Ecologists See The Primeval Wood For The Trees - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Turin Shroud Is No Medieval Fake  - Wired News
2/3/2005: Science Safari: Chaco's Past ... - Science News

2/3/2005: Iraq's Votes Define U.S. Future - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Retailers try a new pitch--free TiVo  - C/Net
2/3/2005: SBC-AT&T reunion a bad move?  - C/Net
2/3/2005: The next wave in U.S. offshoring
2/3/2005: Should your next CEO be a philosopher?  - C/Net
2/3/2005: India, China look to collaborate on software  - El. Engr. Times
2/3/2005: Extending a Hand, Hoping a Tentacle Might Shake It  - NY Times
2/3/2005: Hi-Tech Hot Rod Is The Ultimate Learning Lab - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Mobile Surgical Units Prevent Delays In Treating Wounded Combat Patients In Iraq - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Ninety Percent Of U.S. Wounded Survive: In Iraq, Firepower Increases, Deaths Decrease - Science Daily
2/3/2005: White House won't appeal media ruling - Seattle Times
2/3/2005: Ma Bell still looks good to offspring - Seattle Times
2/3/2005: Mobile phone cameras click with Internet surfers - Silicon Strategies
2/3/2005: Search Site Adds Millions of Street-Level Photographs to Local Business Directory  - Technology Review 
2/3/2005: Swiss Supreme Court Rejects IBM Appeal Against Lawsuit by Gypsies Who Allege Company Had  - Technology Review 
2/3/2005: Tolkien Gets Ringing Endorsement  - Wired News
2/3/2005: Cybersex: Seek and Ye Shall Find  - Wired News
2/3/2005: Microsoft Still On EU's Bad Side  - Wired News
2/3/2005: TimeLine: 70 Years Ago in Science News ... - Science News
2/3/2005: The Heights of School Science: Select student research rises to the top ... - Science News
2/3/2005: How Bush Got Iraq War Cost Wrong
 - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Israeli defense chief tells French parliament Iran at point of nuclear no-return
 - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Rice says diplomacy can solve Iranian crisis
 - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Russian customs seize more than 37 kilos of uranium at Russian-Kazakh border - report
 - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Five nations in NKorea nuclear talks want to meet as soon as possible: Japan
 - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Schroeder urges Iran to renounce military use of nuclear power
 - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Clinton urges US to more diplomacy on Iran nuclear issue
 - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Egypt admits failing to report nuclear research to UN watchdog agency
 - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Iran boasts 10 million martyrs ready to fight US to the death
 - SpaceDaily

2/3/2005: Lightening in the mind  - Nature
2/3/2005: Fat Hormone Acts On Brain Circuit To Curb Obesity, Diabetes - Science Daily
2/3/2005: First View Of Many Neurons Processing Information In Living Brain - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Discovery Of Pathway In Learning Impairment Caused By Liver Disease May Lead To Drug Treatment - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Adult Moms More Affectionate With Their Infants- Study - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/3/2005: Pluto's moon created by cosmic hit-and-run - New Scientist
2/3/2005: Massively magnetic stars forged in supernovae
 - New Scientist
2/3/2005: Penn State Scientists Spy On Black-hole Eating Habits With 'LISA'
 - Science Daily
2/3/2005: A Pristine View of the Universe... from the Moon ...
 - FirstScience
2/3/2005: Scientific heart of giant telescope comes together ...
 - FirstScience
2/3/2005: New view of secret space blobs ...
 - FirstScience
2/3/2005: Lab Mimics A Star's Energy Bursts
 - SpaceDaily

2/3/2005: Do You Want to Live Forever? - Technology Review

2/3/2005: Spherical robot provides rolling security cover - New Scientist

2/3/2005: Titanic Rainmaker - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Sickening Solar Flares Pose Threat to Astronauts
  - Wired News
2/3/2005: NASA Satellite to Map Outer Edge of Solar System ...
 - FirstScience
2/3/2005: Technology Validation Experiments Selected: NASA has chosen four teams to develop a suite of advanced technolog ...
 - FirstScience
2/3/2005: Balloon Makes Record-Breaking Flight: Flying near the edge of space, a NASA scientific balloon broke the flight ...
 - FirstScience
2/3/2005: Moss In Space Project Shows How Some Plants Grow Without Gravity
 - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Analysis: Columbia's Harsh Lessons
 - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: German Robot On ISS Does Not Work
 - SpaceDaily
2/3/2005: Congress Frets Over Saving Hubble Project
2/3/2005: Houston Dedicates Memorial for Lost Columbia Crew
2/3/2005: Last Atlas 3 Rocket Poised for Launch
2/3/2005: NASA Vision Gets Self Exam at Conference
2/3/2005: Return to Flight Panel- No Major Hurdles for Shuttle Discovery
2/3/2005: Two Years After Columbia, NASA Points to Lessons Learned

2/3/2005: There's a hero on your desktop - Popular Science
2/3/2005: Software brings holiday pictures to life  - CNN
2/3/2005: Furnace creates instant fossils  - Nature
2/3/2005: Micromachine muscle  - Nature
2/3/2005: Floating Films On Liquid Mercury: New Results May Lead To Advances In Nanotechnology, Molecular Electronics - Science Daily
2/3/2005: Unnatural Selection  - Technology Review
2/3/2005: Lasers Aglow With Carbon Nanotubes
 - SpaceDaily


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