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  February 2, 2006

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45-nano process Intel looks ahead with test chips  - C/Net  The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip giant has created test chips made on the 45-nanometer process and will likely begin shipping processors, flash, and other chips based on that process in the second half of 2007, according to Mark Bohr, director of process architecture and integration at Intel. The test chips, produced this month, are static SRAM memory chips containing 153 megabits of memory. The chips contain over a billion transistors and are nearly the same size as test SRAM chips produced by Intel in 2000 on the then-new 130-nanometer process that contained 18 megabits of memory. The memory cells on the 45-nanometer test chips take up 0.346 square microns, compared to 2.45 square microns. (Moore's Law is still alive and could persist until around 2020 in its present form, although the time between transitions will likely increase.)    
Smallest Earth-like planet found  - BBC  An international team of astronomers has found the smallest Earth-like planet yet outside our Solar System. The new planet has five times the Earth's mass and can be found about 25,000 light-years away in the Milky Way, orbiting a red dwarf star. The discovery, reported in the journal Nature, was made using a method called microlensing, which can detect far-off planets with an Earth-like mass. The planet's cold temperatures make the chance of finding life very unlikely. The planet, which goes by the name OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb, takes about 10 years to orbit its red dwarf parent star.  

Political bias affects brain activity, study finds - MSNBC   Democrats and Republicans alike are adept at making decisions without letting the facts get in the way, a new study shows. And they get quite a rush from ignoring information that's contrary to their point of view. Researchers asked staunch party members from both sides to evaluate information that threatened their preferred candidate prior to the 2004 Presidential election. The subjects' brains were monitored while they pondered. "We did not see any increased activation of the parts of the brain normally engaged during reasoning. What we saw instead was a network of emotion circuits lighting up, including circuits known to be involved in resolving conflicts."
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/2/2005:Study Implicates Defective Synapse Generator In Onset Of Alzheimer's; Finding Links Age-related Brain Disease To Down Syndrome - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Follow-up Study Shows Drug Slows Severe Alzheimer's Symptoms For One Year
 - Science Daily

2/2/2005:Baby rhino makes debut at California zoo - MSNBC
2/2/2005:Scientist faces irreproducible results
  - Nature
2/2/2005:Pitt Professor's Theory Of Evolution Gets Boost From Cell Research - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Life Leaves Subtle Signature In The Lay Of The Land - Science Daily
2/2/2005:St. Jude Conducts First Large-scale Bird Flu Genome Study - Science Daily
2/2/2005:For Plants, Size Doesn't Matter When It Comes To Metabolism - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Scientists Unravel Critical Genetic Puzzle For Flu Virus Replication - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Worldwide Study Reveals Nature Encourages Diversity In Tropical Forests - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Penguins Okay With Human Visitors -- For Now - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Sequencing Our Seas: Scientists Use Genomics To Reveal Secrets Of Ocean Microbes - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
2/2/2005:Newsmaker: Green light for clean tech  - C/Net
2/2/2005:NASA climate expert says agency muzzling him - MSNBC
2/2/2005:Arctic ice crashes on Alaskan shores - MSNBC
2/2/2005:Satellites Show Amazon Parks, Indigenous Reserves Stop Forest Clearing - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Yale Group To Study Atmospheric 'Tsunamis' - SpaceDaily

2/2/2005:Fore! Real World Golf offers a unique virtual gaming experience  - BBC
2/2/2005:'Grand Theft Auto' slapped with lawsuit  - CNN

2/2/2005:Hospitals may want to rethink cell phone bans
  - C/Net
2/2/2005:Cell phone sex -- dial P for porn?
  - CNN
2/2/2005:Why Cell Phones Should be Allowed in Hospitals
 - Live Science

2/2/2005:Intel looks ahead with test chips   - C/Net
2/2/2005:Photos: Timely transistors  - C/Net
2/2/2005:Intel's Core Duo health causes PC industry pain  - C/Net
2/2/2005:Next Itanium consumes less power  - C/Net
2/2/2005:Intel, friends to invest $10 billion in Itanium  - El. Engr. Times

2/2/2005:Updates easier to report than to complete - Seattle Times

2/2/2005:Chinese whispers: Google faces questions over censored search engine  - BBC
2/2/2005:Soul search Bill Thompson says Google in China means a great deal  - BBC
2/2/2005: Net Search in China- It's a Race - Business Week
2/2/2005:Google fixes China search bugs  - C/Net
2/2/2005:Roundtable: Google's Chinese puzzle  - C/Net
2/2/2005:Hacker 'illwill' gets 2 year prison term  - CNN
2/2/2005:Apple's Web effort perfect for some
 - Seattle Times
2/2/2005:Enron e-mail a reminder to behave
 - Seattle Times
2/2/2005:Amazon.com movie download service to begin?
 - Seattle Times

2/2/2005:Cartoon king: Steve Jobs is a major winner after Disney's takeover of Pixar  - BBC
2/2/2005:New year brings fresh security fears  - BBC
2/2/2005:Gates: tech cos. should work with China - Business Week
2/2/2005:Allchin: Buy Vista for the security  - C/Net  - C/Net
2/2/2005:Vista test schedule revamped
2/2/2005:Allchin answers readers  - C/Net
2/2/2005:Turning old music into digital  - BBC
2/2/2005:Microsoft's Quick Fix  - Technology Review 

2/2/2005:The Nuclear Age - New Scientist
2/2/2005:Ethanol Can Replace Gasoline With Big Energy Savings, Comparable Impact On Greenhouse Gases - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Ethanol Can Replace Gasoline With Big Energy Savings - SpaceDaily

2/2/2005:Asian Populations Less Likely To Get Relief From Chest Pain With Nitroglycerin - Science Daily

2/2/2005:Hope of liver cancer blood test  - BBC
2/2/2005:Research Breakthrough Pinpoints Aim Of Ion Beams Fired At Cancer Tumors - Science Daily
2/2/2005:New Pathway Could Present An Intervention Point For Cancer Treatment - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Canine Cancer Vaccine Program Shows Early Promise - Science Daily

2/2/2005:Bill Gates gives $600m to global project to tackle tuberculosis  - BBC
2/2/2005:'MRSA risk' patients on baby ward  - BBC
2/2/2005:Chimp antibodies 'fight smallpox'  - BBC
2/2/2005:Quick vaccine gets off the starting blocks  - Nature
2/2/2005:Are wild birds to blame for H5N1-flu's march into Europe? - New Scientist
2/2/2005:Research-funding boost in war against TB - New Scientist
2/2/2005:St. Jude Conducts First Large-scale Bird Flu Genome Study
 - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Internet Game Provides Breakthrough In Predicting The Spread Of Epidemics, Report Scientists
 - Science Daily

2/2/2005:Trial to test asthma salt theory  - BBC
2/2/2005:Diabetes inhaler given approval  - BBC
2/2/2005:Common Food Preservative Might Provide Treatment For Cystic Fibrosis - Science Daily

2/2/2005:US pupils to dance themselves fit  - BBC
2/2/2005:Clues to cause of long-term pain  - BBC
2/2/2005:Severed digits: What to do if a finger is sliced off - and how can it be reattached?  - BBC
2/2/2005:Sexual therapy: What percentage of women have difficulty reaching orgasm?  - BBC
2/2/2005:Raising awareness: What conditions can trigger an attack of Raynauld's?  - BBC
2/2/2005:Food preservative fights cystic fibrosis complication - New Scientist
2/2/2005:Low Cholesterol Cues Cataract Development - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Master Genetic Switch Found For Chronic Pain - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Super Bowl Party Science: How to Ration Snacks and Beer
 - Live Science

History, Anthropology:
2/2/2005:Dino's bizarre head appendage puzzles - MSNBC

2/2/2005:Microsoft's News of Many Parts - Business Week
2/2/2005:Feds' wiretapping rules challenged in court  - C/Net
2/2/2005:A death row blogger's advice for life  - C/Net
2/2/2005:Workplace: Sprint Nextel 'insourcing' from IBM - C/Net
2/2/2005:Google: Google won't give up in Justice Department case  - C/Net
2/2/2005:How to spot states making secret plutonium - New Scientist
2/2/2005:In Grids We Trust - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Yale Study- Not Enough Metals In Earth To Meet Global Demand - Science Daily
2/2/2005:When it comes to televisions, thin is in - Seattle Times
2/2/2005:Is an economic upturn on the way? - Seattle Times
2/2/2005:High-tech show leads home life into the future - Seattle Times
2/2/2005:When digital-tuner TV works right, it works wonders - Seattle Times
2/2/2005:Bubble May Burst Hollywood  - Technology Review 

2/2/2005:Political bias affects brain activity, study finds  - MSNBC
2/2/2005:'To Be Or, Or ... Um ... Line!' -- Research Puts Actors' Memory On Center Stage - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Even With More Free Time, Women Feel No Less Rushed, Study Finds - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Discoveries May Advance Stem Cell Therapy For Parkinson's, Cancer Patients - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Personalizing Depression Drugs  - Technology Review 

Physics and Astronomy:
2/2/2005:Smallest Earth-like planet found   - BBC
2/2/2005:Stirring up a quantum cocktail
 - New Scientist
2/2/2005:Milky Way brims with singleton stars
 - New Scientist
2/2/2005:Two more stars face galactic eviction
 - New Scientist
2/2/2005:Closer To Home
 - SpaceDaily
2/2/2005:Two Exiled Stars Are Leaving Our Galaxy Forever
 - SpaceDaily

2/2/2005:Freezing Assets: Human Corpsicles Could Wake Up Rich - Live Science

2/2/2005:Robo-chop: As Sony kills its robot dog, what became of the great Robot Age?  - BBC
2/2/2005:Hello Kitty becomes robot receptionist  - CNN
2/2/2005:Sony exits robot business  - El. Engr. Times
2/2/2005:Beer-bot pours chilled drinks for thirsty humans
 - New Scientist

2/2/2005:Mars Attack!  - Nature
2/2/2005:Spacesuit to become makeshift satellite beacon
 - New Scientist
2/2/2005:Outside View- Russia-Kazakh Space Plan
 - SpaceDaily
2/2/2005:SuitSat To Be Thrown Overboard February 3
 - SpaceDaily
2/2/2005:Arabsat 4A Delivered To Baikonur
 - SpaceDaily
2/2/2005:Mars Exploration Rovers Update: Spirit Heads for Home Plate as Opportunity Finally Roves On ...
 - FirstScience
2/2/2005:NASA News Events at the AMS Annual Meeting ...
2/2/2005:See Saturn At Its Best This Friday
 - SpaceDaily
2/2/2005:Celebrating Two Years Of Mars Express Discoveries
 - SpaceDaily
2/2/2005:New Horizons Successfully Performs First Post-Launch Maneuvers
 - SpaceDaily

2/2/2005:Reinventing the wheel:-new bike designs - Business Week
2/2/2005:What does the future hold for technology?  - CNN
2/2/2005:Fast food drive-thrus go high-tech  - CNN
2/2/2005:Interactive  - CNN
2/2/2005:GlobalFlyer poised for longest flight in history - New Scientist
2/2/2005:Fingerprints Provide Crucial Clue To New Nanofiber Fabrication Technique - Science Daily
2/2/2005:Carbon Nanotubes That Detect Disease-causing Mutations Developed By Pitt Researcher
 - Science Daily
2/2/2005:DNA-wrapped Carbon Nanotubes Serve As Sensors In Living Cells
 - Science Daily



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