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  February 23, 2004

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DNA 'Timebomb' vaccine fights cancer  - BBC  A delayed-release system could help produce more effective vaccines against a number of diseases, including cancer. Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology encased their "DNA vaccines" in biodegradeable spheres. They do not break down and release the vaccine until they are carried to key locations such as the lymph nodes. DNA vaccines, which instead of a whole virus contain fragments of genetic material from a virus or bacteria. It is possible that they could deliver a life-long immunity to certain infections for which there is a vaccine, but only one which gives a few year's protection.
HD DVD discs Heat is on: The battle for the next generation of DVDs has begun  - BBC  A war is being fought behind the scenes for control of the DVD player in your living room. On one side is the HD-DVD, (High Definition DVD), backed by a group led by Toshiba and NEC. The HD-DVD discs can hold up to 30GBs and are more like an upgrade of current DVD technology. The HD-DVD grouping is up against a powerful consortium of electronics giants, including Sony, Philips, Matsushita and Samsung, who back the incompatible Blu-ray format. The Blu-ray discs can hold up to 50GBs and are based on blue/violet lasers. "What is needed is a quantum leap in performance," Philips boss Frans Van Houten told a recent forum .

The ward-round robot with a patient

Robodocs: Dr R2D2 will see you now... How hospitals of the future might look  - BBC  A patient lies in a hospital bed, waiting to hear if her operation has been a success. But in the hospitals of tomorrow, it may not be a doctor who brings her the news. Instead, a robot could glide between the beds, allowing doctors to talk to their patients from home - or even from another country. And this isn't a high-tech fantasy - doctors in the US are already using a robot as part of their team. Dr Louis Kavoussi is one of those at the forefront of robot medicine. The doctor, based at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, uses the ward-round robot to talk to patients from home. He envisages a time where patients lie in airline-style seat beds, with monitors on which they can watch TV and log on to the Internet, and via which doctors can asses them at any time of the day or night. Doctors may even be less involved in operations. Patients could be scanned, and the information sent directly to the "surgeon" robot, which could make an incision in exactly the right spot. Robots are already being used to perform keyhole surgery, where precision is crucial. Last week, surgeons at St Thomas's Hospital in London operated the controls of a robot carrying out an operation on a kidney model in the US.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/23/2004: Evolution Caught In The Act... - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
2/23/2004: Carbon tax could lead to job losses - industries... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Commission seeks to reduce air pollution from car tyres... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Scottish skiers face grim reality of global warming... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Ecuador is sacked by illegal wildlife trade... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Green groups sue to block drilling in Alaska reserve... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: ACEEE rates model year 2004's 'greenest' and 'meanest'... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: GlobeXplorer Forms Expert Team to Meet Growing Demand for Online Earth Imagery - SpaceDaily
2/23/2004: Bennett going ahead with legal action, N.B. green group says... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Texas County sues Shell over emissions from Deer Park refinery... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Ciampi Sends Message To Green Parties' Convention... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Protection of life on earth hangs in balance after UN meeting: Greenpeace... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: EU agrees to make polluters pay for environmental damage... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Rapid Changes to Water Quality and Wetlands Regulation... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Global Warming to Squeeze Western Mountains Dry by 2050... - FirstScience

2/23/2004: IPod Mini Shrinks, Goes Pink  - Wired News
2/23/2004: Intel to takes steps to boost cell phone, PDA performance - Silicon Strategies

2/23/2004: Morpheus maker to launch Net phone service  - C/Net
2/23/2004: Intel pushes hybrid approach for next-gen Wi-Fi  - El. Engr. Times
2/23/2004: Paul Allen's Mobile Computing Fantasy  - Wired News
2/23/2004: New Outlet for High-Speed Access  - Wired News
2/23/2004: Next wireless merger: Nextel? - Seattle Times
2/23/2004: Asia sees tenfold growth in Wi-Fi hotspots in '03 - Silicon Strategies

2/23/2004: Intel's vision of the future  - C/Net
2/23/2004: 64-bit chips a long time coming  - C/Net
2/23/2004: IBM backs 64-bit Intel chip plan  - C/Net
2/23/2004: 64-bit processing  - C/Net
2/23/2004: End of Moore's Law? Wrong question  - C/Net
2/23/2004: 64-bit processing  - C/Net
2/23/2004: Intel announces 64-bit x86 chips, recasts Itanium
  - El. Engr. Times
2/23/2004: Parallel clocking extends chip operating speed  - El. Engr. Times
2/23/2004: What's the V-Chip Done for You Lately?  - Wired News
2/23/2004: Intel Sheds Light on Fiber Optics  - Wired News
2/23/2004: Toshiba ready for 65-nm fabrication in first half 2005 - Silicon Strategies
2/23/2004: Optical maskless litho needs three years, customers, says ASML - Silicon Strategies
2/23/2004: ASML puts 157-nm litho on the "back burner" - Silicon Strategies
2/23/2004: Light-Storing Chip Designed  - Technology Review 

2/23/2004: Alienware gets serious  - C/Net
2/23/2004: Intel seeks to regain No. 1 position in flash, plans to triple capacity - Silicon Strategies

2/23/2004: Yahoo dumps Google search technology  - C/Net
2/23/2004: MSN makes play for more searchers overseas  - C/Net
2/23/2004: Spam keeps cookin'--despite new laws  - C/Net
2/23/2004: Intel, Movielink co-star in Web movie push  - C/Net
2/23/2004: Study: E-Newsletter Readers Grow Itchy Trigger  - Wired News
2/23/2004: Outcry as Chinese Net Dissident Arrested  - Wired News
2/23/2004: Music Industry's Case to ID 'Uploaders' Adjourned  - Wired News

2/23/2004: New Flurry of RIAA Lawsuits  - Wired News

2/23/2004: Cosmic Log: The facts about fusion - MSNBC
2/23/2004: Officials hold talks in Vienna over nuclear fusion plan - SpaceDaily


2/23/2004: 'Timebomb' vaccine fights cancer   - BBC
2/23/2004: Researcher Successfully Vaccinates Some Patients Against Lung Cancer - Science Daily

2/23/2004: At the Front in the Virus Wars  - Wired News
2/23/2004: Protein Helps Immune System Mount 'Instant Strike' Against Deadly Flu Viruses - Science Daily

2/23/2004: Your Daily Digital Doctor  - Technology Review 


History, Anthropology:
2/23/2004: Expert thrilled by traces of Viking burial - MSNBC
2/23/2004: Evo-Devo Biology Tackles Evolutionary History's Unanswered Questions - SpaceDaily 

2/23/2004: Heat is on: The battle for the next generation of DVDs has begun   - BBC
2/23/2004: Robodocs: Dr R2D2 will see you now... How hospitals of the future might look   - BBC
2/23/2004: Clash of the Headless Humvees - Popular Science
2/23/2004: Move to Block California E-Vote  - Wired News
2/23/2004: Cingular to AT&T: I Got You, Babe  - Wired News
2/23/2004: Blogs Pump Bucks Into Campaigns  - Wired News
2/23/2004: EPA scientist queried over biowarfare warning... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Russia developing new ballistic missile technology- army colonel - SpaceDaily
2/23/2004: Libya refined a small amount of plutonium: IAEA - SpaceDaily
2/23/2004: Libya's nuclear program relied heavily on foreign sources: IAEA - SpaceDaily
2/23/2004: Nuclear middleman reveals Iran and Libya deals- Malaysia - SpaceDaily
2/23/2004: Malaysian report names alleged European nuclear 'middlemen' - SpaceDaily
2/23/2004: Gender gap plagues Arab online growth- report - SpaceDaily
2/23/2004: Tracking Open-Source’s Origins  - Technology Review 

2/23/2004: Consumption Of Whale Meat Linked To Disruption In Childrens Brain... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Caustic comments get girls a date  - Nature
2/23/2004: Empathy For Pain Activates Pain-sensitive Regions Of The Brain, Says UCL Study - Science Daily
2/23/2004: Study Provides New Insights About Brain Organization - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/23/2004: Biggest Diamond Out of This World  - Wired News
2/23/2004: Universe Has At Least 30 Billion Years Left
 - Space.com
2/23/2004: Hubble Supernova 1987A Has Another Burst
 - SpaceDaily
2/23/2004: Department of Energy Unveils 20-Year Vision For The Future Of Basic Research
 - SpaceDaily
2/23/2004: Planetoid found in Kuiper Belt, maybe the biggest yet...
 - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Hubble Helps Measure the Pace of Dark Energy...
 - FirstScience


2/23/2004: Robot Stories, With a Heart  - Wired News

2/23/2004: NASA Eyes Plane for Mars Survey... - Discover
2/23/2004: NASA rules out astronaut ejection system...
 - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Russia to Build New Space Capsule... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Public Hearings Set for Moon to Mars Commission... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: Mars Explorers Keep On Rolling: Opportunity Digs; Spirit Advances - Science Daily
2/23/2004: ISS Partners Delay Meeting, Soyuz Up For Discussion - Space.com
2/23/2004: Rover Microscope Detects Puzzling ‘Thread-Like’ Features - Space.com
2/23/2004: Changing Priorities on Road to Shuttle Return to Flight - Space.com
2/23/2004: Opportunity Examines Trench As Spirit Prepares To Dig One - SpaceDaily
2/23/2004: Entrepreneurs Lift Off With ESA's Business Incubator - SpaceDaily
2/23/2004: Spacecraft To Launch, Designed To Harpoon Cosmic 'Moby Dick'... - Science Daily
2/23/2004: Life In The Universe Takes Orders From Space... - Science Daily
2/23/2004: Scientists May Have Found Salt Water on Mars... - FirstScience
2/23/2004: NASAs Project Prometheus Gets New Agenda, Changes... - FirstScience

2/23/2004: State's New Technology Gathers Information to Find Tax Cheats  - Wired News
2/23/2004: Blind Can Plot Course With GPS  - Wired News
2/23/2004: Japanese bank to introduce hi-tech palm reader security system at ATMs - SpaceDaily


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