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  February 19, 2004

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Silicon wafer in chip plant, Intel Intel makes light work for chips  - BBC  The speed data travels around the net could get a boost thanks to research by chip giant Intel. Scientists at the company have found a way to use silicon to move light around rather than just electrons. The breakthrough could make it much easier to use light inside computer processors as well as make it cheaper to build fast computer networks. Intel said that the technology should start showing up in devices by the end of the decade. "This is a significant step toward building optical devices that move data around inside a computer at the speed of light."
Ohio State Ready To Go Robo In Desert Trek - SpaceDaily  At 2.5 tons and 9 feet high, the truck that Ohio State University engineers are about to race across the Mojave Desert could literally crush the competition. TerraMax, Ohio State's entry in the DARPA Grand Challenge autonomous race. And it would do so without a driver. Of course, the truck won't be squashing its rivals -- the purpose of the competition is to design vehicles that can drive autonomously and avoid obstacles, rather than run them over. With no human intervention and only global positioning system and local sensing data to guide it, the truck must find its way across the desert as part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Grand Challenge, March 8-13. 

Chemistry Puts New Sparkle In Diamonds - SpaceDaily  Diamonds are getting bigger, more colorful and cheaper, thanks to chemistry. The diamond-making business has been around for years and although synthetic diamonds had many important uses, including saw blades, drill bits and exfoliants, they were tiny and not gem quality. Only recently has chemistry been able to grow large, gem quality stones at approximately one-third the price of mined diamonds, says C&EN. Companies such as Gemesis in Florida and Apollo Diamond in Boston are now creating lab-grown diamonds that can be produced to more than a carat in size and are virtually indistinguishable from their mined counterparts.

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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/19/2004: Dear Abby Columnist Struggles With Alzheimer's - ABC
2/19/2004: Link Between Heart Disease, Alzheimer's
 - ABC
2/19/2004: Botox Sheds Light on Alzheimer's - ABC
2/19/2004: Alzheimer's Drug a Plus for Caregivers - ABC
2/19/2004: Reagan Bonds Despite Alzheimer's Haze - ABC
2/19/2004: Diane Sawyer Talks With Nancy Reagan - ABC

2/19/2004: Blind Wisconsin Owl Gets New Eye Lenses - ABC
2/19/2004: Tiny Fossil Could Be Oldest Known Insect
 - ABC
2/19/2004: India gets DNA research centre  - BBC
2/19/2004: Have Your Say: Cloning embryos: Your views  - BBC
2/19/2004:  Interview with the scientist behind first human embryo
2/19/2004: Blind owl can see again -- with lenses - MSNBC
2/19/2004: Stem cells extracted from human clone - MSNBC
2/19/2004: Talking to bacteria  - Nature
2/19/2004: Cloned human embryos yield stem cells  - Nature
2/19/2004: Cloned human embryos are stem cell breakthrough - New Scientist
2/19/2004: Debate Over Cloning in U.S. Remains Intense  - NY Times
2/19/2004: Scientists Claim Cloning Success  - NY Times
2/19/2004: Graphic: A Big Step  - NY Times
2/19/2004: Spain: the promised land for GM corn... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
2/19/2004: In pictures: Species pushed to the edge of extinction  - BBC
2/19/2004: Sharks suffer population crash  - Nature
2/19/2004: Carp threatened by herpes virus  - Nature
2/19/2004: Snowmobile Curb in Yellowstone Is Relaxed by a Federal Judge  - NY Times
2/19/2004: Borneo Forest Faces Extinction  - Wired News

2/19/2004: A Handy View - ABC
2/19/2004: iPod designer is named UK's top cultural influence  - BBC
2/19/2004: No Will to Keep Uru Live Alive  - Wired News

2/19/2004: FCC: 'Pure' VoIP not a phone service  - C/Net
2/19/2004: Why the FCC's Net telephony ruling matters  - CNN  
2/19/2004: FCC Begins Rewriting Rules on Delivery of the Internet  - Wired News

2/19/2004: Silicon Discovery Could Speed Up PCs - ABC
2/19/2004: Sun caches in with processor plans  - C/Net
2/19/2004: Silicon discovery could speed up PCs  - CNN  
2/19/2004: Sony, Toshiba aim to be first with 45-nm process  - El. Engr. Times
2/19/2004: Sematech plans meeting on 3-D interconnects  - El. Engr. Times
2/19/2004: Silicon adapted for optical networks - MSNBC
2/19/2004: Benign Viruses Shine on the Silicon Assembly Line
  - NY Times

2/19/2004: IBM to ship 4GB microdrive  - C/Net
2/19/2004: Mac, PalmSource Not in Sync  - Wired News

2/19/2004: The Different Spins on Online Piracy - ABC
2/19/2004: New System to Lock Out Junk E-Mail - ABC
2/19/2004: Farmers' mart goes online  - BBC
2/19/2004: Be my valentine: Growing numbers of people looking for love on the internet  - BBC
2/19/2004: Cupid, Computers, and Colleagues - Business Week
2/19/2004: Ready 4 IM spam?  - CNN  
2/19/2004: Putting IM to work  - CNN  
2/19/2004: Tax-free Internet days numbered  - CNN  
2/19/2004: The Blogfather's Hit List  - Wired News

2/19/2004: Windows Code for the Taking  - Wired News
2/19/2004: Windows Source Leak Traces Back to Mainsoft  - Wired News
2/19/2004: Canadian Record Companies Seek Names in Piracy Battle  - Wired News

2/19/2004: Scientists Advance Hydrogen Tech  - Wired News

2/19/2004: Peptide May Help Predict Heart Disease - ABC

2/19/2004: Charity Gets Breast Cancer Gene Patent - ABC
2/19/2004: Test predicts skin-cancer spread  - Nature

2/19/2004: Warning over spiralling HIV rates  - BBC
2/19/2004: New HIV drugs 'show promise'  - BBC
2/19/2004: Aids shy: African leaders slow to follow Malawi Aids revelation  - BBC
2/19/2004: Call for bird vaccinations  - Nature

2/19/2004: Cod liver oil 'could slow arthritis'  - BBC

2/19/2004: Blood Secrets - ABC
2/19/2004: More from Dr. Tim Johnson - ABC
2/19/2004: Inverted Pyramid? - ABC
2/19/2004: National Impotence Day: Find out what treatment is available  - BBC
2/19/2004: Sexual chemistry may create permanent ties between lovers  - BBC
2/19/2004: 'Natural' food labels misleading  - BBC
2/19/2004: Doctors warn of 'terrifying' rise in obesity - New Scientist
2/19/2004: US infant deaths rise for first time in 45 years - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:
2/19/2004: Why the pyramids arose - MSNBC
2/19/2004: German archaeologist throws light on pyramid origin - New Scientist
2/19/2004: Oldest Known Insect Identified From 400-Million-Year-Old Jaws  - NY Times

2/19/2004: Supernatural Science - ABC
2/19/2004: Online Dating 'Rules' - Tech TV
2/19/2004: Virtual reality 3D models offer time travel to the past  - BBC
2/19/2004: Hollywood help: South Korea sells film rights to US to combat piracy losses  - BBC
2/19/2004: The Early Betting Is on Comcast - Business Week
2/19/2004: Comcast-Disney: Let the Future Begin - Business Week
2/19/2004: Toyland Meets TV-Land - Business Week
2/19/2004: A fractured fairy tale  - C/Net
2/19/2004: Open source's Pandora's box  - C/Net
2/19/2004: HP sets up call center in India  - C/Net
2/19/2004: For those who can't wait for the future  - NY Times
2/19/2004: CIA Web site seeks Iraq WMD information  - CNN  
2/19/2004: Iran fails to declare nuclear design - New Scientist
2/19/2004: Bush calls for crackdown on nuclear proliferation - New Scientist

2/19/2004: People lie more on the phone than by email - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
2/19/2004: New star emerges from dust cocoon  - BBC
2/19/2004: Europe's comet-chasing mission passes final test
 - New Scientist


2/19/2004: Ohio State Ready To Go Robo In Desert Trek - SpaceDaily
2/19/2004: Vulcan project aims to build 'Digital Aristotle' - Seattle Times
2/19/2004: Flying robot promises bird's-eye view for surveillance  - El. Engr. Times

2/19/2004: 27 Teams Enter Spaceflight Competition - Space.com
2/19/2004: Expert Warns NASA Can't Afford Mars Plan
 - ABC
2/19/2004: AI to help Martian exploration  - BBC
2/19/2004: Space Panel Is Optimistic on Planning for Bush Goal  - NY Times
2/19/2004: NASA Orders Its Rover to Spin Its Wheels - ABC
2/19/2004: Long Distance Rover - ABC
2/19/2004: Mars Missions: Full Coverage - ABC

2/19/2004: Chemistry Puts New Sparkle In Diamonds - SpaceDaily
2/19/2004: Photosynthesis inspires molecular-assembly process  - El. Engr. Times
2/19/2004: The Guitar's Technological Crossroads  - Wired News


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