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  February 27, 2006

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Retirement age 'will rise to 85' - BBC  Shripad Tuljapurkar of Stanford University says anti-ageing advances could raise life expectancy by a year each year over the next two decades. That would put a strain on economies around the world if current retirement ages are maintained, he warned. "People are going to do things they didn't get round to in their working lives. Current institutions are really not equipped at the moment to deal with such long lives," he said. He came up with a scenario in which anti-ageing technologies would increase the most common age of death by one year per year between 2010 and 2030.   
NASA Griffin's Statement To House Science Committee - SpaceDaily  "The FY 2007 budget request is a 3.2 percent increase above NASA's FY 2006 appropriation  NASA's budget is roughly 0.7 percent of the overall federal budget. NASA cannot afford the costs of starting some new space science missions, like a mission to Jupiter's moon Europa, or the nextgeneration space astrophysics missions beyond the James Webb Space Telescope, at this time. NASA will still proceed with the Space Interferometry Mission and the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission, as well as conduct a mission to Europa.  

Image: Omicron 2 Eridani

Looking for other Earths? Here’s a list - MSNBC  Left: Omicron 2 Eridani, also known as Keid or 40 Eridani, is on the list of prospects in the search for Earthlike planets. It's also considered the home star system for Mr. Spock in the original "Star Trek" series.  View related photo  The lineup from Margaret Turnbull at the Carnegie Institute of Washington is broken down into two top-five lists: one for the radio-based search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI, and the other for the NASA mission, known as the Terrestrial Planet Finder.  The stars are: Beta Canum Venaticorum, Turnbull's top prospect. It's a sunlike star about 26 light-years away in the northern constellation Canes Venatici. Astronomers have been looking for planets around the star but have found none to date. HD 10307, another sunlike star about 42 light-years away. HD 211415, which has about half the metal content of the sun and is a bit cooler. 18 Scorpii, almost an identical twin of the sun, and 51 Pegasus, which was the first normal star beyond our solar system known to have a planet.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/27/2005: Explorers Discover Huge Cave and New Poison Frogs - Live Science
2/27/2005: First 'Telecloning' Experiment Works ... Sort Of
 - Live Science
2/27/2005: Horseshoe Crab Decline Threatens Shorebird Species
2/27/2005: Monitoring Baleen Whales With Autonomous Underwater Vehicles - Science Daily
2/27/2005: Pro-testers: The fight-back begins as pro-animal testing activists hit the street  - BBC
2/27/2005: Sharks absent from ocean depths - MSNBC
2/27/2005: Oceanic Acidity: Researcher Outlines Coral's Future In An Increasingly Acidic Ocean - Science Daily
2/27/2005: 'Pharmed' goats seek drug licence  - BBC
2/27/2005: US state takes aim at abortions  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
2/27/2005: Earth From Space- Copenhagen, Denmark - SpaceDaily
2/27/2005: The Building Blocks Of Earth Are Iron - SpaceDaily
2/27/2005: Unearthing Explanations For New Madrid Earthquakes - Science Daily
2/27/2005: Explorers discover huge cave in Venezuela - MSNBC
2/27/2005: Mexican Industry Taking Voluntary Action against Climate Change - Government Gives Public Recognition ... - FirstScience
2/27/2005: Oil spill 'could cost millions in lost tourism' ...
2/27/2005: EU rejects UK carbon emissions plan ... - FirstScience
2/27/2005: What are 'El Nio' and 'La Nia' and what relationship do they have with global climate change- ... - FirstScience
2/27/2005: Warning over Edinburgh's traffic-pollution time bomb ... - FirstScience
2/27/2005: EU, US to curb global warming gases from car air conditioning ... - FirstScience
2/27/2005: See the Incredible Shrinking Planet ... - NASA
2/27/2005: New volcano research moves closer to predicting eruptions ... - FirstScience

2/27/2005: This Is Your Robot Life  - Wired News
2/27/2005: PlayStation 3 may be delayed a year  - C/Net
2/27/2005: 173 comments  - C/Net
2/27/2005: Oceans Are 70-Percent Shark Free - Science Daily
2/27/2005: Join the family: Godfather classic film seeks to become video game hit  - BBC

2/27/2005: Wireless World- $30 Billion In TV Phones
 - SpaceDaily
2/27/2005: Faster than Fiber
  - Technology Review 

2/27/2005: TSMC says immersion 'nearly ready'  - El. Engr. Times
2/27/2005: EUV is here, says ASML exec  - El. Engr. Times

2/27/2005: Mac Mini, iBook may be Apple's latest in Intel line - Seattle Times
2/27/2005: Mac Attack a Load of Crap  - Wired News
2/27/2005: Zombie army How hi-tech vandals are recruiting and controlling PCs  - BBC
2/27/2005: HP Labs marks 40th with high-tech table  - C/Net
2/27/2005: Apple set to release new products  - CNN

2/27/2005: All Google's Roads Lead to Kansas  - Wired News
2/27/2005: Ask and ye shall be answered--sort of  - C/Net
2/27/2005: China to crack down on spam  - CNN
2/27/2005: Raids close file-sharing server  - BBC
2/27/2005: Police unit targets film piracy  - BBC
2/27/2005: Google rapped over adult photos  - BBC

2/27/2005: More security problems bite Apple  - BBC
2/27/2005: Microsoft rivals in new EU action  - BBC
2/27/2005: Microsoft sees dollars in security  - C/Net
2/27/2005: Hollywood hails P2P shutdown  - C/Net
2/27/2005: Microsoft accidentally posts Vista details  - CNN
2/27/2005: Worms nibble at Apple computers - New Scientist

2/27/2005: Battery Breakthrough -- An Update  - Technology Review 
2/27/2005: Switchgrass to Gas?  - Technology Review 
2/27/2005: Honda may be working on cheap hybrid  - C/Net
2/27/2005: Dog poop:-the next alternative energy source?  - C/Net
2/27/2005: Researchers Develop Alternate Method To Dispose Nuclear Liquid Waste - Science Daily
2/27/2005: Green group scoops pooch poo for power ... - FirstScience

2/27/2005: Evidence Lacking For 'Inflatable-pants' Heart Failure Therapy - Science Daily

2/27/2005: Northwestern Researchers Launch Avastin Trial For Pancreatic Tumors - Science Daily
2/27/2005: Doctors demand brain cancer drugs  - BBC

2/27/2005: EU to allow bird flu vaccination  - BBC
2/27/2005: MRSA deaths up by nearly quarter  - BBC
2/27/2005: Q&A: MRSA 'superbugs'  - BBC

2/27/2005: A Link Is Found Between Morphine Addiction And The Tendency To Explore - Science Daily

2/27/2005: UVa Scientists Hot On Trail Of Therapies For Deadly Lung Failure - Science Daily
2/27/2005: Food Experts Say Public Has Inadequate Understanding Of Food Risk Issues - Science Daily
2/27/2005: New Nano-canary In The Nanotoxicology Coalmine: The Body Itself - Science Daily
2/27/2005: Crunch time: Private Finance Initiative hospitals sweat over their future  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
2/27/2005: Wyoming museum lands rare fossil - MSNBC
2/27/2005: There's Something Fishy About Human Brain Evolution - Science Daily

2/27/2005: Science Class Experiment Reveals Vitamin B12 Secret - Science Daily
2/27/2005: Airbus, Russia talking partners - Seattle Times
2/27/2005: SEC bid to exempt firms from audits draws fire - Seattle Times
2/27/2005: Fun Food for the Trivia-Minded  - Wired News
2/27/2005: FBI computer budget balloons  - CNN
2/27/2005: Tough sledding seen for Chinese foundry growth  - El. Engr. Times
2/27/2005: Commerce Secretary blasts Chinese government for software piracy - Seattle Times
2/27/2005: Special report: Inside China's teeming world of fake goods - Seattle Times
2/27/2005: Special report, part two: Businesses scramble to outfox the fakes - Seattle Times
2/27/2005: China in focus, a seattletimes.com special section - Seattle Times
2/27/2005: Science academies essential for Africa ... - FirstScience
2/27/2005: The good life: BBC reporter tries to last a year living ethically  - BBC
2/27/2005: Verbal abuse: Why Indian call centre staff dread some Western customers  - BBC

2/27/2005: Researchers Find Molecule That May Hold Key To Learning And Memory - Science Daily
2/27/2005: The secret to soap opera addiction - New Scientist
2/27/2005: Male Gene May Explain Higher Incidence Of Parkinson's In Men - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/27/2005: Gamma Ray Flare From Distant Star Disturbs Daytime Ionosphere - SpaceDaily
2/27/2005: Milky Way vs. Andromeda- Study Settles Which Is More Massive
 - Space.com
2/27/2005: Stellar Sound Waves Set Off Supernovas
 - Space.com
2/27/2005: Rare Gamma-ray Flare From A Distant Star Disturbs Earth's Daytime Ionosphere
 - Science Daily
2/27/2005: Large Hadron Collider Key Component Completed
 - SpaceDaily
2/27/2005: Quantum computer works best switched off
 - New Scientist
2/27/2005: Our closest exoplanet has its temperature taken
 - New Scientist

2/27/2005: Retirement age 'will rise to 85' - BBC
2/27/2005: Older Population Could Force Retirement Age to 85
 - Live Science


2/27/2005: NASA Griffin's Statement To House Science Committee - SpaceDaily
2/27/2005: Looking for other Earths? Here’s a list
2/27/2005: Scientist earmarks planets most likely to hold alien life
 - Google
2/27/2005: Civilian Sector Biggest Space Customer
 - SpaceDaily
2/27/2005: Light And Shadow On The Surface Of Mars
 - SpaceDaily
2/27/2005: Mars Express Studies Possible Aurorae Above Mars
 - SpaceDaily
2/27/2005: Engineers Compete To Find Best Trajectory To Intercept An Asteroid
 - SpaceDaily
2/27/2005: ESA Science Director Warns Against Risky Strategy
 - Space.com
2/27/2005: Stardust Mission Yields Ancient Comet Dust
 - Space.com
2/27/2005: NASA Honors A Legendary Astronaut
 - SpaceDaily
2/27/2005: Japan Aims For New Space Success With Galactic Survey
 - SpaceDaily


2/27/2005: Cashing In on Virtual Humans  - Wired News
2/27/2005: Talking badges for hospital staff  - BBC
2/27/2005: Fiorina: Technology will 'disappear' in 25 years  - C/Net
2/27/2005: A cleaner, quieter leaf blower
  - C/Net
2/27/2005: Photo- Landscaping with Stihl
  - C/Net
2/27/2005: Tech Tracks blog
 - Seattle Times


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