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  February 18, 2004

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Bush's Space Panel Seeks Public Input - Space.com  President Bush's new space advisory commission for getting humans to the Moon and Mars has launched a web site seeking public input with the promise of reading all comments. Meanwhile, the nine-member panel of scientists and business leaders will hold its first public hearing Wednesday in Washington, DC. and other public meetings will be announced shortly, SPACE.com has learned. The web site, moontomars.org, solicits input via a "contact us" menu item.
Artist's impression of the StratoSail Robot balloons could explore Mars  - BBC  Remote-controlled balloons carrying armies of mini-robots could be filling Mars' skies if a project by Californian scientists takes off. Nasa-funded researchers are developing the StratoSail, a balloon with a wing, that can be accurately steered through Mars' winds for months.  Like weather balloons, the StratoSail could carry cameras and gadgets to spot potential areas for human missions. The hi-tech devices could also launch robotic probes to monitor the surface. "The ability of long-duration guided planetary balloons to alter their flight path in the atmosphere, to deploy surface probes, and to carry out detailed reconnaissance make them a very powerful tool for future Mars exploration," said Dr Alexey Pankine, project scientist at the Global Aerospace Corporation. The balloons, or Directed Aerial Robot Explorers (Dares), could act like "motherships", exploring the planet's atmosphere for months. When required, they could launch swarms of baby robot probes and mini-laboratories to carry out experiments. Balloons have long been used as observation platforms on Earth because they are relatively low-cost, require little power consumption, and are versatile.

Los Alamos Hopes To Lead New Era Of Nuclear Powered Space Exploration - SpaceDaily  A planned U.S. mission to investigate three ice-covered moons of Jupiter will demand fast-paced research, fabrication and realistic non-nuclear testing of a prototype nuclear reactor within two years, says a Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist. The roots of this build and test effort have been under way at Los Alamos since the mid-1990s, said David Poston, leader of the Space Fission Power Team in Los Alamos' Nuclear Design and Risk Analysis Group. NASA proposes using use electrical ion propulsion powered by a nuclear reactor for its Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter, an element of Project Prometheus, which is scheduled for launch after 2011.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/18/2004:Cloned cells repair mouse hearts, says US company - New Scientist
2/18/2004:Panda moves to China looking for love
2/18/2004:Why Cloning Didn't Happen in U.S.  - Wired News
2/18/2004:British MP 'alarmed' at GM crop trial in NSW... - ABC
2/18/2004:Insect Inspiration... - FirstScience
2/18/2004:Steroid-coated DNA Represents New Approach To Gene Delivery... - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
2/18/2004:20-year alert over failing rainforests... - FirstScience
2/18/2004:Amazon study finds natural brake on global warming... - Ananova
2/18/2004:Amazon Tree Growth Slows Global Warming... - FirstScience
2/18/2004:Nuclear Health, Safety And Environmental Issues In Plymouth Surrounding HM Devonport Dockyard... - FirstScience
2/18/2004:Alcan announces $1 million prize to promote sustainability among nonprofits... - FirstScience
2/18/2004:Windmills off Swedish coast are providing unexpected benefit for marine life, scientists say... - FirstScience
2/18/2004:Officials call for better management of indigenous crops in developing nations to combat hunger... - FirstScience
2/18/2004:Environmental News Network - FirstScience - MSNBC
2/18/2004:Scientists map 'highways of the sea'
2/18/2004:Greens to found common European Green Party in Rome next week... - FirstScience
2/18/2004:Climate Change 'Wiping Out World's Coral Reefs'... - FirstScience

2/18/2004:Gamers can take football to the streets  - CNN
2/18/2004:No Room for Slacking in Game Biz  - Wired News

2/18/2004:FCC: 'Pure' VoIP not a phone service  - CNN
2/18/2004:Voice-over-IP market to explode in Europe, says report - Silicon Strategies
2/18/2004:Japan's NTT develops compact solar-powered charger for mobile devices - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Canon, Seiko Epson, HP to set printing standard for camera phones - SpaceDaily

2/18/2004:Silicon discovery could speed up PCs  - CNN
2/18/2004:5-terabit optics under 1 volt, products two years away  - El. Engr. Times
2/18/2004:IBM's 90-nm PowerPC chip boasts SOI, strained silicon - Silicon Strategies

2/18/2004:Inkjet goes 3D  - Technology Review 

2/18/2004:FTC says 'Do Not E-mail' site a scam  - CNN
2/18/2004:FCC starts rewriting Internet rules  - CNN
2/18/2004:Countries crack down on scam sites  - CNN
2/18/2004:Killer-for-hire Web site prompts arrest  - CNN
2/18/2004:Beware of 'I Love You' emails, Indian anti-virus software firm warns - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:AOL Peeved by Adware Outbreak  - Wired News

2/18/2004:Profanity hidden in Microsoft code leak  - CNN
2/18/2004:Software bug linked to blackout  - CNN
2/18/2004:Windows Code for the Taking  - Wired News

2/18/2004:Little Engines That Can  - Technology Review 
2/18/2004:Scientists develop new hydrogen reactor  - CNN

2/18/2004:Cloned cells repair mouse hearts, says US company - New Scientist

2/18/2004:Marin Won't Take No for an Answer  - Wired News

2/18/2004:Romania declares victory in fight against AIDS - New Scientist

2/18/2004:Booze tests reveal all about your drinking - New Scientist

2/18/2004:A weighty debate over Atkins - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:
2/18/2004:Walk the Talk  - Technology Review 
2/18/2004:Dogs much older than once thought, experts say - MSNBC

2/18/2004:Israel to invest in Poland's Gdynia shipyards - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:US raps China over Taiwan missile build up - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Bush to call for expanded curbs on nuclear programs - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Bush to call for tougher WMD curbs - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:EU urges India, Israel, Pakistan to sign nuclear treaty - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:India was aware of Pakistani nuclear proliferation- defence minister - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Pakistan will share outcome of nuclear leaks probe with Japan- Musharraf - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Japanese officials arrive in NKorea for nuclear, abduction talks - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Myanmar rejects US alarm over alleged nuclear ambitions - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:EBay Scam Uses IPods as Bait  - Wired News
2/18/2004:H-1B Training Program to Be Axed  - Wired News
2/18/2004:Privacy Is in the House  - Wired News
2/18/2004:Munich Open Source Plows Ahead  - Wired News
2/18/2004:The CEO's Call: Mine, Mine, Mine  - Wired News
2/18/2004:Please Don't Squeeze the Sharman  - Wired News
2/18/2004:Congress Slams CAPPS II  - Wired News
2/18/2004:Be my electronic anti-Valentine?  - CNN
2/18/2004:Can technology build a better Buffett?  - CNN
2/18/2004:Digital Love  - CNN
2/18/2004:Fine-tune your cyberdating  - CNN
2/18/2004:Execs ponder 'next big thing' in consumer electronics  - El. Engr. Times
2/18/2004:China's automotive chip market to hit $1.45 billion by 2007 - Silicon Strategies
2/18/2004:US again accuses Iran of hiding nuclear ambitions - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:France and Britain set to cooperate on new aircraft carriers - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:France chooses non-nuclear option for new aircraft carrier
 - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Vice Chinese FM arrives in Seoul ahead of six-nation nuclear crisis talks
 - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Spanish to get electronic ID cards
 - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:TowerView Security Appliance Has Roots in NASA...
 - FirstScience


Physics and Astronomy:
2/18/2004:Synchrotron 'will cost taxpayers'... - FirstScience
2/18/2004:Celebrate Astronomy Day...
 - Astronomy
2/18/2004:Satellite to Probe Cosmic Expansion... - Astronomy
2/18/2004:Distant Quasars Probe End of Cosmic Dark Ages... - FirstScience
2/18/2004:Astronomers Find a Huge Diamond in Space...
 - FirstScience
2/18/2004:Oldest Quasars Give Clues About Cosmic Dark Age...
 - FirstScience
2/18/2004:Spitzer Telescope Sends A Rose For Valentine's Day...
 - Science Daily
2/18/2004:Astronomers Find the Largest Diamond in the Galaxy...
 - FirstScience



2/18/2004:Bush's Space Panel Seeks Public Input - Space.com
Robot balloons could explore Mars   - BBC
2/18/2004:Los Alamos Hopes To Lead New Era Of Nuclear Powered Space Exploration - SpaceDaily 
2/18/2004:NASA Releases Budget Vision As Bush Space Plan Faces Reality - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:China Hopes To Make It Two-Up With Shenzhou-6 - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:European Parliament Votes On Space Policy White Paper - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Exploring Mars With Balloons - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Touch and Go Days - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Europe Set To Fly Higher Still - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Progress For Europe's ISS Science Program - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Hubble Space Telescope: 1990-2007  - Wired News
2/18/2004:First South Korean Cosmonaut To Go To Iss On Board Russian Soyuz Ship... - Astronomy
2/18/2004:New Insight into Martian Winds - Space.com
2/18/2004:NASA Chief- Fall Shuttle Launch Unlikely - Space.com
2/18/2004:A Capsule For Japan - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:UK Science Minister Lord Sainsbury Outlines Beagle 2 Inquiry - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Why We Must Defend Hubble - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Aloha Mars - The Advanced Course - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:France in Space #257... - FirstScience
2/18/2004: Rover Opportunity Digs in on Mars - Space.com
2/18/2004: Spirit, Opportunity Readied for New Duties - Space.com
2/18/2004: Opportunity to Burrow Under Martian Surface - Space.com

2/18/2004:Laser To Cut Through The Costs Of High Volume Metal Working - SpaceDaily
2/18/2004:Fastrax GPS Technology Enables Intelligent Vehicle Tracking - SpaceDaily


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