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  February 19, 2006

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NASA Moon Plans Advance - Space.com  NASA is on course to pick a single industrial developer in August of the Crew Exploration Vehicle—a spacecraft slightly larger than that used in the Apollo program to haul astronauts to the Moon in the 1960s to the early 1970s, Horowitz said  Progress is being made too on designing a Crew Launch Vehicle, Horowitz reported, as well as a mega-cargo carrier that has the growth potential to toss over 300,000 pounds into low Earth orbit.    
Changing climate: How a new wind is blowing in some oil-addicted US states  - BBC  The image of the US as a gas-guzzling, energy consuming nation is at odds with a number of green initiatives in the country at large. McCamey, Texas, calls itself the "Wind Energy Capital of Texas", a title which the Mayor, Sherry Philips, has officially registered in the state capital. No other town can now claim it. Towering over the dusty scrub around McCamey are 800 wind turbines and soon there will be more. It has already been shown that dry bore-holes in exhausted oil workings will yield geo-thermal energy and there must be potential for solar installations too. 

Wind power's winds of change  - C/Net  A handful of start-ups are floating an idea that could change the face of the wind power industry. Rather than build farms of towering wind turbines in rural areas, some companies are designing "micro," or small-scale, turbines that fit on top of buildings. The idea is to generate electricity from wind in urban or suburban settings, complementing giant turbines..
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/19/2005: Brain Scans May Predict Cognitive Decline In Normal People - Science Daily

2/19/2005: Sunken treasure of new species found - MSNBC
2/19/2005: Calls to conserve biodiversity hotspots
  - Nature
2/19/2005: Synthetic wheat offers hope to the world - New Scientist
2/19/2005: UK stem cell scientists to recruit egg donors - New Scientist
2/19/2005: Researchers Develop Ways To Keep The Bloom On The Rose - Science Daily
2/19/2005: More Japanese schools offer whale meat lunch ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Bald eagle to be off endangered list ... - MSNBC
2/19/2005: Gillnet fishing ban to protect right whales ... - MSNBC
2/19/2005: Evolutionary scientist's insect collection on display at British museum ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Single cell whole genome amplification ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Membranes for RNA, DNA and protein analysis ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Simplify drug discovery with gene signature panels ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
2/19/2005: Maui May Be Running Out of Sand - Space.com
2/19/2005: Sandia's low-density, environmentally friendly foam might save surfboard industry from a total wipeout ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Floating lab tracks sandstorms' effect on ecosystem ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Climate change 'brings fire danger' ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Kyoto 2012 greenhouse gas goals still in reach: UN ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Oil disaster 'could happen again'  - BBC

2/19/2005: Gadget Lab: Fido Treat Launcher  - Wired News
2/19/2005: • Gaming Industry Growing Pains - Business Week
2/19/2005: • State of the Gaming Union - Business Week
2/19/2005: Nintendo DS machine to work as portable TV - Business Week
2/19/2005: Just Lacks Popcorn.. - Business Week
2/19/2005: Power lunching with wizards, warriors  - C/Net
2/19/2005: Images: The guild's wizards and warriors
  - C/Net

2/19/2005: Intel in initiative to embed 3G into laptops
  - El. Engr. Times
2/19/2005: Goodbye Palm OS, Hello Linux
  - Wired News
2/19/2005: Mobiles look to entertain you
  - BBC

2/19/2005: Samsung claims fastest graphics memory chip  - El. Engr. Times
2/19/2005: Israeli startup to tackle VLSI challenges  - El. Engr. Times

2/19/2005: Apple updates: Tiger to fix iMac video problem  - C/Net

2/19/2005: Search Engines Return Similar Results For E-commerce Comparison Shopping - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Webmonkey Mailbox: IE7  - Wired News
2/19/2005: Even a Geek Needs Lovin'  - Wired News
2/19/2005: Opera Offers Weekly Builds  - Wired News
2/19/2005: Net firms face grilling on China  - BBC
2/19/2005: Yahoo in censorship plea  - BBC
2/19/2005: Warning over Valentine's e-cards
  - BBC
2/19/2005: China's Complex Web
 - Business Week
2/19/2005: Lawmakers blast tech giants over China
 - Business Week
2/19/2005: Capitol Hill's fury on China
  - C/Net

2/19/2005: UK holds Microsoft security talks  - BBC
2/19/2005: • Microsoft's No-Win Dilemna in Europe - Business Week
2/19/2005: Microsoft answers EU antitrust complaints - Business Week

2/19/2005: Changing climate: How a new wind is blowing in some oil-addicted US states   - BBC
2/19/2005: Wind power's winds of change   - C/Net
2/19/2005: Titania Nanotubes Create Potentially Efficient Solar Cells - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Hydraulics to Replace Batteries?  - Wired News
2/19/2005: Winner of Chernobyl tender to be announced in London ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: IEA urges members to step up renewable energy R&D ... - MSNBC
2/19/2005: Lunar platinum and alcohol fuel cells ...
 - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Mining nuclear fuel: How uranium is quarried in an iconic conservation region
  - BBC
2/19/2005: Energy quiz:Test your knowledge of world energy
  - BBC
2/19/2005: TV and radio reports on the global demand for energy
  - BBC


2/19/2005: Cancer Researchers Found A New Mechanism Potentially Explaining Evolution Of Signalling Pathways - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Scientists Tweak Cervical Cancer Vaccine Technology To Fight Most Common Sexually Transmitted Disease -- Genital Warts - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Post-pregnancy Events Promote Breast Tumor Metastasis - Science Daily

2/19/2005: Bird flu makes its way around Europe - New Scientist
2/19/2005: Landmark Study Of Hepatitis C Virus Solves Mystery That Has Stymied Quest For Cure - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Review Shows Male Circumcision Protects Female Partners From HIV And Other STDs - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Call Not To Use Certain Type Of Anti-viral Drugs For Influenza A Virus For 2006 Flu Season - Science Daily
2/19/2005: New Images Capture Virus In Extraordinary Detail - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Germany confirms bird flu cases  - BBC
2/19/2005: Sex diseases: What parts of the body are affected by gonorrhoea?
  - BBC
2/19/2005: Nigeria bird flu plan 'failing'
  - BBC

2/19/2005: Asthmatic Children In Multi-family Housing Hit By Indoor Nitrogen Dioxide - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Asthma 'limits children's lives'  - BBC
2/19/2005: Campaigners cheer smoking ban  - BBC
2/19/2005: Huff and puff: Emotional reaction as smoke-free future looms in pubs  - BBC
2/19/2005: Pfizer- Irrational Exubera-nce? - Business Week

2/19/2005: And now for today's health forecast... - New Scientist
2/19/2005: Firewalker lands in hospital  - BBC
2/19/2005: 'Look into my eyes': How an exhausted insomniac ditched pills for hypnotism  - BBC
2/19/2005: Former anorexic writes a book on how to cope with the condition  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
2/19/2005: Ancient Cave Art Full of Teenage Graffiti - Space.com
2/19/2005: 10 years on: The story of the Sea Empress disaster in words and pictures  - BBC

2/19/2005: Why some longtime lovers look alike - MSNBC
2/19/2005: Easy access to water causes baby boom  - Nature
2/19/2005: Student-friendly GIS Leads To Real-world Science Inquiry - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Readers prove that men like sexual variety ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: • Phishing in IRS Waters - Business Week

2/19/2005: The scientific rules for the game of love - MSNBC
2/19/2005: Rockabye Baby: Research Shows Gentle Singing Soothes Sick Infants - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Facial Characteristics Indicative Of Personality Traits, Say Experts - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Case Biologists Show That What A Neuron Can Do Is A Function Of Mechanical Context - Science Daily
2/19/2005: How babies do maths at 7 months  - BBC
2/19/2005: Scientists plan speed dating study to see if opposites attract  - BBC
2/19/2005: People 'worrying more than ever'
  - BBC
2/19/2005: Study looks at suicide attitudes
  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
2/19/2005: Stars dusty disc has its spin doctored - New Scientist
2/19/2005: Enormous sky survey reveals RAVE results
 - New Scientist
2/19/2005: 'Double Crystal Fusion' Could Pave The Way For Portable Device
 - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Recount Results: A Million Stars Missing
 - Space.com
2/19/2005: NASA telescope spots two mega solar systems ...
 - FirstScience


2/19/2005: Robot moved by a slime mould's fears - New Scientist

2/19/2005: US-built oxygen generator ready for space station - New Scientist
2/19/2005: Saturn's inner moons – more rubble than ice
 - New Scientist
2/19/2005: See Mars and Venus by balloon
 - New Scientist
2/19/2005: Commentary: NASA’s 2007 Budget Proposal- No Real Vision
 - Space.com
NASA Moon Plans Advance - Space.com
2/19/2005: U.S. transportation secretary says expect private space travel by 2008 ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Russia to launch 4 spacecraft for France's Arianespace in Guiana ...
 - FirstScience
2/19/2005: NASA & Olympic Athletes Plan Lunar Games ...
 - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Thinking out of the box: how to challenge conventional space systems ...
 - FirstScience

2/19/2005: US and Canadian skiers get smart armour - New Scientist
2/19/2005: Invention: Viper vision - New Scientist
2/19/2005: Nanotubes break superconducting record - PhysicsWeb
2/19/2005: A First in U.S.: Chipped Beef  - Wired News
2/19/2005: Rocket science may hold key to surfing's future ... - FirstScience



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