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  February 25, 2005

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Omo II skull () Age of ancient humans reassessed  - BBC  Two skulls originally found in 1967 and estimated to tbe 130,000 years old have now been shown to be about 195,000 years old, agreeing with genetic studies that point toward an East African origin for homo sapiens of just over 200,000 years ago. This contrasts with "modern behavior", which is thought to have originated about 50,000 years ago. Evidrnce of eating fish, of harpoons, of bone carving for religious reasons, of ornamentation, drawn images, and arrowheads appear as a coherent package by the time the first humans left Africa between 40,000 and 50,000 years ago.   
A New Model Army Soldier Rolls Closer to the Battlefield  - NY Times  The robot soldier is coming. The Pentagon predicts that robots will be a major fighting force in the American military in less than a decade, hunting and killing enemies in combat. Robots are a crucial part of the Army's effort to rebuild itself as a 21st-century fighting force, and a $127 billion project called Future Combat Systems is the biggest military contract in American history. Military planners say robot soldiers will think, see and react increasingly like humans. In the beginning, they will be remote-controlled, looking and acting like lethal toy trucks. As the technology develops, they may take many shapes. And as their intelligence grows, so will their autonomy. Even the strongest advocates of automatons say war will always be a human endeavor, with death and disaster. And supporters like Robert Finkelstein, president of Robotic Technology in Potomac, Md., are telling the Pentagon it could take until 2035 to develop a robot that looks, thinks and fights like a soldier. By April, an armed version of the bomb-disposal robot will be in Baghdad, capable of firing 1,000 rounds a minute.   

Close-up of computer chip, Eyewire

Intel unveils laser breakthrough  - BBC  Scientists at Intel have overcome a fundamental problem that before now has prevented silicon being used to generate and amplify laser light. The Intel researchers said products exploiting the breakthrough should appear by the end of the decade. Dr Paniccia said that the structure of silicon meant that when laser light passed through it, some colliding photons rip electrons off the atoms within the material. But the Intel researchers have found a way to suck away these errant electrons and turn silicon into a material that can both generate and amplify laser light. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/25/2005:†Contrary To Previous Findings, Smoking Is Detrimental Rather Than Beneficial To Patients With Alzheimer's, UCI Study Shows  - Science Daily

2/25/2005:†New RNA Polymerase Discovered In Plants  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Ingestion Of Afterbirth Appears To Promote Maternal Behavior In Mammals
 - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†When Cobras Spit, There's Not A Dry Eye In The House  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Sexual Frustration And Learning In Fruit Flies  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Heterosis In Populations In Nature Of A Domesticated Plant  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Pollution Can Convert Airborne Iron Into Soluble Form Required For Phytoplankton Growth  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Time To Rewrite The Species Rulebook, MSU Scientists Say  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†An HIV Protein Plays A Surprising Role In Gene Activation  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Examination Of Internal 'Wiring' Of Yeast, Worm, And Fly Reveals Conserved Circuits  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†The Creature Genetic Engineers Fear Most  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†Scientists Announce 1st Map of Human Genetic Variations ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†Hercules the 'liger' - MSNBC
2/25/2005:†Insect Hearing Helps Nanoscience - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Lychnis Moth (Hadena Bicruris) Lays More Eggs In Isolated Areas - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Chemical Compounds Found In Whale Blubber Are From Natural Sources, Not Industrial Contamination - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†World's First Cow Cloned With New Technique  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
2/25/2005:†Natural Climate Change May Be Larger Than Commonly Thought  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Scientists Discuss Improved Biopesticides For Locust Control In West Africa  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†New Stem Cell Source Could Boost Bone Marrow Success; Uncharted Area Of Umbilical Cord Offers Hope  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Experts: Global Warming Is Real  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†Umbra on What Global Warming Will Mean for Average Folks ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†Environmentalists Sue Bush Administration over New Forest Rules ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†Group Seeks Protection for Polar Bears ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†Britain Criticizes US Climate Change Record ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†EPA Agrees to Consider Requiring Pollution Cuts in 13 Eastern States ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†Brazil's President Creates Massive Forest Reserves after Killing of American Nun ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†SA to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 21m tonnes ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†A changed climate: 'What I did to bring green living to my area'  - BBC
2/25/2005:†Why Bush advisers fight the evidence on climate change ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†Polyurethane Compounds Demonstrate Superior Performance in Heat Aging and Ozone Testing ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†Architects Key To Controlling GHG Emissions ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†Canada's big emitters brace for investment climate change ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†Experts: Global Warming Is Real ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†Global Warming is here for real ... - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†Groundwater pollution on the rise in State: study ...
 - FirstScience

2/25/2005:†Grand Theft Auto Faces 'Murder Training' Lawsuit  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†Who Will Make the iPod Phone?  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†iPod Mini moves to color screen with pending update  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†'EverQuest' gets pizza partner  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Archos hits 100GB for portable video player  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Boot camp  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Shuffle keeps it simple, and that's the point
 - Seattle Times

2/25/2005:†Cellular Operators Weigh Moves to Shield Kids from Phone Porn
  - Technology Review 
2/25/2005:†Bluetooth Engineers Test in Secret
  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†Sound and vision: A number of firms are producing mobile phones with digital TV
  - BBC
2/25/2005:†Cabir mobile virus found in U.S.
  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Study: Cell phone radiation within limits
  - CNN
2/25/2005:†Qualcomm's mobile TV offensive targets U.S., Europe
  - El. Engr. Times
2/25/2005:†Finnish study reportedly says mobile handset radiation is within limits
  - El. Engr. Times

2/25/2005:†Intel unveils laser breakthrough   - BBC

2/25/2005:†A case for armor - Seattle Times
2/25/2005:†There are ways to download photos from PC to phone - Seattle Times

2/25/2005:†Google Gmail launch edges closer  - BBC
2/25/2005:†Landgrab for Google  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Firms seek to reassure e-shoppers over security  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Gmail moves to next stage  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Microsoft out-Firefoxed?  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Security experts: Hacking attacks rarely made public  - CNN
2/25/2005:†Four Pupils Punished for Lewd Website
  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†Underground Housing Hit
  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†Microsoft on 'Rootkits': Be Afraid
  - Wired News

2/25/2005:†Subscription Music's Curious Silence  - Technology Review 
2/25/2005:†Napster Refutes Internet Claims That Its Copy Protection is Flawed  - Technology Review 
2/25/2005:†Patent protest hits the street  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Photos: Going bananas?  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Protestors: Innovation-yes!  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†CA readies patent pledge  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Week in review: Reading Redmond  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†These Are Real Phone Books - Seattle Times
2/25/2005:†EU Parliament Approves Patent Restart  - Wired News

2/25/2005:†Privatising nuclear clean-up risks public safety - New Scientist
2/25/2005:†Science's 'sun-in-a-bubble' debate heats up ... - FirstScience

2/25/2005:†Columbia Study Suggests Brushing Your Teeth May Reduce Risk Of Stroke And Heart Attack  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†'Made to measure' heart drug hope  - BBC
2/25/2005:†UCSD Team Discovers Specialized, Rare Heart Stem Cells In Newborns - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†New Math Model Of Heart Cell Has Novel Calcium Pathway - Science Daily

2/25/2005:†Carrot Component Reduces Cancer Risk  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Leukemia Drug Breakthrough Study In New England Journal Of Medicine  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Study Shows Larger Babies Have Higher Risk Of Certain Cancers In Adulthood  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Food alert over cancer-causing dye  - BBC
2/25/2005:†Scientists Disprove Two Tenets Of Common Leukemia - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Gene breakthrough for breast cancer patients ... - FirstScience

2/25/2005:†Progress Toward A New Remedy For Chronic Urinary Tract Infections?  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Editorial: The temptation of edible vaccines - New Scientist
2/25/2005:†Editorial: Polio is down but not out - New Scientist


2/25/2005:†Physicians Recommend Screening For Toxoplasmosis For All Pregnant Women, Newborns  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†New Drug Available For Treatment Of "Wet" Macular Degeneration Disease  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Healthcare at risk? European row sparked by Commission plans to liberalise services  - BBC
2/25/2005:†Researchers Develop Infectious Disease Diagnostic Tool - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Emergency Department Study Supports Giving Dehydrated Children Fluids By Mouth - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Children's Taste Sensitivity And Food Choices Influenced By Taste Gene - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
2/25/2005:†Age of ancient humans reassessed   - BBC
2/25/2005:†Scientists Find Fossil Proof Of Egypt's Ancient Climate  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Survival of the southpaws  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Tsunami uncovers ancient city in India - MSNBC
2/25/2005:†Verdict on King Tutís death due in March - MSNBC
2/25/2005:†Army Ants Have Defied Evolution For 100 Million Years - Science Daily

2/25/2005:†Study Shows Protective Equipment Not Very Effective For Rugby Players - Science Dail
2/25/2005:†Boeing still has many fences to mend - Seattle Times
2/25/2005:†Wal-Mart may be required to pay for insurance - Seattle Times
2/25/2005:†No soft-and-cuddly corporate tale - Seattle Times
2/25/2005:†Scrushy team tries to discredit former VP - Seattle Times
2/25/2005:†Ex-exec- Wall St. forecasts motivated WorldCom fraud - Seattle Times
2/25/2005:†Bear Stearns linked to illegal fund trades - Seattle Times
2/25/2005:†How Wiretapping Works  - Technology Review 
2/25/2005:†Thinking Outside the Security Box  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†Office Sweeties Have No Secrets  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†Constantine's Inferno: It Burns  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†Agencies Earn D-Plus on Computer Security  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†Stoplights Have Long Evolution ... - ABC
2/25/2005:†Iran does not want to build nuclear bomb: Russia's Putin - SpaceDaily
2/25/2005:†US, China in "absolute agreement" on North Korea: US envoy - SpaceDaily
2/25/2005:†Rumsfeld defends funding for nuclear penetrator study - SpaceDaily
2/25/2005:†Words Are Weapons For Iranian Bloggers - SpaceDaily
2/25/2005:†Euro science looks to new council  - BBC
2/25/2005:†Women scientists 'undervalued'  - BBC
2/25/2005:†Tech workers got a raise in 2004
  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Bill would use GPS to protect crime victims
  - C/Net
2/25/2005:†Panasonic touts tottering plasma display technology
  - El. Engr. Times
2/25/2005:†Fragmented China software sector no match for India, report finds
  - El. Engr. Times
2/25/2005:†Boeing ex-CFO to be sent to prison
 - Seattle Times
2/25/2005:†Ex-Qwest exec accused of fraud
 - Seattle Times
2/25/2005:†EBay Bids to Win China Battle
  - Wired News

2/25/2005:†Sex Hormone Metabolite Reduces Stress, Anxiety In Female Rats  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Abnormal Brain Activity During The Observation Of Others' Actions  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Size 'does not matter' for brains  - BBC
2/25/2005:†Lead 'turning children to crime'  - BBC
2/25/2005:†Self harm: What ages are men and women most at risk?  - BBC
2/25/2005:†Bird Brains Show How Trial And Error May Contribute To Learning - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†NYU Psychology Researchers Show How Attention Enhances Visual Perception
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/25/2005:†Planets Galore: 12 New Discoveries Announced - SpaceDaily
2/25/2005:†Scientists Take Aim At Dark Energy Problems
 - SpaceDaily
2/25/2005:†Huge 'star-quake' rocks Milky Way
Hubble pics 'like romantic art'   - BBC
2/25/2005:†Huge explosion traced to exotic star
  - Nature
2/25/2005:†Distant explosion breaks brightness records
 - New Scientist
2/25/2005:†Novel molecule makes its debut
 - PhysicsWeb
2/25/2005:†Simulations Show How Growing Black Holes Regulate Galaxy Formation
 - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†NYU's Dvali says change in laws of gravity, not 'dark energy,' source of cosmic acceleration ...
 - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†The Hubble Decision ...
  - NY Times
2/25/2005:†Penn astrophysicist outlines a multi-pronged approach in the hunt for dark energy ...
 - FirstScience


2/25/2005:†A New Model Army Soldier Rolls Closer to the Battlefield  - NY Time
2/25/2005:†Audio Slide Show: The Army of the Future  - NY Times
2/25/2005:†Graphic: Future Fighting Force  - NY Times
2/25/2005:†Baby Bot Learns to Stride Right
  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†Robots Ready To Get Up Walk
 - SpaceDaily

2/25/2005:†Titan's Features Emerge From Haze  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†NASA under microscope on junking Hubble ...
 - ABC
2/25/2005:†Space Watch: Private Space, More Rules
 - SpaceDaily
2/25/2005:†Indian Space Delegation At University Of Leicester For New Satellite Mission
 - SpaceDaily
2/25/2005:†Nasa sets May shuttle launch date
  - BBC
2/25/2005:†NASA Statement on False Claim of Evidence of Life on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†Budget Enables New Age of Exploration The Vision for Space Exploration remains an Administration priority even ...
 - FirstScience
2/25/2005:†Pentagon Denies Iran Spy Flights
 - SpaceDaily
2/25/2005:†Canada To Say No On Missile Shield
 - SpaceDaily
2/25/2005:†Opportunity Gets New Flight Software - SpaceDaily
2/25/2005:†Evidence for Large Water Resources Found Near Mars Equator - SpaceDaily

2/25/2005:†World's Fastest Oscillating Nanomachine Holds Promise For Telecommunications, Quantum Computing  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Study Shows Protective Equipment Not Very Effective For Rugby Players  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†SLAC's New Lensless X-ray Holography Technique Opens Door To Nanoscale World  - Science Daily
2/25/2005:†Embracing the Artificial Limb  - Wired News
2/25/2005:†Purdue Proves Concept Of Using Nano-Materials For Drug Discovery - SpaceDaily
2/25/2005:†Technology conference offers glimpse into future  - CNN
2/25/2005:†New-Look Passports
 - Economist


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