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  February 22, 2004

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Syringe, Eyewire Athlete cheats seek genetic boost  - BBC  "I would say half the e-mails I get now are from athletes," he told an American science conference in Washington State. "The other half is from patients with muscular dystrophy." Sweeney and colleagues injected their rats with a virus which carried a gene into muscle cells to produce a growth hormone called IGF-I. The rodents given the therapy and put on an exercise programme developed bigger and stronger muscles. While the leap from laboratory animals to human beings is still hypothetical, Lee Sweeney said it was inevitable that athletes and their trainers would attempt to hijack the rat research.
Science closing in on ageing gene  - BBC  Experts believe they are a little nearer to tracking down a gene which may influence how long you live. The relationship between the length of "telomeres" - which lie at the end of strands of DNA called chromosomes inside the nucleus of every cell - and this process, is becoming a little clearer. While the length of these sections are not the only factor governing longevity, other studies have found good reason to suggest a link between the two. A crucial factor in the rate of decrease in telomere length appeared to be exposure to "oxidative stress" - cumulative damage caused by molecules called "free radicals".

Model of Lucy

Hunt for ancient human molecules  - BBC  Left:  Ancient molecules may give a better idea of what we once looked like.  New technologies may soon allow scientists to identify some of the genes of humankind's oldest ancestors. This raises the possibility of plotting the evolutionary tree of humanity from five million years ago to the present. Professor Hendrik Poinar says DNA fragments should be recoverable from fossils that are a million years old, and proteins from even older times. Professor Poinar, from McMaster University in Canada, said the key was to find fossils preserved so well that samples had not been degraded. DNA, the biomolecule in cells that carries the "code of life", starts to fall apart rapidly under unfavourable conditions. Proteins, on the other hand, which build and maintain the body and are constructed from information in the DNA, are more robust. The oldest protein from a fossil analysed so far was extracted from a bison (Bison priscus) which died 55,000 years ago. But Professor Poinar, who works out of McMaster's department of anthropology, believes we can go back substantially further.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/22/2004: Human genome data to be released  - BBC
2/22/2004: Human Cloning: The State of the Science
 - Business Week
2/22/2004: An Upstart's Take on Biotech's Ills - Business Week
2/22/2004: Human Cloning: The State of the Science - Business Week
2/22/2004: Feds to Biotech: No More Fibbing! - Business Week
2/22/2004: Scientists Sleuth Glassy-Winged Sharpshooters' Hangouts - Science Daily
2/22/2004: Study In Worms Shows How Genes Linked To Complexity In Animals - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
2/22/2004: Study Clears Pesticide Tests With Humans  - NY Times
2/22/2004: Rare Snake Is Rediscovered in Vermont  - NY Times
2/22/2004: Japanese Kelp Invades Southern California - Science Daily

2/22/2004: Virtual characters from The Sims control their own virtual cities  - BBC
2/22/2004: Stuck on the new iPod Mini  - CNN

2/22/2004: BT strikes up the broadband with WiMax - Business Week
2/22/2004: This VoIP Pioneer Likes the FCC's Call - Business Week
2/22/2004: Where Does Vodafone Turn Now? - Business Week
2/22/2004: How the Cingular Deal Helps Verizon - Business Week
2/22/2004: Wi-Fi's Growing Pains - Business Week

2/22/2004: Intel to expand flash memory efforts - Business Week
2/22/2004: Toshiba ready for 65 nm fabrication in first half 2005  - El. Engr. Times

2/22/2004: Dell designing lower-priced storage - Business Week
2/22/2004: Apple's Other Hardware Hit - Business Week

2/22/2004: Week in review: The beat goes on for Net music - Business Week
2/22/2004: The Perils and Promise of Online Schmoozing - Business Week
2/22/2004: Site posts hack for iTunes giveaway  - CNN
2/22/2004: E-mails used to alert of STD exposure  - CNN
2/22/2004: Do-good computer worm is widespread nuisance - MSNBC
2/22/2004: Smelly device would liven up web browsing - MSNBC

2/22/2004: Symbol Snafu - ABC
2/22/2004: RealPlayer Rollout - ABC
2/22/2004: FBI approves anti-piracy CD, DVD labels  - CNN

2/22/2004: Got the Power - ABC
2/22/2004: All Fired Up Over Clean Coal - Business WeekHealth:
2/22/2004: "Good" Cholesterol: Great for Kos - Business Week
2/22/2004: Chemical Turns Stem Cells Into Beating Heart Cells - Science Daily

2/22/2004: Aspirin May Lower Risk of Hodgkin's - ABC

2/22/2004: Panel Says Mad Cow May Not Have Been Lame - ABC
2/22/2004: Asia's Bird Flu Death Toll Rises to 22 - ABC
2/22/2004: In African Highlands, Climate Extremes Are Critical Factor In Malaria Epidemics - Science Daily

2/22/2004: Rare Disease Endemic In South America Is Model For Studying Autoimmunity - Science Daily

2/22/2004: Athlete cheats seek genetic boost   - BBC
2/22/2004: Bald-Faced Lies? - ABC
2/22/2004: Video: Proven and Unproven Treatments for Hair Loss - ABC
2/22/2004: Rapunzel Envy: Hair Loss in Women - ABC
2/22/2004: Losing Hair: When to Seek a Specialist - ABC
2/22/2004: Silent and Unsatisfied - ABC
2/22/2004: Weigh In - ABC
2/22/2004: Overview of Women, Sex, and Satisfaction - ABC
2/22/2004: 'No' to Sex, Drugs, Booze? - ABC
2/22/2004: Tips for Raising Responsible Children - ABC
2/22/2004: More People Creating Gyms at Home - ABC
2/22/2004: Drug Ads Need Stronger Medicine - Business Week
2/22/2004: Heading soccer balls may risk neck damage

History, Anthropology:
2/22/2004: Hunt for ancient human molecules   - BBC
2/22/2004: Viking Boat May Be Buried in England - ABC
2/22/2004: ‘Evolution’ survives in Georgia schools - MSNBC
2/22/2004: 2, 500 - Year - Old Jewelry Found in Israel  - NY Times

2/22/2004: Missile Warning Satellite Arrives in Proper Orbit - Space.com
2/22/2004: Can Scientists Explain Bible Miracles? - ABC
2/22/2004: Tiny Bullies - ABC
2/22/2004: Monsanto: Ready to Blossom? - Business Week
2/22/2004: Dell asks PC buyers nuclear questions - Business Week
2/22/2004: Fine-Tuning The HDTV Picture - Business Week
2/22/2004: Comcast's Waiting Game - Business Week
2/22/2004: Thanks for All the Hype, Bill - Business Week
2/22/2004: The chase is on for a biodetection chip  - El. Engr. Times
2/22/2004: Piranha found on London’s River Thames - MSNBCs
2/22/2004: MiniSAR Offers Promise For Reconnaissance, Precision-Guided Weapons - Science Daily

2/22/2004: Scientists to Set Up Chinese Brain Bank - ABC
2/22/2004: N.Y. Keeps Forced Mental Health Treatment - ABC
2/22/2004: Insomnia's Wake-Up Call - Business Week
2/22/2004: Researchers Find a Type of Stem Cell May Have the Ability to Repair the Brain  - NY Times
2/22/2004: Drug Addiction, Learning Share Common Brain Protein - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy: - MSNBC
2/22/2004: Dark energy confirmed as constant presence - MSNBC
2/22/2004: Largest Solar System body spotted since Pluto
 - New Scientist
2/22/2004: Universe's Clusters of Galaxies Refuse to Follow Main Theory
  - NY Times
2/22/2004: Giant Black Hole Rips Apart Unlucky Star In Cosmic Reality Show
 - Science Daily

2/22/2004: Science closing in on ageing gene   - BBC

2/22/2004: Metal heads: The robots and roboteers that have made history  - BBC
2/22/2004: How a rat twitch may lead to robotics  - CNN

2/22/2004: New Insight into Martian Winds - Space.com
2/22/2004: NASA Moon Program Moves into Gear
 - Space.com
2/22/2004: Autonomous Spacecraft DART Closes in on Launch Date - Space.com
2/22/2004: Space Travel: Bringing Costs Down To Earth - Business Week
2/22/2004: The trouble with Rover is revealed  - El. Engr. Times
2/22/2004: Final answer on foam that doomed shuttle - MSNBC
2/22/2004: Mars rover uncovers hints of water activity - MSNBC
2/22/2004: Mars Rover's Latest Find- Shiny Pebbles in a Crater  - NY Times
2/22/2004: NASA Says It'll Prepare a Rescue Shuttle  - NY Times
2/22/2004: Space Crew to Use Ultrasound Machine  - NY Times
2/22/2004: Scientists Puzzle Over Mars Rover Images  - NY Times



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