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  February 21, 2005

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Black Hole Growth Self-Limiting, Simulation Shows -   The energy created when black holes merge contributes to star formation while blowing gas to the outskirts of a galaxy, creating a limit as to how much the black hole can consume, a new computer simulation shows. The work helps confirm what astronomers have increasingly suspected in recent years, that black holes are integral players in the process of galaxy building. It also meshes nicely with several observations.    
Scorpion robot could conquer worlds  - Nature  Planetary rovers may soon have an eight-legged mechanized side-kick to help them explore distant planets. The Scorpion robot is able to descend steep cliffs, climb rough terrain, and squeeze into crannies that are inaccessible to larger, wheeled vehicles. The dog-sized prototype is the brainchild of Frank Kirchner, a robotics specialist at the University of Bremen in Germany. It is currently being evaluated at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California. The Scorpion moves by following an internally generated pattern based on the movement of its real-life counterparts.

New Cameras Turn Night Into Day - Science Daily  Dutch researchers have developed "revolutionary" vision equipment that makes video imaging at night time as clear and as colourful as in broad daylight, the British weekly New Scientist says. The system, devised for the Dutch military, uses a computer to impose colour on an image, replacing the fuzzy grey or green monochrome images of conventional night-vision goggles, it reports in next Saturday's issue. The system, devised for the Dutch military, uses a computer to impose colour on an image, replacing the fuzzy grey or green monochrome images of conventional night-vision goggles, it reports in next Saturday's issue.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/21/2005: With Genetic Mapping, Cats' Mysteries Will Be Unraveled  - NY Times
2/21/2005: New SARS Protein Linked To Important Cell Doorway
 - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Sexual Cooperation: Mating Increases Longevity In Ant Queens - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Breakthrough System For Understanding Ocean Plant Life Announced - Science Daily
2/21/2005: In The Migratory Marathon, Parasitized Monarchs Drop Out Early - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Cricket's Finicky Mating Behavior Boosts Biodiversity - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Air pollution linked to chromosome damage in fetuses ... - FirstScience
2/21/2005: Scientists find clues to 'human' genes ... - FirstScience
2/21/2005: China's Black-Necked Crane Under Satellite Surveillance - SpaceDaily
2/21/2005: Tigers of Rajasthan 'disappear'  - BBC
2/21/2005: Hunt supporters vow to fight ban  - BBC
2/21/2005: Tangled web- Crab poses as 'world's scariest spider'  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
2/21/2005: Discovery May Help Extend Life Of Natural Pesticide - Science Daily
2/21/2005: How Productive is the Ocean?  - Technology Review 
2/21/2005: Global warming is nothing new ... - FirstScience
2/21/2005: US to spend 5.8 bln dollars on climate change in 2005 ... - FirstScience
2/21/2005: Japan Marks Enactment of Kyoto Treaty ... - FirstScience
2/21/2005: Climate change talks heat up as clean technology emerges ... - FirstScience
2/21/2005: US rejected Kyoto accord but is leader on climate change: White House - SpaceDaily
2/21/2005: Canada faces big hurdles to meet Kyoto treaty - SpaceDaily
2/21/2005: Nude protesters urge Taiwan to abide by Kyoto terms - SpaceDaily
2/21/2005: Japan's FM urges US to join Kyoto treaty - SpaceDaily
2/21/2005: New Supercomputer Enhances Reliability Of Weather Predictions - SpaceDaily
2/21/2005: The road ahead: What does the future hold for a post-Kyoto world?  - BBC
2/21/2005: "How I'd change the world..."  - BBC
2/21/2005: EU leads Kyoto 'carbon revolution'  - BBC
2/21/2005: Changed Earth: Before and after images of the effects of climate change  - BBC

2/21/2005: Mario Takes It to the House  - Wired News
2/21/2005: Escaping reality Are some people spending too much time playing games?  - BBC

2/21/2005: Verizon, MCI deal byproduct of change
 - Seattle Times
2/21/2005: Verizon-MCI deal doesn't faze Wall Street
 - Seattle Times
2/21/2005: Telecom buyouts no major shakeup
 - Seattle Times
2/21/2005: Spurned Qwest may "tough it out"
 - Seattle Times
2/21/2005: T-Mobile bets on 'pocket office'
  - BBC
2/21/2005: Profits on the line Mobile phone firms scramble for developing markets
  - BBC


2/21/2005: Grid Expectations For Networked Computing: From Global Earth Monitoring To Black Hole Detection - Science Daily

2/21/2005: New Tools Ease Collaboration and Publishing Online  - Technology Review 
2/21/2005: Search Engines  - Technology Review 
2/21/2005: Future of Radio Is Downloadable  - Wired News
2/21/2005: Network Launched to Combat Phishing  - Wired News
2/21/2005: Britons fed up with net service  - BBC

2/21/2005: Gates announces early release of more-secure browser - Seattle Times
2/21/2005: Microsoft Will Make Antispyware Software Free of Charge  - Technology Review 
2/21/2005: Security scares spark browser fix  - BBC

2/21/2005: Sustainable Gas From 'Roasted' Wood Is A Feasible Option - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Fact or fiction? Nuclear fusion - science's holy grail - is put to the test  - BBC


2/21/2005: UCLA Scientists Transform HIV Into Cancer-seeking Missile - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Altered HIV Attacks Mice Tumors  - Wired News

2/21/2005: How to Get Those at Risk to Avoid Risky Sex?  - NY Times
2/21/2005: Search for Origin of New AIDS Strain Widens  - NY Times
2/21/2005: HIV Infection Still On The Rise - Science Daily
2/21/2005: HIV blips 'no cause for concern'  - BBC

2/21/2005: Alcohol Drinkers Three Times As Likely To Die From Injury - Science Daily
2/21/2005: PCRM Develops New Animal-free Insulin Assay - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Methamphetamine's Ruinous Effects On Children Documented In Midwest Study - Science Daily

2/21/2005: Drug Industry's Longtime Critic Says 'I Told You So'  - NY Times
2/21/2005: The Search for the Killer Painkiller  - NY Times
2/21/2005: Graphic  - NY Times
2/21/2005: Slide Show  - NY Times
2/21/2005: Forum: Discuss Pain Treatments  - NY Times
2/21/2005: New Surgical Procedure Could Save Millions - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Morbidly Obese Pay Nearly Twice As Much For Health Care - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Emory Interventional Radiologists Use Laser Treatment To Zap Varicose Veins - Science Daily
2/21/2005: FDA Creates High Council
  - Wired News
2/21/2005: Putting a Finger on a Person's Age
  - Wired News
2/21/2005: Flame Retardants Building Up Within Us
  - Wired News
2/21/2005: Child obesity fears 'over-hyped'
  - BBC
2/21/2005: Deadly needles One man's campaign to combat the spread of disease
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
2/21/2005: For Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens, Was It De-Lovely-  - NY Times
2/21/2005: New Study Affirms Reliability Of Fossil Record - Science Daily

2/21/2005: A Public Health Quandary: When Should the Public Be Told?  - NY Times
2/21/2005: Origami as the Shape of Things to Come  - NY Times
2/21/2005: Graphic: Making a Swan  - NY Times
2/21/2005: Engineers Develop Biowarfare Sensing Elements That Permit Mass Production Of Highly Sensitive And Stable Nerve-Gas Detectors - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Augmented Reality: Another (Virtual) Brick in the Wall  - Technology Review 
2/21/2005: Six Minutes to Stand Out  - Wired News 
2/21/2005: US Missile Defense Test Ends In Fiasco, Second In A Row - SpaceDaily
2/21/2005: North Korea Develops New Longer Range Missiles: Report - SpaceDaily
2/21/2005: Pakistani, Russian Nukes Can Be Stolen - SpaceDaily
2/21/2005: India, Italy Firm Up Their Space Ties - SpaceDaily
2/21/2005: Boeing unveils new 777 aircraft  - BBC
2/21/2005: Roll call How technology is helping schools keep tabs on pupils  - BBC

2/21/2005: Love Me; Love My Jokes - Science Daily
2/21/2005: The Bottleneck Of Central Processing: Clues From Reaction Times - Science Daily
2/21/2005: First Love Ruins Him For All Others - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Mother's Depression Associated With Increased Risk Of Child's Antisocial Behavior - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Gene Therapy For Parkinson's Disease Moves Forward In Animals - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Chimpanzees Show Quality Of Relationship Drives Sense Of Fairness - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Mums-to-be attracted to healthier faces in digital science test
  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
2/21/2005: Black Hole Growth Self-Limiting, Simulation Shows -
2/21/2005: NASA And The Universe Send A Celestial Valentine
 - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Heat Response Provides Evidence For High Temperature Superfluidity In Cold 'Fermion' Gas
 - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Scientists Find Flaw In Quantum Dot Construction
 - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Book Review: Our Improbable Universe ...
 - FirstScience
2/21/2005: New Theory Predicts How Planets Form ...
 - FirstScience
2/21/2005: First critical parts of giant neutrino telescope in place ...
 - FirstScience
2/21/2005: Weight Limits Confirmed for the Biggest Black Holes ...
 - FirstScience
2/21/2005: Emergency: Maths To The Rescue
 - SpaceDaily


2/21/2005: Scorpion robot could conquer worlds  - Nature

2/21/2005: New NASA IBEX Mission To Carry Los Alamos Instrument To Probe Edge Of Solar System - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Spectacular Balloon Flights From Esrange To Alaska This Spring
 - SpaceDaily
2/21/2005: Mars Rovers Continue Exploration
 - SpaceDaily
2/21/2005: Moved By Science In Motion
 - SpaceDaily
2/21/2005: NASA Awards Grant To Study Cancer Risks From Space Radiation
 - SpaceDaily

2/21/2005: New Cameras Turn Night Into Day  - Science Daily
2/21/2005: Report Addresses Safety Problem In Preharvest Stage Of Food Production - Science Daily
2/21/2005: UW ponders how to best store and retrieve electronic information - Seattle Times
2/21/2005: Kopin to produce displays for U.S. Army TWS program - Silicon Strategies
2/21/2005: How the Jeep Hurricane Works  - Technology Review 
2/21/2005: Poised for a Rollout, but What Exactly Will Interactive TV Bring?  - Technology Review 
2/21/2005: Tasmanian Paper Made From 'Roo Poo'
  - BBC
2/21/2005: New Tech Prevents DVD Copying
  - Wired News
2/21/2005: Radio-Signal Locks Show Keys the Door
  - Wired News
2/21/2005: Deep-freeze project to save fruit
  - BBC


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