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  February 2, 2005

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Opportunity Marks One Year On Mars - SpaceDaily  Left:  NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity landed on the red planet a year ago. This enhanced-resolution image from the Mars Orbiter Camera on NASA's Mars Global Surveyor orbiter is the only picture obtained thus far (by Jan. 24, 2005) that shows the tracks made by Opportunity. Full size image and detailed caption.  Opportunity discovered rocks containing hematite, an iron-rich compound that forms almost always only in the presence of water. The rover also found other salty compounds on the Martian surface that indicated a once-wet environment. After a year of operations, its solar panels are still putting out nearly 90 percent of their peak-level power. The dreaded Martian dust has failed to degrade them as much as expected. 
Tiny Star's Unexpected Weight Raises Big Astronomical Questions  - NY Times  Left:   AB Doradus C, the faint companion star to the much larger AB Doradus A, can be seen as a small dot at about 8 o'clock in this infrared image.  The smallest star ever to be reliably weighed has tipped the scales at more than twice its expected mass, astronomers say. As a result, much of what they thought they knew about the low-mass bits of cosmic litter, which hover on the edge of stardom, may be in doubt. The work, released last week, suggests that astronomers may have systematically underestimated the masses of these objects and thus misidentified the smallest members of their realm. This is our first real glimpse at a calibration of the low-mass universe."

Lunar robots, solar panels

Lunar colony to run on moon dust and robots - New Scientist  The rover - solar-powered, of course - would leave a trail of solar panels in its wake (see graphic). Now Freundlich and his team have shown that a key part of this plan should work. They melted a powder with the composition of the lunar regolith, and then deposited a solar cell on this substrate and showed that it would work. The substrate makes up the majority of a solar cell's mass. (The simulated lunar panels were only 1% efficient.)
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/2/2005: Moderate Alcohol Intake May Reduce Risk Of Dementia In Older Women - Science Daily

2/2/2005: Bush stem cell lines all contaminated - New Scientist
2/2/2005: Unusual Reproductive Behavior Of Odd Ants Surprises Scientists
 - Science Daily
2/2/2005: A Morse Code For Human Cells - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Researchers Find How Protein Allows Insects To Detect And Respond To Pheromones - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Quantum Dots Research Leads to New Knowledge about Protein Binding in Plants ... - FirstScience
2/2/2005: Venus Fly Trap Eating Explained ... - Discover

Climate, Environment:
2/2/2005: Winters warm up - PhysicsWeb
2/2/2005: Researcher: Global Warming Not To Blame For Tsunami - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Big, Old Fish Key To Restoring Groundfish Stocks - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Student Architect Designs Disaster Relief In A Box - Science Daily
2/2/2005: B-15A Iceberg's Close Encounter Monitored By Envisat - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Blair Urges Action on Global Warming ... - FirstScience
2/2/2005: ConocoPhillips settles Clean Air Act suit ...  - FirstScience
2/2/2005: Oil Firms Fund Climate Change 'Denial' ... - FirstScience
2/2/2005: Scientists debate climate change amid stark warnings ...  - FirstSciences
2/2/2005: Brazil Signs Accord to Protect Ecosystem ...  - FirstScience
2/2/2005: Canada Split Over Restrictions on Car Emissions ... - ABC
2/2/2005: Regional Trading for Ozone Pollution a Model for GHG Markets, Says WRI ...  - FirstScience
2/2/2005: New code is sea change for at-risk marine life ... - FirstScience
2/2/2005: UK works for climate adaptation  - BBC
2/2/2005: Norway upholds 'Napster' ruling  - BBC

2/2/2005: Nintendo handheld given Euro date  - BBC
2/2/2005: Nintendo DS- Got Game, Will Travel - Business Week
2/2/2005: No Xbox 2 announcement in March?  - C/Net
2/2/2005: 'Fatality' Wendel: Top gamer in the world  - C/Net
2/2/2005: Players sought for $1 million tournament  - C/Net
2/2/2005: Apple Should Get Into Games  - C/Net
2/2/2005: The World Cyber Games: Part I
  - C/Net

2/2/2005: Vying for Slices of Wireless Pie
  - Wired News
2/2/2005: Gaming on the go: A round-up of the latest games you can play on your mobile
  - BBC
2/2/2005: Will Cisco Rewire Asia?
 - Business Week
2/2/2005: When A BlackBerry Is Overkill
 - Business Week
2/2/2005: Party lines for Net phones
  - C/Net
2/2/2005: Regulators hang up on telephone 'bill of rights'
  - C/Net
2/2/2005: Taiwan market: Skype launches USB phone
  - C/Net
2/2/2005: Skype Experimenting with Voice-Mail Service
  - C/Net
2/2/2005: Taiwan market: Skype launches USB phone
  - C/Net


2/2/2005: Your Computer May Be Housing Child Porn  - Wired News
2/2/2005: Petite PCs, ad angst  - C/Net

2/2/2005: Researchers Find Way To Make Internet Video More Appealing - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Congress Puts Spyware on Hit List  - Wired News
2/2/2005: Fake Commercial Spots Spread Quickly on the Internet  - Wired News
2/2/2005: U.S. Leads in Sexually Transmitted Disease Rate  - Wired News
2/2/2005: Smart search lets art fans browse  - BBC

2/2/2005: Microsoft to face close scrutiny of Longhorn work - Seattle Times
2/2/2005: Movie body targets children's PCs  - BBC
2/2/2005: Microsoft's Golden Halo Gleams Anew - Business Week

2/2/2005: Solar Industry Drums Up Congressional Support ... - FirstScience

2/2/2005: Simpler 'Alphabet' Guidelines For Treating Acute Coronary Syndrome Reduce Risk - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Penn Researchers Add More Evidence To Demonstrate Role Of COX Inhibitors In Heart-disease Risk - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Clue to stroke brain cell deaths  - BBC
2/2/2005: Surgery is 'not best' for strokes  - BBC

2/2/2005: Cord Blood Transplantation Now A Viable Option For Adult Leukemia Patients - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Molecule Predicts Colon Cancer Patient Survival - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Combination Therapy Boosts Effectiveness Of Telomere-directed Cancer Cell Death - Science Daily
2/2/2005: New Cancer Gene Identified By Memorial Sloan-Kettering Scientists
2/2/2005: Cancer alert for smoking parents  - BBC

2/2/2005: T Cells Target HIV In A Relationship On The Rebound - Science Daily
2/2/2005: U.S. Leads in Sexually Transmitted Disease Rate  - Wired News
2/2/2005: Bird flu 'passed between humans'  - BBC
2/2/2005: 'Mad cow' disease found in goat  - BBC


2/2/2005: Researchers Discover New Fat Gene: Finding May Offer New Target For Controlling Obesity, Diabetes - Science Daily
2/2/2005: The Role Of Ethnicity In Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Grapefruit Juice And Medication Can Be A Dangerous Mix - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Use Of Estrogen Therapy May Increase Risk For Gallbladder Disease - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Why Do Some People Get Bitten By Mosquitoes More Than Others? - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Slow Adoption of IT a Threat to Health Industry  - Wired News
2/2/2005: Shake-up for cosmetic op industry  - BBC
2/2/2005: Sweet dreamsFind out whether you're getting enough shut eye  - BBC
2/2/2005: 'Movement' pants suggest fidgeters stay slimmer and trimmer
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
2/2/2005: Bat evolution linked to warming  - BBC

2/2/2005: Shroud of Turin: Old as Jesus?  - NY Times
2/2/2005: Authors Warn Of Inaccuracies Concerning Use Of Race In Health & Social Science Research - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Two Sides of Outsourcing  - Technology Review 
2/2/2005: The Yahoo Factor - Technology Review
2/2/2005: Eyes on the Prize Hits P2P  - Wired News
2/2/2005: No Magazine, but Plenty of Ammo  - Wired News
2/2/2005: Stealing, the Old-Fashioned Way  - Wired News
2/2/2005: Revenge of the Right Brain  - Wired News
2/2/2005: Improvised Bombs Baffle Army  - Wired News
2/2/2005: Online Dating Sites Aren't Holding People's Hearts  - Wired News
2/2/2005: Bugging out Why can't phone tapping evidence be used in open court?  - BBC
2/2/2005: Court rejects baby Charlotte plea  - BBC
2/2/2005: How Badly Does SBC Want AT&T? - Business Week
2/2/2005: Professor: iPod users turning into cyborgs  - C/Net
2/2/2005: The Lock Busters  - C/Net
2/2/2005: Into the minds of strangers  - C/Net

2/2/2005: Deciphering The Genetic Babel Of Brain Cells - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Two Minutes Of Magnetic Stimulation Can Change Your Brain For An Hour - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Multiple Therapies Curb Declining Ability To Learn With Age - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/2/2005: Tiny Star's Unexpected Weight Raises Big Astronomical Questions  - NY Times
2/2/2005: Are there two types of gravity?
 - New Scientist
 - New Scientist
2/2/2005: Cosmologists win Crafoord award
 - PhysicsWeb
2/2/2005: Copper Vs. Copper At The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider- Middleweight Matchup To Provide Control Data In Exploration Of New Form Of Matter
 - Science Daily
2/2/2005: FUSE Observations Strengthen White Dwarf Theory
 - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Weighing The Smallest Stars
 - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Dark Matter Haloes Were First Objects in Universe ...
 - FirstScience



2/2/2005: Lunar colony to run on moon dust and robots  - New Scientist
Opportunity Marks One Year On Mars - SpaceDaily
2/2/2005: Huygens Lands In Titanian Mud
 - Science Daily
2/2/2005: Small Explorer to Map Solar System Boundary A satellite that will make the first map of the boundary between t ...
2/2/2005: NASA Rovers' Adventures on Mars Continue NASA lit a birthday candle today for its twin Mars Exploration Rovers ...
2/2/2005: 01.27.05 - Professorship Honoring Challenger's McNair The professorship will be a rotating position for a NASA ...
2/2/2005: Aerospace Engineer Living His Dream Trong Bui was recently involved in the Dryden Aerospike Rocket Test, which ...
2/2/2005: Shuttle's Return Excites NASA Staff
  - NY Times
2/2/2005: NASA Head Fans Hubble Controversy ...
 - Discover
2/2/2005: Shuttle's return excites NASA ...
 - USA Today
2/2/2005: Panel: Space shuttle could launch by May ...
  - CNN
2/2/2005: Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster ...
 - FirstScience
2/2/2005: Key NASA Directors Discuss Critical FY 2006 Budget Issues ...
 - FirstScience
2/2/2005: NASA Announces FY 2006 Budget Press Conference ...
 - FirstScience
2/2/2005: Return to Flight Panel: No Major Hurdles for Shuttle Discovery
2/2/2005: NASA Selects Tech Validation Experiments
 - SpaceDaily
2/2/2005: Chiao And Sharipov Take Spacewalk To Reconfigure ISS Systems
 - SpaceDaily

2/2/2005: Researchers Construct Tiny, Floating 'Eyeballs,' 'Billiard Balls' On Microchip - Science Daily
2/2/2005: It's Not All in Your Head  - Wired News
2/2/2005: Alarm Over Anti-Theft Busting Belt  - Wired News
2/2/2005: NRC Brings Infrastructure to New Brunswick Technology Cluster with Opening of New Research Laboratories in Fre ... - FirstScience
2/2/2005: NASA Tool Assists Air Traffic Control No one is happy with long lines and delays at our nation's airports. In ... - FirstScience
2/2/2005: Hearing aid 'breakthrough hope'  - BBC


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