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  February 22, 2006

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America's Foes Circle Wagons - SpaceDaily  Left:  It is highly unlikely that either Bush or Rice will heed Hassan Nasrallah's advice to "shut up". While Bush and Rice continue to talk, so too, will Damascus and Tehran. As will Hamas and Tehran. As will Tehran and Hezbollah. As will Hamas and Baghdad. As will Damascus, Tehran, Baghdad, Hamas and Hezbollah all continue to talk.  Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was quoted by the New York Times  as having told a large crowd of demonstrators: "I ask our dear people to prepare themselves for a great struggle. Fasten your seat belts  and pull up your sleeves." Fearing a potential attack, Ahmadinejad, now more than ever, will push ahead with his country's desire to acquire nuclear weapons,feeling it would deter potential attacks.   
Miracle pill 'may drain budgets'  - BBC  Treating everyone or just those at moderate risk of heart disease with the "miracle" polypill would be too much of a drain on health funds, a study says. The pill, which combines aspirin, folic acid and blood pressure and cholesterol lowering drugs, has been hailed as the magic bullet to heart-related problems. The pill has yet to be fully tested, but in theory it has the potential to slash the risk of coronary artery disease by 88% and stoke by 80 in those aged 55 to 64. The researchers found that the largest benefits would be seen by giving the pill to everyone from the age of 60, or to those with a high risk of coronary heart disease.   

Toxic toads evolve to aid Australian invasion - MSNBC  Toxic toads bound across the northern tropics of Australia faster than ever, thanks to the evolution of longer legs in the few short decades since humans introduced them to their own little paradise. Cane toads (Bufo marinus) were first brought in from Hawaii in 1935 to control the spread of beetles that were ravaging Australia's sugar cane crop. But instead of controlling the pests, the toads have become pests themselves. A deadly chemical defense system disposes quickly of potential predators. From the 1940s through the 1960s, the toads were invading at a rate of about 6 miles per year; now they're taking over at a rate of about 30 miles a year.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/22/2005:Canadian Researchers Discover A Natural Defence Mechanism For Alzheimer's Disease - Science Daily

2/22/2005:Toxic toads evolve to aid Australian invasion  - MSNBC
2/22/2005:Less Is More, Gene Study Shows
 - Science Daily
2/22/2005:Innovations enable faster biological sample drying ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005:Wildlife body criticises lab cuts  - BBC
2/22/2005:Whale freed from fishing gear - MSNBC
2/22/2005:Study Suggests That Publicly Available Genome Data May Contain Small But Significant Errors - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
2/22/2005:UK battles stringent limits on emissions  - Nature
2/22/2005:Atmospheric 'sprites' captured in explosive detail - New Scientist
2/22/2005:Blue goo avalanche - New Scientist
2/22/2005:Europe Moves Ahead With Weather Satellite Blacklist - Space.com
2/22/2005:Greenland ice swells ocean rise  - BBC
2/22/2005:Chasing Kyoto Japan ramps up efforts to meet its climate targets  - BBC
2/22/2005:Mysterious flashes above Earth explained - MSNBC
2/22/2005:NASA Satellite Technology Helps Fight Invasive Plant Species - SpaceDaily
2/22/2005:NASA Post-Hurricane Katrina Images Available On Google Earth - SpaceDaily
2/22/2005:EPA Launches Effort to Reduce Emissions ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005:Mexican Study Shows Indoor Air Pollution as Unhealthy as Smoking ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005:They don't really care about pollution ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005:Modernise ship-breaking, says Greenpeace ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005:Oropeza-Horton Measure to Combat Toxic Air Pollution from Diesel Sources Approved by Assembly ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005:Bid to declare Glacier Park endangered ... - FirstScience

2/22/2005:Quote of the day: 'Pod slurping' the business in two minutes  - C/NetQuote of the day: 'Pod slurping' the business in two minutes   - C/Net
2/22/2005:Nintendo unveils TV, Web features for DS  - CNN
2/22/2005:Games Of Tomorrow Built By Players Wiki-Style - Space.com
2/22/2005:High tech's trip to toyland  - C/Net
2/22/2005:Photos: Toy fair fun  - C/Net

2/22/2005:Mobile phone industry targets the Third World
  - El. Engr. Times
2/22/2005:Music: Music? Amazon already doing custom video delivery
  - C/Net

2/22/2005:Nikon brings immersion into production  - El. Engr. Times
2/22/2005:Startup offers GaN-on-diamond wafers  - El. Engr. Times

2/22/2005:Apple: New MacOS 10.4.4 hacked for non-Apple x86 PCs  - C/Net
2/22/2005:Report: China laptop sales soar, but prices drop  - El. Engr. Times
2/22/2005:Microsoft driver flaw saps battery strength  - C/Net

2/22/2005:Google: Activists have no love for 'Goolag' regime  - C/Net
2/22/2005:Tech giants-lawmakers debate Chinese censorship  - CNN
2/22/2005:Poll: Web a fun place to hang out  - CNN
2/22/2005:Microsoft sets sail with high-seas Net access  - C/Net

2/22/2005:Security: Microsoft Security Bulletins to get a facelift  - C/Net
2/22/2005:IBM investing big in 'info-on-demand'  - CNN
2/22/2005:Ending Redmond's identity crisis  - C/Net
2/22/2005:Complete RSA coverage  - C/Net
2/22/2005:Attack code out for latest Microsoft flaw  - C/Net
2/22/2005:Homeland Security official suggests outlawing rootkits  - C/Net
2/22/2005:New worm targets OS X chat users  - C/Net
2/22/2005:Security: $10k bounty on 'critical' Microsoft flaws  - C/Net

2/22/2005:MIT devises improved hybrid car battery  - El. Engr. Times
2/22/2005:After the oil age: How booming China will cater for spiralling energy demand  - BBC
2/22/2005:China to audit gigantic Three Gorges Dam Project in central China ... - FirstScience

2/22/2005:Miracle pill 'may drain budgets'   - BBC
2/22/2005:Diuretics Reduce Risk Of Death From Congestive Heart Failure - Science Daily
2/22/2005:New Cord Blood Stem Cell Identified- Discovery Suggests Potential Treatment For Regenerating Nerve Tissue After Stroke - Science Daily

2/22/2005:Warning over male breast cancer  - BBC
2/22/2005:Oncologists Could Gain Therapeutic Advantage By Targeting Telomere Protein - Science Daily


2/22/2005:Ecstasy and loud music are a bad mix - New Scientist
2/22/2005:Worldwide Study Looks To Find Causes Of Type 1 Diabetes - Science Daily

2/22/2005:Risk of Death Can Soar When Spouse is Sick - Space.com
2/22/2005:Cinema therapy: Charity makes big screen bid for sick youngsters  - BBC
2/22/2005:Science: A 'collaboratory' against disease  - C/Net

History, Anthropology:
2/22/2005:Ancient Human Ancestors were Knock-kneed - Space.com
2/22/2005:Evolutionary Twist ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005:Proteins could reveal new dinosaur secrets - MSNBC
2/22/2005:Greek hiker finds 6,500-year-old pendant - MSNBC
2/22/2005:NASA, UNH Scientists Uncover Lost Maya Ruins From Space - SpaceDaily

2/22/2005:America's Foes Circle Wagons - SpaceDaily
2/22/2005:New MIT Media Lab head roots for grassroots
2/22/2005:Fakin' it: A marketer intends to tease consumers  - C/Net
2/22/2005:Former CA chief accused of destroying evidence  - C/Net
2/22/2005:E-textbook demand slow despite comfort with technology  - CNN
2/22/2005:Hitachi opens China disk drive plant  - El. Engr. Times
2/22/2005:Study: Outsourcing is more than saving costs  - El. Engr. Times
2/22/2005:Electronics driving Malaysian exports, investment  - El. Engr. Times
2/22/2005:Cars and Motoring - New Scientist
2/22/2005:Americans Prefer To Leave Child's Gender To Chance, Survey Finds - Science Daily
2/22/2005:Ethiopian Development Raises Birth Rate - Science Daily
2/22/2005:Top Russian Nuclear Scientists In South Africa ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005:Science hopes to get 1% of GDP from budget ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005:A hi-tech, pro-science budget ... - FirstScience

2/22/2005:Why you should go with your gut  - Nature
2/22/2005:'Sleeping on it' best for complex decisions - New Scientist
2/22/2005:Toxoplasma Parasite Mind Control - Space.com

Physics and Astronomy:
2/22/2005:Captain Kirk's Clone And The Eavesdropper - Science Daily
2/22/2005:Spitzer Finds Colliding Galaxies Smothered In 'Crushed Glass'
 - SpaceDaily
2/22/2005:Galactic Center Found To Glow Unevenly
 - SpaceDaily
2/22/2005:Rogue Pulsar Speeding Out Of The Galaxy
 - SpaceDaily
2/22/2005:VLT Unveils Metal-Rich Distant Galaxy
 - SpaceDaily

2/22/2005:Sick spouses raise risk of death for partners - New Scientist
2/22/2005:Cancer drug 'treats early ageing'
  - BBC


2/22/2005:Mars rover to seek safe winter haven - New Scientist
2/22/2005:Iron meteorites may be solar system boomerangs
 - New Scientist
2/22/2005:Public Space Travel: Building the Business Case
 - Space.com
2/22/2005:Sharing the Allen Telescope Array
 - Space.com
2/22/2005:New Book Hails Lost Columbia Shuttle Astronauts
 - Space.com
2/22/2005:Air Apparent: New Oxygen Systems for the ISS
 - Space.com
2/22/2005:Back to the Future for NASA in 2005
 - Space.com
2/22/2005:New Discoveries Await Out on the Horizon
 - Space.com
2/22/2005:Ministers To Consider 9.05 Billion Euros in Funding for ESA Space Programs
 - Space.com
2/22/2005:Scientist delves into Mars mysteries
  - C/Net
2/22/2005:Photos: A look at the Red Planet
  - C/Net
2/22/2005:Consortium to make tour vehicles for space
  - C/Net
2/22/2005:Interplanetary Dust Particles: Reproducing GEMS-like Structure In The Laboratory
 - Science Daily
2/22/2005:Roving The Red Planet - SpaceDaily
2/22/2005:The SIXS Instrument By Finnish Astronomers Goes To Mercury
 - SpaceDaily
2/22/2005:Titan Reveals New Complexities
 - SpaceDaily
2/22/2005:Congress raps NASA over science spin ...
 - FirstScience
2/22/2005:New Joint Venture Joins Space Tourism Race ...
 - FirstScience
2/22/2005:NASA chief warns of gap in US spaceflight program ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005:NASA's Spidernaut robot arachnid ...
 - FirstScience





2/22/2005:Heliodisplay - Futuristic Display Technology - Space.com
2/22/2005:Driver's license or national ID card?  - C/Net
2/22/2005:Future tech: Voice recognition coming to TV  - C/Net
2/22/2005:Israeli scientists produce nanoscale wires from proteins  - El. Engr. Times
2/22/2005:NIST Method May Help Optimize Light-emitting Semiconductors - Science Daily



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