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  February 18, 2006

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Wikipedia logo Entry code Congress staff caught sanitising politicians' bios on Wikipedia  - BBC  Online reference site Wikipedia blames US Congress staff for partisan changes to a number of political biographies. Computers traced to Capitol Hill removed unpalatable facts from articles on senators, while other entries were "vandalised", the site said. An inquiry was launched after staff for Democratic representative Marty Meehan admitted polishing his biography. The site lists half a dozen prominent biographies that had been changed by Senate computers, including those of Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, California Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa.   
MIT Researchers Fired Up About Battery Alternative - Science Daily  "This configuration has the potential to maintain and even improve the high performance characteristics of ultracapacitors while providing energy storage densities comparable to batteries," Schindall said. "Nanotube-enhanced ultracapacitors would combine the long life and high power characteristics of a commercial ultracapacitor with the higher energy storage density normally available only from a chemical battery." physical constraints on electrode surface area and spacing have limited ultracapacitors to an energy storage capacity around 25 times less than a similarly sized lithium-ion battery.

Reality check: What is the state of stem cell science since the Hwang scandal?  - BBC  There are two types: the first, adult stem cells, are cued up to become particular cell types - say nerve, blood, bone or heart. These can carry out valuable repairs - but only in their specialist part of the body. The second group is embryonic stem cells. Found in the early human embryo, these are highly sought after because they can re-create themselves indefinitely. Also, since they are not yet switched to become specific cell types, they have the potential to repair damaged and diseased organs anywhere in the body. It would seem a safe bet that adult stem cells will deliver first.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/18/2005:Maine Researchers Team With Fishermen To Study Affects Of Trawling On Seafloor Ecology ... - FirstScience
2/18/2005:Link Vexes Foe of Endangered Species Act ...
 - L. A. Times
2/18/2005:When Good DNA Goes Bad-:'Backward' DNA Leads To DNA Breaks Associated With Leukemia, Study Finds - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Hydrogen Bonds Shown To Play 'Conserved' Role In Protein Folding - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Early California: A Killing Field -- Research Shatters Utopian Myth, Finds Indians Decimated Birds - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Escapee Farmed Salmon Infiltrate Fitter Wild Populations - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Researchers Evolve A Complex Genetic Trait In The Laboratory - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Maine Researchers Team With Fishermen To Study Affects Of Trawling On Seafloor Ecology - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Marine life treasure trove found  - BBC
2/18/2005:BBC links to huge climate project  - BBC
2/18/2005:Cloning research egg donor plan  - BBC
2/18/2005:Biotech's sparse harvest  - C/Net

Climate, Environment:
2/18/2005:Reality check: What is the state of stem cell science since the Hwang scandal?  - BBC
2/18/2005:Global warming will pass ... - FirstScience
2/18/2005:INSIGHTS: Mining Peru's Andean Forests Puts Unique Species, Ecosystem at Risk ... - FirstScience
2/18/2005:Florida Expands Wetlands to Improve Everglades Water Quality ... - FirstScience
2/18/2005:Conflict to Consensus: British Columbia Protects Great Bear Rainforest ... - FirstScience
2/18/2005:Britain Notifies Shippers of Marine Environmental High Risk Areas ... - FirstScience
2/18/2005:Talks on Future of the World's Forests Open in New York ... - FirstScience
2/18/2005:Integral Looks At Earth To Seek Source Of Cosmic Radiation - SpaceDaily
2/18/2005:UK looks to tackle waste problem  - BBC

2/18/2005: Thinking Outside the Xbox - Business Week
2/18/2005: Game Developers: Get It in Writing - Business Week
2/18/2005:It's a nice day for an 'EverQuest' wedding  - C/Net
2/18/2005:Toy makers hitch stars to iPod craze  - CNN

2/18/2005:My First Screen Kiss
  - Wired News
2/18/2005:In pictures: A glimpse of the new mobile phones coming our way
  - BBC
2/18/2005:Virgin looks to offer mobile TV
  - BBC
2/18/2005:Mobile push for instant messaging
  - BBC
2/18/2005: Slide Show: 30-Second Cinema
 - Business Week
2/18/2005:Going mobile in Barcelona
  - C/Net
2/18/2005:MovieBeam video service launches nationwide
  - C/Net
2/18/2005:Qualcomm CEO: Low-price 3G phones by year-end
  - C/Net
2/18/2005:Verizon Wireless sues telemarketers
  - C/Net
2/18/2005:Microsoft's corporate IM goes mobile
  - C/Net
2/18/2005:Microsoft to launch Office Live beta
  - C/Net

2/18/2005:Breakthrough Computer Chip Lithography Method Developed At RIT - Science Daily

2/18/2005:Apple ships MacBook Pro with speedier chips  - C/Net

2/18/2005:Riddle Me This, Cupid  - Wired News
2/18/2005:How to Almost Live on Blogging  - Wired News
2/18/2005:Yahoo makes plea over censorship  - BBC
2/18/2005: The Inside Story on Company Blogs - Business Week
2/18/2005: Bayosphere: Great Online Expectations - Business Week
2/18/2005:Perspective: Why taxing e-mail senders is a bad idea  - C/Net
2/18/2005:Who's to blame in the flame game?
  - C/Net
2/18/2005:'It's like being at a giant music conference 24 hours a day every day'
  - CNN
2/18/2005:Love online can be cold-hearted
  - CNN
2/18/2005:U.S. steps up efforts to halt Web censorship
  - CNN

2/18/2005:Preventing Toxic Side Effects Of Inflammatory Disease Therapy - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Microsoft's Mobile Maneuver - Business Week
2/18/2005:Gates: Beyond the password  - C/Net
2/18/2005:Photos: The security dance  - C/Net
2/18/2005:New: Your security dashboard  - C/Net
2/18/2005:Judge raps Microsoft for antitrust 'foot-dragging'  - C/Net
2/18/2005:What Microsoft wants from authentication  - C/Net
2/18/2005:Alleged NASA hacker faces extradition hearing  - C/Net

2/18/2005:MIT Researchers Fired Up About Battery Alternative  - Science Daily
2/18/2005:From Pest to Ethanol King  - Wired News
2/18/2005:Electric Super Car Tops 180 MPH  - Wired News
2/18/2005:Nuclear legacy A glimpse inside a decommissioned nuclear power plant  - BBC
2/18/2005: A Solar Outfit's Hot Moves - Business Week
2/18/2005:Solar star Konarka raises another $20 million  - C/Net

2/18/2005:Red Grapefruit Appears To Lower Cholesterol, Fight Heart Disease - Science Daily

2/18/2005:Eating Less Fat May Lower Breast-cancer Risk, Have Little Impact On Colon-cancer, Heart-disease Risk - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Non-BRCA Hereditary Breast Cancer Linked To New Cancers - Science Daily
2/18/2005:New Study Suggests Artificial Sweetener Causes Cancer In Rats At Levels Currently Approved For Humans - Science Daily
2/18/2005:First Disease-specific (Breast Cancer) Protein Library Opens New Drug Paths - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Simple test detects gullet cancer  - BBC

2/18/2005:Biologists Visualize Protein Interaction That May Initiate Viral Infection - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Mayo Clinic Researchers Challenge Sepsis Theory - Science Daily

2/18/2005:Team Discovers Possible 'Universal Strategy' To Combat Addiction
2/18/2005:Smoking ban in all pubs and clubs  - BBC
2/18/2005:Q&A: Smoking ban vote  - BBC
2/18/2005:Head to head: Pub smoking ban  - BBC
2/18/2005:Smoke signals:The British habit - who smokes, who wants to quit and more  - BBC

2/18/2005:Hormone Linked To Good Hearing As We Age - Science Daily
2/18/2005:'High Efficiency' Vacuum Cleaners No Better At Protecting Against Dust Mites - Science Daily
2/18/2005:A Bulging Midriff Roughly Doubles Women's Chances Of Gallstone Surgery - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Preemies Defy Odds And Overcome Difficulties By Adulthood: Study - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Saw Palmetto No Better Than Placebo For Enlarged Prostate - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Joan of Arc 'relics' to be tested  - BBC
2/18/2005:Baby brain damage test hope  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
2/18/2005:Find In Egypt Promises More 'Wonderful Things' - Science Daily
2/18/2005:The evolution of computers  - C/Net
2/18/2005:Remembering your first PC  - C/Net
2/18/2005:The politics of invention  - C/Net 

2/18/2005:Entry code Congress staff caught sanitising politicians' bios on Wikipedia   - BBC 
2/18/2005:Samsung Adds Smart Phone  - Wired News
2/18/2005:Which Holds More: A Tall, Thin Glass Or A Short, Fat One? - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Star Wars film wizards honoured  - BBC
2/18/2005:Germ volunteers: The human testing of American bio-weapons during the Cold War  - BBC
2/18/2005:Lovemap of the UK: Which area has the highest percentage of single people?  - BBC
2/18/2005:Sony's flat TVs malfunction due to software glitch  - C/Net
2/18/2005:Murder suspect searched Web for ways to kill  - C/Net

2/18/2005:Guilt And Fear Motivate Better Than Hope - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Antipsychotic Drug May Block Addiction, Researchers Find - Science Daily
2/18/2005:The 'Temptation Factor': Candy On The Desk Is Candy In The Mouth - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/18/2005:Nuclear Fusion On A Tabletop - SpaceDaily
2/18/2005:Astronomers Find Planetary Disk With Opposing Rotations
 - SpaceDaily
2/18/2005:Planets Might Orbit Backward around Odd Star
 - Space.com
2/18/2005:First RAVE Data Release Offers Clues To Milky Way Evolution
 - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Data Security: A Problem In Search Of A Mathematical Theory
 - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Looking for love in the 21st century
  - CNN



2/18/2005:Griffin's Vision For Apollo 2.5 - SpaceDaily
2/18/2005:Filter Problems Hamper Venus Observations
 - SpaceDaily
2/18/2005:Malaysia Unveils Candidates For Astronaut Race
 - SpaceDaily
2/18/2005:NASA'S Newest Explorers Become Astronauts
 - SpaceDaily
2/18/2005:Former NASA Public Affairs Official Says He's Under Attack
 - Space.com
2/18/2005:NASA Revising Public Affairs Policies
 - Space.com

2/18/2005:Controlled Corrosion: Researchers Makes The First-ever Atomic-level Observations Of The Corrosion Process, With Implications For Nanostructuring - Science Daily
2/18/2005:Adding Nanotubes Makes Ordinary Materials Absorb Vibration - Science Daily
2/18/2005:TV box launches sea rescue  - BBC
2/18/2005:Student rethinks washing machine  - BBC



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