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  February 21, 2006

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Tabletop nuclear fusion device developed ...  - Physics Org   Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed a tabletop accelerator that produces nuclear fusion at room temperature, providing confirmation of an earlier experiment conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The device is essentially a tabletop particle accelerator. At its heart are two opposing “pyroelectric” crystals that create a strong electric field when heated or cooled. The device is filled with deuterium gas creating deuterium ions and accelerating them into a deuterium target on one of the crystals.   
Student rethinks washing machine  - BBC  A new machine which washes, dries and irons clothes could clean up for a Devon student The University of Plymouth graduate hopes the machine will become an object of desire because it saves about 10 days a year in ironing time. A friend's father said he wouldn't have got married if I'd come up with this sooner," said Mr Blackwell. The 23-year-old student's innovative idea was thought up for his final degree project.  He told BBC News: "There are thousands of exceptional students out there and I knew I had to come up with a damn good product idea to pass my finals. "A washing machine seemed quite obvious and almost everyone uses one." The machine washes, dries and irons clothes in separate compartments and is said to eliminate colour runs, shrinkage and ironing. It can tackle up to 16 items at a time, including king-size bed sheets. Because hangers are used, they do not become entangled and have 83% fewer creases, according to the designer. The items are then dried and ironed by hot air blown across them. "There's been a huge amount of interest shown in my design, but what I really need next is for a major manufacturer to get involved with some investment to develop it further.

New Microchips Shun Transistors  - Wired News  The chip's nanomagnets -- on the order of 110 nanometers wide -- can be assembled into arrays that mirror the function of transistor-based logic gates in addition to storing information. Porod and his colleagues equipped their new chip with a universal logic gate -- a combination of the NAND and NOR gates. Because the chip has no wires, its device density and processing power may eventually be much higher than transistor-based devices. And it won't be nearly as power-hungry, which will mean less heat. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/21/2005: Alzheimer's 'faster in educated'  - BBC

2/21/2005: Toxic toads 'threaten disaster'  - BBC
2/21/2005: Australia hunts down toxic toads
  - BBC
2/21/2005: Snakes bite back at poison toads  - BBC
2/21/2005: Saving the courser: Canal delay brings a ray of hope for India's rarest bird  - BBC
2/21/2005: Study finds home abortion 'safe'  - BBC
2/21/2005: Australia ends abortion drug 'ban'  - BBC
2/21/2005: Elephants on the edge fight back - New Scientist
2/21/2005: Expedition Discovers Marine Treasures: New Species Of Fish, Seaweeds Found On Caribbean's Saba Bank - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Illegal Trade Is Propelling Rare Turtle Toward Extinction, New Report - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Tweaking Plants for Better Health  - Wired News
2/21/2005: Wash. orcas listed as endangered species ... - ABC
2/21/2005: Scientists May Have Found New Fish Species ... - FirstScience
2/21/2005: Alaska Ordinance to Prevent Eagle Feeding ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
2/21/2005: Warming Weakens Volcano Effects ... - Discover
2/21/2005: Mining nuclear fuel: How uranium is quarried in an iconic conservation region  - BBC
2/21/2005: Oil disaster 'could happen again'  - BBC
2/21/2005: Eco-farming 'helps world's poor'  - BBC
2/21/2005: BBC launches world's biggest online climate prediction project  - BBC
2/21/2005: Watching the North Pole wobble - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Disappearing deltas could spell disaster - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Worst case global warming scenario revealed - Science Daily
2/21/2005: A year on, Kyoto climate backers urge US action ... - ABC
2/21/2005: Climate change a reality ... - FirstScience
2/21/2005: EPA Board Says Teflon Chemical a Likely Carcinogen ... - FirstScience
2/21/2005: Legal case against US on climate  - BBC
2/21/2005: UK's 'sobering' climate forecast  - BBC

2/21/2005: • PS3 HUB to Launch in September - Business Week
2/21/2005: More legal woes for 'Grand Theft Auto' maker  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Dell 20-inch flat panel for $439  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Shortage of Xbox 360s due to memory chips?  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Gates unveils virtual information wallet  - CNN
2/21/2005: Shareholders to sue over GTA sex  - BBC
2/21/2005: Sex workers call for boycott of 'Grand Theft Auto'
  - C/Net

2/21/2005: Back to basics: How cheap, simple mobiles can help in developing countries
  - BBC
2/21/2005: Telecoms, cable firms take franchise fight to D.C.
  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Ask the industry: Send your questions about TV and radio in the broadband age
  - BBC
2/21/2005: Photos: Sony Ericcson picks up Walkman phone
  - C/Net

2/21/2005: New Microchips Shun Transistors  - Wired News
2/21/2005: Opteron price cuts pave way for new dual-core chips  - C/Net

2/21/2005: Questions still abound over GPL 3  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Design challenge: PCs for the poor  - C/Net

2/21/2005: (Name here) is a liar and a cheat  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Wait a minute Mr. E-Postman  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Poll finds 30 percent use Net just for fun  - C/Net
2/21/2005: More worries about Google Desktop 3  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Consumer distrust could lash e-commerce  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Tech giants-lawmakers debate censorship  - CNN
2/21/2005: U.S. steps up efforts to halt Web censorship
  - CNN
2/21/2005: Survey: Canadian students log in, get turned on
  - CNN
2/21/2005: Newsmaker: Locking down Net defenses
  - C/Net

2/21/2005: Microsoft hits back at EU threats  - BBC
2/21/2005: • Microsoft's Office-Come-Lately - Business Week
2/21/2005: Microsoft challenges complaints from EU - Seattle Times
2/21/2005: Microsoft dishes out academic grants  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Report: Amazon considering digital music service  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Microsoft announces Office 2007 pricing, details  - C/Net

2/21/2005: Cutting edge How Brazil's sugar cane labourers provide tomorrow's fuel  - BBC

2/21/2005: Medication Shows Modest Benefit In Reducing Weight, Improving HDL, Triglyceride Levels - Science Daily

2/21/2005: New Targeted Treatment For Brain Tumors Shows Promise In Pre-clinical Models - Science Daily
2/21/2005: New Compound May Protect Against Liver Cancer - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Targeting Pancreatic Cancer - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Antioxidant Supplementation Not Associated With Decreased Risk Of Prostate Cancer  - Science Daily
2/21/2005: MRI Drug May Improve Cancer-killing Ability Of Chemotherapy, Study Says - Science Daily

2/21/2005: Child bird flu vaccine test  - BBC

2/21/2005: Smoke signals: The British habit - who smokes, who wants to quit and more  - BBC
2/21/2005: Music heightens party drug  - Nature
2/21/2005: Music intensifies ecstasy effects  - BBC
2/21/2005: Bird flu 'more likely to hit UK'  - BBC
2/21/2005: Patio heaters: the new target as smoking ban row moves outside  - BBC

2/21/2005: Old couples' health risks 'tied'  - BBC
2/21/2005: Women 'get more headache drugs'  - BBC
2/21/2005: Reduce Bloating And Excess Gas With A Common Antibiotic - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Poor Physical Fitness Associated With Lower Socioeconomic Status And Higher Rate Of Death - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Unique Equine Cataract Surgery Offered On Routine Basis - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Doctors Test Robotic Surgeon For Laparoscopy - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Morphine And Topical Anaesthesia Effective In Treating Procedural Pain In Newborn Infants - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Call to allow body organ selling  - BBC
2/21/2005: Learning together: Try our online tests to assess your child's development
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
2/21/2005: Tutankhamen liked his wine white - New Scientist

2/21/2005: Congressman: No shame?  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Video: Tech giants blasted  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Video: 'Agents of repression'  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Videos: Taking tech companies to task over China  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Blogosphere declares open season on Cheney  - C/Net
2/21/2005: 93 comments  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Yahoo on NSA surveillance: No comment  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Yale Statistics Professor Identifies Flaws In IOC Figure Skating Scoring System - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Are Dancers Genetically Different Than The Rest Of Us? Yes, Says Hebrew University Researcher - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Big Internet companies grilled on China stance - Seattle Times
2/21/2005: Literacy Limps Into the Kill Zone  - Wired News
2/21/2005: Winter Olympics: Full coverage of the games on TV, radio and online  - BBC
2/21/2005: Getting tough on tech in China  - C/Net
2/21/2005: New high-def DVDs spin confusion  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Perspective: The hidden threat to the digital future  - C/Net
2/21/2005: Photos: Joining this fight club- Bring a pillow  - C/Net
2/21/2005: NASA hacker case adjourned over extradition fears  - C/Net
2/21/2005: At RadioShack, some questions (and now, answers)  - C/Net

2/21/2005: Attention disorder: How technology designed for astronauts may help  - BBC
2/21/2005: Electroconvulsive Therapy Improves Quality Of Life For At Least Six Months - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/21/2005: Sights set on quantum froth - New Scientist
2/21/2005: South Africa solar research eclipses rest of the world ...
 - FirstScience

2/21/2005: Simple System Predicts Mortality Of Older Americans With 81 Percent Accuracy - Science Daily


2/21/2005: Storm on Saturn has astronomers entranced ... - FirstScience
2/21/2005: Woman set to become SA's second astronaut ...
 - FirstScience
2/21/2005: Singapore to be launch pad for space trips ...
 - FirstScience
2/21/2005: Chinese businessman books getaway in space ...
 - FirstScience

2/21/2005: Student rethinks washing machine   - BBC
2/21/2005: New Technology Enhances Quality And Safety Of Military Aircraft - Science Daily
2/21/2005: The Opposite of Doping  - Wired News
2/21/2005: LifeLock Helps Guard Your ID  - Wired News
2/21/2005: DVD boom 'bucks Europe trend'  - BBC



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