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  February 25, 2006

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'Antigravity' Propulsion System Proposed - Space.com   Dr. Franklin Felber's  new exact solution to Einstein's gravitational field equation gives hope to space enthusiasts that it might be possible to accelerate space craft to speeds approaching that of light without crushing the contents of the craft Dr. Felber's paper states that a mass moving faster than 57.7 percent of the speed of light will gravitationally repel other masses lying within a narrow 'antigravity beam' in front of it.      
Pulsed Energy Projectile - Space.com  This counterpersonnel capability projects a beam that creates a plasma pulse at the target. When the plasma pulse strikes an individual, it results in a flash-bang effect that startles and distracts, and it also has a kinetic effect on the individual's nerve sensors. US government budgets show that it received $3,173,000 in research funding. It vaporises the first thing it hits. This creates a plasma that heats the surrounding air so fast that, basically, the air explodes. The resulting shock wave will knock you to the floor.      

Image: Kangerdlussuaq Glacier

Greenland's glaciers losing ice at faster rate - MSNBC  Satellite observations indicate that Greenland's glaciers have been dumping ice into the Atlantic Ocean at a rate that's doubled over the past five years, researchers reported here on Thursday. The findings add yet another factor to the long-running debate over the effect of climate change on the world's ice sheets and sea levels. "The evolution of the ice sheet, in the context of climate warming, is more rapid than has been predicted by models," one of the researchers, Eric Rignot of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told MSNBC.com. As a result, Greenland's ice sheet — second only to Antarctica's ice sheet, with almost as much area as Mexico — could contribute more than expected to rising sea levels in a warming world, he said. "This is a big, major finding," said Gino Casassa, a glaciologist at Chile's Center for Scientific Studies. He noted that some glaciers in South America's Patagonia region have been shrinking faster than expected, and said "acceleration may be the missing link."    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/25/2005: Sweet release for manatees  - CNN
2/25/2005: Saving the frogs
  - CNN
2/25/2005: Captive gorillas exhibit cultural differences - MSNBC
2/25/2005: The word: Musth - New Scientist
2/25/2005: Fishes' sex-change secret revealed - New Scientist
2/25/2005: Forgotten wrongs of cloning 'pioneer' - New Scientist
2/25/2005: Phytoplankton Bounce Back From Abrupt Climate Change - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Sex, Cleaner Of Genomes - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Marine Ecologists To Help Rebuild Decreasing Fish Stocks - Science Daily
2/25/2005: New Clues in the Plant Mating Mystery - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
2/25/2005: Greenland's glaciers losing ice at faster rate  - MSNBC
2/25/2005: ‘Next New Orleans’ may be in California - MSNBC
2/25/2005: Heavy La Niña rains prompt landslide  - Nature
2/25/2005: Disappearing deltas could spell disaster - New Scientist
2/25/2005: Watching the North Pole wobble - New Scientist
2/25/2005: Overseas NOx Could Be Boosting Ozone Levels In US - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Instruments On Alaska's Augustine Volcano Provide New Insights Into Volcanic Processes - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Studies Of Ancient Climates Suggest Earth Is Now On A Fast Track To Global Warming - Science Daily
2/25/2005: What Constitutes Acceptable Earthquake Risk? - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Oceans May Soon Be More Corrosive Than When The Dinosaurs Died - Science Daily

2/25/2005: On the go with upgraded ears  - C/Net
2/25/2005: Photos: Headphone upgrade? Hear you go  - C/Net
2/25/2005: Judgment day nears for BlackBerry maker  - CNN
2/25/2005: BlackBerry maker open to deal  - CNN
2/25/2005: Sony PS3 launch could be delayed  - CNN
2/25/2005: Touch it all over - New Scientist

2/25/2005: Chicago planning for citywide Wi-Fi
  - CNN
2/25/2005: Historic city to host wireless experiment
  - CNN

2/25/2005: UMC claims silicon frequency record of 192 GHz  - El. Engr. Times
2/25/2005: Litho for 32-nm remains a question mark  - El. Engr. Times
2/25/2005: Intel pushes out EUV lithography  - El. Engr. Times


2/25/2005: China's virtual cops pinpoint Web dissent  - C/Net
2/25/2005: Teens gain valuable social skills online - New Scientist



2/25/2005: Researchers Develop Revolutionary New Heart Valve For Children - Science Daily

2/25/2005: Epigenetic therapy of cancer  - Nature
2/25/2005: Melanoma, a Tumor Based on a Mutant Stem Cell?  - Nature
2/25/2005: Investigating the anticancer potential of a novel class of histone deacetylases  - Nature
2/25/2005: Protein Level Predicts Who Will Develop Deadly Complication After Marrow Transplant - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Estrogen-progestin Menopausal Hormone Therapy And Risk Of Lobular And Tubular Breast Cancer - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Ovarian Cancer Responds To Aspirin Derivative With Chemo - Science Daily
2/25/2005: High Risk Of Breast Cancer Associated With Genetic Variation In Leptin And Its Receptor
 - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Second Low-oxygen Pathway Hints At Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease Physiology
 - Science Daily

2/25/2005: Bird flu here to stay?  - Nature
2/25/2005: Genetic double whammy weakens West Nile virus - New Scientist
2/25/2005: Bird flu discovered in India - New Scientist
2/25/2005: New Influenza Vaccine Takes Weeks To Mass Produce - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Ticks, Flukes, And Genomics: Emerging Pathogens Revealed - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Waking A Sleeping Virus: Taking Aim At One Of Mankind's Most Common Diseases - Science Daily

2/25/2005: Research Offers Hope To Increase Islet Supply To Cure Type 1 Diabetes - Science Daily

2/25/2005: Stressed mothers may risk early miscarriage - New Scientist
2/25/2005: Boys Face Greater Burns Risk Than Girls, Says New Research - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Concern Over Fast Tracking Of New Drugs - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Livers From Non-heart Beating Donors Would Boost Organ Supply - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Gene Patterns In White Blood Cells Quickly Diagnose Disease - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Study Reveals Dramatic Metabolic Differences In How Adults, Infants And Children Process Drugs - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Technology Helps Disabled Kids Find Their Voice - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Organic Diets Lower Children's Exposure To Two Common Pesticides - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Stressed-out Women More Likely To Miscarry Early
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
2/25/2005: Teachers bone up on evolution - MSNBC
2/25/2005: ‘Brain food’ may have made us smarter - MSNBC
2/25/2005: Did first Americans come from Europe? - MSNBC
2/25/2005: Scientist traces ancient ‘kelp highway’ - MSNBC
2/25/2005: Did early humans socialise to avoid getting eaten? - New Scientist
2/25/2005: Early Human Ancestors Walked On The Wild Side - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Next Good Dinosaur News Likely To Come From Small Packages - Science Daily
2/25/2005: AAAS Denounces Anti-evolution Laws As Hundreds Of K-12 Teachers Convene
 - Science Daily
2/25/2005: New Fossil Find In New Mexico Named After Artist Georgia O'Keeffe
 - Science Daily
2/25/2005: 'Kelp Highway' May Have Helped Peopling Of The Americas
 - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Early Americans Faced Rapid Late Pleistocene Climate Change And Chaotic Environments
 - Science Daily

2/25/2005: Pulsed Energy Projectile - Space.com
2/25/2005: Sensory consequences of electromagnetic pulse emitted by laser induced plasmas - Space.com
2/25/2005: Houston eyes cameras at apartment complexes  - C/Net
2/25/2005: Know what to wear? Then help dresskevin.com  - CNN
2/25/2005: Intel to open center in Gaza Strip  - El. Engr. Times
2/25/2005: ST to hire 300 more engineers in India  - El. Engr. Times
2/25/2005: Intel pushes out EUV lithography  - El. Engr. Times
2/25/2005: Singapore pledges tax breaks, funding for electronics  - El. Engr. Times
2/25/2005: Student to publish anthrax science project - MSNBC
2/25/2005: Soldiers hone communication skills for Iraq - MSNBC

2/25/2005: Gene linked to increased risk of Parkinson's in men - New Scientist
2/25/2005: Engineering Nerve Jumper Cables For Spinal Cord Repair In Animal Model - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Baby Got Math: Seven-month-olds Show An Abstract Numerical Sense Before They Can Even Talk - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Experts Question Prevalent Stereotypes About Autism - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Clock Molecule's Sensitivity To Lithium Sheds Light On Bipolar Disorder - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/25/2005: Dr. Felber's paper "Exact relativistic 'antigravity' propulsion - Space.com
2/25/2005: First neutrinos detected in Antarctic project
2/25/2005: Discovery of a cool planet of 5.5 Earth masses through gravitational microlensing
  - Nature
2/25/2005: Mathematical proofs getting harder to verify
 - New Scientist
2/25/2005: Most likely host star for advanced life named
 - New Scientist
2/25/2005: Faint stars may supply the cosmic X-ray fog
 - New Scientist
2/25/2005: A Fresh Spin In Quantum Physics: The 'Spin Triplet' Supercurrent
 - Science Daily
2/25/2005: The Math Of Deadly Waves
 - Science Daily
2/25/2005: New Theory Resolves Mystery Of Anomalous Cosmic Rays
 - Science Daily

2/25/2005: UCLA Finds Cancer Drug May Improve Progeria; Genetic Disease Causes Accelerated Aging In Children - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Sex, Cleaner Of Genomes
 - Science Daily


2/25/2005: 'Antigravity' Propulsion System Proposed - Space.com
2/25/2005: WASHINGTON - The House Science Committee's Republican chairman and senior Democrat told NASA Administrator Mik ...
 - FirstScience
2/25/2005: Next Shuttle Crew: NASA Taking Right Steps ...
 - FirstScience
2/25/2005: U.S. Company Plans $265M Spaceport in UAE ...
 - FirstScience
2/25/2005: Congress Urges NASA to Guarantee 'Scientific Openness' ...
 - FirstScience
2/25/2005: Russian Space Agency and US Companies to Jointly Build Spacecraft ...
 - FirstScience
2/24/2005: US risks 'loss of leadership' in space exploration, NASA warns ...
  - Physics Org
2/25/2005: Top stars picked in alien search
  - BBC
2/25/2005: Japan aims for triple space success
 - New Scientist
2/25/2005: Probe chases moon-shadows on Mars
 - New Scientist
2/25/2005: Successful Venus Express Main Engine Test
 - Science Daily

2/25/2005: Study Indicates Speed Cameras Could Curb Road Deaths - Science Daily
2/25/2005: Scientist Uses Dragonflies To Better Understand Flight - Science Daily


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