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  February 28, 2005

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Radishes And Rockets - SpaceDaily  The easy-to-grow vegetable has been identified as a salad crop for space missions because it is small, grows rapidly, and provides essential nutrients. Since water floats in space, astronauts depend heavily upon moist wipes similar to those you might use to wash your hands when traveling. These wipes contain alcohol that evaporates into the spacecraft's air. But this airborne alcohol - in just a small percentage of the allowable safe limit for the crew - can kill the radish plants and affect even the soil they grow in. Grown in air with just 10 percent of the allowable alcohol limit, the radishes are undersized. With 25 percent of the limit, the plants die.    
Robots That Act Like Rats - SpaceDaily  Left:  This robot was designed with the same basic senses and motor skills as a rat pup. Photo by Sanjay Joshi & UC Davis. Seven to 10-day-old rat pups, blind and deaf, do not seem to do a whole lot. Videotaped in a rectangular arena in Schank's laboratory, they move about until they hit a wall, feel their way along the wall until their nose goes into a corner, then mostly stay put. Because their senses and responses are so limited, pups should be a good starting point for building robots that can do the same thing. Joshi's laboratory built foot-long robots with tapered snouts, about the same shape as a rat pup.   

Open Nanofluidic Systems - SpaceDaily  Left:  Atomic (or scanning) force microscopy images of liquid morphologies on silicon substrates with rectangular surface channels which have a width of about one micrometer. On the left, the liquid does not enter the channels but forms large lemon-shaped droplets overlying the channels (dark stripes). On the right, the liquid enters the channels and forms extended filaments separated by essentially empty channel segments (dark stripes). In the bottom row, several parallel surface channels can be seen in both images; in the top row, there is only one such channel with a single droplet (left) or filament (right). Close inspection of the upper right image reveals (i) that this filament is connected to thin wedges along the lower channel corners and (ii) that the contact line bounding the meniscus of the filament is pinned to the upper channel edges. See Larger image. Image: Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/28/2005: Marijuana may block Alzheimer's - BBC
2/28/2005: UT Southwestern Doctors Track Oklahoma Alzheimer's Patients Via Telemedicine  - Science Daily

2/28/2005: World's First Cow Cloned With New Technique  - Wired News
2/28/2005: New monkey
2/28/2005: Exclusive genes  - Nature
2/28/2005: Interfering in the nucleus  - Nature
2/28/2005: Moving Stem Cells Front and Center  - NY Times
2/28/2005: Graphic: Cells by Design  - NY Times
2/28/2005: The Eye Of The Fly- HHMI Professor And 138 Undergraduates Identify Essential Genes That Function In Eye Formation - Science Daily
2/28/2005: Another Look Finds Promising Proteomics Test Is Not Biologically Plausible - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
2/28/2005: Engineering Climate  - Technology Review 
2/28/2005: Earth, Air, Water, and PollutionThe Four Basic Elements? ... - FirstScience
2/28/2005: Kids' breathing ills, pollution eyed ... - FirstSciences
2/28/2005: Plan to spur building worries environmentalists ... - FirstScience
2/28/2005: Paris court clears way for full trial on Brittany oil spill ... - FirstScience
2/28/2005: Paper details city's 35-year fight to reduce smog ... - FirstScience
2/28/2005: Hockey stick hype and other hot global warming topics ... - FirstScience
2/28/2005: Global Warming hits a snow bound India killing many! ... - FirstScience
2/28/2005: EPA grants Clean Air Act authority to Bad River Band ... - FirstScience
2/28/2005: Bush Disappoints Europe With Climate Change Ideas ... - FirstScience
2/28/2005: EPA grants Clean Air Act authority to Bad River Band ... - FirstScience
2/28/2005: Natural barriers reduced tsunami devastation  - Nature

2/28/2005: Photo op for music players  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Apple to unveil new iPod?  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Hot-button games  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Gadgets with glamour  - C/Net

2/28/2005: Looks Count for Cell Phones
  - Wired News
2/28/2005: Mobile goliath: Nokia remains top dog for phones - but its rivals are catching up
2/28/2005: Wi-Fi: To Free or Not To Free
  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Court questions FCC's broadcast flag rules
  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Automated self-service comes to telcos
  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Mobile phones work like train tickets
  - CNN
2/28/2005: Hungry field mice knock out phone network
  - CNN
2/28/2005: Japan Smart Phones to Work like Smart Cards for Train Tickets
 - Technology Review 

2/28/2005: Intel launches $999 64-bit Pentium 4 - Silicon Strategies
2/28/2005: AMD to demo a dual-core desktop chip  - C/Net

2/28/2005: Suit calls HP printer cartridges defective  - C/Net
2/28/2005: IBM loosens up pay-as-you-go PC program  - C/Net

2/28/2005: The Web Not the Death of Language  - Wired News
2/28/2005: Web not the death of language  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Old Microsoft ties to new Google feature  - C/Net
2/28/2005: MP3s for pennies? Russian cops say no  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Bloggers rally for jailed Iranians  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Virus alert: Don't open FBI email  - CNN
Microsoft in Internet TV venture - Seattle Times
2/28/2005: E-mail Scams Impersonate Federal Authorities in Iraq
 - Technology Review 

2/28/2005: No sign seen of Microsoft, EU deal - Seattle Times
2/28/2005: Bollywood DVD fraudster is jailed - BBC
2/28/2005: Lashing out over licenses  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Patent protest in Brussels  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Microsoft, Intel Spread Digital Joy  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Shorter hours in software  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Microsoft acquires software tool  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Security products put Microsoft in quandary  - CNN
2/28/2005: Military aims for better limb replacements - MSNBC

2/28/2005: Nuclear disaster averted at reactor ... - FirstScience

2/28/2005: COX-2 Inhibitors Associated With Blood Pressure Elevation - Science Daily
2/28/2005: Breast Cancer Treatment Reduces Risk Of Heart Disease - Science Daily
2/28/2005: Breast Cancer Survivors Have Fewer Heart Attacks - Science Daily 

2/28/2005: Gene signatures help predict metastasis  - Nature
2/28/2005: Study Finds New Designer Drug Is Potent Treatment For Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia - Science Daily
2/28/2005: Mouse Model Of Leukemia Yields Exciting Therapeutic Implications For Rare Childhood Cancer - Science Daily

2/28/2005: DNA Tests Offer Clues to AIDS  - Wired News
2/28/2005: Pathogen distribution  - Nature
2/28/2005: Flu Vaccination Benefits People Of Any Age With High-risk Medical Conditions - Science Daily
2/28/2005: Test Could Improve Detection Of Prion Disease In Humans - Science Daily
2/28/2005: Studies Reveal Methods Viruses Use To Sidestep Immune System - Science Daily
2/28/2005: DNA Tests Offer Clues to AIDS - Wired News

2/28/2005: Study Associates Alcohol Use Patterns With Body Mass Index - Science Daily

2/28/2005: Talking about sex: Are you letting your partner know what you really want? - BBC
2/28/2005: The New Drugs to Watch in 2005 - Business Week
2/28/2005: Bruce Sunstein - Business Week
2/28/2005: Disease genomics: widening the net  - Nature
2/28/2005: Chemical Analysis Of Mushrooms Shows Their Nutritional Benefits - Science Daily
2/28/2005: Changing Trends In Herbal Supplement Use - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
2/28/2005: Alpine iceman reveals Stone Age secrets - MSNBC

2/28/2005: Appealing earnings reports are failing to lure investors - Seattle Times
2/28/2005: E-mail Scams Impersonate Federal Authorities in Iraq  - Technology Review 
2/28/2005: A Fluid Look at the News  - Wired News
2/28/2005: Panelists Decry Bush Science Policies ... - FirstScience
2/28/2005: U.S. may target enemy spacecraft, commander says ... - FirstScience
2/28/2005: Bush To Seek EU Support Against China's Rising Military Might: Analysts - SpaceDaily
2/28/2005: United States, Japan Have Words For North Korea, China - SpaceDaily
2/28/2005: PST Announces UAV-Miniature Surveillance Aircraft And Paradrone - SpaceDaily
2/28/2005: In depth Science in America displays its best wares in Washington DC - BBC
2/28/2005: Steve Jobs plotting to take over the living room?  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Merrill Lynch looks to 'killer' Apple home media server  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Small firms can act like the big boys  - C/Net
2/28/2005: A Small Family Business That Started, of Course, in a Garage  - NY Times
2/28/2005: Site offers scent of a woman  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Yale women demand stand on gender controversy  - C/Net
2/28/2005: A little romance:-in case you missed it  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Ready in Red Square?  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Why do so many mergers fail?  - C/Net
2/28/2005: At restaurant sites, food is just a start  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Web site seeks to help break hearts  - CNN
2/28/2005: Conversational 'Black Holes' Reveal Uncertainty In Offices
 - Science Daily
2/28/2005: Putin calls on private sector to aid aviation
 - Seattle Times
2/28/2005: Pension showdown looms
 - Seattle Times
2/28/2005: Reunion by Video Link Raises Morale for Families of U.S. Troops in Iraq
 - Technology Review 

2/28/2005: Uric Acid May Help Reduce Effects Of Spinal Cord Injury, Jefferson Researchers Find - Science Daily
2/28/2005: Alcohol's Damaging Effects On Adolescent Brain Function - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/28/2005: 'Protected areas' where planets can form ... - FirstScience
2/28/2005: NGC 4395's pint-size black hole ...
 - FirstScience
2/28/2005: New theory of how planets form finds havens of stability amid turbulence ...
 - FirstScience
2/28/2005: Ultra-Cold Temperature Physics Opens Way To Understanding And Applications
 - SpaceDaily
2/28/2005: Einstein@Home Goes Live In Search For Gravitational Waves
 - SpaceDaily
2/28/2005: Astronomers Measure Mass Of Smallest Black Hole In A Galactic Nucleus
 - SpaceDaily
2/28/2005: Fast-spinning star could test gravitational waves
  - Nature
2/28/2005: Fermilab Experiment Prepares To Send Its First Neutrinos To Minnesota
 - Science Daily


2/28/2005: Software learns to translate by reading up  - Nature

2/28/2005: Frozen Sea May Lie Beneath Mars' Surface - SpaceDaily
2/28/2005: NASA Statement On False Claim Of Evidence Of Life On Mars
 - SpaceDaily
2/28/2005: Exploring The Other Globe
 - SpaceDaily
2/28/2005: Cosmic Log: ‘Rocket boys’ still rolling - MSNBC
2/28/2005: To know science is to love it
  - Nature
2/28/2005: A Universe of Sounds
 - Technology Review 

2/28/2005: Open Nanofluidic Systems - SpaceDaily
2/28/2005: Space Tech Improves Fabric Quality ... - FirstScience
2/28/2005: Ariane 5 Technology Turns The Lights On - SpaceDaily
2/28/2005: A Breakout Year For Tags - SpaceDaily
2/28/2005: Big Pharma Neglecting Nanotech - SpaceDaily
2/28/2005: Inside Nanotech - Business Week
2/28/2005: Holograms Poised to Reveal Bio Data
  - C/Net
2/28/2005: Devising Nano Vision For An Optical Microscope
 - Science Daily
2/28/2005: Nissan's Smart Cars Return to Lanes, Park with Ease
 - Technology Review 
2/28/2005: Cars Smarter Than You Are
- Wired News


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