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  February 24, 2005

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Is There Life on Mars? Looking for Rock Solid Evidence -  Once the rock was worked over, Spirit’s Microscopic Imager went in for close-up looks at the results. And within the images, an odd feature could be seen, seemingly a pattern of something more biological than just rock. "The first impression I got -- based on the morphology alone -- was how similar it looked to a common terrestrial foliose lichen. On Mars, however, as we all have learned from past experience, looks can be deceiving"    
Devising Nano Vision For An Optical Microscope - SpaceDaily  Left:  Resembling a 3-D checkerboard, this mirage-like pattern was formed by light waves after bouncing off a specimen with a peak-and-valley arrangement of etched lines.  Image credit: NIST.   Contrary to conventional wisdom, technology's advance into the vanishingly small realm of molecules and atoms may not be out of sight for the venerable optical microscope, after all. In fact, research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) suggests that a hybrid version of the optical microscope might be able to image and measure features smaller than 10 nanometers - a tiny fraction of the wavelength of visible light. In a preliminary test of the embryonic technique, NIST scientists used violet light with a wavelength of 436 nanometers to image features as small as 40 nanometers, about five times smaller than possible with a conventional optical microscope.

New Measurement Undermines Theories For Hidden 'Particle-Force' - SpaceDaily  "People are trying desperately to understand why the weak force is weak. At the beginning of the universe, it and the force that is responsible for light, among other things, were essentially one and the same; but now, light can cross the cosmos, but the weak force can't even cross an atom. We've come up with a lot of theories as to why this is, but these new findings mean that a lot of those theories are going to have to be crossed off." "If these theories keep getting disproved, we're going to have to go on to an entirely new model of the universe's workings." 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/24/2005: Concerns over Alzheimer's drug  - BBC
2/24/2005: Guide to Alzheimer's disease
  - BBC

2/24/2005: Retinal biology: Rods, cones and body clocks ...  - Nature
2/24/2005: Biological pest control could yield results ...
  - Nature
2/24/2005: DNA map to help target new drugs  - BBC
2/24/2005: Concerns over Alzheimer's drug  - BBC
2/24/2005: Sex hungry roaches lured to death  - BBC
2/24/2005: Scientists map our genetic differences - MSNBC
2/24/2005: Sexy scent lures roaches to doom - MSNBC
2/24/2005: Gene map opens up uncharted territory  - Nature
2/24/2005: Stem cells turn into breast implants - New Scientist
2/24/2005: Genetic variation map may promise tailored drugs - New Scientist
2/24/2005: Forests return but gene pool shrinks - New Scientist
2/24/2005: New Species Of Coral Discovered Off Southern California - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
2/24/2005: Detecting mercury emissions ... - FirstScience
2/24/2005: Spider Venom Could Yield Eco-Friendly Insecticides ... - FirstScience
2/24/2005: Kyoto Protocol Takes Effect With Celebrations, Warnings ... - FirstScience
2/24/2005: Mexico Reports 75-Percent Drop in the Number of Monarch Butterflies ... - FirstScience
2/24/2005: Dream or Nightmare? -- An ENN Commentary ... - FirstScience
2/24/2005: New Global Network Aims for Tsunami Warning System ... - FirstScience
2/24/2005: Ice Kangaroos, Koalas Melt in Kyoto Protest ... - FirstScience
2/24/2005: Greenpeace activists in custody after protest at London oil exchange ... - FirstScience
2/24/2005: Calpers pressures automakers on emissions ... - FirstScience
2/24/2005: Greenhouse gases 'do warm oceans'  - BBC
2/24/2005: Looming disaster: Storms and rising seas - an English village in the frontline of Kyoto  - BBC
2/24/2005: The French way France seeks nuclear answer to climate change problem  - BBC
2/24/2005: Slumbering Vesuvius is in a slump - New Scientist

2/24/2005: 'Grand Theft Auto' firm faces Alabama murder lawsuit  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Review: Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW Widescreen LCD  - C/Net

2/24/2005: Lost your cell phone? Call a cab!
  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Random House aims at cell phones
  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Gadget or plaything? Let the kids decide
  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Wireless firms act against phone porn
  - CNN
2/24/2005: Freescale, Samsung demonstrate UWB-enabled cell phone
  - El. Engr. Times


2/24/2005: Warning on hard drives' security  - BBC
2/24/2005: Bridging the digital divide  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Xen makes big name for itself  - BBC

2/24/2005: One size fits all?  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Viral ads ask consumers to spread the word  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Firefox reaches 25 million desktops  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Web exec sees online video ads taking off  - C/Net
2/24/2005: iMesh almost ready to become paid file-swap network  - C/Net
2/24/2005: IM still a security weak spot, analysts warn  - C/Net
2/24/2005: 'Wangba' crusade
  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Newspapers' Net correction
  - C/Net

2/24/2005: EU software patent law faces axe  - BBC
2/24/2005: Download dogfights  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Google blazes trail to Oregon  - C/Net
2/24/2005: IBM to invest $100 million in Linux push  - C/Net
2/24/2005: ATI rolls out new notebook chipset  - C/Net
2/24/2005: UK net users leading TV downloads  - BBC
2/24/2005: The copyfighters Regular columnist Bill Thompson on copyright battles  - BBC
2/24/2005: IBM puts cash behind Linux push  - BBC
2/24/2005: Under threat Technology gets its own 'endangered species' gizmo list  - BBC
2/24/2005: Shelved Exorcist prequel to receive its world premiere  - BBC


2/24/2005: Heart disease painkiller warning  - BBC
2/24/2005: US regulator to rule on pain drug  - BBC

2/24/2005: Scientists find key cancer danger gene ...  - Nature

2/24/2005: Plague outbreak kills 60 in Congo  - BBC

2/24/2005: Saliva holds promise for drug testing - MSNBC

2/24/2005: 'Natural' breast implant advance  - BBC
2/24/2005: Spit test predicts tooth cavities  - BBC
2/24/2005: Brain-controlled 'robo-arm' hope  - BBC
2/24/2005: FDA critics slam plan for safety reform  - Nature

History, Anthropology:
2/24/2005: Human Fossils Dated to 195,000 Years ... - Washington Post
2/24/2005: Ancient human ages reassessed  - BBC
2/24/2005: Scientists unveil fossilized crocodile - MSNBC
2/24/2005: Oldest humans thought to be even older - MSNBC
2/24/2005: Ethiopia is top choice for cradle of Homo sapiens  - Nature

2/24/2005: New Device Destroys Biological Weapons ... - FirstScience
2/24/2005: Bush: US to back Israel against Iranian threat - SpaceDaily
2/24/2005: Bush warns Syria and Iran - SpaceDaily
2/24/2005: Malaysia still quizzing Khan's alleged deputy for proliferation - SpaceDaily
2/24/2005: Iran's Khatami pledges backing for Syria and anti-Israel groups - SpaceDaily
2/24/2005: Iran attacks foreign 'psychological warfare' after blast scare - SpaceDaily
2/24/2005: Intense diplomacy to bring North Korea back into nuclear talks - SpaceDaily
2/24/2005: Iran refuses to fix March deadline for nuclear talks" Kharazi - SpaceDaily
2/24/2005: Iran to sign key nuclear fuel deal with Russia on February 26: official - SpaceDaily
2/24/2005: Calling Preteens with a Barbie Phone - Business Week
2/24/2005: Verizon-MCI: The New Math - Business Week
2/24/2005: Don't panic  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Feds urged to tighten cybersecurity  - C/Net
2/24/2005: HP to start a printer price war?  - C/Net
2/24/2005: N.Y. Times to buy for $410 million  - C/Net
2/24/2005: 100 not out: India's Kaziranga park celebrates a glorious centenary  - BBC
2/24/2005: Candid webcam: How easy is it to use your computer to catch a burglar?  - BBC
2/24/2005: Steamrollered by the Dell machine  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Around the world in 80 hours  - CNN
2/24/2005: The man and his mission
  - CNN
2/24/2005: Student tracking program falls apart
  - CNN
2/24/2005: Plutonium books don't balance at UK plant
  - Nature

2/24/2005: Violent imagery makes children aggressive, experts say  - BBC
2/24/2005: Violent imagery 'harms children'  - BBC
2/24/2005: Children's author 'How my head injury encouraged my creativity'  - BBC
2/24/2005: Why Do We Overcommit? Study Suggests We Think We’ll Have More Time In The Future Than We Have Today - Science Daily
2/24/2005: Over-the-counter Supplement Appears Effective In Treatment Of Midlife-onset Depression - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/24/2005: New Measurement Undermines Theories For Hidden 'Particle-Force' - SpaceDaily
2/24/2005: Astronomers Fine Twelve New Planets ...
  - FirstScience
2/24/2005: Earth creates powerful gamma-ray flashes
 - New Scientist
2/24/2005: Interstellar gas cloud linked to 'Snowball Earth'
 - New Scientist
2/24/2005: Galactic lightning may have formed Earth
 - New Scientist
2/24/2005: New Measurement Undermines Physicists' Theories For Nature's Hidden 'Particle-force' Collaboration
 - Science Daily


2/24/2005: Robots hit stride with human walk  - BBC
2/24/2005: Rambling robots show human efficiency - New Scientist
2/24/2005: One giant leap for walking robots - MSNBC
2/24/2005: Robots toddle along with human efficiency
  - Nature
2/24/2005: Robocopter team snaffles defence grant
  - Nature
2/24/2005: Rambling robots show human efficiency
 - New Scientist
2/24/2005: Mini Helicopter Thinks For Itself — On The Fly — To React To Dangerous Situations
 - Science Daily

2/24/2005: Is There Life on Mars? Looking for Rock Solid Evidence -
2/24/2005: NASA claims evidence of present life on Mars
  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Mars Express scuppers greenhouse hopes  - Nature
2/24/2005: Images show Enceladus is a 'geologist's paradise'
 - New Scientist
Mars Express scuppers greenhouse hopes  - Nature
Martian water clues go wider and deeper  - New Scientist
2/24/2005: A whiff of life on the Red Planet
 - New Scientist
2/24/2005: Titan's wind-blown message reaches Earth
 - New Scientist
2/24/2004: Twin Mars Rovers Still Going Strong NASA's Spirit rover found a new class of water-affected rock, while its tw ... - NASA
2/24/2004: Lightning Triggers Earthly Gamma-Ray Bursts Stars, supernovae, and black holes produce gamma-rays. Now scienti ... - NASA
2/24/2004: Shuttle Crew Gets Hands on Hardware The Return to Flight crew of STS-114 traveled to Kennedy Space Center to t ... - NASA
2/24/2004: Cassini Sees Titan, Enceladus NASA's Cassini spacecraft has had a busy week, snapping stunning new images of t ... - NASA
2/24/2004: 02.22.05 - NASA Foam Tests Help Return to Flight Effort NASA engineers continue to acquire data on how insulat ... - NASA

2/24/2005: Mars Express Set To Uncover Frozen Seas
 - SpaceDaily
2/24/2005: Lady Luck Watches Over Mars Rovers
 - SpaceDaily

2/24/2005: Devising Nano Vision For An Optical Microscope - SpaceDaily
2/24/2005: Space 'Eye' For Textiles -
2/24/2005: Build Better Contact Lenses In Zero-G -
2/24/2005: Elementary school nixes electronic IDs  - C/Net
2/24/2005: Scientists create 'smart' glass coating  - CNN


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