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  February 19, 2005

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Ukraine Space Industry Growing - SpaceDaily  Left: File photo of a Dnepr Launch.  The Ukrainian space industry grew by 16 percent last year, the country's national space agency reported. Earnings from the industry's products reached more than $200 million in 2004, or 12 percent more than in 2003, according to Oleksandr Negoda, director general of the National Space Agency of Ukraine. Some 38 percent of the products were sold abroad, he said. Of the 54 space launches worldwide last year, NSAU carried out seven, sending 15 spacecraft into orbit, according to Negoda. Currently, the country is aiming at launching the Ukrainian Cyclone-4 rocket from Brazil's Alcantara launch center near the equator. In addition, NSAU carries out its launches at the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in northern Russia and on Sea Launch, the ocean-going platform.   
Neanderthal (BBC) Past rebuilt How Neanderthals perished in Europe's changing climes  - BBC  Sawyer combined and rebuilt broken parts to create the most complete Neanderthal the world had ever seen. Our Neanderthal stood no more than 1.6m (5ft 4in) tall, and yet he had a robust and powerful build - perfect for his ice-age environment. The theory is that this body plan minimises the body's surface area to retain heat, and to keep vital organs embedded deep within the body to insulate them from the cold. Even so, the advantage doesn't mean that Neanderthal could have survived the icy extremes - this was a polar wasteland and his heavily muscled body plan needed a lot of feeding: about twice as much as we need today. His assessment of our skull was startling: 20% larger than the average size of a modern human's brain, and anatomically identical. Crucially, the anatomy of the vocal tract is close enough to that of modern humans to indicate that anatomically there was no reason why Neanderthal could not have produced the complex range of sounds needed for speech.  

New Russian Spacecraft On Show In France In June - SpaceDaily  A new Russian six-crew reusable space capsule that will eventually replace the venerable Soyuz spacecraft is to go on display at the French international aerospace show at Le Bourget in June, Russia's space agency said Wednesday. Known as the Kliper and weighing 14.5 tonnes, it is twice as big as the Soyuz, and was expected to be able to ferry cargoes of up to 700 kilograms (1550 pounds) to the International Space Sation (ISS), currently serviced by Soyuz craft. Kliper, developed by the Russian space company RKK Energiya, was expected to replace the three-crew, non-reusable Soyuz craft within a few years   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/19/2005: Older People With 'Alzheimer's Gene' Find It Harder To 'Remember To Remember' Even If They're Healthy - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Research May Hold Promise For Treating Alzheimer’s
 - Science Daily

2/19/2005: Biology's New Forbidden Fruit  - NY Times
2/19/2005: Field-cricket Study Shows That When It Comes To Competition, Sperm Quality Matters
 - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Circles Of DNA Might Help Predict Success Of Stem Cell Transplantation - Science Daily
2/19/2005: DNA Recombination And Repair -- A New Twist To RecA Function - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Opposing Fat Metabolism Pathways Triggered By A Single Gene - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Novel 'Canary On A Chip' Sensor Measures Tiny Changes In Cell Volume; Provides Assay Results In Minutes - Science Daily
2/19/2005: U.N. Seeks Clone Ban Compromise  - Wired News
2/19/2005: Bottom trawling ban off Alaska to widen ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Nucleus of DNA theory goes online ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Odd Couples in Wild Kingdom Baffle Biologists ... - ABC
2/19/2005: Researchers use GPS to track Myanmar elephants - SpaceDaily

Climate, Environment:
2/19/2005: Probing Question: What Is Junk DNA, And What Is It Worth? - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Sumatra Earthquake Three Times Larger Than Originally Thought - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Earth Gets A Warm Feeling All Over - Science Daily
2/19/2005: False Alarms in Tsunami Warnings  - Wired News
2/19/2005: U.S. nun slain in Amazon was activist ... - MSNBC
2/19/2005: Greenpeace campaigns against 36 perfumes ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Embracing Kyoto could worsen global warming ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Amazon environmentalist shot dead ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Outposts of Pollution ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Capital digs in to double garden waste recycling ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Environmentalists rap reintroducing falcons ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: EU looks past 2012 ... - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Australia's Greens leader wages anti-logging campaign in Japan - SpaceDaily
2/19/2005: Australia under renewed pressure to sign Kyoto as anniversary nears - SpaceDaily
2/19/2005: Kyoto Protocol's birthplace Japan yet to reconcile economy and ecology - SpaceDaily

2/19/2005: Of gadgets and gender  - C/Net

2/19/2005: The Web at 65 Mph
 - Business Week
2/19/2005: Motorola to sell cheap phones
  - C/Net
2/19/2005: Microsoft, Flextronics partner on cell platform
  - C/Net
2/19/2005: Siemens tests crypto for cell phones
  - C/Net
2/19/2005: CPS, SiGe Semi partner for enhanced GPS
  - El. Engr. Times
2/19/2005: Verizon agrees to buy MCI for $6.75 billion
 - Seattle Times
2/19/2005: Q and A: Cingular executive in new role after wireless deal
 - Seattle Times
2/19/2005: Nokia Weds Microsoft
  - Wired News

2/19/2005: AMD updates the Opteron family  - C/Net
2/19/2005: Cypress to divest itself of MRAM despite early success  - El. Engr. Times

2/19/2005: Steve Jobs: PC makers want to license Mac OS X  - C/Net
2/19/2005: Improving Computer-supported Work Through Scenario-based Evaluation - Science Daily
2/19/2005: iWork Pages is nearly a dream come true - Seattle Times

2/19/2005: Video service arms Akimbo for Net battle  - C/Net
2/19/2005: Microsoft, eBay join antiphishing initiative  - C/Net
2/19/2005: Bloggers as news media trophy hunters  - C/Net
2/19/2005: Web-only album wins Grammy  - C/Net
2/19/2005: How to stop spam: Charge for the stamp  - C/Net
2/19/2005: Microsoft shifts tactics for security on Internet - Seattle Times
2/19/2005: Increase in "click fraud" saps ad budgets
 - Seattle Times
2/19/2005: Clever service has key to e-mail security
 - Seattle Times
2/19/2005: Bloggers, beware if your boss is reading
 - Seattle Times

2/19/2005: Linux license overhaul:-don't hold your breath  - C/Net

2/19/2005: Toyota near deal on hybrid car chips  - C/Net
2/19/2005: Experimental mini nuclear plant in the pipeline - New Scientist
2/19/2005: Firm says nanobattery is a year away - Silicon Strategies

2/19/2005: UCI Researchers Uncover How Plaque In Neck Artery Leads To Stroke-inducing Blood Clots - Science Daily

2/19/2005: New Breast Cancer Test Could Save Lives - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Altered HIV Attacks Mice Tumors  - Wired News

2/19/2005: Multi-drug-resistant HIV strain raises alarm - MSNBC
2/19/2005: Research Turning Up The Heat On Fowl Bacteria - Science Daily

2/19/2005: Drugs and Alcohol - New Scientist
2/19/2005: Marijuana Use Affects Blood Flow In Brain Even After Abstinence - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Joslin Scientists Show Knocking Out Two Key Signals Will Cause Type 2 Diabetes - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Prior Caesarean Delivery Not Linked To Increased Risk Of Stillbirth - Science Daily

2/19/2005: Gene therapy is first deafness 'cure' - New Scientist
2/19/2005: Gender Bias In Child Growth Evaluations May Miss Disease In Girls - Science Daily
2/19/2005: NIDCD Scientists Report New Findings On Inner Ear Hair Cell Stereocilia Formation - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Induction At 32 Weeks Possible Action For Expectant Moms With Premature Membrane Rupture - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
2/19/2005: Past rebuilt How Neanderthals perished in Europe's changing climes   - BBC
2/19/2005: Ancient Engravings Found In Somerset Cave - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Ancient Statue Of Hermes Fitted For Earthquake Protection - Science Daily

2/19/2005: Fiorina's Lesson for Female CEOs - Business Week
2/19/2005: Telecom Mergers: Is Lucent Next? - Business Week
2/19/2005: The Lowdown on High Tech Trends - Business Week
2/19/2005: S&P Keeps Dell at Strong Buy, Apple at Hold - Business Week
2/19/2005: Verizon, MCI join forces  - C/Net
2/19/2005: Telecom merger mania  - C/Net
2/19/2005: National spy-D cards coming?  - C/Net
2/19/2005: Photos: Biometrics on guard  - C/Net
2/19/2005: FC Now: Where the Girls Are  - C/Net
2/19/2005: Flat screens at rock-bottom prices  - C/Net
2/19/2005: State Dept. Relaxes Visa Rules for Some Scientists and Students  - NY Times
2/19/2005: HP shake-up leaves shareholders rattled - Seattle Times
2/19/2005: Chinese ads resemble '50s era, "but in color" - Seattle Times
2/19/2005: How F-15s Work  - Technology Review 
2/19/2005: Brute Force for Brain Teasers  - Wired News
2/19/2005: U.S. Drones Checking on Iran  - Wired News
2/19/2005: DNA Test Confirms Parents of 'Baby 81' ... - FirstScience

2/19/2005: Just In Time For Valentine's Day: Falling In Love In Three Minutes Or Less - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Juliet? Can We Talk? Secret Relationships Go Sour Quickly, According To New Study By Psychologists - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Rats Infected As Newborns Grew Up Vulnerable To Memory Problems During An Immune Challenge - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Colleges Offer Classes on Relationships  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
2/19/2005: Scientists Announce Smallest Extra-Solar Planet Yet Discovered And Find Outer Limits Of The Pulsar Planetary System - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Witnessing The Birth Of Galaxies And Stars
 - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Computer Cracks Go Game
 - Science Daily
2/19/2005: The Sky's the Fascination for Lab Physicist ...
 - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Ageing Hubble telescope sparks debate ...
 - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Fun Facts About Pluto and Its Discovery ...
 - Washington Post
2/19/2005: Carolyn Porco: Keeping an Eye in Saturn
2/19/2005: Observe the Deep Impact Spacecraft Close In On Comet Tempel 1
 - SpaceDaily


2/19/2005: Robots inspired by Segway balancing act - New Scientist

2/19/2005: New Russian Spacecraft On Show In France In June - SpaceDaily
Ukraine Space Industry Growing - SpaceDaily
2/19/2005: Rover investigates deep-set rock  - BBC
2/19/2005: Mars Express gets busy
 - PhysicsWeb
2/19/2005: NASA under microscope on junking Hubble ...
 - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Benefits of space for all citizens ...
 - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Earth and Space Week: Third Earth Observation Summit agrees ten-year GEOSS action plan ...
 - FirstScience
2/19/2005: Outgoing NASA chief under investigation for 'waste' ...
  - CNN
2/19/2005: GAO Investigates NASA Under Sean O'Keefe
2/19/2005: NASA Moves Closer to Resuming Shuttle Flights
2/19/2005: LockMart To Develop Sensor For Interstellar Boundary Explorer Mission
 - SpaceDaily
2/19/2005: People Propel Shuttle's Return To Flight
 - SpaceDaily
2/19/2005: Brightest Explosion Ever Observed Overwhelms Telescopes
 - SpaceDaily

2/19/2005: Closer to the Remote-Control Home - Business Week
2/19/2005: Interactive TV poised for rollout  - CNN
2/19/2005: Longer lives for organic LEDs  - NY Times
2/19/2005: Want To Petrify Wood Without Waiting A Few Million Years? Try This - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Researchers Uncover Secrets Behind Nanotube Formation - Science Daily
2/19/2005: Domo Arigato, Doctor Roboto  - Technology Review 
2/19/2005: Introducing the Technology Review Index
  - Technology Review 


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