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  February 22, 2005

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Earth To Mars in a Month With Painted Solar Sail -  This is how it would work: a rocket would take the craft to low-Earth orbit, whereupon the craft would unfurl a 100 meter diameter sail. A transmitter on Earth would fire a one-hour burst of microwaves at it to heat it up, accelerating the craft to 60 kilometres per second. This would set an interplanetary speed record for space probes. The plan would require a 60-megawatt microwave beam with a similar diameter as the sail.     
Why Rice Should Thank Zarqawi - Science Daily  This poisonous Jordanian terrorist has done the world a service. Almost at a stroke he has eased away the accumulated grievances between Washington and Paris, between America and Europe, by couching the struggle in Iraq in terms that force even the French onto the side of President Bush. "We are at war with democracy," Zarqawi declared, in an announcement that coincided with the Iraqi elections on Jan. 30. "Democracy is an evil principle." If anything could persuade President Jacques Chirac that the White House was on the side of the angels, it was Zarqawi's wonderfully helpful reel of videotape.    

Boston Nanomachine Holds Promise For Quantum Computing - Science Daily  Left:  The nanomechanical structure fabricated by the Mohanty group at Boston University consists of a central silicon beam, 10.7 microns long and 400 nm wide, that bears a “paddle” array 500 nm long and 200 nm wide along each side. This antenna-like structure oscillated at 1.49 gigahertz or 1.49 billion times per second, making it the fastest moving nanostructure yet created. Credit: Pritiraj Mohanty, Boston University.  With two sets of protrusions, much like the teeth from a two-sided comb or the paddles from a rowing shell, the antenna not only exhibits the first quantum nanomechanical motion but is also the world's fastest moving nanostructure. Comprised of 50 billion atoms, the antenna is so far the largest structure to display quantum mechanical movements.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/22/2005: Flirting flies - MSNBC
2/22/2005: Social sounds boost bird breeding
2/22/2005: Scientists Document Complex Genomic Events Leading To The Birth Of New Genes - Science Daily
2/22/2005: Greenpeace says Monsanto GM crop needs fresh data ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005: Surprising difference between human and chimp genomes ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005: Chemical 'could aid IVF embryos'  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
2/22/2005: Gauging the health of the oceans  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Image: Where do the plants swim?  - C/Net
2/22/2005: New data hint at history’s huge dry spells - MSNBC
2/22/2005: Satellites offer new gauge of ocean health - MSNBC
2/22/2005: Kyoto Protocol comes into force - MSNBC
2/22/2005: Mixed Feelings as Kyoto Pact Takes Effect  - NY Times
2/22/2005: Graphic: Time to Check Emissions  - NY Times
2/22/2005: Neutrinos for geophysics - PhysicsWeb
2/22/2005: Findings By Scripps Scientists Cast New Light On Undersea Volcanoes - Science Daily
2/22/2005: Groups Demand Greenhouse Gas Reduction Measures ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005: Climate change primer ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005: EU funds research into more environmentally friendly planes ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005: Global warming treaty in effect, without U.S ...  - CNN
2/22/2005: Editorial- Think global, act global on climate change ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005: Do Cows and Tennis Balls Stoke Global Warming- ... - ABC
2/22/2005: Environmentalists urge US to sign Kyoto Protocol ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005: City of Montreal to host international conference on climate change ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005: Science and Environmental History ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005: Unfolding Story of Warming Planet ... - Washington Post
2/22/2005: No green light: Bush under pressure, but still refusing to budge on Kyoto
  - BBC
2/22/2005: Protocol pay-outs Russian firms find economic opportunity in Kyoto accord
  - BBC

2/22/2005: Machine to generate more thrills  - C/Net
2/22/2005: The world in your palm?  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Zoom lenses next for mobiles  - CNN
2/22/2005: Just How Exciting Is It?  - Wired News
2/22/2005: Fast-Moving Tech at Demo  - Wired News
2/22/2005: Fire fear prompts Xbox cable swap  - BBC

2/22/2005: Making call for Skype service
  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Qualcomm sees $50 3G phones
  - C/Net
Firms give flaws a grade   - C/Net
2/22/2005: Bundling Europe's broadband
  - C/Net
2/22/2005: 2005 'year of mobile broadband'
  - CNN


2/22/2005: PCs do thousands of years of work  - BBC

2/22/2005: Search: Scaling Down for a Big Market - Business Week
2/22/2005: Mergers raise concerns over Net access  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Source protection a blogger's right?  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Napster hack leads to free downloads  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Reversal: Next IE update divorced from Windows  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Court: Wife broke law with spyware  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Immortality Through Google
  - Wired News
2/22/2005: Security scares spark browser fix
  - BBC
2/22/2005: Don't Fear the Blog and the Fury
 - Business Week

2/22/2005: Security Software Shootout - Business Week
2/22/2005: Too loose with licenses?  - C/Net
2/22/2005: LinuxWorld scenes  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Patents? No problem  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Steve Jobs, Napster nemesis  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Symantec: Who's afraid of Microsoft?  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Windows anti-spyware to come free of charge  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Microsoft casts spyware net  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Microsoft readies its security arsenal - Seattle Times
2/22/2005: How Operating Systems Work  - Technology Review 
2/22/2005: Are Bullies After Our Culture?  - Wired News
2/22/2005: Scott Kessler - Business Week

2/22/2005: Wave Energy Potential Warrants Further Research And Development, Says EPRI - Science Daily

2/22/2005: Sandia Researchers Develop Portable Device That Can Detect Heart And Gum Disease Instantly - Science Daily
2/22/2005: Loved upHow to make sure your heart stays healthy and happy  - BBC

2/22/2005: Hypothyroidism Associated With Reduced Breast Cancer Risk - Science Daily
2/22/2005: Cancer killing millions in Europe  - BBC
2/22/2005: Better prostate cancer test hope  - BBC

2/22/2005: Bird flu cases 'underestimated'  - BBC

2/22/2005: New Evidence Of Retroviral Involvement In Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Science Daily

2/22/2005: Research Focusing On Why Estrogenic Hormones Produce Differing Results - Science Daily
2/22/2005: 'Little risk' from early epidural  - BBC
2/22/2005: Hi-tech health: Better care via computer for Irish patients  - BBC
2/22/2005: Seven days Mothers around the world describe their babies' first weeks  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
2/22/2005: Royal Roman ruins go back to age of myth - MSNBC

2/22/2005: Why Rice Should Thank Zarqawi  - Science Daily
2/22/2005: Kicking the Stock-Options Habit - Business Week
2/22/2005: R.I.P., AT&T - Business Week
2/22/2005: The man with the RFID arm  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Photo: Armed with RFID  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Full coverage from RSA  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Not your father's CFO  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Will Carly's fall hurt other powerful women?  - C/Net
2/22/2005: India, Pakistan may extend new friendship into software  - El. Engr. Times
2/22/2005: Greenspan urges caution on Social Security - Seattle Times
2/22/2005: Geeks to the Corps  - Technology Review 
2/22/2005: Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda win science funds ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005: Where the Buck Stops at HP - Business Week
2/22/2005: The Shadow on HP's Good News - Business Week
2/22/2005: Prawn farming How a major industry in Bangladesh is causing a bitter divide  - BBC
2/22/2005: Sound pioneer Dolby in share sale  - BBC
2/22/2005: A burglar is caught out by the webcam he tries to steal  - BBC
2/22/2005: Mother auctions ad space on bump  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Is RFID the mark of the beast?  - C/Net

2/22/2005: Do Opposites Attract Or Do Birds Of A Feather Flock Together? - Science Daily
2/22/2005: Right Before Your Eyes: Visual Recognition Begins With Categorization - Science Daily
2/22/2005: Transport System Smuggles Medicines Into Brain - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/22/2005: Pluto-Charon Origin May Mirror That Of Earth And Its Moon - Science Daily
2/22/2005: Giant Neutrino Telescope Takes Shape - Important Milestone for the International IceCube Project ...
 - FirstScience


2/22/2005: Robot soldiers roll closer to the battlefield  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Photo: Combat-ready robots  - C/Net

2/22/2005: Earth To Mars in a Month With Painted Solar Sail -
2/22/2005: Cosmic Log: Saturn's moons revisited
2/22/2005: Our planet is star of the Earth and Space Expo ... - FirstScience
2/22/2005: Space 'eye' for textiles ...
 - FirstScience
2/22/2005: Benefits Of Space For All Citizens
 - SpaceDaily
2/22/2005: Cassini's Cameras View Titan In A Different Light
 - SpaceDaily
2/22/2005: Blast Affected Earth From Halfway Across The Milky Way
 - SpaceDaily
2/22/2005: Cassini's Cameras View Titan In A Different Light
 - Science Daily
2/22/2005: NASA: Researchers' Work May Influence Search for Mars Life, But No Evidence Yet

2/22/2005: Boston Nanomachine Holds Promise For Quantum Computing  - Science Daily
2/22/2005: City plants spy chips to monitor residents' trash  - C/Net
2/22/2005: Oxygen Sponge Saves Energy During The Production Of Plastics - Science Daily
2/22/2005: TR: The Week in Review  - Technology Review 
2/22/2005: Dead pixels society - Business Week
2/22/2005: Image: RIP dead pixels - Business Week
2/22/2005: Crypto break makes forging easier?
  - C/Net


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